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Bi the wayI have always had a sexual attraction toward guys cocks. I started out watching regular porn and soon discovered bi porn. My first bi experience was with a woman I worked with and her husband. Then the Internet come around and opened a new world to me. I started out meeting bi male couples. My first few couples the guys were exploring their bi side so it was fun and exciting exploring my bi side too.Soon I met a couple and that was a wild time. I had a two year relationship with them. I played with her alone, I played with him alone, she brought a bi woman in sometime. Plus we hosted bi orgies. It came to an end when my work transferred me.  Bummer. Being In a new town I was making out pretty good meeting women but wasn’t haven’t any luck meeting a couple. Feeling horny and craving a cock. I tried posting my first CL ad. It was something simple, bi guy looking for a couple. Blah blah blah. I also added one of my best cock pictures. I got a couple replies but nothing serious. But then I got one from a guy commenting on my picture. He wasn’t part of a couple but liked my picture. Feeling naughty, I replies asking for his picture. He sent one back and it was a nice thick cock. Soon we were exchanging more pictures, likes and dislikes. Soon we were chatting with instant messenger and cybering. This went on for about a couple weeks. One night while chatting, I made a comment about smoking some pot. He replies that he has been out for awhile. In a casual way I tell him, I could come by and smoke him out. He jumped at that, giving me his address. I jumped in the shower because I knew we were gonna play. I was so horny I had to jerk off in the shower. I get cleaned up and slipped on a cock ring. He lives across town so it took me about 45 minutes to get there. I was feeling so horny and nervous as hell. I’ve never met this guy and this was my first stranger solo encounter. When he open his door, he looked just like his picture. He was hispanic, 5’10” chubby, clean cut and not bad looking. Kicking back, we have a couple beers before I offer up a joint. He gets up and sat beside me as we start smoking up. Slowly his hand starts caressing my leg and was slowly sliding up my leg. Cupping my package he ask;Should we take this into the bedroom?Telling him, yes. We stand and head that way. But he was slowly undressing. I did the same. Standing next to his bed he reaches out and strokes my cock. It felt so good, I had my head tilted back and suddenly felt his lips on my neck kissing my neck. I felt so hot and horny. But I have never kissed a guy. When he step in closer and I felt his mouth coming up my neck I was unsure what to do. When his cock slipped next to mine and he gripped both our cocks and started stroking them together I was so turned on that I started kissing him. I pull him down on the bed and laid him back. Straddling his body, I continue kissing him before kissing my way down his body. I was craving some cock. I needed to wrap my lips around his. He had a thick 7.5 cock, a nice fat head and large balls. He was completely asyabahis yeni giriş shaven. I didn’t waste any time and wrapped my lips around the head of his cock. Dancing my tongue around his head I slowly started stroking his cock. I slid off his cock and spit all over his cock. Using my saliva I had a firm grip on his cock sliding up and down. I lower my mouth and take his cock in my mouth. He moans out in pleasure as I begin to slide my lips down his cock and back up. I wanted to please him slowly but my lust to suck a cock took over as I quickly start taking his cock. I was working over half his cock in my mouth.  Sliding my mouth down his cock till I felt the head of his cock hitting the back of my throat. Wrapping my lips tightly around his cock I would slide back slowly till just the head was in my mouth. Dancing my tongue around the head for a moment I would slide back down his cock. My hand was stroking his cock in rhythm with my mouth. Little by little I pick up the pace. Soon I was bobbing my head quickly, stroking his cock. Every so often I would pull off his cock, wrapping my hand around his head and squeeze my hand causing my hand to slide off his cock. Over and over I do this, causing Robert to jerk and moan out. Again I take his cock quickly bobbing my head up and down like a pornstar. I feel his hand on the back of my head pushing down, forcing me to take more of his cock. Suddenly he takes a hold of my head and holds it still as he lifts his hips forcing his cock down my throat. I’m gagging but he keeps forcing it down my throat. All of a sudden he let’s go and pushes my shoulder back as he groans out loud and panting. I reach out to take his cock but pushes my hand away telling me;I’m not ready to cum. Damn you give great head. Sitting up he push me onto my back and gets between my legs. He slowly strokes my cock telling me how much he has been thinking about my cock. Lowering down he takes my cock in his mouth. Cupping my balls he lightly caresses my balls as his mouth slides up and down my cock. As I did, he slips off my cock and spits all over my cock and takes my cock. Bobbing his head he slowly works my cock in his mouth. I’m twitching, breathing heavy and moaning, taking dirty telling him how good his mouth feels. Bobbing his head fast, he would pull off, catching his breath, while stroking my cock. Taking my cock again he bobs his head. When I start gasping he pulls off my cock saying;Oh don’t cum yet, I want to suck it more. Lowering his head he licks my balls going lower and start pushing my legs up as his tongue starts dancing under my balls and creeping closer to my ass. I grab my legs, holding my legs to my chest as Robert rolls my hips up and quickly finds my ass as starts flicking around the opening. But then to my dismay, he starts flicking his tongue back to my balls. Then he takes one of my balls in his mouth. Sucking lightly he dances his tongue all over my ball. Back and forth he sucks balls. I couldn’t take it and moan out;Please suck my cock!Quickly he pops asyabahis giriş up and takes my cock. Working his mouth farther and farther down my cock.Soon his mouth it