Brian and Me First Time


Brian and I had been friends for a long time, back before high school. We shared lots of interests, including basketball, and both were lucky and tall enough to make both the Jr. Varsity and the Varisty teams. To say that we were close was an understatement.

There wasn’t much time left in our senior year, and I wanted him to know how I felt before it was over and we went off to college. My original plan was to tell him a month ago on my 18th birthday, but for some reason I hesitated. Now I had decided that tonight, the day he made 18, would be the perfect time to tell him. I didn’t know how he would react, but my gut told me he’d be ok with it. So tonight would be the night. I just didn’t know when.

Leaning against the rail of the deck watching the moon rise, I suddenly felt his shoulder touch mine and he leaned against me some. Nothing unusual, but this time I put my arm around his waist and pulled him close. He turned and looked at me, and the light caught his green eyes, and I just stared. They told me he had the same feelings I did, so I took the chance and moved my face close to his. His face met me half-way, and our lips touched. We kissed gently and then backed up a bit and looked at each other. His arms went around my back, and he pulled me to him, and we fell into a deep open-mouth kiss.

It was electric for me, had never felt like this kissing a guy or girl before. Who knows how long it lasted, but finally I felt his lips close and he whispered, “I’ve been wanting to do that for so long.” “Me too”, was all I could say, and I slid my arms down around his firm butt and pulled him closer. He responded by pulling my chest against his and again out lips crushed against each other’s, tongues dancing together. He had me pinned against the deck railing, grinding his crotch against mine, both of us now with swollen dicks. I could feel my precum making a wet spot in my briefs, and knew that it wouldn’t be long before it soaked through my jeans.

Suddenly he stopped and pulled his face back from mine. I started to panic that he was going to quit, that he was afraid to do what we both wanted to do. Then he smiled and said in a low voice, “You know we should go up to my room and get naked.”

I chuckled and said, “Good idea, I need to get out of the jeans.”

His hand slipped down and gripped my stiff bulge as he said, “Yeah, we need to let this free.”

My hand found his bulge, and I could feel his cock throbbing as I said, “Yours needs to get loose too.” And with that, we had one more quick kiss and headed inside and up to his room.

Once afyon escort inside his room, he quickly locked the door, then turned and grabbed me once again, and we kissed again, hands roaming all over. Shirts came off and were thrown to the side, then his hands went to my belt buckle, getting it apart and loose quickly. I heard him say as he licked my neck and ear, “I’ve never done this with a guy before,” and his face and mouth slid down to my right nipple and he began to suck on it while working the other nipple with his fingers. I was all I could do to remain standing as my cock grew even harder. All I could do was enjoy the sensations my best friend was giving me, while rubbing his muscular back. I was at the door to heaven!

My straining cock needed some relief, so as he licked my chest, I shoved my jeans down, and let my cock bulge out some inside my briefs. He took the hint and slowly went to his knees, his hands getting to the waistband of my briefs and pulling them down. I felt my aching meat spring out and it hit him on the cheek. I looked down, watching him stare at it, and he looked up and said, “I’ve always wanted to see you hard. It’s as beautiful as I imagined it would be.” Brian’s mouth slowly opened and enveloped my cock head, and my knees buckled from the feeling of his mouth gently sucking me. I fell back, barely getting my ass onto his bed, and somehow he kept his mouth on my dickhead, sucking away.

I was in total bliss for the next few minutes as his mouth moved on my cock, slowly getting more and more into it. Cocksucking came naturally to him, and he was doing an awesome job, too awesome. I had to stop him before I blew my load in his mouth, not wanting to cum just yet.

I kicked off my jeans, then grabbed his shoulders and flipped him onto the bed. My lips found his neck, then worked down, slowly sucking on each nipple as I undid his pants and moved them down. A nice fat cock was bulging at me and my mouth went right to it, sucking on the wet precum spot, tasting his cock through his blue briefs. I heard a gasp and a sigh, and I sucked a bit more, before forcefully pulling his briefs down, exposing his rigid dick to me. I looked up at him with my best cocksucker eyes, saying “Fuck, you’re thick!” before taking him into my mouth. “Oh damn!” I heard, as I started bobbing my head up and down, and taking time to lick all over his glorious cock. My right hand was rolling his big loose balls as I worshipped his cock, and then I took my mouth to them, sucking gently, first one, then the other, then licking my way back up ağrı escort his shaft to the head, where I found a glob of tasty pre to enjoy. As I sucked off his pre, he reached down and grabbed my head, pulling me off and up to his face, whispering, “I almost busted my load.”

