Coffee Mornings (Marion , Astrid)


Marion heard the doorbell chime inside Astrid’s house and her tummy fluttered with butterfly wings of anticipation. She had anticipated this morning’s arrival with growing expectation, ever since Astrid had called her days before to arrange the time for their meeting. Marion was nearly climbing the walls with the frustration she felt as her husband dithered and dawdled prior to eventually leaving the house at eight thirty. To be fair, he carried out his morning routine just as deliberately that morning, and left no later than usual, it just seemed that he took an age with his preparations that particular day.

No sooner had Marion heard the sound of her husband’s car crunching down the gravelled driveway than she was in the shower and beginning her own meticulous preparations. She wanted to be smooth limbed and sweetly scented for her pending date with her new girlfriend.

Once Marion had bathed, she laid a towel over the duvet cover and carefully, meticulously trimmed and shaved her, usually, hirsute mound until all that remained of her pubic bush was a cute tuft that crowned her slit. Marion admired her handiwork with the aid of a small mirror, and was pleased to see the result. There were no unsightly blemishes to cause Marion any anxiety and her already feathery stomach gave another twirl when she imagined Astrid’s face as she first set eyes on this new coiffure.

Marion had already chosen her dress, going for simplicity rather than style. She had carefully prepared a denim dress that fell to mid thigh. It was an old favourite, one she felt comfortable in, and she knew the hemline fell to the perfect height to show off her legs. In deference to her voluptuous figure, Marion covered her full breasts with a delicate bra, but dispensed with any other underwear. She felt deliciously wicked as she left her house knowing that she was bare bottomed under the dress, with her confidence being boosted by an admiring glance from her next door neighbour as he passed by.

As Marion approached Astrid’s address though, the butterflies in her tummy turned into huge birds’ wings – What was she doing? What would her husband say if he knew what Marion was facing that day? After a moment’s pause, Marion steeled her resolve and pressed the button, which sounded the bell inside the house

‘Darling!’ Astrid smiled when she opened the door and saw Marion nervously standing there. ‘Come in, you look lovely.’

Astrid stepped aside and pulled the door wide to allow Marion access. Marion saw that Astrid was wearing a towelling robe; she was just about to comment when the younger woman slipped the robe from her tanned shoulders.

‘I couldn’t answer the door in the buff,’ Astrid said in a quiet, husky voice. ‘But I hope you approve of my nudity now.’

Marion nodded and gazed at her host’s slim physique. ‘You’re so fit,’ she said in a near whisper. ‘Really, so beautiful…’

Astrid’s laugh of delight sounded loud and full of appreciation: ‘You’re such a doll,’ she responded and moved quickly to Marion. ‘We went through this last week,’ she scolded. ‘You’re a very sexy woman yourself… really sexy…’

Astrid lifted her hand to gently stroke Marion’s face. She purred gently for a moment as she savoured the soft skin of Marion’s cheek. Then, moving almost imperceptibly, she lightly kissed Marion’s dry, red painted lips.

It was only a light touching of the lips, but for Marion it was a sublime moment. It was her first Sapphic kiss; the first time she’d either kissed or been kissed by another woman in a non-platonic way. The kiss was the precursor to another, more ardent kiss, and Marion felt a thrill of yearning flush her pussy with heat when Astrid’s wriggling, insistent tongue pushed into her mouth.

Astrid took hold of Marion’s face in both her hands and increased the pressure against her trembling guest’s mouth. She forced her tongue between Marion’s teeth and probed deeply in search of Marion’s own tongue.

Astrid’s breathy moans betrayed her arousal while she continued to swirl her tongue around and around Marion’s. Her hands had left Marion’s face by now and had reached below the hem of the denim dress. Astrid moaned quietly when she felt the smooth skin of Marion’s buttocks, the sensual delight unimpeded by underwear.

Astrid broke the kiss: ‘No knickers?’ she breathed, her eyes sparkling and widening with surprise when her hand moved to cup Marion’s freshly poker oyna cleared mons. ‘You filthy bitch… I can’t wait to taste you down there…’

Astrid kissed Marion again, only this time Marion opened her mouth willingly and used her tongue against Astrid’s as they kissed.

