Carona Escape


I am a 60+ year old bi woman. Many of my stories, originate in memories and recent events of my life. All contain a combination of real and fictional characters with names changed as appropriate to protect the guilty. They are memoirs spiced with a kinky imagination. I am submissive by natural inclination in most relationships, most often extremely submissive in sex.

If you like kinky mature women I hope you will enjoy my stories and comment on what you liked and perhaps didn’t like to help me improve. I sometimes, to better frame the scene, include passages from stories I have previously published here on Literotica.


A story of two women who found each other on the internet. You will hear from me in two voices, Robin and a friend Julie each telling portions of the story. Julie’s husband Mike must be acknowledged. The reader is safe assuming that all characters are fictional.


We connected by email. I had commented on some of the stories she had posted as she did on mine. We found that we had a bit of rapport and began chatting, sharing our stories and our experiences and thoughts, as well as some not so secret desires and fantasies.

Robin and I lived a thousand miles apart and for many reasons, we agreed that our paths would likely never cross, but the full shutdowns that occurred as a result of the COVID pandemic changed that. Like many around the country, my husband Mike and I were compelled to shelter in place and do our jobs from home by way of the internet. Thank heavens for the internet!

About three weeks into the shutdown, my husband and I were suffering badly from cabin fever. A cool, wet spring and a global pandemic tend to weigh on a person’s mind. We really needed a getaway.

I started looking at mountain vacation rentals, figuring that with everyone staying at home, rates might be low and after getting there, the environment would be safer than a hotel or a bed and breakfast. Gas is cheap and after all, it would be like a home away from home. Mike agreed to go.

A resort community in Eastern Tennessee was way ahead in their marketing plans. On their website, they stated how every rental would be sanitized before the guests checked in and the resort would stock the cabin with food staples, a pint of moonshine and even the suddenly rare toilet paper. Winner!!

I browsed their properties and found a very nice condo available during the time we could go. In fact, they had two units right next to one another.

Immediately, I reached out to Robin. I composed a quick email and included the link to the resort’s rentals page and told her which unit we were looking at. I made a reservation for the end unit that looked into a nearby stream and the surrounding forest. I suggested that she look into renting the unit next to ours. At the very least, we could meet and if all went well, maybe something more.

That evening, I got an email with a confirmation from the hotel. While still in by inbox, a new mail came in. Robin’s confirmation was attached. She had reserved the unit next door!

Mike didn’t know about Robin, not a thing. I am a bisexual and have in the past brought other women

Into our lives, into out bed but Mike was always fully aware of my need for what I call “the soft side of sex.” A woman joining us in bed was never a surprise. Mike understood me and allowed my indiscretions as long as they never included a man. He more than welcomed having sex with two willing women. My only rule was that he never, let me be blunt, fucked them. Anything else but no actual intercourse.

There had not been a woman in my life for three years when Robin and I planned our get-a-way.


Somehow Julie found me, a fellow writer, on line. She read one of my stories and felt a link, something she could not explain. Our relationship was very casual at first, just e-mails. As we explored our sexuality through our writing it began to mean more and grow slowly. We actually have very little in common and yet there was always something hiding in our stories and e-mail exchanges, something that often left me wet.

I find it interesting that we are both pushing into our 60’s. At 63 I have already arrived. Julie at 59 is close. We both work hard to stay in shape so our age seems to be of little consequence. We discovered however that age is always hiding in the background, never enough time, often not enough energy.

You, dear reader, may find it interesting to know that Julie and I both start otherwise fictional stories from a real life events. We weave our experiences into every story. Over time, as Julie and I talked and she told we about her husband and her relationship with him as well as her occasional encounters with women some of whom she shared with her hubby it became clear to me that what I was searching for was indeed what Julie had. A man to love and share life and a loving woman to share him with. There was never a discussion or perhaps even a thought by either of us that we casino siteleri each might be the woman the other was looking for.

While Julie was feeling the weight of the winter and the lock down in her state I was feeling cabin fever myself in the South and I temporarily moved to my North Carolina beach cabin to write. The move was simple. I owned the cabin that is normally rented but was sitting empty because of Covid. The weather was better, and Mother Ocean was a friend. The beach cabin was a quiet, warm, place to read and write and occasionally get drunk, very drunk.

