College Town – Part 1 – Rough Foursome


Vicky was late for the Halloween party because it took her longer than she thought to get her costume ready. She was dressed in an Alice in Wonderland costume that was delightfully slutty. She had on thigh high white and powder blue stockings hooked to a garter belt that sat over her blue and white thong. There were large red hearts at the top of the stockings on the back of her thighs. The skirt on her dress was powder blue and was so short that you could almost see the bottom of her tight ass below her skirt, even when she stood up straight. The dress fit her really tightly, showing off her slim figure and accenting her large, tan breasts which were pushed up by the structure of the dress. She looked more like a stripper than Alice in Wonderland, but she knew that’s what college boys wanted to see. Her friend Ashley was dressed up as Wonderwoman and they were going to the party together. Vicky was excited about her costume because she knew Ashley’s brother Tom would be there.

“Think the boys will like this?” Vicky asked Ashley rhetorically, bending over to show her ass.

“Slut” said Ashley, “I can’t believe you’re wearing that. Besides, aren’t you going to be cold?”

“Probably” Vicky said, looking over her shoulder at her ass and thong in the mirror, “Are you ready?”

“Yeah, just let me get the booze” she said as she walked to the fridge and Vicky slipped on her heels.

Vicky and Ashley arrived at the party and parked in the parking lot across from the house. It was a large party and there were lots of people out front. Vicky could tell the boys were staring at her as she made her way through the crowd in the front of the house toward the front door. She liked having the attention of the boys and made an effort to exaggerate her stride, trying to look sexy as she walked through the front lawn. The music was loud enough to drown out most of what Ashley was saying as they weaved through the crowd, but Vicky didn’t really care much anyway because she had already spotted Tom standing next to a keg out front. He was dressed as a gladiator, his costume complete with a gladiator’s helmet, an armored gladiator “skirt”, wrist straps, and gladiator sandals. Vicky only glanced at him, but she admired his tan, muscular body, his muscular abs, his large pecs, and his choice of costume that showed it all off. She dropped off her vodka and mixers in the kitchen and started making a drink for herself and Ashley.

“Nice costume” said some guy dressed as a zombie.

“Thanks” she said, mostly ignoring him.

“Where’d you get it?” he asked. Vicky was flattered that he was hitting on her, but she really didn’t feel like talking to him.

“Online” she said, turning her back on him to make her drink and giving a generic enough answer that he’d know she wasn’t interested.

“Nice,” he said, ” shrugging it off, disappearing back in the crowd.

Vicky hung around Ashley and talked to her friends while she finished her first two drinks. She was kind of hoping that Tom would have approached her by now, but she decided to get another drink and go out and greet him. He was still talking with his friends around the keg.

“Hey, Tom” she said, approaching him, very conscious of how she looked.

“Hey, glad you made it.” he said, approaching her and giving her a hug with his muscular arms.

She liked the way her hands and arms felt against his exposed muscular body. She let her right hand linger on his oblique as they let go of each other and she looked him from top to bottom, acting like this was the first time she had seen the costume.

“Aren’t you cold?” she asked jokingly.

“Aren’t you?” he laughed, glancing at her tits, then looking at her long, tan legs.

“Who are your friends?” she asked, facing the three guys he was previously talking to.

“This is Greg, my room mate” he said, gesturing toward the guy dressed as a mummy. “And this is David and James, they’re some friends from school” he said.

David was dressed as a demon and had clearly put a lot of work into his costume whereas James had a cheap, store-bought airline pilot costume on — it didn’t fit him very well and he looked very awkward in it.

“Nice to meet you all — I love the costumes” she said, fidgeting with her dress.

They talked and drank for a while before Ashley came outside with Whiskey shots, handing them freely among the crowd. The six of them took a shot.

“I think Vicky needs another one” Tom said, winking at her.

Ashley started pouring everyone a second, scanning the crowd for approval to pour another.

“I think I’m done” said James, the airline pilot. He seemed uncomfortable — Vicky wished he was having fun.

“Come on, James” she said, “I came here tonight to party — don’t let me down!” Vicky pleaded. If she weren’t so sexy and obviously flaunting it he would have declined.

“All right” he said as they cheered and took two more shots in quick succession.

The night was young, but Vicky was already tipsy because she hadn’t had much to eat. The crowd was only just starting to get rowdy and people were starting to dance — some of them already very drunk even though it was only 11:00 PM.