‘Come upstairs,’ Astrid whispered and took Marion’s hand in hers.

Marion allowed herself to be led by the hand as the pair climbed the stairs. She was visibly trembling when Astrid led her into a spacious, comfortable looking bedroom. Part of her wanted to turn and leave the house immediately; she was so nervous, but there was a deeper part of her that was tremendously excited by what, she hoped, was shortly going to unfold in that room. Marion was on the brink of tasting another woman’s sex… She could barely contain her arousal at the thought of Astrid lying on the bed with her long, sexy legs spread wide…

‘Oh fuck,’ Marion moaned quietly when her insides clenched at her sordid imaginings. She wondered how Astrid would taste – how would another woman’s sex feel against her tongue?

‘God, Marion,’ Astrid said gently when she saw her guest’s trembling limbs. ‘Are you so very nervous?’ Marion nodded; she didn’t trust her voice enough to speak. ‘That’s okay,’ Astrid responded, ‘I understand. I’ll be gentle with you…’ She grinned wickedly: ‘…At first.’

Astrid kissed Marion yet again. On this occasion however she lifted the hem of Marion’s dress and squeezed the older woman’s buttocks with both hands. Astrid kneaded and squeezed more when Marion moaned lightly at the pressure against her skin. The blonde moved her feet further apart in a subliminal invitation, and immediately Astrid moved one hand around to the front of Marion’s body to press her palm against Marion’s recently shaven mons.

‘Mmm, so smooth, my darling,’ Astrid sighed as she lightly ran her middle finger along the crease of Marion’s vulva.

Marion gasped and pulled her mouth from her tanned lover’s when Astrid’s finger tip slid lightly over the stiff nub of her clit. The sound of Marion’s excitement encouraged Astrid to repeat the move and she was rewarded by a deeper groan of appreciation from the blonde.

‘It’s just the two of us today,’ Astrid whispered while Marion closed her eyes and simply savoured the tiny bursts of pleasure between her legs. ‘I want to take your girly virginity and enjoy you… I want you all to myself.’

Astrid’s words were a hoarse whisper and caused a ripple of desire to pulse through Marion’s sex. The newness of the situation and Astrid’s husky tone excited Marion beyond description; she was horny, so very, very horny.

‘I want you to take me,’ Marion managed to reply. ‘I want you to show me how good it can be with another woman…’ Marion’s knees almost buckled as Astrid continued to flick at her sensitised clitoris. ‘Oh, God… please, Astrid,’ she groaned, ‘please… please… that’s so sweet…’

‘Lie down,’ Astrid said urgently, suddenly commanding as she almost pushed Marion onto the bed.

Astrid hastily rucked the hem of her lover’s dress in her rush to get between Marion’s thighs. She pushed Marion’s legs wide and groaned heavily with the force of her lust bursting like a flame through her own sex.

‘So smooth, so beautifully smooth,’ Astrid murmured, her eyes fixed hungrily on the sticky flaps of Marion’s vulva while the mature woman struggled slightly as she pulled the dress up over her head.

Astrid ran the palms of her hands over the silky skin of Marion’s inner thighs, caressing and savouring the sensation of Marion’s flesh as she went. Astrid’s hands snaked up over the softness of Marion’s tummy and up to her big breasts.

‘Quickly,’ Astrid whispered breathlessly. ‘Unclip that bra. I want to feel your soft skin… I want to feel your glorious breasts.’

‘Astrid,’ Marion whispered a few moments later. She felt so beautifully free now she was naked. All her earlier self-awareness had evaporated, which left Marion feeling liberated and totally at ease to enjoy the new experience of a woman’s touch on her body. ‘I’m so, so hot… I feel so damn sexy… Your hands on me…’ Astrid massaged the globes of Marion’s tits; the nipples thickening and hardening at her touch. ‘My tits,’ Marion closed her eyes at the sublime feeling. ‘My nipples are so sensitive… Feel my body, please… touch me.’

Astrid moved so that her slim, well-toned canlı poker oyna body covered Marion’s. She squeezed the big, squashy globes together and used her tongue against the thick, rubbery textured teats that stood in the dark islands of their areola.

