Bunny De La Cruz and I become lovers

Bunny De La Cruz and I become loversauthors note this is a work of fiction not a true story. Oh but I wish it were ;)So this is the story of my trip to California. I was down there to visit an old high school friend Dean, who claimed to be down there working as an actor. When I got down there it turns out he was working in porn. He claims it was paying the bills until he got a real acting gig. Which was funny because I actually went to California to try to get into the production side of the adult film industry. See I am from Vancouver and want to try and get the Canadian Porn industry to the level it is in the USA. So what better place to get some financial backing than Los Angeles. I went to the studio where Dean was auditioning for a new pilot being made, but I did not want to be stuck in the waiting room all day as I had my own dreams to pursue. So I decided to make calls to some of the adult film studios to see if they would be interested in financing some of my film ideas. I did some small time video stuff already that I could show them and if I got an appointment I could show them story ideas. It was slow going at best no one had time for me and I managed only one appointment for next week. I decided to stop at a little coffee house I saw earlier and just relax and regroup. As I was coming in to the shop I noticed a familiar face sitting on the patio. It was Bunny De La Cruz.I love full figured woman and Bunny is a girl I have masturbated to many times. She was dressed more conservative than I would have guessed. She looked like she was ready for a business meeting in a knee length navy skirt with a matching jacket buttoned in the middle. She had out a tablet and looked relaxed.Under the jacket was a white ribbed turtle neck tee. Both the shirt and jacket were hard pressed to hold in her natural JJ cup breasts. Her beautiful blonde hair was up in a bun, save for a few strands of bangs hanging around her round face showing off how green her eyes were in the sunlight of the afternoon. She wore little make up except some pink lipstick and a little green eye shadow.Since I was here for a reason I decided to fear nothing and approach her. Perhaps she can get me into a meeting or help me get financing. I walked up to her and spoke calm and respectfully.“Bunny De La Cruz right?” I said sheepishly“depends” as she looked me over and probably hoping I am not a crazy stalker. “do I know you”“no but I have seen your films and I love your bursa escort bayan work” she smiled politely. “May I say that I am honored to meet you” I kissed her hand.“well thank you Mr…?”“call me Scott, all my friends do”“okay Scott do you want an autograph or somethin?” “ I would like five minutes of your time to talk to you about my ideas for a movie”“I see”“five minutes and if you are not interested I will leave you alone.” She motioned me to sit down.“whats the scene baby” sipping her tea.“I am from Vancouver and am in town trying to get studio backing for some projects in Canada. but not having any luck. Then I saw you here and thought maybe I could convince you to be in my movie or help me get to see some producers.”“well it so happens I am doing some producing now”“really! awesome!”“do you have a script?”“not here but I can get it, its at the house”She leaned forward and took a card out of her bag and wrote on the back of it. “bring the script by my place tomorrow and I will look at it. If I like it we will talk business k”“you bet and in the mean time if you go to my web site you can see my work” I gave her my card and she tucked it in her bag.“okay now Scott shew” she motioned me away “eleven tomorrow morning don’t be late”She put on her large amber sunglasses and went back to her tablet.The next day I was on time. I decided on casual wear. Khakis, polo shirt and sandals. My hair was a little long so I just wet it back and went to the meeting. When she opened the door she was dressed even more casual than I was in short red spandex shorts that were nice and tight and showed off her big round ass. Her shirt was red and white striped off the shoulder and I could see a purple bikini string around her neck. She was in her bare feet and I saw no panty line so I assumed she was not wearing any. Her hair was down today. Man she was turning me on.She showed me into a dinning room in front of large patio doors where you could see her pool and the gazebo that was beside it with patio chairs and table. We went out through the doors and sat at the table where she poured me a lemon aid. “I love the script” she gushed“thanks” I thought you would I plan on using only natural looking woman, no plastic fake looking girls for me.”“good” she flip the pages of the script. “ I checked out you on line stuff too” “and”“lets just say my vibrator got a work out last night.” she licked her lips (which were a shiny red today) She escort bursa got up and move to the chair next to me. “ the one about the delivery bike couriers was fucking hot” she sat up and pushed her hair behind her ear.