Vicky talked to Greg for a long time about a variety of different topics as she got more and more drunk. Greg looked a lot like Tom. He was tan, fairly muscular, and had pretty eyes. She flirted with him while they talked, even though she didn’t really have much interest in him. David talked to Tom for a while as James kind of just stood around, nursing his drink before Greg finally finished boring Vicky and had to go to the restroom — that gave Vicky the opportunity to approach James.

“Having fun?” she asked, not implying that he wasn’t.

“Sure” he said, “I’m just pretty distracted”

“I have a tendency to do that” she said jokingly, laughing and pushing her tits together with her upper arms.

He blushed and she knew that she probably overdid it. She didn’t even know why she did that. She must’ve been more drunk than she thought.

“I have to drive to Carville tomorrow” he explained.

“Is that North of here?” she asked, really not knowing.

“Yeah, about two hours and –” he said before Ashley interrupted them and proposed another shot — this time to world peace, or some hippy bullshit. They all took the shots except James who went back to nursing his drink and kind of slunk back into the crowd.

Greg was back and started the conversation where he and Vicky had left off. She felt bad that James never got to finish his story, but she didn’t try to reengage him because everyone was now practically yelling in order to have conversations over the loud music. Greg, having built up a little courage, had started touching Vicky’s exposed stomach and sides as they talked, clearly showing his interest in her. Vicky liked Greg, but her thoughts kept drifting to Tom in his gladiator outfit. She was thinking about approaching him.

“I’m going to get a drink” Vicky said, making her way to the cooler next to the keg. “Want anything, Tom?” she asked, motioning to the cooler.

“No” he replied, seemingly distracted by the conversation he was in.

She bent over at the waist to open the cooler, knowing her ass would be mostly exposed by doing so. Tom could see her ass and a bit of her thong as she rooted through the cooler for a mixer for her drink. He nudged David to get his attention, but they were both already getting an eyeful. Greg and James noticed too as Vicky briefly paused with her ass in the air before glancing at Tom, smiling as she stood. Tom approached her and grabbed her by the hand, walking her toward the rowdy crowd.

“Where are we going?” she asked.

“We’re dancing” he said, pulling her into the crowd next to the speakers.

The crowd was dancing wildly and Vicky immediately joined in. It wasn’t long before Vicky started to grind on Tom as he ran his hands over any bare skin he could find. She slid her ass over his crotch to the rhythm of the music, wishing his costume weren’t so bulky. They danced for a while, beginning to sweat. Greg, David and James looked on in envy. Vicky noticed, and when the next song ended she ran out of the crowd to drag Greg in.

As she grabbed Greg’s hand she noticed that James had a bit of a boner — he had been looking at her tits as she was walking over. She acted like she didn’t see it as she dragged Greg into the dancing crowd. It wasn’t long before Vicky was was drunkenly grinding her nearly bare ass over the tights that Greg had on underneath his mummy wrap. She could feel his rock-hard dick surprisingly well as it rubbed against her ass and thighs. The dance floor soon became a platform for Vicky’s foreplay as poker oyna she dragged in different boys, teasing each of them as she grind and fondled them. The night drew on at a faster pace and the drinking and dancing escalated. Greg was upset because he wanted to get Vicky somewhere in private, hoping to fuck her, but Vicky had already decided she was going home with Tom.

“Hey, Tom, I need to go to my car and get my purse” Vicky said, grabbing his muscular arm.

Greg tried to think of a way to stop them, but he couldn’t think of anything before Vicky was leading Tom away from the party to the parking lot. Greg, David, and James watched as she stumbled, clutching his arm. The parking lot was full of cars but no people as Tom and Vicky stumbled in. She pushed Tom up against the trunk of her car and gave him a long, aggressive kiss. Tom was barely stunned and immediately ran his hand up under her skirt, grabbing her firm, bare ass as she reached under his costume, fumbling to feel his naked cock. Vicky’s pulse pounded as she felt his cock harden in her hand. He reached further underneath her, grazing her pussy with his index finger. Both of them were dying to get somewhere private so they could continue, but Vicky saw Greg entering the parking lot. Startled, she jumped away from Tom, acting like nothing was happening. She made space between her and Tom just as Greg spotted them in the parking lot — he didn’t notice that they were making out.

“Hey” he said, “what are you guys doing?”.

“Just talking” said Vicky, now opening up the driver’s side car door, starting to search for her purse.

