Can I Take You To Bed? Ch. 01


Can I take you to bed?

I’ve been meaning to ask you for some time now. We started out sitting on the couch. We started kissing, then we were lying down on the couch and had gotten carried away. That happens.

I love the feeling of getting so excited, of feeling your excitement grow against me, sticking into my hip. It’s when the same happens to me and we brush against each other that I begin to lose control, feeling that first sting of pleasure run through me, radiating through my loins.

It’s hard enough being so breathless already, fighting for air as my tongue fights yours for dominion of your sweet mouth. If I could just come up for air long enough to ask you, I could suggest how much more comfortable you’d be if I could get you out of your clothes and into my bed.


There’s nothing like the feeling of hot skin on skin to make a man stand to attention. When I remove that last garment of clothing – your skimpy cotton boxers – kneeling before you and ready to show you what else I can do with this dirty mouth of mine, I remind myself to take my time. poker oyna

We both know that none of us is going anywhere. You’re mine for now, for as much as you can take. I peel down those loose boxers, watching your hardened cock bend at will before it springs out to greet me. Looking up at you, and what a cute smile you have, I inhale you before running my tongue from your balls, right up to the very tip of your silky smooth length.

That is a beautiful cock. One of these days I just know I’m going to seduce you again and get you balls deep inside me, but not tonight…

I get you into my bed, under the covers and we engage in the most sensuous kissing and caressing. It’s so hard to believe that we’re not making love to each other. Every caress is masterful and still so suggestive, and yet there is no manly aggression.

I just can’t get enough of that warm wet tongue of yours. I can think of places it would be put to good use.

That cock, though, is so beautifully shaped, long and smooth. It feels perfect pressed beside mine with our hands holding them canlı poker oyna together, rubbing and sliding. I am so hard for you. If one of us were a woman, we’d have to be fucking by now. Instead, I tell you to lay back and enjoy what’s coming.


Again, I run my tongue up the length of your cock, from balls to tip, but then not one to mess around, I pull back the foreskin and envelop the head in my mouth, beginning to suck you off, enjoying the taste of you.

It doesn’t take long for the spit in my mouth to turn thick and slimy and in no time at all, your throbbing and pulsating hard-on is a slippery wet mess, sliding in and out of my mouth against my tongue.

What size are you? It doesn’t matter, I can take it easily, but it feels awesome to have my mouth full. Soon, your balls are touching my chin and your entire length is running along my tongue and rubbing the back of my throat. I withdraw to give you my approval. Such a beautiful and tasty cock. If you’re going to come, let me know so I can be ready to swallow you.

Of course I like to be a internet casino tease, and know what I want. Next thing you know, I’m jerking you slowly with one hand, still sucking on the head of your cock and then circling your cute pink butthole with wet and slippery fingertips. I am so tempted to just position myself at that hot little sphincter right now and slowly ebb my way into you, just a little to see how you react. But not now! Not yet!

You’re a little anxious at first and I can tell. You lose a little hardness as you shift uncomfortably, but as I begin to pay your cock more attention, sucking you back in deeper and with firmer strokes, you almost thrust yourself down my throat and then push your butt seductively against my circling fingertips.

You know we have to test those waters. You’re literally on your way to screaming at me to fuck you. But I don’t want to fuck you. I want to get to know you better, to feel a bigger connection, to gain your trust.

Sooner or later, I am going to make love to you, just to torture your soul and bring out your true nature. I am going to make love to you and I am going to make you mine…

But for tonight, let’s just get to know each other a little better. You’ve still yet to spunk down my throat and taste yourself on my lips!


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