Cara’s Very Bad Day


An episode in the continuing saga of Cara, and this one includes a couple of women from previous stories, her underling Laura and the butch elevator mechanic Phyl, but the star of the show is as always, Cara. If you have read some of the earlier episodes, some of those get tied in with this but this should stand alone.


Cara is a very real librarian with a sexual appetite that has only grown over the years, and her distinct preferences are polar opposites to her appearance, which can best be described as uber-librarian. Although the middle-aged dyke is a walking talking stereotype of women in her profession, Cara could not care less because she has only two interests in her life.

One interest is the library, a massive state agency where she is in charge of the circulation desk, and in Cara’s mind the library is not the people’s library but hers. Cara’s hubris is snickered about behind her back but to the commissioner and those directly below him, she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread because not only does she get things done she manages to control her public sector underlings with an iron hand, even managing to brush off any efforts by the union to reign her in.

Her second interest is women, and even though she had always tried to put career first at times her extreme and immoderate sexual appetite takes over, and she was aware that these needs have become stronger in recent years, even having her venture into situations where she was not the alpha female. It was as if she knew that time was ticking and she wasn’t getting any younger.


That point was driven home recently when Cara came home on a Friday night on edge, the week of not having sex taking its toll, but with circumstance leaving her options limited she decided to do something she rarely did these days, trolling a bar in search of a sweet furry female, sweet being the least important feature.

So Cara hurried to the bedroom and stripped down, trying not to look in the mirror that showed she was getting a bit thick in the waist and below. The rest of her body was fine, Cara reasoned as she unwound the compression band that bound her breasts down, and after it came off she hefted her massive bosom, kneading the doughy flesh so as to get the feeling back in them. Raising her arm she sniffed and after making a face reached for the unscented deodorant and sprayed a bit into the modest wisps of hair before looking in the closet for something to wear.

The librarian frowned when she realized that her wardrobe was probably out of date, and while the clothes she had was businesslike and of high quality it was what one person mentioned to her, “dowdy”, Not much in the closet screamed party, or something that would attract a girl half her age, but then she saw a gray satiny top in the back and put it on, grimacing when she felt how snug it was, but a glance in the mirror gave Cara hope.

“Good grief,” the librarian muttered as she tried to shift the blouse around so the open collar didn’t expose her cleavage almost down to her waist because it was so snug, but with no other top that would work any better she put on a pair of black slacks and before she walked away from the mirror she snickered sarcastically ,”Come and get ’em girls.”

As was her custom for the rare occasions she went out she drove about an hour to find a lesbian joint far enough away to make it less likely to be seen, and the minute Cara stepped into ‘Ain’t Nobody’s Bizness’ she remembered why she hated places like this. Bad music played loudly and attitude galore from staff and patrons, but there was a lot women parading around, attractive even though they all seemed drowning in makeup and likely waxed from the neck down.

Still, she was there so she tried to make the best of it, and when a stool at the bar open next to a skinny blonde Cara moved in. Seeing the fair down on the girl’s arm gave her hope but a peek under her arm revealed nothing but smooth skin, and even though it was likely that there would be a bald mound down below she touched the girl’s arm and asked if she could buy her a drink.

The girl gave her a shrug that Cara took for a yes, so after the martinis came Cara tried to make small talk as the blonde seemed more concerned about who else was in the place. The older woman explained that she was new here and was just looking for a friendly face so when she saw her…

“Is your hand stuck there?” the girl yelled over the jukebox as she looked at Cara’s hand on her forearm with disdain.

“Sorry, it’s just that you have such lovely arms,” the librarian stammered. “You know, it’s so loud here, would you like me to take you someplace where we can get to know each other?”

“What?” the blonde said as she raised an eyebrow, and after she looked down the front of the librarian’s blouse she said, “My sister bought a pair of those, but she didn’t go that big.”

“What?” Cara replied, confused at first but recovered enough to say, “they’re all real just like the rest agrı escort of me. 100% natural, and if you want to find out for sure…”

“Look lady, thanks for the drink but come on,” she snapped as she stood up and started to go. “If you want I can give you my Mom’s number.”

