Christmas Entanglements Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Dinner and dessert

George stood in front of her bedroom mirror inspecting her appearance and slightly hating herself for caring so much.

She was wearing a thin sweater top that was close fitting enough that it showed the outline of her small but shapely breasts. Underneath the top a push-up bra helped her to make the most of what she had. Below the sweater top George was wearing a pleated mini-skirt that went to her mid thigh. Given that it wasn’t mini-skirt weather at the moment she was also wearing a pair of tights. She would have worn stockings but she didn’t own any and buying some would have offended her principles too much.

She sighed, wearing the mini-skirt, the only one she owned already felt like she was betraying herself. George took comfort that despite her clothing choices no one would mistake her for a perky preppy bimbo. For starters to complete her outfit she would be wearing some Doc Martens and her favourite leather jacket. Furthermore everything she was wearing was black, this was because all the clothes she owned that she had a choice in were black. Finally with her pale skin and long dark hair she appeared the opposite of perky and preppy. She had often been mockingly called Wednesday Addams but that hadn’t bothered George at all, in fact she considered it a compliment.

Looking herself up and down again George accepted that in order to increase her chances of getting what she wanted she needed to try and make herself look more appealing. However, it still annoyed her that she was making this effort for Chris of all people. University had been good for him in terms of his appearance and when she had actually talked with him he seemed more mature. However, he still had traces of the condescending know-it-all she had known from High School and any hint of smugness in his voice or in his expression made her want to take him down a peg.

Her conflict was that thinking of Chris now also brought a flush of heat to her pussy as she recalled being fucked by him in the storage room of the community centre. Her memories of the sensation of his thick cock inside her had been haunting her thoughts for the past couple of days. Tonight would be first time she saw Chris since he had dropped her off at Anna’s house from the community centre and she really wanted to have sex with him again.

The prospect of having sex tonight had helped her get through the somewhat trying visit to her parents during the day. While they clearly loved her and meant well, they were overbearing and their idea of what was best for her didn’t match with what she wanted. She had left her parents’ house as soon as she thought was polite after lunch and had spent the rest of the afternoon thinking over what she should do to get Chris interested.

She knew that Chris found her attractive but a part of her thought that wouldn’t be enough. She had put her success at seducing Chris at the community centre down to being able to take the bold step of removing her leggings and flashing her pussy at him. George wouldn’t have that option this time.

While she hadn’t worked out how she would get there, George was determined that she would be fucking Chris again tonight or at the very least arranging to meet for sex in the next few days. It was tricky because it wasn’t like she could actually make a plan. From what she had been told, Christmas dinner at the Taylors’ was going to be a pretty busy affair so she would have to keep an eye out for opportunities to make her move.

George went to her dresser and picked up the perfume she wore for special occasions. It had been a gift from Anna a few years ago. The perfume’s scent was spicy and bold and in her opinion evoked passion, she applied some directly to her neck, decolletage and wrists. Her preparations complete she put her boots on, grabbed her jacket and went to the living room to wait for Anna’s father, Brandon to come by and pick her up. She turned the television on but wasn’t really watching it, she just wanted something to distract her from the nervous anticipation in her stomach.

George wished she could get someone else to confirm that she looked good but her housemate Grace had gone to her parents house in the morning and would be staying there for the next couple of days. That left George with their apartment all to herself. She considered that her best option would be to convince Chris to come over to the apartment tonight after Christmas dinner. Grace didn’t have a problem with that as long as George didn’t leave the place a mess and shared all the details with her when she got back.

George was lost in her thoughts when her phone started ringing, making her jump. Looking at the screen she saw it was Brandon calling, she quickly picked up her phone to accept the call. “Hi Brandon.”

“Hi George. Are you ready? I’m just out the front of your building.”

“I’m all set, I’ll be down shortly.”

When she left her building and got to the waiting car she saw that the front passenger seat was already occupied. Brandon had already istanbul escort picked up Bridget, one of Anna’s university friends. George liked her, she had come overseas from Australia to study and had an easygoing and fun personality with a penchant for coarse language and racy humour. Bridget had been at loose end for Christmas, she normally flew back to Australia to spend Christmas with her family but this year had opted to stay for the winter break. When Anna heard that she didn’t have any plans for Christmas, she invited Bridget to join her family for dinner.