Then it happened. Julie proposed a get-a-way. The plan was very unclear but that might actually be best. We would both arrive move into our rented condo and accidentally meet. I booked the condo next to theirs and went on a crash diet.

This was insanity! Her husband didn’t even know about me but I loved the insanity of the plan. If when we meet we are not physically attracted to each other, there is no chemistry, we both walk away still friends and her husband never knows of the long weekend with two women that would have rocked his world. If we are attracted to each other and want more we…….

Even the uncertainty of it all frankly is making me excited.


This is going to happen!

I signed out of my email and went to Mike in the den to tell him about my awesome deal at the resort. We’d be leaving on Thursday morning and would get there in the evening. I had little trouble convincing hubby again that we needed to get away for a while. He was all in.

The “shelter in place” orders varied by state and locality, depending on the severity of infection levels and so on. Our lock down basically closed all but essential services, but we were able to get out and move around, the underlying theme was to stay home. No one was looking for people who were moving around during the lock down and we felt pretty safe making an interstate trip. Masks, hand sanitizer and a cooler with water, sodas and some food supplies would keep us going on the trip.

I logged into my email the next morning and shot Robin a note about our travel plans and we laid out a plan for meeting in Tennessee. We’d get there on Thursday and she’d arrive a hour or two after us. Once we were there, I’d keep an eye out for her arrival at the resort and I’d send hubby out for supplies and liquor for a cookout in the evening. That would give us a chance to meet and to plan.

Our plan, as sketchy as it was, was in place. I’d send Robin an update from the resort once we had arrived.

We left Thursday AM, freshly showered and ready to relax a little, away from home. It had been a long month cooped up and we weren’t done yet. Our trip was uneventful as there were few travelers on the highway. Gas stations and fast food were readily available as were rest areas. We stayed comfortable throughout the trip. Spotify kept the tunes coming as we rolled through Tennessee.

Upon arrival at the resort, we were pleased to find the place clean and modern and what little staff was on duty was friendly and courteous. The desk clerk advised us that most of the amenities in the area were closed, but told us about the walking trails and the creek and pond. We’d have no trouble staying busy and relaxing. Upon checking in, we were shown where our place was on the grounds and how we would get to it. The clerk handed us a small, wrapped box that sounded like it had water in it. The Moonshine, as promised.

On the way to the duplex, we saw only another two or three cars parked at some of the other cabins on the way. Once in the duplex location, there were no other cars to be seen. Solitude. Awesome.

The duplex had parking out front and we parked in from of our unit. Several steps led up to a large deck on the front, and we noted a gas grill and several chairs and a two person rocking chair that faced a gas fire pit on our side. Both units had a similar set-up, but the decks were split by the walk up to the units. Inside, a large room had a fireplace at one end and a small, efficient, read tiny, kitchen on the other. The furniture was tasteful and appropriate for a mountain lodge and the unit smelled clean and sanitized, as promised. These folks did it right.


Waiting, waiting, waiting. I hate waiting! I had been packed for days. I had showered and shaved everything everywhere three times in two days. My car was full of gas and my packed bag was in the trunk. All I needed was the “go signal” from Julie and I could be there is three hours max.

I had packed carefully. Sweats for walks in the woods, a nice dressier outfit for? Oh hell, I don’t know, nothing is open anyway. Underwear, new underwear also in ivory, actually a shade of beige. Bras and thongs. A new ivory colored Teddy that complemented my skin. Do people even wear those anymore? I don’t but because I am so nervous I bought one and packed it. Of course bathing suits. If the weather is good a thong “string” bikini that barely cover güvenilir casino my….. If the weather or mood are not so good a rather modest two piece.

The anticipation for this little vacation was huge. Maybe I was getting older but I kept thinking what if….

What if I’m too fat. What if I’m too old. What if I’m too black. I always circled back to her admission that she had never been with, made love to, a black woman or man. Her husband was a complete unknown. The most worrisome part of all of this is I guess my low self esteem and worry that her hubby will not be interested.

