Closing the Distance Pt. 03 – Finale


It was evening, the sun hadn’t quite set yet but it would soon. She was lounging on the couch, her long legs stretched in front of her crossed at the ankles. She had on baby blue shorts that barely covered her ass and a t-shirt that was just a size too big. He had gone out of his way to make sure she felt comfortable and at home since her arrival. It worked and any remaining nerves had melted within the first few days.

On her lap sat a tray with green buds of a decent Sativa strand broken up. Crystals sparkled on top a bright green pile of powdered plant matter. She packed the herb into a bowl and waited for him.

A few minutes later he joined her, his hair was damp from the shower and tousled in a way that she found adorable and sexy at the same time. He was in a t-shirt and jeans. He turned on some music to fill the spaces between their conversation, not that there were many. She offered him a lighter and the bowl with a smile.

He took both and lit the bowl. Bowls being a little harsher to hit it was no surprise to her when he choked. She offered him a drink she had grabbed for this occurrence. He offered her a smile between coughs. Once he took a few gulps of water he handed the pipe back to her and quickly pulled his t-shirt off. She giggled putting the bowl to her lips and lighting it, inhaling deeply and holding it before letting the smoke slip out through her lips.

“Show off.” He muttered light heartedly at her. He took his turn and this time didn’t choke.

Back and forth they passed each hit until the herb was nearly gone. She took a big hit and leaned into him, he understood and pressed his mouth to hers while she blew the smoke to him. Her mouth moved gently against his as he inhaled and when she had exhaled all she had, she gave him a quick kiss and pulled back. He gave her a smirk.

As the high settled in, and they talked about all the mysteries of the universe, she settled her legs across his lap. He immediately started to stroke his fingers up and down her bare skin. She took notice his fingers stopped at the hem of her shorts every time. It was frustrating as she güvenilir bahis desired his touch the more he gave it to her.

“I’m going to get a refill.” He said standing up and going to get another drink, cotton mouth is a bitch.

Once out of the room she stood and wiggled out of her shorts and sat back down. When he came back in he stopped and gave her a teasing smile as he scanned her legs up to the mound that was covered in pink cloth.

He sat down and pulled her into his lap. All pretenses were gone, they had talked about it before she needed to be able to touch him while her senses were high like this. He reached up and cupped her cheek, she smiled and kissed his palm biting it a little. When she leaned forward to press her lips to his they melted together.

Slowly and sensually their mouths danced together. Fleeting flicks of tongue here and there, a nibble, a gentle suck to the bottom lip. His hands found their way to her breasts, with deft fingers he unhooked her bra and pulled it out from beneath her shirt. He reached back up and traced his fingertips along her breasts before gripping them, massaging them roughly then back to gentle touches. She was breathless.

She leaned back and pulled her shirt off, his eyes immediately skimming along her skin. She took each of his hands and grabbed her breasts firmly with them. She pressed her center down against his rigid manhood, grinding her hips. She wrapped her arms around him, laced her fingers in his hair and pulled his head back to kiss him fiercely.

He groaned into her mouth and slid his hands down to her hips. She took one of them and moved it to her ass. Pressing her bare chest against his, her erect nipples grazing his skin.

She moved a hand from his hair to his throat, she gently applied pressure then a little more. She bit the corner of his chin. He gripped her ass hard.

Standing up she pulled him off the couch and sat in his place pulling her panties down her legs. She spread her legs allowing him to see she was wet despite that they were both high. He raised an eyebrow at her.

“Well it’s not going türkçe bahis to lick itself.” She said.

Needing no further prompting he dropped to his knees and started licking her pussy. She put her fingers back in his hair controlling his head subtly. Her other hand was along his jaw feeling it move against her. She watched him openly, held his gaze as he slurped her arousal up.

When she felt herself get close she stopped him. Pushing him back onto the floor she straddled his face. He started to reach for her but she pressed him down.

“Not until I say so, right now you just get to watch.” She raised up, cocking her hip to the side so she had a better spread. Reaching between her legs she plunged two fingers inside her smoldering pussy, she pulled them out and wiped them along his mouth.

He licked his lips. There was a fire in his eyes from her boldness, her teasing. Above him she continued toying with her pussy, wet sounds filled his head, her scent made him dizzy. If he could just taste her, she would cum over and over.

Her legs twitched above him and he knew she was getting close. He could not lay here while she came above him, he needed to taste her. Reaching up to grab her hips he waited until she was rigid in anticipation, then pulled her down on his mouth licking her until she came in a rush. She gripped his hair, arched forward and moaned.

“Holy fuck.” He smiled beneath her.

Once satisfied he pulled away and smacked her ass. She stood, her legs visibly shaking as she held her weight. He stood removing his jeans and boxers to join her in the nude. He had intended to fuck her but when she dropped to her knees pushing him onto the couch, how could he say no?

She wasted no time in pulling him into her mouth. With heightened focus she worked her mouth around his cock, her tongue dancing here and there. She sucked and licked and teased until she couldn’t.

She stood straddling him again on the couch, he was poised at her hole ready. She slid herself forward and back across him, her swollen clit teasing the tip of his cock. Her heat radiating onto him. Her güvenilir bahis siteleri slickness sliding easily over him. He placed his hands on her hips.

She rested her hands on his shoulders as she slid herself down onto him. They both moaned as he filled her. Crashing together in a fevered kiss she started to grind against his hips. She settled a rhythm and he helped her control the pace. Big deep thrusts followed by smaller quick ones. Her grinding against him keeping her clit teased. His mouth hot all over her. She leaned into him and moaned against his ear, words of how amazing he felt. He bit her shoulder taking more control as he felt her legs start to buckle.

In deep upstrokes he slammed into her, she doing her best to match him but eventually collapsing against his chest as she started to cum. In a fashion he had come to anticipate, her pussy flooded as she came. He was coated in her.

Quickly moving them so he was on top and had easier controlled movements, he put her legs up on his shoulders and started to drive into her. Her breasts bounced hypnotically. Her face and chest flushed, nipples pulled into hard peaks. Her bottom lip was tightly caught between her teeth. Her breathing came in deep gasps punctuated by moans.

He found the spot that made her shiver and exploited it. Her lip slipped from between her teeth as her mouth fell open into an “O” she sucked in a breath seconds before arching up into him and gripping the carpet.

“Oh my god…” she moaned his name like it was a precious secret.

Hearing his name fall from her lips and watching her cum in a display of such pure sexual energy he knew his orgasm was close.

He kept hitting that spot and she kept responding, it was just as he felt himself get to the edge that she abruptly pressed against him and came again. Her moan came out loud and her fingers gripped at him like he was her lifeline. Her pussy clamped around him and forced the first shot of cum from him. Burying himself as deep as he could he worked his orgasm to an end.

Beneath him she lay panting, her eyes closed. He slowly withdrew and laid next to her wrapping her in his arms. When she opened her eyes he saw a tear trickle down her cheek just before she kissed him with a fire of a whole different kind. He wiped the tear away and kissed her back. Words weren’t needed.

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