Carla and Sheri

Alanah Rae

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Yeah, she was older than I normally went after, probably in her mid forties and a little heavier than I liked but it was the last night on the four day cruise and she had been putting out the right signals all night long as we danced and had drinks in the ship’s disco. Hell who was I to disappoint her fuckable pussy?

I pulled her back to the edge of the bed and held her still, fucking her with only the first half of my black cock and smiling as she squirmed on me, trying to get more.

“Yeah, you like that…..” I said, pausing because I had forgotten her name.

Damn what was her name? It started with a C, maybe a K?

“Fuck yeah! You are a nasty little bitch! You want some more of my dark meat?” I teased her and heard her answer with grunt as she tried to push back to me.

I slapped her fat soft ass and said, “You ask me nice and I give you what you needin baby.”

Her answer was slurred from the drinks and muffled a little by the pillow as she said, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard with your big black cock. Please I want it deep again.”

I laughed and reached around and under her, grabbing her big tits, squeezing them hard, I held on to her and rammed all the way up in her again. She moaned with satisfaction and reached back between her legs with her left hand to rub her clit.

Was it Cindy? No, that was not it. Was it Cathy? No. That did not sound right either.

She was panting and rotating her hips, working my cock buried deep in her when I heard a girl like squeal escape from her lips, followed by “Oh fuck yessss, Fuck yesssss.”

Her short, overweight body stiffened and then jerked hard against me and I felt her cunt flood around my hard black cock as she came.

“Uggggg….fuck me! Take my white pussy!” she cried out.

Like I said before who was I to disappoint this sexed up white slut? I pulled back just and inch or two and slammed into her again and again as she wiggled and gyrated her with me deep in her. My cum rose up fast from my balls and ran along the shaft buried in her when she rolled the muscles under her fat little belly and squeezed my cock hard deep in her.

Leaning over her with my mouth next to her ear, I told her, “Take it slut! Take my black cock! Take my black seed bitch!”

Her answer was to reach farther back and grab my balls. She cupped them, stroked them with her little pudgy fingers and milked my cock with her hot slick cunt as I filled her with my cum. When my cock finally stopped jerking in her she pulled her hand from my balls and collapsed face first on to the bed. When she collapsed my cock pulled free from her with a wet sucking sound.

Her face was in the pillow as she mumbled. “Damn that was so fucking good.”

No she was not really my type but damn she could fuck. I wanted more and decided to let her catch her breath before rolling her over and fucking her big tits and then her slick pussy again. I glanced over at the clock beside the bed, it was already 1:15 in the morning. We would be leaving the ship tomorrow at eight but hell that was a long time from now. I moved over to the side of the bed and lay down on my back, with my head propped up on a pillow. I was planning to give her a few minutes to recover before fucking her again.

As I waited I looked around the small cabin. It was what the called and economy berth. A very small cabin in the bottom of the ship with no windows, two twin beds that were side by side with only a couple of feet between them and a small dresser at the ends of the bed. The only light on in the room was the small light just off to my right and over my head on the wall between the two beds.

Was it Connie? No. That did not sound right either. Was it Christine? No hell no, that was not it.

As I waited I thought back to how the night started. I had seen her standing with her friend, Sheri, yeah that was her friend’s name, in the disco. Sheri was the one that caught my dark eyes. She was more my type. Taller, slimmer, with nice tits that were not big, maybe a c cup at the most but they stood up and out proudly in the white blouse she was wearing. Her legs were toned and long, damn good looking in the just above the knee length skirt she was wearing. Her hair was blonde and came down just below her shoulders. She looked like she was in her early or mid thirties. When I got closer I saw her green eyes and pictured them looking up at me with my black cock in her pretty mouth while she sucked on my black cock.

The only trouble was, this other slut, damn it what is her name, was giving me the eye before I could make a move on Sheri. Before I knew it, I was out on the dance floor with this round but sexy little lady rubbing her big tits on me and running her hand over my broad chest in my white polo shirt. We had to have made quite a sight. She could not be more than 5′ 1″ but her clunky corked sandals pushed her up to maybe 5′ 4″ but still so short against my dark 6′ 1″ 180# body as we danced a slow dance. After several dances and more than mersin escort a few drinks, she made it clear by reaching under the small table and rubbing my cock through my pants what she wanted for night.