She could hear Tom and Greg whispering as Greg pulled him aside — Greg sounded upset. They walked over to the passenger side door, out of earshot of Vicky and continued to debate something, Vicky knew what they were talking about. She shut the driver’s side door and walked around to the passenger side. She thought she’d have a little fun, and pulled up her skirt a little and crawled halfway in the car, her ass in the air, pretending to look for her purse. Greg and Tom gazed at her perfect ass floating above her stockings. They talked quietly as they watched her wave her ass in the air.

“Vicky…” Tom said loudly as he and Greg approached the car, “…We have to talk”.

“You can’t keep flirting with both of us” he said, trying not to sound like he wished that Greg would just go away.

She was very drunk, but she took a metered step toward them and grabbed both their dick’s.

“Why not?” she asked, “I can take you both home.” she said as she squeezed them both in her hands.

The comment struck them both unexpectedly, but they both knew that the possibility was probably pretty real given how she’d been acting.

“Would you?” Greg asked quickly.

“Sure, let’s get out of here” she said, squeezing their cocks tightly before casually letting go, acting as if it were no big deal.

“Ok” Greg said, smiling, trying to contain his excitement. She looked at Tom in his sexy Gladiator outfit. “Please, Tom” she said, looking him in the eyes. He nodded, also excited about how easy she was making this for them.

“Can you drive us back to your dorm?” she asked both of them.

“I’m way too drunk” said Tom.

“Me too” added Greg.

“Wait here” she said. “I’ll be one minute.”

She stumbled through the parking lot on her way back to the house. She saw James talking to some chubby girl next to the front door. She grabbed his arm and pulled him away from her.

“Hey, James” she said, trying to look as sexy as possible, “Could you do me a favor?” she asked.

“Sure, what?” he asked.

“I need you to drive me, Tom and Greg back to Tom’s dorm room.”

“Sure” he said, dying to leave the party anyway.

They met Tom and Greg in the parking lot and got in James’ car. James had a Honda Civic. Vicky got in the back seat between Greg and Tom. James thought it was weird that no one sat in the passenger seat and he immediately felt uncomfortable again, wishing he wouldn’t have volunteered to drive them. He didn’t say anything as he started driving to the dormitories. Vicky gave Greg a long kiss as she reached her hand below Tom’s costume again. James glanced back and saw Vicky’s hand up under Tom’s costume. He realized what was happening and couldn’t wait to get them out of the car.

Greg snuck his hand up Vicky’s skirt and gently rubbed the outside her soft, wet pussy. They played with each other, trying to keep it relatively low key for James’ sake, but there was no mistaking what was going on. The trip was relatively short and James was thankful for that. He parked his car in a parking space behind the dorm and the three of them exited the back of the car.

“Wait here for a second?” Vicky asked James.

“Ok” he said, hanging his head, wanting to scream at her.

Vicky told Tom and Greg she’d meet them in the room as she made her way back to the car. She opened the driver’s side door and leaned in, kissing James on the mouth. James awkwardly received the kiss, not knowing what to think.

“Have any fun tonight?” she asked.

“Not as much as you three” he said, depressed.

“I can change that” she said, placing her hand gently on his crotch. He blushed and froze.

“I want you to join us” she said, trying not to sound threatening.

“What are you going to do?” he asked, feeling stupid immediately upon asking.

“Well, *I’M* going to suck your dick and let you fuck me… if that’s what you want…” she said.
She could feel his dick jump when she said it. She grabbed it.

“Come with us?” she pleaded, hoping in the back of her mind that Tom and Greg wouldn’t mind.
“Yes” he said, hopping out of the car, his heart beating fast.

She held his hand as they walked up to Tom and Greg’s dorm room. They were both already inside as Vicky barged in with James in tow.

“James is joining us” she said, smiling.

“All right, man!” Tom said, smiling, but not really caring one way or another — he was more interested in Vicky.

“I’m going to need a drink before I go to town on your dicks” she said, looking at Greg.

Greg quickly went to the kitchen, eager to get started. James stood nervously as Tom threw some junk off his bed and sat down. Greg had Vicky’s drink within 30 seconds.

“Stand up” she said, motioning Tom to stand up near Greg and James. “Clothes off” she said, liking how in control of the situation she was.

They all stood in shock.

“Line up, clothes off” she said again, motioning with her hand where she wanted them to line up.