“one thing though before I agree to produce your movie” she started rubbing my arm. I could not believe it, Bunny was hitting on me.“whats that Bunny”“well you are not a pro director yet, and if you write than you direct too, thats the way it works most films are written by the director.”“yeah and”“well how do I know you can direct”“ I could demonstrate”“please do. If we were doing a scene now how would you direct me?”I started running a finger up and down her leg. Thinking for a minute. She was looking at me with wanting eyes and licking her lips.I directed her to stand up and go over to the edge of the pool. Instructed her to take off her top. Then her shorts.“but I am not wearing panties”“no matter you will be butt naked in a minute” she smiled and took off all her clothes. There it was her famous rainbow tattoo. I walked up to her and pushed her in the water. She came up and pushed her hair back.“now what director?”“end of scene, now we seal the deal and you find out why they call me the serpent”I stripped out of my cloths and let her see my nice seven inch appendage. I dove in the water and came up in front of her feeling her mammoth jugs against me.“okay why the serpent”“this is why” and I showed her my Gene Simmons like tongue and grabbed her meaty tits and started liking the nipples. She groaned her approval. Then started jerking me off. It was amazing after so many come shots to her movies I was going to actually fuck her. I got into a nice groove on her tits as I pushed her back against the side of the pool in front of one of the jets and let the jets help me get her juices flowing.After a while I pushed her up to sit on the edge and spread her legs wide. It was time to taste the rainbow. I snaked my tongue over her fleshy pussy probing every part of her folds. Instead of going for the clit I stuck it deep into her pussy. Flicking her g-spot with my tongue.She was leaning backward on her hands and arching her back as I tongue fucked her and used my thumb on her clit. I waited till she was about to come and stopped. I wanted her to build a little more.I hopped out of the pools and knelt her in front of me, she knew exactly what I wanted and she pushed her tits together and gave my swollen member bursa escort a nice fleshy home. She shook them hard and fast stopping to suck the head vigorously now and then.“time you got fucked Miss Cruz” I groaned through my teeth as her hummer skills were amazing!I helped her to her feet and took her over to the patio table which was glass and sat her on the edge. In one instant I pushed her legs apart and thrust deep inside her to the hilt. She growled her approval. “fuck me hard” was her order which I followed to the letter.The violent pounding I was giving her flesh pot was punctuated by the slapping of skin on skin and the rattle and scr****g on the table on the concrete. She was primed and seconds from popping so I reached forward and began rubbing her huge nipples with one hand and he clit with other. She reached up and dug her fingers into my chest as I felt her vagina constrict around my cock like a vice as she screamed for pleasure through an orgasm that left her come all over the glass table top and soon it was smeared all over her back.Pulling out I went over to a lounge chair and sat down. She was panting and her wet hair was all crazy wild looking. She looked half stoned still in a orgasmic haze.“sit on my cock” she sat up and climbed down off the table. She staggered over to me and straddled me reverse cowgirl. Her grinding was slow at first as she shook her booty and let those big ass cheek shake in my face.I reached around her chest and pulled her back to reclined position and just started squeezing and pulling her giant jugs. I could feel the beginnings of a massive come shot coming on so I had to know where she wanted it.“where do you want your money shot hmm Bunny”“ah ah ah come on my tits, just coat them with hot sticky jizz”“fucking a’”I pushed her on her stomach on the chair and then put her on her back on the concrete. I knelt over her and put my cock between her jugs. It felt close I was only going to last a few more seconds as I slapped those flesh balloons together she put her head up to watch me tit fuck her.In the next second my muscles all clinched and I squeezed those big beautiful tits as I shot five stringy shots of come on the valley between her tits and all over her chin and it even hit her nose and hair.We caught our breath and then rolled into the pool to clean off. Later as I lay on the lounge chair and Bunny made us another round of lemonade she asked me how long I would be in town I Told her two more weeks. She just smiled and said she was pleased to here that, because it was going to take a few meetings to hammer out the agreement.I think I am now in the adult film industry as a pro. I guess now I must get myself a casting couch.

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