Caught and Submission


My name is John, I am a student at a large university, and in order to save money I joined in with Alex to share an apartment. I have always had a panty fetish; I love the feel of them, and often wear a pair under my pants. I grew up with 3 older sisters so there was never a shortage of wonderful panties in my house to please my fetish. My fetish grew to include bras, short skirts, and heels. I only dressed up when I knew it was safe, my usual routine was to dress up, put on a some porn, and jack myself off while watching the action. When I moved to college I had to really be careful, I always took careful steps to hide any of my female clothing so that Alex could not find them. I would only dress up when I knew that I had an hour or more, like when Alex was in class or on a date. This story gives the details of the day I was not careful enough.

Alex had left for his afternoon classes, I have always woken up early so most of my classes were in the morning, whereas Alex liked the afternoon classes. After he left I put on pink thong panties, a matching bra, a short pink skirt, and a pair of my favorite 4″ heels. I had in a standard blowjob video, I was watching a smoking hot woman really give a guy’s cock a workout. I was lying on my bed with my panties pulled to the side and stroking my rock hard cock. Then a heard a noise near my door, there was Alex with his cell phone pointed at me, he was taking short video clips of me laying on my bed all dressed up and jerking off.

“Well, your putting fulya escort on a great show, don’t slow down for me” Alex said. All I could muster was a lame excuse about this being the first time and I was just curious. The look on Alex’s face told me that I was busted cold, then Alex pressed a few buttons on his phone “There all those dirty little videos are safe and sound in my email account. It would be a shame if everyone on my buddy list got a copy of them.”

I knew this was going to be trouble “Alex, look…I can explain, there is no reason this should get out to anyone.” Then I said the words that sealed my fate “I’ll do anything, if we can just forget about this.” There it was, those little words that have turned my life upside-down.

“Anything? That is just what I was thinking.” A smile slowly developed over Alex’s face, “Why don’t you stand up and we can get a good look at you.”

I slowly climbed off the bed and stood before him, I was a little uneasy on the heels, I never actually walked around in them before. I am a slim guy, only 5’8″ tall, so the woman’s clothing fit my body.

“Well, I guess if you are going to dress like a girl then we should see if you can suck cock like one. All good girls should know how to suck a cock.” Alex was rubbing his cock through his jeans.

This is when I noticed the outline of Alex’s cock “Hey, I’m not gay, no matter what I like to wear.”

Alex just walked up to me shaking his cell bomonti escort phone in the air. “Well, I guess since you like to wear girly things, then you won’t mind if everyone knows about it.”

So, with no other way out of it I just lowered my head in defeat. Alex took this as a sign of victory and walked over to a large chair that I had in my room. He took off his jeans and boxers as I watched, his cock came into view, it was sticking out like a rod of iron, about 7″ long and fat, his big balls were just hanging there.

Alex sat down in the chair “Come on over here and suck me like a good whore.” I walked as best as I could in the heels, got down on my knees between Alex’s legs and slowly reached out to touch his cock. His cock was lying on his stomach, I wrapped two fingers under it and pulled it so that it was standing straight up. I have gotten tons of blowjobs before, but I never gave any thought to giving one. I lowered my lips closer to his cock and gave the head a lick, there was a drop of precum, I licked it up and found that it only had a slight salty taste.

“Well here goes.” I remember thinking and slid the head into my mouth. His cock felt huge in my mouth, I had to stretch my jaw to fit just a few inches in. I slowly started to bob my head up and down, trying to get into in, Alex had other plans. All of the sudden I could feel his hand on the back of my head, urging me to take more of his cock into my mouth. I did the best I could, kurtuluş escort I had about 5″ in my mouth before the head hit the back of my throat and I started to gag. Alex was still keeping up the pressure, I would bob up to just before the rim of the head before Alex would push my head back down until his cock hit the back of my throat.

“It’s not bad for a girls first time, but your going to have to learn to deep throat if you ever want to give a great blowjob. Let’s see if you swallow or not.” Alex said smugly.

Swallow, I hadn’t given any though to that up to this point. I continued to suck on his cock, with him controlling the pace with the hand on the back of my head. I reached up to touch his balls and could feel that they were really tight and pulled up next to his body. I knew he was going to cum soon and I knew I was not ready for it. I started to work my way up to the head of his cock, thinking I could pull off just as he started to cum, Alex was one step ahead of me, he grabbed by head with both hands just as his cock seemed to grow even harder, the head swelled up, and the first spurt of cum launched out of the tip. Alex just kept cumming, after about 5 or 6 large spurts even more cum leaked out of his cock into my mouth, there was just too much to hold in my mouth and I started to swallow his load.

Alex then pulled his cock out of my soar mouth. “That was pretty good, it’s sure going to be handy to have a whore cocksucker living in the house, I guess there will be no more blueballs for me.”

I looked up at him, still trying to swallow the last of the cum that he had just deposited in my mouth.

“Come on Alex, let’s just call us even.” I knew it was a lame effort and not likely to work. Alex just walked out of my room shaking his cell phone at me.

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