Better Than Steak


The pillow talk afterwards, while they got dressed, got pretty intense.

“Why don’t I just do the same things to you that you do to me, Harold? Why don’t I ever do anything at all to you? Why am I passive all the time? You said you wanted to talk frankly, so I will.”

Ann Marie stretched her magnificent chest and continued. “Because I have these and you don’t. Look at my massive tits, my large, sensitive, erect pink nipples? The essence of sexuality. Of course you want to gobble them up all the time. It’s only natural. You want to fondle and kiss them as much as I want you to play with and suck on them.”

“Now look at your chest. For a male chest, its great. But that’s like the old joke, ‘It doesn’t walk on 2 legs very well, but what do you expect from a dog?’ What do you expect from a male chest? You can’t seriously expect me to play with your silly little nipples, your non-existent breasts? You expect me to lick or suck on your chest hair? You can’t be serious! That is just not how its meant to be. If I was supposed to make love to, worship, your chest, then your chest — would look like mine.”

“Same with my tummy – no wonder you want to kiss it, lick it, revel in it. That’s how it was designed. But your hard hairy stomach? Yuck! Same for my shoulders, neck, rear, back – face it, Harold, my body was made for pleasure, yours was not. But you were designed to give me pleasure, all over my body. You can get pleasure – by giving me pleasure. But for me to do to you what you do to me? Half silly, half bahis siteleri yucky, and 100% impossible.”

“Which explains why you guys are so obsessed with sex. You get so little pleasure from sex compared to how much girls get that you obsess over it. The impossible quest. Like when you eat mediocre food and try to make up for its lack of quality by eating massive amounts of it. Your capacity for pleasure is so tiny compared to that of a sensuous woman, someone lucky like me, that you guys obsess over it.”

“A lucky woman like me can start every day by giving myself more pleasure than you will ever know in a lifetime. I could bring myself off 3 times as soon as I get up in the morning each time giving me an ecstasy that you will never experience.”

“And you know it, you poor jealous thing. In short, my body is built for pleasure. Yours is built to give me pleasure. This is why I am passive in bed.”

Harold replied: “If you feel this way about the male body, why don’t you become a lesbian?”

“Harold, I never said your cock is useless, not at all. It gives you pleasure, and it gives me a lot of pleasure. Its a wonderfully efficient way for me to get what I want.”

“But even here I feel so sorry for you. Why do you moan once or twice during sex while I shout to the heavens over and over and over? Because you are getting a hamburger while I am getting steak. I make love with you because a man like you – you really are a fine lover – because you worship my magnificent body so well. You can give me canlı bahis siteleri all the steak I can handle.”

Harold persisted: “But maybe you would like a girl in bed even more? If the girl was active. Suppose, for example, a girl joined us in bed and we both worshiped your body?”

Ann Marie’s eyes opened wide: “So that’s where this was leading? The old male fantasy of bedding 2 sexy women at once. I don’t understand why you guys want to torture yourself by watching 2 goddesses give each other more pleasure than you can even conceive of? Isn’t it enough torture watching one woman come again and again, with more pleasure than you will ever know?”

“Ann Marie, what if making love to someone with a chest like yours would be even better than steak? What if her rubbing your awesome tits with hers would feel better than when my chest slides against yours? What if girl nipple-on-nipple action is the best thing ever? What if clit on clit action is even better than cock on clit action?”

Ann Marie was silent. Finally, she spoke. “It could be.”

Harold went on: “Isn’t the reason you are not a lesbian because you simply don’t want to reciprocate? Because you are selfish? With a guy you can be passive, let us do all the work. But another woman wouldn’t stand for that. This is why a threesome would be perfect. You could get pleasured by a cock and also have a sexy female body rub against you. Since I would also be making love to her, you wouldn’t have to. You could be active or passive, you would get twice canlı bahis the attention, and we’d all be better off.”

Ann Marie was silent for a long time. Then she spoke. “I am selfish in bed, I admit. I don’t like this about myself, but it is true. But I’ve already explained that it seems so natural for me to do nothing to your male body, to just let your cock, hands, lips do their things. But maybe with another girl I’d want to be active? While the thought of sucking your hairy chest is silly and yucky, the thought of kissing an fondling another woman’s breasts…”

Now Harold became more insistent: “You might like it. Admit it, Ann Marie, you might really like it. Which is why we should try a threesome. I give you cover. If you want, you can do things to her. If you decide you don’t want to, you won’t have to.”

More silence. Then more silence. Finally, Ann Marie replied: “It could work.”

Harold suggested: “How about Liz? I bet she’d go for it.”

Another long silence. Harold continued. “Liz would be perfect. In every way. She is between boyfriends right now, and she just might do it.”

Ann Marie was silent. Then she finally spoke. “She would indeed be perfect – if I decide to do it. Which I have not agreed to do. I have some thinking to do. Some serious thinking.”

“Of course.”

“I’ll let you know, Harold. Don’t call me, I’ll call you.” Ann Marie silently got dressed, and kissed Harold goodbye.

A week passed. Then Harold got an E Mail from Ann Marie.

“Liz says hi. She agrees with me that fillet mignon is even better than steak. Neither of us will ever have hamburger again. Goodbye, Harold, and thanks for everything.

Very, very, actively and unselfishly yours,

Ann Marie”

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