If I could first get some alone time with Julie…… one kiss and we will know.

My phone beeped that I had incoming mail. Do I have time to do my toenails over? Check the mail Robin!

Time to leave. Damn it I’m wet and have to change my panty liner again.

Suitcase in the trunk. Cooler filled with food and supplies (Jack Daniels) in the back seat. Toys if we need them in a small gym bag. Waze set with navigation. I’m on my way. If I hit normal traffic I will arrive just about at the time we planned a little after 6:00 p.m.

I am still nervous about this whole idea. This could go very very badly and I will lose a friend. Then again it could go well and I will gain a lover, maybe two. I sure hope Julie knows what she is doing but I’ll bet the truth is she is thinking exactly the same thing.

Deep breath and I’m off.


Ok turning into the resort a little early, everyone really is sheltering in place, the resort is deserted. The clerk in the office apologizes and tells me they have made a mistake and booked me into a unit next to another couple but they can fix it by giving me another, nicer, unit in a different building on the other side of the resort.

Oh fuck, this is not the plan! Think quick! Shit! Shit! Shit! Wait……..

“Miss, I hope it’s not an imposition but I wonder if you could call the people next door to the unit I reserved and see if it’s ok if I’m next door for a day or two?” I have been vaccinated and I’m quite safe. Long pause, deep faltering sigh. “You see, I was last here with my husband in that condo a few years ago.” Long pause again. Tissue to the eyes. “He’s gone now and I had so hoped to remember him this way.” Easy now, don’t over do it. Let it simmer.

Nice young lady picks up the phone and shields the conversation from me. She turns and says “Miss Green, that would be fine and they said they are also vaccinated and if you want to they are cooking out tonight and would love to have you join them.” She gives me the key and directions to the condo.

When I arrive the drive is empty. As planned, Mike is gone, but Julie is standing on the deck. Exactly the woman I imagined! I see a big smile. She waves.

As I open the door to my car she is walking toward me still smiling, a good sign. I have never been this nervous about meeting anyone, never this worried about my own physical appearance.


What is taking so long? Robin pinged my phone when she arrived. It’s been twenty minutes. Mike will be back soon, too soon. She is just pulling in but time is short so I’m going to be standing there when she opens her door. Oh damn, she is everything I imagined. I am usually not the aggressive one but I want this woman!

It has troubled me in the days leading to this meeting that my attraction to Robin is as much emotional as physical. It’s almost like what I feel for Mike. It can’t be love, I have never actually met this woman but there is something going on I cannot truly understand.

I completely forgot about Mike and time. I didn’t say a word, I just pushed Robin back against the door of her car and kissed her. She is kissing me back and yielding to my kiss her lips parted slightly as my tongue slid between them. As I back away slightly and without planning it, without even thinking I say, “I love you.” She smiles at me but does not say a word and then, out of the corner of my eye I catch it. Mikes car is coming toward us. I’m sure he saw us kissing. I’m in panic mode. How could I let this happen? Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

As he pulls along side Robin sees him too. She leans in and whispers, “Reach around me and open my car door and leave the rest to me.” As Mike approaches Robin is saying loud enough so he could hear, “Thank you so much, I am such a klutz. My sleeve would have been caught in that door until I ripped it off I just couldn’t reach the handle.”

As Mike gets close Robin quickly introduces herself to both of us. Lots of small talk and I calm down, thinking we were not seen, and invite Robin to join us later for burgers and beer. Mike offers to help Robin with her luggage.

We did it! Thanks to her quick thinking we escaped getting caught. All three of us bring her things into her condo. I’m breathing a little easier but I’m worried that we don’t have a real plan for the remainder of the weekend. As Mike and I are walking back to our unit he leans in and tells canlı casino me, “Nice try Jul, but neither of you should quit your day job for an acting career. Want to tell me what is going on?” He is not angry at all. He is my Mike and understands me.

Inside, I tell him everything, everything. He and I have been here before with other women but not quite this way. I have never blindsided him like this and he asks if I am sorry. I tell him I never lied to him but I don’t answer directly because, of course, I’m not sorry.