Hell! Carla! That was her name! As soon as it came to me I heard a loud snore come from the little slut lying beside me. Damn it! She had passed out on me! I thought about jacking my cock hard and fucking her in the ass but decided against it. I will give her a little more time and then wake the bitch up roll her over and bust my nut in her again before leaving. Just about the time I was ready to roll her over and wake her up, I heard the door handle turn.

Damn it must be her room mate coming in for the night. Yeah, that would make sense. She had given me and Carla time to fuck. The plan must have been for Carla to run me out before she came back but she had passed out first. I shut my eyes and stayed still, pretending to be asleep. Picturing in my mind the sight that Sheri would see when she came in.

She would see, my bare, dark body, lying on the small bed beside her friend. My semi hard cock, lying against my thigh, still glistening with the mix of my cum and Carla’s would be the next thing she noticed and after seeing that, I would bet a benjamin, that she would then look over and see Carla’s chubby legs still spread and my cum seeping from her just fucked, red, swollen pussy lips.

Sheri stepped into the room. She gasped when she saw me still there. Watching under my silted eye lids, I saw her head turn first back to me and then over to Carla just like I had thought. Seeing Sheri’s fine body had my blood pulsing again and my cock stirring down along my leg.

She stood there, not knowing what to do for what seemed like a long time. Finally, she moved the few feet past the end of the beds towards the dresser. She staggered a little as she reached down to un-strap her gladiator styled type sandals. Yeah, that makes sense, she was keeping up with the little passed out bitch beside me for most of the night when the drinks and jello shots came around. Very slowly and quietly, so not to wake me, she opened one of the drawers and took out a pair of gray cotton gym shorts and a white “wife beater” tank top.

With her back turned to me, she slipped out of her clothes and put the shorts and top on her bare body. Damn her ass looked good from behind and as she turned and I saw the profile of her fine little tits, standing up, saluting in the small tank top. I knew I had to have some of her.

She was being careful to move through the small area between the two beds with out waking me to see that I had opened my dark brown eyes and was watching her. Looking at her, I noticed that she was now wearing a wedding ring. Did I miss that earlier? No hell no, I would have noticed that for damn sure. She must have taken it off for the night and put it back on when she came back to the cabin.

When she got close enough to me I reached out and took her left wrist. Sheri jerked at my touch and gasped at sudden feel of my hand on her. My long strong fingers wrapped all the way around her thin wrist and I held her still. She turned her head back to me. Looking into her glazed green eyes I saw surprise in them but she did not speak or struggle against my grip on her.

She held stood still with my hand around her wrist. Neither of us spoke and after a minute or so, I slowly raised her hand up to my mouth, pressed it to my lips and ran my tongue over the palm before kissing it lightly. Her eyes widened, watching my actions and still she did not speak. My cock swelled more down against my thigh because I knew that I was going to have her.

With my eyes fixed on hers, I pulled her hand back and sucked her middle finger between my dark soft lips. A slight moan slipped from her lips as my warm wet tongue circled her finger. I rolled over on my left hip and reached for her with my right hand. Kissing and sucking on her fingers, I ran my right hand over her left thigh and then up under the short loose fitting gray shorts. Sheri stiffened at my touch. Her ass muscles went taut and I smiled around the tip of her little finger in my mouth. Damn her ass was smooth and tight.

Her legs were close together but I forced my dark fingers down between her white thighs. Taking my time, I ran my fingertips along her upper left upper thigh, feeling the back of my fingers brush on the inside of her right thigh.

My cock was not rock hard and standing out between my legs now as I played with this sexy surprisingly submissive white wife. I pulled her hand from my mouth, reached up to her and taking her by the back of neck, pulled her mouth down to mine. I felt her fingers wet with my spit on my right shoulder as she balanced herself. Her lips opened just a little but I forced my tongue into her mouth and gripping her neck tightly in my hand I took her warm wet mouth. I could taste the alcohol on her breath as I swirled my tongue. Her breathing was fast and her breath was soft mersin escort bayan against my face.