He kicked his pants off and the two of us spent a long time rolling all over his bed, kissing, licking, grinding our cocks against each other, exploring our bodies together, working up a slight sweat as we grew hornier for each other. He was on top, humping his fat cock against mine when he said, with a hint of desperation, “I need to cum.” With that, he sat back on his knees between my legs and started stroking, and I grabbed my cock and followed suit. It probably wasn’t thirty seconds when his dick erupted with thick cum, splattering all over my abs. A glob hit my cock, and that was all I needed to set my cock off. Rope after rope of hot cum squirted from my cock, the first two up to my shoulders, the next three onto my chest, and the finals squirts onto my abs, where it joined with his still-warm cum. I pulled him down onto me, and we kissed deeply for several minutes, grinding our throbbing and slowly-softening dicks together, smearing our cum between us. It was the best feeling in the world, the best orgasm I had had in my life.

We spent a good amount of time afterwards, not wanting to let the other go, the sticky cum between us as we cuddled and kissed and talked to each other. Both of us slowly exploring each other, admitting we had wanted each other for a long time, our cocks slowly hardening again. I remember kissing down his body, neck, then nipples, then down his trail to his cock, licking the head, admiring the thickest cock I had ever seen. I worshipped his penis and balls with my mouth and hands, and was rewarded by his moans and low sex talk about how good it felt. Then slowly as I licked his balls, I lifted his ass up and my tongue began lapping at his hole.

“Oh my fucking God!’ he cried out as my tongue darted into his tight pink hole, lapping at it and up and down his crack, trying to keep him in pleasure as he squirmed around and pushed against my mouth. I knew he had never experienced this before, and relished in the taste of his ass and his reactions to my mouth on his anus. His thighs gripped my head and spasmed as I my mouth worked his hole, and I could feel precum wet his dick as I gripped it while eating him.

My own cock was aching, pressed against the sheets of his bed. As I rimmed him, I was torn between wanting to fuck him and be fucked aksaray escort by him. At some point I decided that since he was new to all this and wanted to be my lover, I should let him inside me to enjoy his first man fuck. I slowly took my mouth from his hole and went to the head of his cock and teased it with my mouth. Then I looked up at him, slowly sliding up his body till our mouths met, kissing as our cocks slid next to each other. He had this lustful look, a beautiful smile, and I heard myself whisper, “I want you in me. Make love to me, Brian.”

For a few clumsy minutes, we rolled around then found his jack off lube, which he quickly slathered onto his fat dick, as I fingered some into my ass and then stroked my own raging dick. I laid back, legs open and up, as he lowered himself onto me, my hand guiding his cock to my hole. He entered me slowly, both of us immersed in the feeling of his cock stretching and then popping into my tight ass. And then I was in heaven as he slowly pumped his cock deep into me, over and over as we kissed, moaned and sighed.

Bliss barely describes the feeling I had as he pumped my ass and I played with my cock. And all too soon, he jammed his dick deep into me, and I could feel his cock throb as he pumped his load of thick cum into me. My cock responded and erupted, spraying cum onto both of us, just before he fell onto me and we embraced each other in our love.

It was a while before his cock slid out of me, but all the time we talked about the wonderful feeling we shared and how much we loved each other. We held onto each other until we both fell silently to sleep, waking up once a few hours later for him to penetrate me again and revive our feeling for each other. We both knew this would not be a one-time thing.

The next morning found us cuddled and working each other’s cocks, starting everything anew. Then it was my turn, the feeling of my cock entering his virgin hole, watching him grimace from the pain of being entered for the first time, then that look changing to one of pleasure. “I can’t believe how good you feel inside of me,” he sighed as I was slowly shoving more and more of my dick into him. For a long while we slowly fucked, his ass meeting my thrusts, bodies sweating in man lust until I finally released what cum I had left into him, just after his stroking caused his balls to erupt.

At some point I slid out of him and we began talking about our wonderful sex, and I promised him I would show him all I knew about pleasing guys. “Be prepared to be shooting dry loads,” I said. “I’m going to empty your balls, and mine.” And we did, using our cocks together and cumming as often as we could for the rest of the weekend and for days afterwards. It was all about our pent-up need for each other, our lust and love for each other, and making up for time and love lost.

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