Tom was quick to undress, his muscular, naked body appearing as he stripped his costume off. His cheap gladiator skirt came off easily and he slowly removed his tiny black briefs that he was wearing underneath. His penis was already semi-erect, about four inches long in its current state.

Vicky sipped her drink as she watched them undress. She was underwhelmed by the size of Tom’s dick, but she lust for his big, muscular body — he really was gorgeous and she admired him as he stood naked in front of her.

Greg struggled to get his mummy costume off, especially the tights he was wearing. Greg was far less attractive naked than Vicky thought he would be. He wasn’t ugly by any means, just average; he was a little thick around the waist and had a bush of pubic hair over his dick which she thought could use a trim. His penis flopped around as he tried to wiggle out of the tights.

James seemed rather embarrassed and shyly removed his pilot’s uniform. James, unlike Greg, was much more attractive than she expected. He was athletic and had well proportioned features. She could tell he was nervous undressing. He removed his shirt and undershirt, and then his pants as she stood, sipping her drink. He was wearing boxer briefs that he hesitantly removed. Vicky was genuinely surprised as she watched James’ huge cock flop out of his underwear and dangle between his legs — his limp dick was as long as Tom and Greg’s put together. She stared at the meaty dick swinging beneath James’ dangling testicles and imagined what it would look like erect. The thought made her spine shiver and her mouth water. She felt like congratulating him, but she didn’t want to embarrass the other two. She was very glad she invited him and was already aching for him to split her open with his sizable dick.

The three of them stood there in a row, James on the left, Greg in the middle, and Tom on the right, all completely naked as Vicky stood in front of them in her Alice in Wonderland costume sipping her drink, studying their naked bodies. She imagined how the events would unfold.

She set her empty drink glass down on the end canlı poker oyna table next to Tom’s bed.

“Hands behind your back” she instructed to the three of them.

They obeyed. Vicky’s eyes kept drifting toward James’ enormous cock as she undid the assortment of fasteners on her dress and pulled it off exposing her tight, tan, tall body and the remaining sexy pieces of her costume. Vicky’s tan skin contrasted the white and blue thong, garter, and stockings beautifully. The boys didn’t say a word as they watched Vicky strip. Tom’s dick jumped, getting harder as Vicky popped her bra off, freeing her sizable, perky breasts. Her tiny nipples were hard on the end of her big mounds of soft flesh. Her large breasts seemed like a mismatch with her slender arms and stomach. She decided she’d keep her stockings, thong, and panties on for now — she liked the way they looked and the boys did too.
“Don’t move” she said. The comment was rhetorical — they wouldn’t dare.

She studied their dicks again before walking up to Tom gliding to her knees in front of him. His dick was pointing straight up, so it wasn’t hard for her to take his testicles in her mouth as James and Greg leaned forward to watch, excited that they were next. Vicky rolled Tom’s testicles in her mouth, gently sucking them for about 20 seconds before suddenly taking his cock in her mouth. She looked him in the eyes as she slowly sucked him, teasing him more than anything. She reached over to her left and took Greg’s dick in her left hand as she sloppily wet Tom’s dick with her mouth. Greg’s dick flopped around in her hand for a few seconds before slowly hardening – that was her cue to shuffle to her left on her knees, taking Greg’s in her mouth as Tom stood there with saliva dripping off his erect dick. Greg moaned as Vicky sucked him gently for twenty seconds or so. She glanced to her left and saw James’ huge meaty dick still swaying between his legs as she warmed Greg up.

“These two are ready, you’re not even hard yet” she joked in the brief amount of time she didn’t have a cock in her mouth.

She knew that a joke about his dick was fair game because he had nothing to be ashamed of. She shuffled to her left again, the thick, limp dick now right in her face. She dipped her head down and took as much of the soft penis in her mouth as she could, fondling his dangling testicles as she massaged the big, soft cock with her tongue. When she felt it begin to harden she let it flop out of her mouth so that she could reassess its size. She smiled at James, letting him know that she was impressed before taking him back in her mouth, this time stroking and sucking the big shaft more aggressively. His dick expanded in her mouth as she concentrated intently on the task at hand. His dick grew and grew — it took about two and a half minutes for it to become fully erect. Her mouth stretched to accommodate its size. She pulled her mouth off and examined it again. It was 9 inches erect — thick too. He made Greg and Tom look like little boys in comparison.

Vicky hopped to her feet, her tits jiggling as she did.

“Okay, my turn.” she said, grabbing Tom’s dick and dragging him toward the bed.