My kiss was hard and demanding of her, my tongue deep in her mouth and then racing around the tip of hers. Her legs had parted a bit more when I pulled her head down and my searching stroking fingers under the gray shorts found and rubbed over her bare pussy lips from behind. She shivered and I could feel the goose bumps on her shoulder where my wrist rested. Looking down, I saw her nipples were hard and pushing to the thin white tank top.

I pulled my mouth from hers and traced her parted lips with my tongue before pulling her head to the side and biting her on her tender neck. She moaned at the feel of my sharp teeth and my stiff cock jerked between my legs at the sound.

Turning her head to the side, I ran the tip of my tongue lightly over her ear and then spoke to her for the first time whispering in her ear, “Take my cock Sheri! Take my hard black cock baby!”

After a moment of hesitation I felt her pull her left hand from my shoulder. Her fingers were wet with the spit from my sucking mouth as she stretched them around me. When she grasped my thick pulsing shaft in the middle I sat up right on the edge of the bed facing her. As I moved to sit up, I pulled my right hand from the back of her shorts and pushed it up them in the front. Her legs spread just a little more for my probing fingers. Smiling, I found her tight opening and circled it, teased it with my middle finger.

Looking into her eyes I told her, “Yeah you like that, like the way my hand feels on your pussy. I know you do baby. Damn you are already so fucking wet! Were you thinking about us baby when you were coming back? Thinking about my black cock fucking Carla, about her chubby little legs spread wide for me? Hell yeah you were! I know you were!”

My hand moved up from her neck, into her fine blonde hair and I took a fistful of her hair and pulled her head back. Her pert, little tits strained against the thin white top as I forced her back to arch.

Pulling her hair tightly, I told her, “Now jack it Sheri, ” and was rewarded by the feel of her soft fingers moving over my hard shaft.

“Yeah, baby that is her cum you are feeling on my cock. Her cum from where I fucked her mixed with mine.”

A whimper was the only sound I got from her but her hand gripped my cock harder and moved farther up and down my eight inches.

They were there, right in front of my face, her hard nipples, her sexy tits and I took them as she worked on my black stick. Lowering my head to her right tit, I sucked the hard nipple roughly through the thin material. When Sheri moaned in response, I took it between my teeth bit down and with it between my teeth pulled my head back. Her shoulders shook and she ground her married pussy to my hand in her shorts. My mouth moved back and forth between her tits, sucking hard, biting them, stretching as I held her in place by her hair.

Her hips were moving from side to side as she rode my hand while I toyed with her hot pussy. Cunt juice was making my hand slick and the smell of her sex was strong in the small room. With a smile on my face, I let go of her hair and pulled my hand from her shorts at the same time. Her green eyes were on my brown ones as I reached up and pulled the thin straps of the tank top down over her shoulders. I stretched them as I did, pulling them down and her top too. Her pert, pear shaped tits jumped out and up as the shirt came down past them.

The straps were just below her elbows, pinning her arms to her sides and she lifted her hands to pull them free but I stopped her and told her, “No Sheri! If I wanted it off you I would have taken it off you. You understand me?”

She stood very still, looking at my dark face, my dark eyes but did not answer and that was fine with me as I reached up again, took her by the hair and jerked her head back and down as I forced her to her knees in front of me.

She could have easily pulled her arms free from the shirt. Hell it was thin and already stretched to the max. She could have yelled for help but she did not and I knew without a doubt that this sexy married slut was going to be my bitch just like her passed out friend had.

I pulled her head down to my crotch and said, “Suck my nasty black cock bitch.” Taste the cum on it slut.

She grunted at the jerk of my hand but opened her mouth and took the swollen head in between her lips. I let her take her time getting used to my fat cock, holding her by the hair, seeing loose blonde hair that was not twisted around my fingers, covering and then uncovering my thighs as she moved her mouth up and down the first couple inches of my shaft.

Sheri kept her hands by her sides, not freeing them from the straps as she worked my cock with her mouth and I told her, “Yeah you taste that cum. You taste your girlfriends cum and mine on it. Fuck yeah you do. Damn you a hot nasty slut. “

She moaned at my words and I escort mersin teased her saying, “Yeah, I know you’re a slut. Fuck where was that wedding ring earlier in the night? Tell me Sheri. You took it off, hoping you get lucky, hoping to find something you ain’t getting at home baby! I know!”