“What?” Cara yelled and grabbed the skinny girl’s arm hard. “Do you know who you’re talking to?”

A minute later Cara was out on the sidewalk, having been not so sweetly escorted out the door by a very efficient security person of indeterminate gender and as the invitation to never return the furious dyke stormed towards the parking lot through a herd of smokers, and on the ride home chastised herself for going to that dump for nothing.


Saturday Cara woke up with a headache courtesy of the bottle of wine she drank after getting home, but she thought that part of that ache came from her being so damn horny. Proof of that was the way she went after the lipstick lesbian in that crappy bar, She had no appeal to the librarian and in retrospect Cara wished she had hit on that bouncer because she had a kind of Phyl look to her, and the fact was that Cara still hoped the elevators would break down so she could see Phyl again.

In the end Cara went to her pocket phone book and looked for the number of her ‘when all else fails’ girl – her outlet of desperation – and even though she knew she would regret it she leafed through to the F section while mumbling, “Laura where the hell are you?”

As the phone rang Cara pondered that if her clerk’s on again off again piece of crap husband answered she would hang up, but even worse would be if Laura shot her down. It had never happened over the 4 or 5 times Cara had called her over the last decade, but the way things were going anything was possible and it that case she might go get her gun and blow her brains out.

As it turned out when Laura heard her voice she got excited and when the librarian invited her over Cara could almost hear her lap dog pee her panties as she accepted the invite, but after Cara hung up she knew that come morning she would regret this. The older woman had needs though, and for all that she loathed about her sniveling subordinate there was no doubting her devotion.

Laura was still hoping for that senior clerk position that Cara had been dangling in front of her when she first seduced her, and even though the state budgetary squeeze put that position on what seemed like eternal hold the girl still had hope, even though there was no way Cara would ever promote Laura no matter how hairy her pussy was. She lacked the necessary backbone for the job, plain and simple. There’s a place for the hopelessly submissive, Cara mused with a smile, and she knew exactly where that was.


The next morning Cara woke up with the sun, and as she came to she eased away from Laura who was nestled at her breast, where the librarian vaguely recalled her nursing on her nipple as she fell asleep. The older woman went to the bathroom, and after draining her kidneys looked at her disheveled face in the mirror and grimaced. After grabbing her toothbrush to get rid of the stale taste of pussy she opened her mouth and saw of couple of black hairs stuck between her teeth, which at least got her to laugh.

After leaving the bathroom Cara went to the window and looked out to see the sun trying to rise behind a bank of clouds, and then as she turned she saw Laura sprawled over the bed, legs and arms akimbo. The initial thought that went through the older woman’s mind was something along the lines of wondering how fast she could get rid of Laura because she couldn’t stand her.

Cara couldn’t explain the way she felt because Laura never really did anything to deserve the way she felt, but just like at work even looking at her was irritating. Ever since she walked in the door as bubbly as her perpetually haggard face allowed, carrying a couple of pastries from a local bakery and winking they were for in case she was invited to stay the night.

Before they ended up in the sack Laura was even babbling about how neat it would be if the next day they stayed in bed all day reading the paper, and after Cara made a face that suggested she didn’t agree Laura suggested they could go shop at antique shops or garage sales.

“Shoot me now!” Cara had said in response to that horrible scenario, a phrase she used often at work, but Laura laughed at that and thought she was kidding.

Fortunately Cara got her in the bedroom and naked before long, and that was where she stayed, snoozing away and looking like a furry angel. Looking at the woman in the morning light, it was clear that Laura was far from a raving beauty, Maybe if she didn’t have that always sorrowful expression on her face that might help, and Cara thought that the woman should lose that Cher in the 60’s hairdo she had always worn. Laura wasn’t Cher although Cara had to admit her long black hair was thick and luxurious.

Big escort ağrı feet, Cara noted as she looked at them near the foot board of the bed, and it didn’t get sexier as she looked at the girl’s rather shapeless legs which were shaved up to the knees because she sometimes wore skirts. Cara realized that he though of Laura as a girl even though she was in her mid 30’s, a testament to how old she herself was getting. Up farther is where Laura got interesting to the librarian, and the way her wide and dense triangle of hair spread out to her inner thighs made her shiver even now.

