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Cam2Cam funFor a long time I have been into cam2cam and love camming for a bud while he talks to me on mic. Until last week I had just been into stroking and shooting my load, but last week a little twist was added. One of my chat buds suggested we play a strip game online. I am game for about anything so I thought I would give it a try.The rules were simple- we both wore 3 articles of clothing- a shirt, pants, and underwear. For every 25 points one of us had to remove an article, so at 75 points your opponent was nude. At 100 points your opponent had to jerkoff in the manner the winner prescribed (standing, sitting, bent over, slow, fast, lube, no lube…). He added that if one of the players happened to hit 110 then there was a bonus, but he said that never happened.We both agreed to the rules and asyabahis yeni giriş started the game. After a few moves Rick hit 25 and off came my shirt. I was enjoying the game already, and thought this could really spice up my camming. Next I hit 25 and off came his shirt. My doc as already bulging with anticipation. Rick again scored and hit 55, so off came my shorts. My cock was at full attention, and I had no illusion my boxers were hiding anything. I scored a few points, but was stuck at 45 when Rick got a couple of great plays in a row and went to 80. I slid off my boxers, exposing my rock hard cock.Again, I got a small score and went to 55. Rick eagerly slid off his shorts and I could see he was enjoying the game as much as I was.A few plays later I hit 65 and Rick hit asyabahis güvenilirmi 95. My cock ached for attention, but Rick insisted I could not touch it until the game was over. The next play Rick won he game and hit 110. I was was relieved that I could finally take care of my stiff cock and full balls. “Not so fast” Rick said, “Dont forget I won the bonus”For some reason I had a sense of excited dread. “I want you to lean back and stroke slowly, and then I want you to shoot all over yourself. After that I will tell you what I want as my bonus.”I could hardly contain myself as I started stroking. Rick instructed me as I rubbed, stroked, and massaged myself, and finally he gave me permission to finish. Cum shot all over my chest an belly, and i thought I would never stop shooting. asya bahis giriş Finally I laid back and caught my breath. I look at the screen and could see Rick was entranced. He got a smile on his face, “Looks like that was fun.”I nodded and smiled.”OK, now for my bonus. Run your fingers through your cum, and then lick it off your fingers.”I had tasted my cum before, before only a drop or two. I sat still for a few seconds. “I didnt tell you to think about it, I said lick it up.”I slid my hand up to my belly and took a small amount on my finger. “I wan to see your face as you do it.”I leaned toward the cam and licked. I was surprised, but I actually liked it. On the next pas I got a little more, and I slowly finished off all I could wipe up.As I ate Rick stroked his cock for me and ended up shooting a huge load in his hand. He was obviously a more experienced cum eater, as he sucked it into his mouth, swished it around, and then swallowed.We signed off and I laid back to recover. Though I don’t always eat my load, I have now made it a more regular part of the game.

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