George opened the rear passenger door and hopped into the car. “Hey Brandon, thanks for coming to pick me up.”

“It’s no hassle George, I’m glad you could join us for our little get together.”

While she put on her seatbelt George turned to Bridget, “Hey Bridget, how are you?”

The Australian girl had not gotten used to the cold and was fully wrapped up in a big thick coat with a scarf and she even had on a knit cap with earflaps covering her short sandy blonde hair. Bridget smiled, “Not bad, felt a little weird waking up this morning to a cold Christmas day. I didn’t get up to much today, I had a video chat with my parents last night to wish them a merry Christmas before they got too pissed to use the computer. How was your day?”

George shrugged, “Ok, I guess. I went to see my parents today, they’re doing well so that’s good. Other than that the day has been fairly peaceful.”

Bridget gave her a curious look when she heard George’s ambivalent tone but then nodded in acceptance before her smile appeared again. “I’m really looking forward to dinner. I’ve never had a winter Christmas before so I don’t actually know what to expect. Have you been to Anna’s for Christmas before?

George smiled at Bridget’s enthusiasm before shaking her head, “No, I’ve been invited but I haven’t gone until now.” She paused and thought about her goal for the night, “I have to say I’m pretty excited for tonight as well.”

Brandon chuckled, “I don’t mean spoil your mood ladies but it’s just going to be dinner with family and friends. Nothing particularly special.”

Bridget didn’t seem to be put off by Brandon’s disclaimer, “That’s fine, it’s going to be different from what I’m used to so I’ll get to have a new experience and I’m sure the company will be great as well.”

Brandon chuckled again, “No pressure, I wouldn’t want to let you down. Looks like I might have to break out the liquor and really get a party started.”

Bridget and George both laughed.

“Ok then, I’m just going to go pick up Danielle’s friend Tammy first and then we’ll head to the house and see if we can start the festivities.”


It had been quite a full on day for Anna so far. The morning had been spent helping her mother and Aunt Kim finish up preparing for the family Christmas lunch. They were hosting her mother’s family for Christmas this year. Other than her Aunt Kim and her family, her Uncle Jonathan’s family and her grandparents would also be attending lunch.

Anna’s sister Danielle didn’t arrive until shortly before lunch started so it all fell to Anna to take care of a lot of little and not so little tasks that her mother and Aunt Kim needed to get done. When Uncle Jonathan’s family had arrived it was up to Anna to supervise her younger cousins. They were mostly teenagers so they could look after themselves but the parents wanted someone to keep an eye on them.

The family lunch went well and it was great to see everyone, there was however a lot of herding people around and dealing with their demands and requests. Gayle seemed to thrive on all the hustle but for Anna it was a relief when Uncle Jonathan’s family left and her dad took her grandparents home. It gave her a bit of respite until things got busy again with preparations for dinner.

Chris and his mother, Marie arrived mid afternoon. When Anna greeted them at the door she was fine until she met Chris’ eyes. She couldn’t help thinking of what George had told her and she began to blush. Chris immediately guessed the cause of her blush and his face went a little red as well. Anna led them to the kitchen where Marie was welcomed by Gayle and Kim, quickly given a glass of wine and brought into their conversation with only a bare acknowledgement of Chris.

Anna was glad that she and Chris had been ignored by the parents when he drew her away from everyone else, “So how much did she tell you?”

She couldn’t meet his gaze at first but made herself look him in the eyes, “A lot. She went into detail too.”

It was Chris’ turn to look away, “Jesus…” They both stood there in mutual embarrassment for a moment before he exhaled then hesitantly started speaking again, “Well. Uh. Is that going to be a problem for you?”

Anna was surprised and puzzled as to why Chris thought it could be a problem. “What? No. I mean this is a little awkward but I don’t see anything wrong with what you two did. I know it wasn’t your idea, did you think I would be upset?

Chris looked relieved and he escort bayan shrugged, “I wasn’t sure how you would take it.”

Any further discussion of that topic was interrupted when Danielle came into the kitchen and saw Chris, “Chris! good to see you.” Danielle went right up to Chris and gave him a hug which he happily returned.