Her tongue had been in that bush, and later most of her fist. Laura came loud and hard, characteristics Cara loved because to her sex was enhances by sounds and smells that many didn’t appreciate. Cara raised the back of her hand where the faint residue of the girl’s pussy still lingered, but suddenly she squirmed in the sheets and Cara held her breath because she didn’t want to deal with Laura this early.

Farther up were Laura’s breasts which while they were never much to look at, seemed to be aging less than gracefully. The small orbs almost disappeared with Laura on her back, falling back on themselves and looking a bit like fried eggs, albeit with large brownish nipples. No matter because even though her breasts were Cara’s prime assets, she was never a boob girl.

What drove Cara wild was what flourished between Laura thighs and also under her arms where the thick tufts of black curls had first attracted the librarian way back when she happened to peek up the short sleeve of the newly hired Laura, As she gazed at the rather broad shouldered and full hipped former farm girl she briefly forgot about how annoying the woman was, and at first she wasn’t aware that her hand had gone between her legs, but soon she was fingering herself and squeezing her nipples and when she came she did so as quietly as she could.

Getting Laura out the door wasn’t as challenging as Cara had feared. The older woman made a half carafe of coffee that limited the refills and after telling her subordinate she had plans Laura’s sad face returned but she departed. Cara was noncommittal when Laura asked whether they could get together next weekend, but got her boss to smile about what she said as she went out the door.

“I would kiss you goodbye but I couldn’t brush my teeth. I think my mouth is still coated with your pussy and ass.”

Cara turned off the coffee and went back to the bedroom where she plopped into the bedding right next to a massive wet spot Laura caused when she squirted like a geyser, and as she closed her eyes and hoped she could get a little more shuteye she made a request that seemed to cover the way she felt.

“Alexa, play “Thin Line Between Love and Hate”.


“Ms. Janowsky?” Laura said as Cara dreaded seeing her approach her at her desk. “Elevator 2 is down again.”

“Did anybody…”

“I already called and they’ll be here within an hour,” Laura said as she beamed with pride over handling the situation the way her boss would have.

“Very well,” Cara replied, and after watching Laura’s wide hips sashay away the librarian sighed, the anticipation of seeing Phyl again making the dew form in her granny panties already.

Cara had no idea why the ultra-butch elevator had such as effect on her. For sure Phyl was hairy but she was rude and crude, the exact opposites of what usually attracted her. Phyl was grubby and had body odor that may or may not have been caused by working that entire day, but she had Cara cumming like she rarely did. Even though Cara had given the woman her phone number she never called, but she hoped that maybe she had misplaced it.

Cara had kept an eye on the bank of elevators waiting to see the worker in the green uniform, and her heart skipped a beat when she saw someone at the down elevator, but when the person turned it wasn’t Phyl but some beer bellied jerk working on the broken thing.

“Son a bitch!” Cara yelled after going to the ladies room, slapping the wall in frustration and disappointment, and she seethed at her desk until it was time for lunch when she left the building for a brisk walk to burn off steam.

Back at her desk after an extended lunch Cara did the best she could to try and get her monthly reports done and it was late in the afternoon when she finally pushed her chair back and took her eyes off the computer screen. Glancing over at the OUT OF ORDER sign still on the elevator door she shook her head and when one of her minions passed nearby she called the woman over.

“That bozo ever going to finish fixing that elevator?” she snapped.

“The guy gave up.”

“Well, are we supposed to just tell people to take the stairs if the other lift is being used?”

she muttered, disgusted with the incompetence.

‘No, actually I think it might be fixed. The guy said he didn’t usually work on older elevators like ours and said he was calling their office ağrı escort bayan so they could send somebody familiar with it,” the clerk replied. “They sent that horrible woman that was here before and she’s been working on it from the floor below.”

“What? Why didn’t anybody tell me?” Cara almost yelled, taking the clerk by surprise.

“Somebody came over when that woman arrived but you weren’t at your desk. Guess you were still at lunch,” was the reply but Cara was already on her feet and walking towards the elevators looking around.

