Captivating Calves of Mrs. O’Ryan Ch. 03

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Author’s note: This is a story of consensual sex between a woman of 68 and man of 22. It centers around her sexy legs, particularly her calves, a fetish of mine and pervasive theme in my stories. There’s a slight domination edge to this tale, which I trust will appeal to the likeminded. Thank you.


Maureen O’Ryan smiled at the nervous 22-year-old driving. She crossed her legs, supple and muscular for a 68-year-old woman, the legs of the tight, black Capri pants she wore riding high on her freckled shins.

Jason looked over and gulped. Her calves, fleshy and hard, muscular and well toned, were bulging at him. For him.

“Never get enough of my calves, can ya Jason,” Maureen growled, thrusting a hand between his legs to fondle the cock she knew would be rock hard the second he saw her legs again.

Jason was long smitten with the sexy GILF’s incredible legs, and as luck and opportunity would have it, had recently become a sexual slave to them, and to the insatiable, sexy older woman who had them. They had just been at the house of Jason’s grandmother, Colleen, where his grandmother in her innocence asked what kind of cream Maureen used to keep her legs so smooth. A special blend, Maureen had laughed.

And that led to Maureen seducing the boy in private, forcing him to cum inside a bottle of aloe lotion, and then watching, to his horror, as Maureen and his grandmother used the semen-aloe cocktail to smear on their legs, hands and faces.

Jason has also given foot rubs to both women, Maureen cumming from her massage – and his grandmother as well. And before Maureen left, she confronted her old and dear friend by telling her she knew Colleen had cum, telling her there was nothing wrong with it – and then kissing the shocked older woman giving rise to her own thoughts of sex with her best friend.

Maureen then told her she would go home and whip up another special blend of skin cream for her. And now Jason was driving Maureen home to do just that.

“Yes, yes, you certainly have a thing for older legs, don’t you?” Maureen cooed, stroking Jason’s cock in his pants, making it harder and harder for him to keep the car straight. “I must say, your grandmother has pretty spectacular calves herself, doesn’t she, so firm, so muscular. Do you like Granny’s calves as much as mine, Jason? Hmm?”

She was fucking with him big time, he knew it, but could do nothing to stop her. He groaned as she stroked him faster, and then yelped in agony as she closed an old bony hand around his aching balls.

“I said, do you like Granny’s calves BETTER than mine, young man!” she snarled.

“NO NO NO!” he screamed, squirming in his seat.

“Good answer,” she giggled, releasing his nuts and slowly stroking his cock again. “Don’t want you to get too excited, you have to contribute to your sexy grandmother’s special cream!”

They drove in silence, Jason sweating as she continued to pump his dick in his pants, bouncing her crossed leg, the site of the flared, freckled meaty muscle alongside her shiny shin above her low, dirty sock driving him crazy.

“She certainly is a sexy lady, your grandma,” Maureen sighed, then in a low growl adding, “Did you see us Jason? Did you see your granny and me kissing? I know you did…”

“Oh…oh God yes…” he moaned, aghast at the thought of it giving him so much pleasure.

“Yes, I know, and know you liked it, your cock is SO hard right now, but you better not cum, Jason,” she warned.

“Please…please stop Mrs…O’Ryan..please…you’ll make me…” Jason babbled.

“Your granny’s got great calves, that’s for sure,” she said, ignoring him and then making it worse with “Can you imagine your granny’s gorgeous calves milking you, Jason? Can you? Imagine your granny’s calves locked around your cock…stroking you up and this…making you cum…Go on: Imagine it!”

“Oh fuck…oh please, PLEASE Mrs. O’Ryan!” he screamed, driving faster, eager to get to her house and get release outside his pants.

She got him just to the point of no return – and stopped cold, sitting back, crossing her arms and laughing a dark, dominant laugh, watching the red-faced young man groan in frustration. Moments later, they pulled into her driveway and went inside, Maureen stops ahead of him, Jason’s eyes glued to her flexing muscular calves.

In the kitchen, Jason could only watch them flex more, bigger and harder and more defined, as Maureen stood on her tip toes to get a stainless steel mixing bowl from a high shelf. She turned to face him, walking up to him and kissing him wetly and deeply, slurping his tongue like a small wet cock.

“You got three loads left in you – at least,” she said as a statement, not a question. “You young ones are repeaters, so let’s get to work boy.”