“Hey Dani, it’s good to see you as well.”

Danielle stepped back from Chris and looked at him critically, “Have you put on more muscle? You feel more solidly built than I remember. Also where’s your Christmas sweater? You’re letting the team down.” Danielle gestured at the patterned sweaters she and Anna were wearing, matching except for colour, Danielle’s was green while Anna’s was red.

Chris lifted a bag he was carrying, “It’s in here with your gift.”

Danielle’s face lit up, “You got me a gift? You know you didn’t have to do that. Shit! I didn’t get you anything.”

“That’s ok, I don’t expect anything back. I just saw something that I knew you’d like and I had to get it for you.” He then reached into the bag and pulled out a bottle of dark spiced rum.

Danielle let out a squeak of excitement, “Dude, really? We have to crack this open now. Are you drinking today?”

“I can have a few drinks now but I’ll have to stop around dinner. You know how my mother and your mom can get at Christmas, so I’ll be driving us home.”

Danielle turned to Anna and showed her the bottle of rum, “Are you taking notes Anna? This is how you should be treating your older sister.” When Anna stuck her tongue out in response Danielle laughed and turned back to Chris, “Come on little bro let’s go join everyone else.”

Chris and Danielle started talking about his university studies as they went into the living room to join Brandon and Aunt Kim’s husband Steve on the sofas while Anna’s cousins Joshua and Madison were sitting closer to the television watching a Nightmare before Christmas.

Seeing how Chris and Danielle got on, as well as Chris’ concern over how she would take the fact he and George having sex made Anna reflect on her relationship with Chris. When they were younger they were almost inseparable, her mother and Chris’ mother had even made jokes about them being a couple in the future. However when they entered high school they started to grow apart as they developed different interests and made new friends. While Anna still considered Chris to be her friend, she really only ever saw or talked to him when he and Marie came over.

Danielle on the other hand, despite being a few years older than them was a lot closer to Chris than Anna was. When Chris was younger Danielle would go over to his house after school to watch over him if his mother was working an afternoon shift. This ended up with Danielle considering Chris to be like a sibling, though Anna thought she had treated him a lot better than she had treated her actual sibling. Anna wasn’t sure of the details but she knew that Chris and Danielle talked or messaged each other on a fairly regular basis.

Around an hour or so later Anna’s boyfriend Aaron arrived. Even though there was no reason for it she felt awkward introducing Chris to Aaron. While Aaron was uncertain and shy at first, Chris was friendly and engaging and they ended up finding that they had a number of similar interests that had them talking like old friends.

Seeing them next to each other Anna was drawn to compare the two. Aaron was around a few inches shorter than Chris and had a slighter body. His blonde hair was longish but kept neat in clear contrast with Chris’ short messy dark brown hair. When Anna noted that Chris was clearly the more manly looking of the two she immediately put a stop to that train of thought. The two of them weren’t in any kind of competition and any apparent lack of manliness in Aaron didn’t detract from his other qualities. He was kind, thoughtful and was a great listener. While he could come across as withdrawn once you got to know him he was actually quite sociable and witty.

Not wanting to get sucked into idle thoughts Anna joined in the conversation with Chris, Aaron and Danielle as they talked about their plans for the winter break. All too soon Anna was called to the kitchen by her mother to help with some of the preparations for dinner. She didn’t like abandoning Aaron but he seemed to be fine talking with Chris and Danielle.

Just before evening her father left to go and pick up the other dinner guests. It didn’t take too long before Brandon was back, coming into the kitchen followed by Bridget, Tammy and George. He then continued on to the living room, leading Tammy to join Danielle.

Greeting her friends, Anna smiled at how Bridget looked wrapped up in her thick coat, scarf and knit cap. She then noticed that George was wearing a mini-skirt and raised an eyebrow, George saw her expression and grinned. When George got closer Anna could smell the perfume she was wearing and couldn’t help chuckling. It was clear to Anna that George was making an effort to get Chris’ attention but she wasn’t sure exactly what George escort istanbul was trying to achieve tonight, there wasn’t any suitable place in the house that she would be able to take Chris to have sex.