“Where is she?”

“I think Laura took her to show her where the staff bathrooms are,” the confused clerk answered, but by then Cara was gone.

Cara got to the seldom used ladies room and after pushing the door open stood there in shock as she saw Phyl with her back to the door pinning Laura against the wall next to the stall.

“What the?” Cara yelped as her joy in seeing Phyl disappeared when she saw the elevator repair woman turn around, giving the librarian a too clear view of her spineless clerk standing there with her blouse pulled up a bit and her slacks unbuttoned and down a little, and with Phyl’s hand down inside her panties.

“Oh, there’s Jugs!” Phyl snickered as she stepped away from the whimpering Laura.

“Wondered where you were.”

“What are you doing in here Laura?” Cara snapped.

“She made me,” Laura sobbed as she took the opportunity to spin into the toilet stall and locked the door.

“And what about you?” Cara said as she addressed the butch mechanic.

“Cool your jets. I remember that she was the one making goo-goo eyes at you the last time I was here, so I brought her in here to show me some of that library hospitality,” Phyl said with a sneer before she stuck a couple of her fingers in her mouth, making them even wetter than they had been. “Not bad, and that gal does have a real hairy pussy. I know how you like that. You think she’s got a bigger bush than me?”

“How dare you act like that in my library?” Cara barked at the arrogant butch, waving her finger at the much taller woman.

“Shut up. You don’t talk to me like that,” and a second later Cara was pushed against the wall with a powerful greasy hand on her neck keeping her in place. “You aren’t pissed about what goes on in this highfalutin library, you’re jealous. Either you don’t like me getting your broad off – and believe me she would have been cumming pretty soon – or you were jealous because you wanted to be the one getting it.

“That’s it right?” Phyl sneered, the strong odor coming from the massive sweat stains under the arms of her shirt making Cara blink, and after Phyl looked down at Cara’s chest she shook her head. “Still keeping those whoppers strapped down I see. Why don’t you unwrap them for me?”

“Don’t. Please,” Cara begged as Phyl’s hands brutally grabbed her chest and tried to get a grip on her flattened breasts, and after giving up she let go of Cara and turned towards the door.

“By the way, your elevator’s fixed,” Phyl said before opening the door and leaving the bathroom.

Cara fought to control her emotions as she leaned over the sink and realized that there was not going to be any reprise of their previous meeting, and the tears actually started flowing when she looked up at herself in the mirror, the crisp off-white blouse badly rumpled. What was worse, there were big grease stains on her chest and they were quite clearly hand prints. It would have been comical if she didn’t have to go back out onto the public area, and Cara hoped she had a blazer in her work area to cover it.

“Are you okay?” came a meek voice from behind her, and in all the drama Cara had forgotten that Laura was still in the bathroom, cowering in the toilet stall, and what the girl hadn’t seen she most definitely had heard.

“What are you still doing in here?” Cara said without thinking.

“I was…” Laura sniffed as she waved towards the stall. “She hurt you didn’t she?”

“Mind your business.”

“We should call security. The police,” Laura insisted as she waved a phone in her hand. “She hurt you and I have pictures to prove it.”

“Didn’t I tell you to mind your own business?” Cara yelled as she got into the clerk’s face while Laura cringed, and the librarian was tempted to slap her before she managed to restrain herself.

“Don’t hurt me. I love you,” Laura cried.

“Go back to work. Take care of the patrons,” Cara told her. “You make me sick.”

As she always did Laura followed orders, and as she left Cara muttered under her breath, “No wonder your husband used you like a punching bag.”

Cupping her hands under the faucet she splashed some water on her face and immediately felt bad about treating Laura like she did. The girl was simply concerned about her, and the part about love? No wonder she blew her top. Love was not an emotion the librarian had ever received from anyone before so she had no idea how to handle that.

When Cara finally emerged from the ladies room it was near closing time and Laura was nowhere in sight, but she had left a note on her desk saying she was sick and left at 4:30.

“I’m sick too,” Cara said to herself as she wrapped the blazer tightly around herself and tried to get back to work.

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