She quickly shucked her clothes, Jason’s eyes widening at the sight of her marvelously fleshy granny body, wrinkled sublimely, sagging just enough to be alluring, and quickly followed suit. She kissed him again, slipping his hard cock into the tops of her Bayan Escort Antep squeezing thighs, the top of his shaft brushing against the damp bristles of her hairy cunt. She broke the kiss, smiling, and kneeled before him, his bobbing cock quivering, the tip wet with precum.

“This shouldn’t take long,” she laughed.

It didn’t. She tucked her face under his cock, licking gently at his ball sack, his dick on her mouth, nose and forehead, and then ever-so slowly, traced her tongue up the bottom of the shaft, a five-second journey that had Jason screaming in pleasure.

By the time she got to the tip and sucked it into her wrinkled lips, he came, hard and grunting, pumping jet after jet of thick cum into her mouth, swelling her cheeks, her eyes wide in amazement at the force and volume of his ejaculation. He finally stopped cumming a good 30 second later, and she milked the last of it by a slow, steady stroke of her hand and squeeze of his huge balls. He looked down at her, panting, as she popped his wet cock head from her mouth, holding it open to see the thick pearly pool gathered on her tongue.

She looked right at him and held the bowl to her mouth, letting the huge wad trickle out in a creamy strand, coating the bowl’s bottom. She laughed and spit out the rest, running her tongue over her lips, and swallowing anything that remained.

“Again,” she growled, standing, forcing her cum-soaked tongue into his reluctant mouth, French kissing him with the creamy juices, reaching with her free hand for his cock, stroking it to keep it hard.

She led him by the dick into the living room, standing before him and forcing him to his knees. She smiled and put the bowl behind her on the floor and reached for his head.

“May as well make this fun for both of us, boy,” she snarled, pulling his face between her thighs, smashing it into the dripping furry thatch. “Eat me and fuck my calves!”

“Oh God,” Jason groaned, obeying his leggy mistress.

She came quickly as Jason’s talented long tongue speared the clammy furry folds of Maureen’s pungent cunt, funky and ripe from the long walk she’d taken earlier. She held his head in her hands, pulling him in deeper and harder, using it now, grinding her greasy quim into his sucking face. HE scampered forward and sliced his wet cock into the twin columns of calves before him, groaning at the hard, velvety feel. He pumped madly, slamming forward and back, his cock embraced by the silky muscles, causing him to lap her dripping snatch harder and faster.

“Cum for the calves, baby, go on, cum for me again, for your GRANNY!” she snarled, looking down at his frantically licking face, feeling his dick thicken in the slick, scissoring calves she was fucking him with.

He groaned, and then screamed as Maureen playfully opened her chiseled old calves just enough to capture Jason’s balls in them, scissoring them shut again. She now held him still, his cock jutting out the backs of her calves, balls and shaft crushed between them, and pulsated, slowly at first and then faster, pumping, quivering, flexing her meaty calves on his trapped package.

“OH FUCK!” Jason screamed, in pain from Maureen’s calves scissoring his bloated balls and in pleasure, from the same sensation.

Maureen laughed and came, face fucking him harder as she felt his orgasm build, easing the scissor on his package just enough to let it flow. With a guttural scream from the smothering mulch of her gushing cunt, Jason came in long, ropy streams, both of them hearing the splash of cum into the bowl, lumping up on the first load he’d shot moments earlier. He slowly stopped cumming, and so did Maureen, pulling his dick and nuts from her calf vise, the head drawing back through the freckled meat of them.

“Wow, impressive,” she laughed, turning to look into the bowl, thick with spunk. “We’re gonna make your granny a nice big batch of special cream!”

She turned to look over her shoulder at the kneeling, panting young man, and her calves slick with spunk.

“Lick ’em clean,” she snarled. “And spit it into the bowl!”

Jason groaned, but could not disobey her, bending to run his trembling tongue up and down her muscular calves that flexed in his mouth as he slurped them clean. He dutifully kept the sperm in his mouth, and spit it into the bowl, standing up and smiling weakly at her. She looked down. His cock was wilting.

“Oh, no, no you don’t, young man,” she growled.

“But Mrs. O’Ryan…please..I can’t…” he begged, trying to back away.

“I got just the thing,” she laughed, kneeing him in the balls and bending him over, knocking him to his knees. “In ya go!”

She easily captured him in a standing scissor lock with her tireless calves, crushing his neck in them, raising up and down on her toes and pumping the flexing steely muscles into him, making him groan in agony, his trembling hands cupped around the backs to ease the pressure.

“Just think of it Jason, just think of your dear, sexy old grandmother doing this to you, would you like that?” Maureen laughed, pumping up and down on her toes, feeling the calves ripple into his neck, delighting in his moans. “Do you think she can squeeze like me? Would you like that? Would you like your leggy Granny putting her calves around your neck like this? Hmm?”

