Catherine – My First Victim


*This is a fictional tale with fictional characters, any resemblance to persons in the real world are purely coincidental*

I’ll always remember the first time I raped a girl. It was the senior year of high school, and as everybody approached their 18th birthdays, they all seemed to become adults. The girls all filled out in the right places, with large but tight asses and large but firm breasts, and the guys all became taller and more muscular, including myself. I wasn’t anybody important at high school, but I was hardly unknown. I partook in my fair share of athletics, from shot-put to high jump. However, running track was my favourite. This was due to the fact that it was mixed – girls and guys did it together, and my, that was a treat. The girls would always wear tight little yoga pants and tight fitting shirts, which all the guys went nuts for.

There was one girl in particular that I was fascinated by. Her name was Catherine, she was an average sized girl, around 5’6. She had long, flowing brown hair which rested on her shoulders beautifully. Her face was built for sucking dick, her lips were full and talented (so I’d heard) and her eyes had that look that made you mad for her. Her body was slim, but her hips were fairly wide which gave her a curvaceous figure. Her boobs were solid C’s, impeccably moulded, suited exactly for the hand. However, the best part of her for me was definitely her ass. It was perfect. You see, I am somewhat obsessed with asses. I am firm in the belief that asses are the best part of any woman, and god damn hers was outstanding. Big, round and firm, but still with enough jiggle in it for it to move around sensually as she walked. I had decided that I had to have this perfect ass, but she would never give it to me willingly.

I had always been a bit dark inside; my turn-ons included domination, spanking, inflicting pain, and rape. I never thought poker oyna I would be able to actually rape somebody, but I guess I was wrong. One day, we had track after school. I saw that Catherine was leaving alone, and I decided to follow her, from a safe distance of course. I followed her for about 20 minutes, by which time it was dark, and we ended up on a fairly deserted road that was obviously not in use so much these days. I noticed she had stopped to look at her phone, and decided that this was my time to strike. I silently moved behind her and grabbed her around the waist and around her mouth. She tried to scream so I pulled out my penknife to scare her a little bit. Of course, I wasn’t going to use it, but it was good for making her be quiet.

I held it to her throat and said “If you make one fucking sound, I swear to God, I will cut your neck and leave you to die on this road”. This was rather effective and she quickly quietened down. I moved her over to the other side of the road and pushed her down into an alleyway that was dimly lit. Not so much so you could clearly see two people inside, but just enough so that I could see what I was doing.

With my hand still on her mouth, I started peeling off her tight clothes. I roughly grabbed the back of her yoga pants waist and yanked it down. Her perfect ass bounced out, released from its prison, contained now only by a small black thong. I could feel her trembling at this point, and I could hear her whimpering. She knew what was about to happen, and there was nothing she could do about it.

I soon realised that I wouldn’t be able to hold her mouth forever. I held my knife closer to her throat and whispered aggressively “I am going to take my hand off your mouth now. If you scream, I will slam your face into the pavement and destroy your arsehole”. Her eyes widened with fear, and begun to glisten over. “Do you understand?” canlı poker oyna She nodded. “Good.” I released her mouth, ready for her to scream, but she didn’t. She was being a good girl.

I grabbed the bottom of her shirt and tried to lift it off her but she struggled against me. I didn’t want to do this but it had to be done, so I punched her in the stomach, causing her to drop to her knees in pain. I grabbed the back of her head, taking a big clump of that lovely brown hair, and brought her forwards towards my legs. I unzipped and removed my trousers, freeing my 7 inch dick. Again she tried to resist, but she was no match for me, not by a long shot. And besides, my lust at that moment in time had made me almost superhuman in strength.

I slowly brought her closer and closer until it was resting on her face. She tried to whisper “P-please, please don’t do thi-“ but I cut her off and slammed her face down onto my cock with force that she had never encountered before. She was gagging and choking on my dick, and I loved it. I held her there for about 10 seconds before I lifted her off again. She was spluttering all over the place, trying to take in some air, but I didn’t let her. I slammed her down again, all the way in this time. She started crying and her mascara began to run, which just made me more and more excited. I began to fuck her face – slowly at first, moving her up and down, widening her throat. I soon picked up my pace though, and soon enough her head was being brutally forced down onto my dick with speed and force and everything else you could imagine. After about 5 minutes of this, I realised I needed to slow down, else I would finish too soon. I pulled her off my dick and let her go. She slumped to the ground and began to sob, her face down in the grime of the alleyway.

I lifted her up, smiled at her menacingly and said “We’re not finished yet princess!” She whimpered internet casino in fear as I turned her around, threw her against a bin and smacked her ass roughly. She yelped in pain but I didn’t care about the noise anymore, I needed her NOW. I pulled her tiny little thong down and pushed my entire dick right up in her cunt. It was like a velvety heaven, it gripped my member so nicely that I almost blew my load right then and there. She was really sobbing now, as I began to move in and out of her lovely twat. I grabbed her hair and yanked it back, causing her even more pain. My cock moved faster and faster inside her, it was like a piston. I knew I was almost finished after about 5 more minutes of this, so I pulled out of her and lined my dick up to her pink asshole.

She suddenly looked back at me with more fear in her eyes than ever before, and started murmuring “No no nonono, please no…” I tried to push in but she was clenching too hard, so I reached forward and put my large hand over her mouth and her nose. Soon she was struggling to breath, and she started bucking around trying to get me to stop. After about 25 seconds I let her go and she breathed heavily and deeply. Whilst she was distracted, I pushed my way past her asshole and into her ass. This time, she screamed. It was blood-curdling, the type that could be heard for miles, but I didn’t care. I started to really give it to her. It was so painful for her, and quite painful for me too, with no lube, but I still kept going. She had stopped struggling and crying now and was just motionless, accepting in defeat. I slammed in and out of her almost-limp body and felt my orgasm building. I pulled out of her one last time and started cumming harder than I had ever cum before. IT spurted all over her back and her ass, she was covered in it. I gave her a smack on the ass and let her drop. She curled up in the fetal position and just lay there.

I took a couple of pictures with my phone, for later use, and turned to walk out of the alley, leaving her there, quietly weeping to herself.

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