The pretty, dark-haired woman sucked at each of Marion’s breasts in turn; her lips making a loud, obscene smacking sound as she left a trail of saliva against the creamy skin. She moved with an almost feline fluidity as she rubbed the length of her body against Marion whilst moving for yet another sweet kiss. Astrid’s own hard tipped breasts brushed lightly against Marion’s skin causing the flame of her passion to burn even hotter.

‘Suck my tits now, baby.’ Astrid manoeuvred herself so that her tight, exquisitely shaped breasts hung tantalisingly over Marion’s face.

Marion lifted her head and bridged the short gap between her mouth and Astrid’s sweet scented skin. She licked at the coral buds tentatively before she gave a groan of pure, animal desire and slurped at Astrid greedily.

‘Yes, baby, yes!’ Astrid cried in delight as Marion threw caution to the wind. She was delighted that her lover had apparently overcome her earlier nervousness and was now an eager participant in the lovely, sweet sex between them.

Astrid moved her legs so she was able to straddle Marion and she shuffled forward on her knees until her mound was now inches from Marion’s face.

‘Taste me,’ she ordered brusquely. ‘Use your tongue… Lick me.’

From her restricted position below Astrid, Marion stared at the cleft of her new lover’s sex. She was enthralled by the paradoxical ugly-beauty of the folds of Astrid’s labia and used her finger tips to peel the gooey flaps apart. She gave an audible gasp when she saw the hot, inflamed looking core of Astrid’s scarlet opening. She saw the gleaming wetness of Astrid’s arousal, which caused a trickle of sympathetic desire to dribble from her own excited cunt.

Marion lifted the delicate hood that cloaked Astrid’s clit and then slowly, agonisingly slowly, dabbed her tongue against it.

Her first taste of another woman’s body! How sweet it was.

‘Oh, baby,’ Astrid groaned when she felt the heat of Marion’s breath waft across her sex. ‘Fuck!’ she exclaimed loudly shortly afterwards at the delicate touch of the blonde’s tongue.

Astrid’s thigh muscles convulsed and her buttocks clenched tightly with the electric pulses of pleasure that thrilled through her body. She couldn’t control herself and pushed her slippery pussy down onto Marion’s face. She moaned loudly and mauled at her breasts as she ground her clit down against Marion’s mouth and chin.

Marion sucked at Astrid’s hard clit as her chin and cheeks were smeared with the juice that trickled from Astrid’s opening. She pushed her tongue as deep into the soft centre of the excited woman’s sex and heard Astrid’s squeals and grunts of arousal.

‘Shit. Shit. Shit!’ the younger woman grunted in vehement, animal bursts.

She had been keenly anticipating this morning, having been in a state of constant arousal ever since Marion had agreed to the visit. Astrid’s stomach tightened and her buttocks clenched rhythmically in time with her contracting cunt. She couldn’t quite believe how swiftly the novice between her thighs was bringing her to the edge of this first, fierce climax.

‘Marion… Oh fuck, Marion…’ Astrid groaned. ‘You’re going to get me there…’ Astrid’s dark hair swung as her head rolled from side to side. Her pretty face was a contorted grimace of concentrated ecstasy, with her teeth clenched and her eyes shut tight.

The wave of her orgasm burst heavily and caused Astrid to gasp loudly and roll away from Marion’s busy-tongued assault. She groaned and moaned as the climax continued to roll over her senses, even after there was no longer any physical contact between the two women.

Marion lifted herself up on one elbow and surveyed the devastation she’d wrought. Astrid moaned and opened her eyes once the sweep of her climax had died away.

‘Jesus, Marion,’ Astrid grinned and rolled her eyes. ‘That was stunning… You say you’ve never licked a woman before?’ Astrid’s eyebrows arched at the speculation.

‘No, never,’ Marion said emphatic. ‘I… I didn’t think you’d come so quickly… or so violently,’ she added.

‘Darling,’ Astrid sighed, ‘it was absolutely magical.’

Marion internet casino blushed, the rosy glow spreading swiftly and tinting the upper slopes of her breasts a soft pink.