He could, it was all he could think about the harder she crushed him. His wilting dick stiffened at the thought. Maureen scissored and tormented him a moment more and then bent over his back, reaching under him and grabbing his rock-hard cock.

“You little pervert!” she squealed with delight, stroking his cock now, squeezing him in her calves. “You DO like the idea of your granny squeezing you, don’t ya!”

“No…no…no..” he slurred, the blood flow to his brain crimped in Maureen’s pulsating calves, making him dizzy.

“Nonsense, a hard cock doesn’t lie, boy!” she snarled, slapping his ass painfully as she stroked him. “You DO fantasize about Granny, you naughty, naughty boy!”

She scissored and stroked him a moment longer before releasing him and pulling him atop her on the couch, she leaning back, he kneeling before her. She quickly scooted him close, fisting his meaty, wet cock and fitting it to her hairy hole, wrapping her thighs around his slender middle and pulling him inside her, balls deep, in one stroke.

“There ya go, this should get the third load from ya,” she snarled as he moaned.

She let him fuck her for a few minutes, enjoying the thickness of his cock, the fullness it provided, and then slowly lifted her legs up, bending her supple old body nearly in half – and planting the bottoms of her wrinkled, smelly feet right at his face.

“Take a deep, deep sniff, boy,” she growled, groaning as Jason’s cock slipped into her even deeper. “Go on, smell ’em!”

“Oh fuck YES!” he screamed.

He pounded away her pussy, holding her around the muscular calves, running his nose up and down the sweaty, wrinkled soles of her stinky feet, relishing the funky scent, vinegary and sweaty, and then lapped madly at them. He suckled the gnarly, nasty calloused heels, running his tongue up and down the soles and in between her bony toes, relishing the flavor and grit of foot dirt and sock residue. One by one he sucked each toe, slurping them with increasing fervor as she watched, delighted, feeling his cock thicken in her milking cunt walls.

“Give it to me baby, fill me up and we’ll add it to the bowl,” Maureen snarled as she pulled her toes from his sucking mouth and slammed her muscular calves around his neck, squeezing hard and making him wince at the sudden pain. “This should put ya over the edge!”

It did, and his balls ached as they emptied into her clutching cunt, his hands holding and pulling at her scissoring calves, the muscles gripping him hard around the neck. She squeezed as he came, making him dizzy again. The combination of feelings overwhelmed him, the fear of passing out in her crushing calves and the delirious pleasure and pain that provided it. He never wanted it to end, the current orgasm or the sweet agony.

He finally stopped cumming, slumping in her legs as she held them against his neck before releasing him. She dropped her feet to his chest and mischievously kicked him away, his dick slipping from her cunt with a slurping sound.

She climbed off the couch, squatting over the bowl and giggled while Jason watched, wide eyed and open mouthed, as she let go a gushing jet of cream, a thick white plume of spunk that splashed wetly into the bowl, adding to the already copious volume of sperm.

“Help me baby, get it all out for me!” she growled.

Jason knelt by her and at her urging, finger fucked her creamy twat fast and hard, releasing even more cum that spurted out of her pussy into the bowl. When it was done, she pulled his hand out, wiping his fingers on the edge, watching it dribble down to the rest. She lifted his hand to her fingers and sucked them clean. Jason groaned, watching, his cock gone half soft.

She stood up, picking up the bowl, swirling its creamy contents. She looked up at him and smiled.

“Not quite enough,” she sighed.

“Oh please, Mrs. O’Ryan…I got…I got nothing left!” he moaned.

“Sure you do,” she laughed, sitting him on the couch.

She bent over, sucking his tender cock, making him wince from her tongue lashing the back of the sensitive head before she stroked it into her mouth. He could only watch her work, that skinny old hand whipping up and down his shaft, her mouth matching the strokes, twisting her hand and his cock in and out of her puckered lips.

He got hard moments later.

She sat back, extending her meaty calves up and over his lap, clamping the silky, freckled old muscles on him, slowly stroking his dick with them.

“One more baby, one more for Mrs. O’Ryan’s calves, you know you can,” she hissed.

“Oh God…feels so good…”

He closed his eyes, lost in the sensation, and not seeing her pick up her cell phone and punch in a number. They shot open when he heard her speak

“Hi, Colleen, how are you?”

“NO!” he mouthed silently, trying to stand, unable to as Maureen’s gripping calves on his cock held him in place, pumping in a muscular wave around it.

