Carly’s Private Lesson Pt 2


Carly’s Private Lesson Pt 2All that night, all I could think about was Carly. I still couldn’t believe that I was finally able to see her young naked body. I could still feel the after taste of her pussy juice in my mouth. Maybe that’s what kept her racing through my mind. I knew she loved to be eaten out,but would she come back for more? Girls can be strange at times, never knowing what they’re going to do next. I had fantasized for years fucking Carly ever since the time her family and mine, had a pool party/cookout. We were playing a game called ‘Swim between the legs’. When it was my turn, I swam in between Carly’s legs. Her bikini bottom was a little big on her. (Her mom always bought her clothes that were a size bigger). I looked up seeing how her bottom was just loose enough to see her bald tiny clam. Not only that, but she had to keep pulling up her bottom whenever she got out of the pool. Several times I looked to see her milky white nice little ass. It made me enjoy fucking my then wife even more when I would think about screwing Carly. And as she began to develop, it made me a hundred times hornier. She had already had her first lesson earlier in the day. Now it was time for lesson 2. I already knew what I was going to do. Planning it in my head. The only setback was if what if she decided to chicken out. I didn’t want to think that, but the motherfucking thought kept popping up. It was getting late. I needed to sleep. Had to think of something else.I awoke the next morning to a sunlit room, and the sound of a woodpecker chiseling out a hole in a nearby tree. It was the same shitty routine for me. Get up and stretch, Go to the bathroom to piss. Go into the kitchen to make my coffee. And of course, the occasional scratching of my ass and balls. Go outside to fetch the paper, and sit at the island counter drinking my cup of joe, and eating a small breakfast. It was after 10 o’clock when I heard a light tapping at the door. I knew who it was hearing that knock a thousand times over. I was estattic to see she came over. But again, had to act cool. I opened the door greeting her with a friendly hello. She said hi back, and instead of waiting for me to invite her in, walked in going around me. As I closed the door, bursa escort she wrapped her arms around me kissing me on the lips. “I couldn’t wait til today got here.” She said holding me close. My heart started racing hearing how she wanted to learn and experience more than just being eaten out. Even when I hugged her, I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra. “Man!! This is too fucking good to be true.” I thought to myself. Without haste, she made a bee line to the spare room. She jumped up on the massage table waiting for further instructions. “I was hoping to get one of those massages again.” She said with a wink. “Well…. Aren’t we eager this morning.” I said with a chuckle. She reached down grabbing the bottom of her shirt. As she pulled it up, her tits popped out, bouncing a bit as she removed her shirt. Then she removed her shorts, revealing a teal colored thong. She laid flat on her stomach waiting for her massage. Again I did the usual; Candles, dimmed lights, music,and body oil. This time I massaged her by straddling over her. My ass sitting just below hers.I stared at her marvelous ass Admiring How round and fleshy those ass cheeks were. There wasn’t a blemish on her perfectly round ass. I began massaging her from the top of her back down. I would squeeze her shoulders and at the base of her neck. Then the nape of her neck using circular motions with my fingers. I would pour a little bit more oil on her, spreading it over her back. I would massage her back and sides, hitting the outer part of her tits as I went up as far as her arm pits. I rubbed her shoulders and upper arms, coming back down the side of her torso, fingers caressing her fleshy squished boobs. I sat lower on her legs as I massaged her lower back and glutes. My hands were on her ass, rubbing and squeezing her cheeks.As i rubbed, I would spread her cheeks apart, revealing the thin teal strap that was barely covering her asshole.I kept spreading then pushing her ass cheeks together. I grabbed the G-string of her thong and pulled it halfway down her ass. Her thong slipped out the crack of her ass. As I spread her cheeks again, I could see her asshole and the bottom of her twat. I saw a wet spot where her thong covered her pussy. “Hmmm. Somebody bursa escort bayan seems to be getting a little bit excited.” I said to myself. I removed