sucking my cock like a pornstar. Up and down my cock, one hand wrapped around my cock stroking it up and down. Suddenly he holds his head down. I can feel the head of my cock trying to push down his throat. Gagging he slide up my cock, stroking my cock firmly, he catches his breath. Taking my cock again, he starts bobbing his head. Then again he hold his mouth down forcing my cock down his this throat. But this time I place a hand on the back of his head. Pushing down Im forcing him to take my cock. He starts gagging and I let up. His head pops up quickly. Jerking my cock slowly and panting, he says;I want to deep throat your cock. Again taking my cock he quickly is taking my cock deep. He takes a hold of my hand and places it on his head. I take a hold a hand full of hair and start making him bob his head fast. Suddenly I hold his head down forcing my cock down his throat. But this time I force his head to bob as my cock repeatedly hits the back of his throat. He’s gagging and gasping for air. Pulling his head up I tell him;Catching your breath bitch, because this time you are going to take my cock. Forcing his mouth down on my cock Im quickly making him bob his head. My cock is hitting the back of his throat. He keep bobbing his head and stroking my cock. I hold his head down, forcing my cock down his throat. Pushing down and pushing my hips up, I feel his throat open and his lips slide down hitting the base of my cock. I hold my cock all the way in, pumping my hips and fucking his throat. I let go so he could catch his breath but Robert kept sucking my cock. His lips sliding all the way down to the base of my cock. Then slowly sliding back up till his lips were wrapped around the crown of my cock. I’m moaning and breathing heavy telling Robert;You give great head. Suck that cock, slut. Make me cum. He slides off my cock saying;Yes cum in mouth, fill my mouth, I am your slut. Dropping down his lips wrap around my cock and starts taking my cock. He bobs his head 9 or 10 times, then holding my cock deep in his throat, he pop the head of my cock in and out of his throat. I grab a hand full of sheet thrusting my hips up. Robert starts bobbing his up and down my cock rapidly. Just as I was about to cum, he held just the head of my cock in his mouth and stroked my cock. Holding still and holding my breath, a flood of cum gushes from my cock filling Robert’s mouth. He starts moaning and pulls off my cock swallowing my cum before taking my cock again sliding his lips up and down my cock finishing off my orgasm. I’m moaning and gasping for air as my body twitches as Roberts mouth comes to a slow stop. Sliding up my body Robert collapses on top of me as he lightly kisses me. I can feel his hard cock nestle next to mine. It throbbing and making my cock hard. He starts moaning;Mmmm that’s why I love when guys wear cockrings. Your cocks get hard quickly. I asyabahis güvenilirmi slide him to one side and on his stomach. His ass looked so hot. I lay down on him, pushing my cock between his legs. Kissing his back and neck I slowly grind my hips into his ass.  He is arching his back forcing his ass up. I dry hump his ass for a few minutes before I start sliding down his body. Sitting up, straddling his legs I grab a pillow, folding it in half, I lift his hips up and tuck the pillow under his hips. Leaning down I spread his ass cheeks apart and my tongue quickly finds his ass and my tongue dances all around his opening. Robert is moaning and bucking is ass into my mouth. I start eating his ass out. I get his ass very wet. Pulling it back, I quickly lick two fingers wet and push them against his ass. Robert hold his ass still as I watch my fingers disappear in his ass. Pumping my fingers in his ass, I sit up and holding my cock at the base, I hold my cock next to my fingers and as my fingers slide out, I push my cock in his ass. I keep pushing in till Robert moans out and pull back. Pumping my cock a couple times, then pushing down again forcing more in his ass. Robert moans out again and I pull back and again I pump in and out of his ass. With a few more strokes, I hold deep and push down again. But this time my cock slides in balls deep. I hold my cock in his ass as I pump my hips. Robert moans out;Fuck my ass, fuck my ass hard. I pull back, sliding my cock just before my cock slips out, I push my cock back in till my hips bounce off his ass. Over and over I slam my cock in his ass. I’m moaning and calling him my, slut, my cum slut and my bitch. I force my cock deep holding his hip I pull him up to his knees. Gripping his hips tight, I starts slamming my cock in and out of his ass. Robert is gasping for air, softly moaning;Fuck my ass, fuck me like a bitch.  I keep pounding his ass. I can feel our balls slapping together. I few more pumps and I slow to a stop. Robert quickly crawls from under me pushing me back against the headboard. Straddling my body, he takes a hold of my cock and guides it into his ass. Sitting back on my cock, Robert slides his feet forward, taking a hold of the headboard he pulls up and starts bouncing his ass, fucking my cock hard and deep. His cock is bouncing off my stomach with each downward thrust. His bouncing is getting short and I knew he was getting ready to cum. I take a hold of his cock and start stroking it telling him;Come on my slut, cum for me, cum all over my chest. With short shallow pumps Roberts cock gets rock hard and a stream of cum squirts from his cock landing all over my chest, leaving a trail back to his cock. Leaving a pool of cum on my stomach. Robert tucks his legs under his body and starts rocking his hips back and forth fucking my cock. I grab his hips and starts pumping my hips up fucking his ass deeper. Cum is building up and a few more pumps and I hold his hips down as I starts pumping cum in his ass. I just hold his hips bucking under neath him. Slowly rocking his hip, he ride my cock thru my orgasm. Holding still Robert leans down and rest on my chest. Then says;That was the best I’ve had in a long time. Robert and I became lovers. Getting together about once a week and soon I was sleeping over too. We even shared a few women. 

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