“Oh, just checking on you…and letting you know your grandson and I whipped up a HUGE batch of my special cream for you! Yes, yes, he’s a good boy isn’t he, so helpful! What? Oh, he left a few minutes ago…no, I kept the cream here, I’ll bring it by tomorrow afternoon…”

They talked a few minutes more, Maureen’s eyes locked on Jason’s, increasing the pressure and stroking pace on his calf-strapped cock.

“Oh, Colleen, don’t worry about that…no, it’s perfectly natural to have you know, sexual feelings at our ages, even for young men…very young men…your grandson? No don’t feel ashamed about that! Perfectly natural, he’s such a handsome boy, why wouldn’t you find him sexually attractive, I mean who loves him more than his granny!”

Jason groaned audibly, disbelieving what he imagined his grandmother saying. And feeling his cock thicken and swell in his grandmother’s best friend’s superb calves.

“But tell me old friend,” Maureen said softly, looking at Jason, lustily sucking her finger into her mouth after dipping it into her furry slit. “How did you feel about…you know…our moment? The kiss, the hug…Colleen, that was very intense…very special…wasn’t it?”

She listened for a moment and then broke into a bigger smile, picking up the stroking of Jason’s cock in her meaty legs.

“I’m so glad you feel that way…yes, it’s like something…something unlocked in you right? Me, too! We’ve so much…to explore, old friend, so very, very much to explore…”

Jason’s mind raced at the thought of his grandmother and Mrs. O’Ryan together, those beautiful legs, all the things the sexy old women could do. Together. And with him.

The last thought made his balls scream for release. Maureen felt it, stroking him faster, pumping up and down with her meaty calves, the backs slapping into his bloated, eager balls, the tip of his cock smeared with precum.

“Me too, baby,” Maureen cooed into the phone. “Go on, do with that pussy, baby, make yourself cum and I will, too!”

Jason’s eyes could not pop open any wider as he watched Maureen’s fingers plunge into her furry crack, madly diddling her engorged clit, knowing his grandmother was doing the same thing.

“Almost there baby…God, sooo good, isn’t it baby? Oh fuck…do it, honey, do it…let’s cum together…thinking about us…what we will do…and about your…grandson…sucking your toes, playing with you, fucking you!”

Jason exploded as Maureen and his grandmother did. He heard the screams on the phone, watched Maureen’s beautifully wrinkled face contort into a mask of pleasure and felt his balls erupt. Thick, long ropes of cum shot out of his cock as if he’d not just cum three times already, splashing down onto Maureen’s trembling thighs and scissoring shins, lumping up in a massive blanket of white.

They all three quieted, Jason’s cock gone soft in the continuing pumping of Maureen’s calves, squeezing out the last of it. She looked at him, smiling.

“That was soooooooooooooo fucking hot, baby,” she said to both of them. “Soooo fucking good…and so much more to cum…”

She continued to chat, unlocking her legs from Jason’s soft dick, motioning for the bowl. He picked it up, holding it under the calves she extended out for him to wipe clean with his fingers and into the bowl. She giggled as he worked.

“No, just thought of something funny,” she lied into the phone to Colleen. “Honey, tomorrow afternoon, me and you and our special cream…foot rubs, calf massages, we’ll have a ball…trust me…ok, get some rest, lover…good night.”

She took the bowl from Jason, who unbidden, leaned over to slurp the residue of his load from Maureen’s thighs, calves and shins, not spitting it into the bowl but kissing her with it. She giggled with delight, accepting the little snowball gift and herself then letting it drizzle into the brimming bowl of cum.

Jason got dressed as she went to the kitchen and got a bottle of aloe, pouring some into the bowl, mixing it with a spatula. He came up behind her, putting his arms around her middle, pressing into her saggy, sexy ass and kissing the sweet, salty folds of her supple neck.

“Wow, we got a LOT for Granny, baby!” she laughed.

She got a huge empty bottle, and very carefully as Jason held the bowl up, scooped the sexy mixture into it, scraping the sides of the bowl with the spatula. She put the cap on and put the bottle down, looking at the smiling boy.

“Does your sexy Granny make you cookies, Jason?”

“Oh, yeah, all the time,” he laughed.

“Do you like licking the bowl clean?”

She picked it up, sliding the spatula inside to scoop up a bit of the cummy brew, holding it to his lips. He smiled, holding her wrist and tonguing the plastic clean, their eyes locked on each other’s. She put the bowl and spatula down and they kissed, warmly, romantically, arms holding tight, tongues doing battle inside their cum-flavored mouths.

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