Anna brought her friends to the living room so they could say a quick hello to everyone before they went up to her room to drop off their coats and jackets and to talk in private for a bit. Joshua and Madison briefly turned their attention away from watching Elf to say hi to George and Bridget, while Steve gave them a polite greeting.

As George and Bridget already knew Aaron they just said hello before Anna introduced Bridget to Chris. For some unknown reason Chris decided to stand up to shake Bridget’s hand. Bridget was quite tall but Chris was just a bit taller than her. Unfortunately standing up also brought attention to his Christmas sweater which was covered with pictures of misshapen snowmen and reindeer. It was a pretty horrible sweater that had been bought for him as a joke but he continued to wear it to Christmas dinner due to pressure from Danielle to keep up the tradition. There was a pause as George and Bridget took in the sight of the garish sweater. Anna almost laughed out loud at their expressions. Eventually George broke the silence “What is that hideous thing you’re wearing Church boy?”

Chris looked at her and studied her outfit for a moment before raising his eyebrows and putting on a pompous voice, “I refuse to be judged on my clothing choices by Emily the Strange.” He deflated a little, “ugly sweaters are a traditional part of the festive season.” Chris then turned to Bridget, “I suppose you’ve never had an ugly Christmas sweater forced upon you?”

Bridget grinned and replied in her broad Australian accent, “Nah, it’s too bloody hot to wear a jumper at Christmas, I try to get away with wearing as little as possible on the day.”

Chris eyebrows rose before he laughed, “Oh! You’re from Australia, I guess that explains why you’re wearing such a thick coat. It’s nice to meet you Bridget.”

Bridget winked and smiled at Chris, “It’s good to meet you too.”

Anna took Bridget and George up to her room where George agreed to take off her leather jacket and Bridget conceded that it was warm enough in the house for her to lose her outer layer. Without her bulky coat, scarf and knit cap she looked vastly different. Along with being quite tall Bridget had the figure of a track athlete but with larger breasts. Her chest was still mostly concealed by the sweater she was wearing but her legs and firm ass were well displayed by her tight fitting jeans.

They spent some time making plans to meet up the next day to check out the boxing day sales and discussing things they were looking to buy before going back down to the living room to join the others. Anna noticed Chris do a double take when he saw Bridget without her coat and it occurred to her that George might have some competition for Chris’ attention.

When Elf finished, Danielle looked over to Chris with an almost malicious smile, “Hey Chris get the Uno cards out.”

Steve gave a mock cry of terror and Brandon laughed, “That’s our cue to join the ladies. Try and keep it civil, I don’t want any feuds started before dinner.”

They moved the coffee table to the side of the room and placed some cushions on the rug before everyone sat down in a circle to play. All the Christmas dinner regulars played ruthlessly but it was still a lot of fun for everyone. There was a lot of trash talking, some good natured teasing and a few minor arguments regarding the rules they were playing under.

In the current game, when Madison triumphantly placed her last card down and called “I’m out”, they were all surprised by a round of applause that came from the parents assembled near the entrance to the living room. Gayle stepped into the living room, “If you’re all done it’s time for dinner.”


There were too many people to fit around the dining room table. While Danielle and Tammy were able to sit with the parents, everyone else ended up at the ‘childrens’ table. To Anna’s amusement George took a seat beside Chris and moved over a bit so that she was sitting closer to him than to Joshua who was sitting on her other side.

Everyone was given a glass of sparkling wine, including Joshua and Madison though theirs was non-alcoholic and Brandon gave a toast wishing everyone a merry Christmas and the best of health.

As they ate Bridget told everyone how her usual Christmas meal involved cold ham and chicken as well as seafood and salad. She then went on to say that she was enjoying this dinner just as much and appreciated how a good hot meal could lift the mood when the weather was cold.

Throughout dinner George playfully mocked Chris. She never took it to a place that would get her called out but instead focused on his ugly sweater and bringing up incidents from their high school years. For his part Chris responded with his own quips about her clothes and memories of high school. At one point George laid her legs across Chris’ lap, saying that she needed to stretch her legs. Chris had rolled his eyes but let her legs stay there for some time until later on when he took her by surprise by taking a firm hold of her thigh and pushing her legs off of him.

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