her thong completely. I also remove my shorts.My huge boner popping out as I released it from it’s cotton prison. I poured some oil on the crack of her ass.I moved up closer, my cock hovering over her ass. Pressing down on my dick, I worked it in between her butt cheeks. Just like titty fucking, I stroked my dick up and down inside her ass crack.”What’s that pressed against my ass.” She asked. “This is going to be your next lesson.” I replied. Getting off her, I tapped her on the ass telling her to sit up. As she did, see could see my 8″ boner sticking straight out. Her eyes bugged when she saw my stiff rod. “Um,um. Is that your dick?” She said staring at it. “Yes Carly. That’s my dick. Don’t tell me you never saw one before?” Though I sort of knew that. “Only my little brother’s.” She said. Of course that was because her little brother liked to take off his diaper when he was a toddler. She still stared at wonder. My cock started to lose it’s stiffness going down lower and lower. She asked me what was happening to it. I told her this was her next lesson. “Listen to me carefully,and do exactly what I tell you.” I said with a stern tone. So the first thing I told her to do was to stand up on the floor. My cock was still semi limp. I told her to feel it with her fingers. “Go ahead. It’s not going to bite you.” She hesitantly stretched her arm down and out, gingerly touching my schlong with her finger tips. She got startled as my cock became erect again. “It’s okay.” I said. “That means it likes you.” She smiled after I said that,and stroked it with her finger tips. “Wrap your fingers around it.” I ordered. She curled her fingers around my shaft. holding it firmly in her hand. Grabbing her wrist. I moved her arm back and forth. “Keep doing it just like that.” She stroked my cock, getting less and less afraid. I told her to go faster. Her strokes picked up speed. Going fast, then slow. I would smile, or tell her “Yes sweetheart. Just like that.” That really seemed to boost her confidence. I would kiss her or play with her tits as she jerked my meat. I told her to escort bursa get on her knees. Kneeling, I told her to kiss the top of my dick. Again,I told her it was okay. She pressed her lips to the tip giving my cock a butterfly kiss. I told her to do it again, but this time kiss all of it. She kissed from helmet to shaft. Up one side and down the other. “Now I want you to lick right here.” Pointing to my massive hood. She hesitated. She closed her eyes, and with tongue sticking out, pressed it against my rod. I told her to hold it at the bottom and continue to lick around the hood. Grabbing my dick, she puled it toward her, licking all around the helmet. When she licked the top, she wrapped her lips around the top giving my cock kisses as she wagged her tongue around the hood. “Can you pot the meaty part of it in your mouth?” Her lips opened up slowly sliding my dick in her mouth. Now listen to me very carefully. I want you to suck on it like you would an icepop .But don’t bite down. It’ll hurt real bad if you do. As you are sucking, use your tongue to lick it as if you were licking that icepop.” She did exactly as she was told. I didn’t want her to go down any farther than the base of my hood. When she got the hang of blowing me,I told her to stroke my shaft with her hand. It didn’t take her long to get insynced with blowing and jerking. Before long my cock started throbbing. She was really going at it, bobbing her head as she sucked and licked. Her long red hair brushing up against my legs as she bobbed her head up and down my throbbing cock. I could feel the cum being forced up the shaft. My dick contracted, waiting for the right moment to release it’s load. I think she was enjoying this more than me. She slurped up saliva as she continued to blow my brains out. My cock tensed as my balls forced more cum up my shaft.I gave out a loud grunting moan as I shot my load into her mouth.Not realizing what just happened, Carly spat out my cock, along with a wad of cum. “What was that?’ She cried still spitting out my cum. ” That was your reward. You made me cum baby.” I said smiling. “Congratulations. You passed your second lesson with flying colors.” I didn’t mark her for not swallowing. We got cleaned up, and dressed. She stayed the rest of the day keeping me company. I really did enjoy her company, even if it wasn’t giving her sex lessons. She’s a great k**. A beautiful k**. And she has one maybe two more lessons to learn. I’m so glad I’m her teacher.

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