Boss In the Office


Jane waited. Inside that office her mind raced through a thousand different things. How long would he be, had she been right all this time, all the signals, the knowing looks, they were all for her, weren’t they?Suddenly she heard the footsteps. Her heart raced. She moved back towards the desk and waited.The boss entered the office and closed the door. Without saying a word he walked across the room and switched on the desk lamp which shone a warm glow onto Jane. She was wearing a simple white blouse, short brown skirt and simple heels.His eyes never left her as he circled the beylikdüzü escort room before stopping dead in front of her.She’d only worked in the office for two weeks and he was ten to fifteen years older than her at nineteen but it had felt like this moment was coming ever since they had first met.He stepped forward and forced her backward with his strong and forceful stride. She reached back for the desk and leaned against it. His hands were suddenly running down her legs, his touch so gentle but firm. It felt so great to have his touch on her skin beylikdüzü escort bayan and she tingled as never before. Already there was a glint of excitement throbbing from her inner thigh, she knew if he was to spread her legs he’d instantly see it.Looking up at him she saw the smile on his face, it was a look of knowing a look of confidence in what was about to happen.Slipping off her heels he once more ran his hands up her legs, the crackles of electricity sparking right to the centre of her desire to be taken. Then his fingers were pulling escort beylikdüzü at her panties, they gripped and dragged them down in one quick movement and she let out a yelp of surprise.Undoing his belt he took the panties and stuffed them down towards his bulging dick. Jane watched silently her breath caught in back of her throat as he pleasured himself against the smooth silk, her mind filling with images of his hallowed dick.By now that glint of excitement had grown to constant stream as her pussy begged for him. He moved closer to her and she wanted him with every inch of her body.He pulled her legs apart and tasted the wetness that had run down her leg. Jane melted and felt the strength drain from her arms and she lay back onto the desk further.With one quick movement he retrieved her panties from out of his trousers and plunged them deep into her wanting pussy.

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