Bi-guys at Football Party

Big Tits

My wife Jordan enjoys going out on her own for the thrill of getting ‘picked up’ by strangers. Shes been doing this for many years and there has never been a night where she hasn’t had at least three fucks for the evening.

This story is what occurred very recently, in fact last week.

Due to my job, I tend to travel a lot and when I get home I like to relax a bit. When I’ not at home I encourage Jordan to fuck as many guys as she can and tell me about it when I get home, not that she needs encouragement!

As she fucks a lot of the local guys, whenever she wants a lift into town, there’s a lot of volunteers to drive her.

So last weekend, a couple of the local lads text Jordan and she let them know she was headed into town. Of course the lads came around, fucked her then drove into town. Jordan was in the back with a young lad sucking his cock.

The three of them decided to go into a bar just to get warmed up with a few drinks. The guys were all over Jordan and she told them that they already had a fuck and she was after ‘fresh meat’.

Two guys sitting next to the group overheard Jordan and ‘offered to help’. Of course Jordan was happy with the offer and took their hands and went off into the men toilet where Jordan bent over and took them both up her arse. She then sucked them both clean.

As she was walking out of the toilet, another two guys walked in and asked “So whats the go here slut? Can we get a head job or what”.

“Head job, fuck. Whatever.” Jordan replied.

“Umm you serious?” The other guy replied. “Like for free?”

“Well if you don’t want to.” Jordan said smiling at them.

The first guy grabbed Jordan by the hair and kissed her, shoving his tongue down her throat. “Well I want to.” he replied.

“Lets go then!” Jordan replied unfazed and turned back towards the toilet.

The first guy was easy 9″ according to Jordan and forced her to her knees. She sucked hungrily at his cock trying to take the entire length. He face fucked Jordan holding onto the back of her head then her hair. She was gagging and loving it.

He then picked her up and bent her over. “Anal?” he asked. “Fuck yeah!” Jordan gasped.

He slowly slid his cock into Jordan’s arse. He then realised she must have been fucked in the arse recently as his cock just slid in with the cum in her arse as lube.

The second guy came around the front trying to shove his cock in her mouth but the first guy was pounding Jordan too hard and she couldn’t get the second guys cock in her mouth.

The first guy stopped then came around the front and shoved his cock in Jordan’s mouth. “Suck it slut!” he ordered. Jordan grabbed his cock bahis siteleri and sucked and licked it. The second guy was fucking Jordan’s arse fast and furiously. Unfortunately he blew within 5 minutes.

The first guy went back to fucking Jordan’s arse and alternated between her arse and mouth. Meanwhile guys were coming and going into the toilet, stopping to look and then just walking out.

After a while the first guy blew, asked Jordan to suck him clean and walked out with his mate who was still watching and taking a video.

As Jordan was about to tidy herself up, another guy asked “You got time for another fuck?”

Jordan smiled “Always.” she replied “Which hole?” she asked.

“You pick” he said he replied.

“Lets go cunt his time.” Jordan answered.

“Aww.” the guy said sadly. “Ok fuck my arse again!” Jordan said laughing.

After Jordan had tidied herself up, she walked out of the toilet with almost the entire bar looking at her, including bar staff. She looked around and her two ‘escorts for the evening’ had left her.

Jordan was wearing a dark purple, tight fitting dress that wasn’t as short as she usually wears but still very ‘slutty’ and easy to fuck in. Just slide the dress up and slide the top down. Unfortunately it didn’t cover up cum sliding down her leg and cum stains show up on it very easily.

Jordan walked back to the ladies toilet and grabbed some paper towels to wipe the cum from her arse and cunt.

A chick was watching her and asked “Are you a hooker or something?”

“Nope.” Jordan replied not looking back at her “Just a slut that loves cock.”

“Really?” the girl replied. “Well everyone thinks yours a hooker and suggested you go down to the (cant state here) because there are plenty of guys looking for a root there.”

“Well thank you.” Jordan replied, throwing the paper towels into the bin. “I might try there.” Jordan said indignantly opening the door to walk out.

“Yeah be safer for a whore like you.” The girl said looking away.

“Least I get cock!” Jordan said as the toilet door closed behind her.

Jordan walked out of the bar and taking the girls suggestion headed to where the guys were ‘looking for a root’. As Jordan was walking down the street guys were checking her out and calling out “Hey babe, over here”. Jordan was used to this attention so she just kept walking.

As she got to the bar she felt a hand on her arse so she turned around. Two guys were smiling at her. “Yes can I help you?” Jordan asked.

“Yeah Jordan its us. Remember?” one of them said.

Jordan smiled as she had no idea who they were.