She lifted her eyes to me with my cock filling her mouth, resting on her tongue. Using my right hand, I pulled the hair back from the left side of her face. Smiling I turned her head to the left so she could see our reflection in mirror over the dresser at the end of the bed.

Looking at her eyes in the mirror I said, “That is what you are not getting at home baby! Slut like you needs a big black cock like mine. Need it to make you feel so fucking hot, so fucking alive, so fucking desired. Hell yeah I know it baby and I want that married pussy!”

My words, the look in the mirror, the mention of her husband was too much for her and she tried to pull her head from my cock, pulled her arms free from the tank top and tried to stand. I stood and pulled her by the hair to her feet.

Smiling, I said, “NO baby, it too late now. Way to fucking late for that shit. “

I pushed her down across her bed face first. She tried to roll over but I pinned her to the bed. Holding her by the back of the neck and pushing her into the soft mattress as I yanked the gray shorts down around her knees. She kicked her legs a little, bending them at the knees but I stopped that by straddling her across her thighs and leaning my full body against her back. She was pinned to bed and I reached up and took her hands, lacing my fingers between her small white one.

She could have screamed, could have begged me not to fuck her, but she stayed quite. It was what she wanted, what she needed, to be forced to fuck, to be treated like a slut, to be used by my big black cock and I wanted all those things too.

I pulled her hands down and pushed them up under her and brought them together between her legs. My arms clamped hers to her sides. Holding her hands in mine, I pushed up under her, forcing her ass and hips up until my hard cock was lined up. Sheri knew it and squirmed under me at the feel of my cock head pushing to the entrance her married pussy.

“Easy slut, you and I both know you want it.”

Her face was buried in the bed and she did not say a word as I moved my hand beneath her and spread her pussy lips with my middle fingers. I pushed up a little into her tight opening and grunted with pleasure at the feel of her soaked, smoking hot pussy.

“MMM…baby….Damn that pussy is so fucking hot and slick. You ready baby! Hell yes you are ready slut.”

Moving back and forth, I pushed deeper into her opening, accepting married pussy. It gripped me like a soft, warm, tight glove, conforming to the thickness and length as I worked her deeper with each thrust of my hips. Sheri whimpered each time I took more of her and sucked her breath back in when I pulled back. Her sweet pussy juice, coated me slicked my black shaft up and I kept grinding deeper in her until I had filled her with my full eight inches. All the way up in her, I held still and teased the hot slut again.

“Feel it slut, feel my black cock all the way up in your married cunt. Yeah, you want me to stop, want me to pull out, say so. Ask me not to fuck you bitch. Beg me not to take your married cunt and fill with my black seed.”

She did not say a word and with a smile I pulled almost all the way out of her and then pushed slowly back in. I fucked that sexy Sheri with long strong strokes and heard her breathing getting faster, harder, her muffled whimpers almost continuous as I took my time using her soaked, steaming cunt for my pleasure. Her body tensed beneath me and I felt her heels hit my ass as she bent her legs back and up. Her body was rigid and she held her breath for a moment until I plunged back deep I her again and she moaned loudly into the bed while her body shook and she came hard on my black cock.

The feel of her cunt squeezing and then relaxing around me along with the sight of her sexy body below me had my cum rising up from my balls. Feeling the desire to dominate her, to take her, make her mine I fucked her hard. Using short thrusts of my stabbing cock, instead of the long controlled strokes I had used to get her off, I fucked her deep, taking what I needed.

Her hips and ass were still not where I wanted them. My cock head was still rubbing against her pussy walls before finding that sweet open spot deep in her white womb. I was getting close and wanted more. Moving my right hand under her, my dark arms still pressing her arms to her sides, our weight keeping her hands pinned under us, I found her stiff clit with my middle finger. As soon as I touched it, Sheri’s head turned to the side and she let out a long loud moan instead of the little whimpers she had been making. Rubbing my finger over her made her groan again and she pressed her ass back up to me.

Her breaths were coming in raspy gasps, mixed with her whimpers and moans again and her cunt was now lined up the way I wanted. Fuck yes, it was! Jabbing hard with the short strokes, her tight cunt gripped my shaft while the swollen head of my black cock was free in her offered open cervix. Like I was breeding her, I took what she offered me as I pressed down hard while rubbing her slick clit.

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