Astrid giggled when she noticed Marion’s reaction: ‘Now… I think I should return the compliment.’

Before her guest could react, Astrid had Marion’s thighs wide apart and had pushed her face against the woman’s body between her widespread thighs.

Marion’s eyes widened dramatically when she felt Astrid’s quick, eager tongue split her labia and the snaking intruder sought out her clitty.

‘Fuck!’ Marion blurted with uncharacteristic profanity. ‘I… I… Oh, God!’

The well practiced Astrid slurped over Marion’s tight clit as she sought to bring her guest to an equally speedy climax. Her tongue moved quickly against the little nub, while at the same time, she used the tip of her index finger to gently tease Marion’s slippery opening.

‘You’re a wet girl,’ Astrid mumbled, and slid the length of her finger into Marion’s body.

She moved the finger around inside Marion for a moment or two, before she inserted a second digit. Astrid then used both fingers to massage the spongy walls, doubling her attack by dabbing her pointed tongue at the blonde’s clitoris once more.

Now it was Marion’s turn to grunt and moan whilst experiencing the tender licks and caresses of her host. Astrid used her fingers well and after a few moments of experimental probing, she found Marion’s most sensitive spot inside her body.

Marion’s gasps of sheer delight gave Astrid all the clues she needed, and from that moment on, the slim, dark tanned beauty concentrated her efforts on that place.

‘Astrid!’ Marion squealed, her eyes widened and her mouth opened in a large O of surprise. Marion swallowed heavily and her head fell back as the fingers squirming inside her performed their magic. Marion’s eyes glazed over and her eyelids drooped heavily as the lust boiled outwards from the core of her body.

‘That’s the place isn’t it, baby?’ Astrid whispered as she looked up to see Marion’s face contorted with pleasure. ‘I’m going to make you come, aren’t I? You’re going to cum on my face and fingers, aren’t you?’

Marion heard the words indistinctly. It was as though she were in some far away place and was hearing Astrid’s voice through a long tunnel. All Marion could focus upon was the heat between her legs. Her tummy muscles were tight, with the muscles in her legs and arms equally strained. Marion would be stiff limbed and sore for days afterwards, but right at that moment she had no inkling of the physical pressure she was under.

She was desperate to soothe the fire burning in her cunt. Her nipples were hugely elongated and her breasts and clitoris throbbed and thrummed in a sympathetic beat in time with her hammering heart.

The hotter the flames of lust and the higher the fire burned, the harder Marion pushed herself against Astrid’s embedded, probing fingers and quick tongue.

‘Astrid… Oh fuck, Astrid…’ Marion blurted and then groaned loudly as her climax finally hit.

Astrid continued to finger Marion’s clenching pussy relentlessly and felt the huge rush of excitement and satisfaction when a squirt of syrupy gloop splashed forcefully against the inside of her wrist.

‘Yes!’ Astrid cried in triumph and dipped her face to taste the cum that dribbled from Marion’s scarlet opening. ‘Come for me you beautiful bitch,’ she exhorted, her ecstatic face smeared with goo.

Marion’s orgasm rolled on and on, seeming to taper off only to be followed up by more surges of sweet, sweet pleasure.

‘Wow,’ Marion breathed finally. ‘I’ve never… I mean the juice… Oh, God… Astrid, it was beautiful.’

Astrid moved to her lover’s side and the two women kissed gently. Marion was surprised at her own audacity and daring as she slurped her own cum from Astrid’s tongue.

She had crossed a boundary that morning and knew that she had found more than a lover in Astrid. Marion wanted more of this; she fervently wanted to see more of her sweet, young lover.

Then Marion felt a stab of guilt; her husband, she’d been unfaithful to her dear husband.

‘What’s the matter?’ Astrid asked, apparently sensing Marion’s sudden change in mood.

The two women lay in the rumpled bed together and spoke for a long time. Eventually Astrid kissed the blonde Marion tenderly and used her elegant hands to smooth and massage Marion’s anxieties away. Together they had come up with a plan that would hopefully assuage Marion’s guilt.

Her lucky husband was in for a huge surprise…

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