Mike looks at me and says, “Jul, if it’s what you want I’m going to pretend you two fooled me into not believing what I saw.” I started to say thank you but he put his finger on my lips and said, “OR you’re going to go over and visit Robin and tell her I know what I saw.” He didn’t stop, “Then you are both going to come back here and tell me about the plan for the rest of the weekend.”

I did not answer him. I just stood up and walked out.


I’m stepping out of the shower, just drying myself, when I hear a knock at the door. I wrap towels around myself as best I can. Wrapping a towel around my body is like wrapping an odd shaped holiday gift. There is always a section that just won’t cooperate. If my breasts are not trying to defeat the towel then my butt is or they team up to defeat the wrap. The towel always loses the battle and falls off.

I hold it as tight as I can across my breasts hoping for the best and check the security peep hole in the door. It’s Julie. I open the door and ask, “Julie, we ok?”

She comes in mumbling, “Yes……No….. I think so, I don’t know.” Then she tells me, “Mike wasn’t fooled, he knows everything, I told him everything. He wants us to both go over and talk about it.”

Julie is upset and close to tears. I hold her with my free arm and kiss her gently and the small towel around my hair falls to the floor. We hug and kiss lightly again. As we separate the bath towel falls to the floor and I’m naked. Not exactly how I wanted her to see me naked the first time. Her eyes are locked on mine and then she steps back a little and her eyes drift down to my breasts and below. She reaches out and lightly touches my right breast, her fingers circle gently under it. Julie locks eyes with me again and says, “You’re beautiful Robin and now I have fucked up our first time together.”

I just look at her and say, “Not yet, wait right here.”

I go into the bedroom and put on the first things that come to hand, a white thong, jeans and…where the hell is my white bra? No time, I pull on an old Moody Blues Tour tee shirt and go back out to Julie. I take her hand and start out the door saying, “Let me do the talking.”

Julie says, “But Robin, your hair?”

I reply, “Fuck it! You’ll just mess it up eventually anyway.”

Julie pulls me back and says, “Are you sure about you doing the talking? That hasn’t worked out very well for us so far.” She smiles a great big smile. I think I love her.

Julie takes my hand and pulls me to the door. I stopped and now I pull her back. “Jul, just what exactly are we going to tell him?”


Robin just called me Jul. Only Mike has ever called me that.

I answered her question, “I know Mike. He will let us have our time together, whatever we want. He just wants to know what we expect of him.”

Robin asks, “Jul, what do we expect of him?”

We are almost at the door, almost on the deck. “Robin, do we agree Mike can participate if he wants or just watch?”

Robin answers, “Of course. That is what we said all along.”

I then pull her back for a moment. “Robin, I think Mike will want to,….try to,….. fuck you.”

Robin stops and turns back, “Jul, what the hell? I thought you and Mike agreed long ago that he would not fuck women and you will not fuck men.” “I just won’t let him. Together we can make it ok without that.”

“Robin, listen, I saw how he looked at you in the parking lot. Now I have seen you naked and soon he will too. You are a beautiful Black woman with a great body, I am White bread, plain Jane, Julie. He will want you and if you want him I’m ok with that.”

Robin squeezed my hand, “Jul, that is NOT going to happen.”

Then we are walking across the deck and I tell her in a soft voice, “You are really sexy braless you know.” I continue, “Let Mike do the talking, Ok?”

I expect Mike to be sitting in the living room when I open the door but he is not there. I call out to him and he answers from the bedroom, “I’m in here, grab a drink and join me.” Passing through the kitchen I open the refrigerator and grab a beer. Robin takes a Coke. As we enter the room, Mike is sitting on a big overstuffed reading chair near the foot of the bed.


We enter like guilty children facing Dad. Mike is the first to speak. “Please relax, have a seat, right there on the end of the bed and let’s talk. Well I’m sure you both have had time to finish your welcome to Tennessee kisses and hugs.” He pauses and asks, “Robin, you changed clothes. Your hair is wet. Did Jul catch you in the shower?” I nod yes.

Mike continues, “Well you are both here so I’m guessing the kissing went ok. I’d also bet that you have now seen Robin pretty much naked.” Julie nods yes.

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