Charles , Midori Pt. 04


Note: Charles and Midori’s last names remain cryptic on a whim of the author. Imagine them being whatever you like.


A few weeks had gone by. Midori had moved into his apartment, he had gotten a raise at work, and he had submitted one of the graphic novels they had created for printing, after it saw sufficient online success. Midori’s life was going swimmingly as well, as she had also gotten a raise at work, as well as won a cosplay contest at a recent Con. Otherwise, their life was much the same as before. The couple went on dates when they could, the bathroom door was never closed, the last Metroid was in captivity, and the galaxy was at peace.

Charles woke up, immediately noticing that he had a raging erection, but also feeling the likely reason for it. He went into the bathroom and was about to pee in the toilet, when he considered his sleeping girlfriend. Charles aimed at the sink and waited to soften. Meanwhile, Midori woke up, immediately missing her boyfriend. She wanted to fuck him. October was approaching, and she wanted him in her before the new year. Plenty of time, sure, but she knew what she wanted. As she shed her underwear and walked to the bathroom, hoping she could catch him before he started pissing, Midori wondered why Charles did not seem to feel the same way that she did.

“Were you about to piss without me?” she asked.

“I didn’t want to wake you, since you looked so cute.”

Midori walked up to Charles and took his penis. She kissed him passionately, gently pushing him away from the sink.

“I aim your dick,” she purred. “Where do you want to pee on me?”

“On your pussy,” Charles immediately answered. Midori stood in the tub and aimed Charles’s dick, feeling his stream run past her fingers before it splashed on her clitoris. Midori moaned as the warm and wet sensation sent shivers up her spine, going straight back to her own bladder, but she held her piss.

“I love being your urinal,” Midori moaned, rubbing one of her breasts. “Your piss is so warm and your dick is so…”

“So what?” Charles asked with a smirk. He knew he was average, but was happy with his body the way it was built.

“So suckable.” Midori climbed out of the tub and knelt. She started blowing Charles while rubbing her pussy with one hand and grabbing Charles’s ass with the other. Charles’s eyes widened and he grabbed the curtain rod to keep his balance. Midori took her hand from his ass to find his other hand and put it on the back of her head.

“Um, I think my dick is sufficiently clean,” he said.

“Yeah.” Midori took Charles from her mouth and smiled at him. “This is me shaking it three times.” She sucked him for a little longer, but when she felt like he was close.

“Why’d…you stop?” Charles asked, catching his breath.

“Because yalova escort I’m about to piss and you’re not in the tub,” Midori panted. She bit her lip, something she did when her bladder had reached its limit.

“So even Midori D_ has a breaking point,” Charles chuckled.

“She lasts longer than Charles T_.” Midori stood as Charles got into the tub. She brought his hands down to spread her labia so she could unleash her stream on his dick. Charles grew even harder, if possible, and Midori grinned.

“You have no idea how much I want to suck on those cherry stems,” Charles said, his voice a little hoarse.

“Well, you’ll have to wait.” Midori was still peeing. “I wouldn’t make you drink my morning piss.”

“I’m not into piss drinking, so it’s fine,” Charles said. “But I really want to clean your pussy.”

“A man after my own heart,” Midori purred before pecking Charles’s lips. “Or maybe after my pussy.” Her stream dwindled and Charles immediately knelt to lick away the urine hanging from her lips. “Oh…fuck!”

“Not yet,” Charles joked before resuming his treatment. “I’m sure you don’t want to drip in your undies.” He gently closed his mouth around her clitoris and hummed, making Midori grab the curtain rod with one hand. She put the other on the back of his head, desperate for orgasm.

“I…I love you,” she moaned, trying not to scream. “Fuuuck! Yes, don’t stop. Fuck, fuck, yes, yes, hai, hai, hai, fuuuck!” If Midori were a squirter, she would have unloaded in Charles’s face. However, she was not, so instead she thrust herself into his face, enjoying the last waves of her orgasm. “Goddamn, you suck.”

“That means two things,” Charles said, randomly using a Peter Griffin voice.

“But now I feel bad.” Midori brought Charles up to his feet and kissed him, tasting herself on his lips. “I came all over your face, and I kinda blue-balled you.”

“I hope you’ll finish what you started,” Charles challenged.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Midori licked her piss off of Charles’s dick. “I’m not into piss drinking either, but this is fine. I’m all for cleaning your dick with my mouth, and I don’t want to get it on the bed.”

“Bathroom’s fine,” Charles insisted.

“Okay, but you might want to hold on.”

Charles grabbed the curtain rod again as Midori took him back into her mouth. She moved her tongue around his head, reminding herself how he tasted. Charles gripped the rod, trying to hold on. He lost control when Midori surprised him. She had one hand on his balls and another on his ass, and she surprised him by suddenly inserting a finger. Charles blew his load into Midori’s mouth.

“Fuuuck!” he groaned. “You’re a fucking pro.”

“I’ve never practiced,” Midori said as she took him out of edirne escort her mouth, gently licking away what stuck to his tip. “Have you practiced, because you were phenomenal.”