“Gangbang, like two weeks ago?” The other canlı bahis siteleri one said.

“Oh yeah” Jordan replied, still with no idea who they were.

“So can we get like a head job or a fuck quickly?” the first one asked.

“Of course” Jordan replied “but its a bit obvious in the main street.”

The guys looked frantically around for somewhere. On the opposite side of the road was a lane way with a dumpster in it. “Hey behind there?” One suggested. “Ok” Jordan replied.

The three of them crossed the street and went behind the dumpster. The street was pretty busy being a Friday night, so Jordan suggested a head job as the best quickest and cleanest option. As Jordan squatted down cum came guzzling out of her arse. She sucked and swallowed both guys who looked very happy and contented. She then asked if any of them had tissues. One had a handkerchief (yes I know) which Jordan used to wipe the cum from her arse. “You keep it” the guy said when she was finished wiping.

Jordan told the guys where she was going and they offered to escort her and pay admission for her as they would look ‘cool’ walking in with a hot, slutty chick.

After having a drink with them, Jordan attention was focused to a group of young, athletic looking guys all wearing the same T shirts. She walked over to one to have a look at what was on the T shirts.

“Fuck you’re hot.” One said. “On your own?”

“Yes I am.” Jordan replied smiling broadly.

“You’re not now” he replied putting his arm around Jordan. Jordan put her arm around his waist. He immediately turned Jordan around to face him, brushed the hair out of her eyes and went in for a kiss. Jordan leaned in and shoved her tongue down his throat.

This got the attention of some of the rest of the T shirt group, who came over.

“Fuck Max, you’re here for 10 minutes and you’ve already grabbed a slut!” One shouted out.

“Hey!” Max said. “you cant call her a slut!” Thats not nice.”

“Oh but I am slut” Jordan said smiling “and a dirty one as well.”

Max and his friends jaws dropped as they all looked at each other like they won lotto.

They went on to explain they were an interstate football team and they just played and won an afternoon game and were celebrating before travelling back home on Sunday morning. The entire group had booked out a sleazy motel just outside of town.

“So.” Jordan started. “How many of you?”

“Team and support staff, what 33 I think.” Max advised looking around for confirmation.

“And how old are you?” Jordan asked smiling.

“Tom the man mountain over there is 18 and the youngest, were all mainly around 20-22 and canlı bahis the coach is 40 something” Max said scratching his head.

Jordan smiled. She was looking forward to what was about to come.

After some dancing, drinking, kissing, fondling and groping a group of taxis were called and everyone headed off to the motel.

All the guys were horny as fuck when they got to the motel and were keen to fuck Jordan all night. They were especially impressed that Jordan loved anal sex and her arse was their main focus as most hadn’t done it before. Jordan noticed a group of 5 that waited patiently in the background. Once everyone had fucked Jordan at least once, including the coach, One of the five asked Jordan if she would come into their bedroom. Jordan was curious and so said yes.

Once in their room, they admitted they were gay and wanted to fuck Jordan’s arse then another would suck the cum covered cock and alternate. Jordan thought this was a hot idea. Young, gay guys fucking her arse then sucking each others cocks! Bring it.

They would pump Jordan’s arse about 10 times then bring their cocks out for sucking clean and they were all big cocks. “What a waste” Jordan though but she was getting pounded and happy. All five fucked guys her hard with no interruptions from the rest of the group who may have passed out from drinking and from fucking Jordan earlier.

After they all blew their loads, the gay guys were keen to ‘clean up the slops’ as they put it and licked Jordan’s arse clean of any and all cum. Even when Jordan squirted they were happy to clean it up. Their recovery rate was so impressive they fucked all night.

Jordan guessed she slept for an hour when there was a knock on the bedroom door and a head poked in.

“Hey” a young guy whispered. “Dont want to be rude but can we fuck you again?”

Jordan rubbed her eyes and said “yeah, just let me clean up bit” and made her way to the shower. After she walked out with a towel around her she was offered breakfast while getting her tits sucked and cunt and arse fingered.

For the entire day Jordan was being fucked, sucked, fingered and giving head. She wanted the five bi guys again but they just waited playing with their cocks. The group continually fucked Jordan with each coming at least twice and everyone, I mean everyone, wanting to fuck her fully stretched arse. Jordan was loving it and occasionally had to say, “Ok fuck my cunt now, just for a while”. They did.

After a while Jordan said “look those five have waited all day. They get me for a couple of hours. “Everyone looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and said “yeah fair enough”.

“Great!” Jordan thought and the six of them went into the bedroom and closed the door.

Sunday morning at 11am Jordan arrived home, tired, messed up and walking like she rode a horse home. She was happy, told me what happened so now you all know too.

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