“You’re my first for everything,” Charles said. Midori stood and he kissed her in appreciation. “You swallowed it.”

“What, you wanted to snowball?”

“Just once to see what it’s like. I’ve tasted my cum before. It’s all right, I guess.”

“I’ll give you some ways to improve the taste,” Midori said. “I do the same thing for my pussy. Hint, pineapple seems to work for both of us.”


“I’ve never been entirely sure, but I eat some pineapple during the day, and when I jill it at night, I taste a little different. Maybe it’s placebo, but I like having a tasty pussy.”

The day was spent doing basic tasks, mostly in the form of housekeeping. By that evening, the apartment was spic n span, and the young couple was curled up together on their couch, hate-watching a silly twenty-first century horror movie. When Mike had moved out, he took the TV with him, but it was fine because Midori brought her projector, so she and Charles simply attached their devices to it and pointed it at the wall when watching things or playing games.

“Hey, Charles,” Midori whispered.


“Would you mind getting me a cookie from the kitchen?”


As soon as Charles’s back was turned, Midori removed her shirt. When Charles returned, he sat back down where he was before. Midori was unfazed, knowing her boyfriend just wasn’t all that into tits.

“Um, do you want to take your shirt off?” she asked him. “The movie’s almost over, anyway, and we know they’re going to fuck.”

“Are you trying to entice me into the same fate?” he returned. “Because I’m not falling for that trick, Midori.” Charles waved his hands like the male lead in the movie. “You’re not gonna fool me again with your warm…wet…tight…pussy hole thing!”

Midori laughed at Charles’s flawless impression of the bad acting. She stood and removed her pants. She took his hand and placed it on her crotch. Charles felt where his girlfriend was wet and a little warm.

“Do you feel that?” she asked. “That’s what you do to me when you convince me to watch a shitty movie with you.” Midori turned off her projector and closed her laptop. “Now, leave your shirt and pants here and meet me in bed.”

Charles stripped as his girlfriend walked away. Midori swung her hips, knowing she had Charles where she wanted him. Charles dropped his pants, not quite noticing he was only packing a semi. As he entered the bedroom, he saw Midori bending over to remove her panties.

“Don’t mind me,” she purred, spreading her legs a little to present her pussy, glistening erzurum escort with her juices. “There’s only one thing that stops a horny girlfriend from being horny.”

“What’s that?” Charles asked, playing along.

“A good dicking.” Midori lay back on the bed, spreading her legs. “My pussy is so hungry, and she’s been complaining to me all evening. See, girls’ pussies sometimes get hungry for tongues or fingers, but every so often, one will get hungry for a dick. Mine is ready to gobble yours up.” She pinched her clitoris and gently stroked it as if jacking it off. “Let’s see that penis, Charlie.”

“You know not to call me that.” Charles dropped his underwear. Midori noticed his semi, but did not let her disappointment show. “It’s your first time, right? How do you want it?”

“Missionary’s fine.” Midori grabbed a breast, keeping her bra on. “I broke my hymen when I was eleven, but go in carefully anyway. I don’t want you losing your load instantly.”

“What happened, if I may ask?” Charles grabbed himself and stroked a little.

“I was masturbating and my mom surprised me.” Midori inwardly cringed, remembering how she shot her fingers up into herself when her mom barged into her room that fateful day. “She has a rather fucked up view of sex and sexual things.”

“Like Sophia Nishikinomiya?”

“Except she actually explained why I get those tingly feelings in my vagina, and I know how to appropriately act on my feelings.” Midori was growing impatient. “Come on, I know you know how to jack it.” She got up and grabbed Charles’s penis.

“I think I know how to handle this better than you,” Charles said. “I have more experience stroking penises.”

“Really? How many have you stroked?”

“Well…just mine, but I’ve been doing it longer than you have.”

“Fair point.” Midori kept stroking, but Charles got no harder. “Is this really happening?”

“I can get hard.” Charles concentrated, but it was not happening. Midori watched for a few more seconds before going to the drawer with her underwear in it. She went in and took out her dildo. “So…that’s happening?”

“Get out,” Midori said flatly.

Charles left the bedroom. Midori closed the door behind him. Charles was about to stretch out on the couch, when he remembered it was chilly and he was naked. He was about to open the door to get a sheet, when Midori opened it enough to pass him one. Charles stood there, hearing Midori scream into her pillow. It was not an orgasmic scream though, but one of frustration as she masturbated furiously.

“I guess it’s true about me,” Charles thought as he went to sleep on the couch.

“I know his dick works,” Midori thought as she came. She lay where she was for a minute before making a decision. “It’s not a couch offense. And it’s getting cold.” She went to the door and opened it. “Hey, you can come to bed.”


“I still want to sleep next to you. You’re warm.”

Charles rejoined Midori in bed and fell asleep almost instantly. Midori kissed his temple and lay down.

“We’ll do it another time,” she thought as she closed her eyes.

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