She sat on the bed with her back against the headboard and pushed Tom’s head slowly into her crotch, pulling her thong to the side to expose her tight, shaved pussy for him to lick. Tom eagerly obliged, first slowly licking the outside of her lips.

“Greg, get me another drink.” She said, waving her hand. Greg hustled out again, irritated that she had asked him twice.

“Come here” she said to James, motioning him closer.

She grabbed his cock as soon as he was within arms reach and pulled it to her mouth like a rather large rope. James stood on the bed facing the headboard sliding his dick into Vicky’s mouth as Tom skillfully ate her puss,y causing her to moan.

Greg arrived with Vicky’s drink — which he had made extra strong — and also a hand-held video camera which was already on. He quietly slid around the side of the bed videotaping Vicky sucking James’ giant dick while Tom had his head buried in her lap. None of them noticed that Greg had the video camera because they were too focused on pleasuring each other. He videotaped for a few seconds before saying “smile” to get their attention.

“Fuck” Vicky thought, somewhat alarmed about documenting her four-way. The video camera made her excited, but slightly uneasy.

“God dammit” James said. “You could have at least asked, Greg…” he said hesitantly, waiting for Vicky’s reaction.

Tom pulled his head out of Vicky’s lap and laughed — he liked the idea.

“Settle down” said Greg, addressing James, “it’s just for fun.”

“I just don’t want that video getting out” Vicky said, sitting there naked, still being videotaped.

“We’ll delete the tape when we’re done?” Vicky asked, suggesting there was only one right answer. “

Greg agreed and Tom nodded.

“Guess we’ll make a porno then!” James said, laughing.

“You boys better put on a show, then” Vicky said, the camera still on her, “stick your dick back in my mouth, James”. She said it in a corny, over-the-top voice that was a bad impersonation of what you might hear in a low-budget porn movie.

James quickly got back on the bed and thrust his dick deep in her mouth, pressing her head back against the headboard as Tom went down on Vicky again, his heart beating faster now that he knew he was being videotaped. Vicky wrapped her striped powder blue and white stockings around his back, smothering him in her perfect pussy. She couldn’t move her head left or right because her head was pinned against the headboard by James’ giant dick so she motioned to Greg who was still filming at the side of the bed. She grabbed his cock with her right hand as she was gently facefucked by James and Tom licked her clit.
Greg held the camcorder in his right hand as he zoomed in on Vicky’s lips as they were wrapped around James’ thick dick.

“How old are you Vicky?” he asked jokingly, trying to lighten the mood.

“Tweny Wonn” she said, barely intelligibly because she had 9 inches of dick in her mouth. James and Greg laughed. She pushed James away from her, freeing her mouth of his big dick, grabbing it with her left hand.

“Twenty-one” she said, enunciating this time.

“And how long have you been doing porn?” he joked again.

“It’s my first time” she said, smiling straight into the camera. That was a lie, though, she had filmed herself with two of her previous boyfriends. She aggressively took Greg’s dick in her mouth while she stroked James’ enormous cock, bobbing her head on Greg – his dick was still wet from earlier. Tom sat up and started using his fingers on Vicky while her watched her suck on his room mate. He used his other hand to spread Vicky’s legs wide. Greg tried to zoom in on her pussy, but her thong and garter belt obscured the view so he panned up to Vicky’s tits as they jiggled with the motion of her head.

The boys were getting anxious. Greg’s video camera made them all more eager and the boys liked how engaged Vicky had become. Tom grabbed Vicky’s hips and twisted her over to her stomach and then pulled her up to her knees on the bed.

“Don’t move” said Greg as he slid his dick out of her mouth and positioned himself behind her on the bed while Tom slid between Vicky and the headboard and grabbed the back of Vicky’s head, guiding it to his dick as Greg filmed her tight ass from behind. Her thong had been pulled off center when Tom was eating her — Greg spread her ass cheeks with one hand so he could film her asshole and pussy. He panned down to his dick using one hand to videotape, the other to guide his dick into her shaved pussy. Vicky’s pussy was aching for one of the boys to penetrate her. James stood awkwardly to the side using his hand to play with himself for a couple of seconds before Vicky noticed and reached up to help him. Greg slowly entered Vicky from behind, immediately giving her five hard thrusts, videotaping her ass as it bounced off the front of his hips with each thrust. She moaned a little bit.

“What’s wrong?” he said jokingly, “can’t take it hard?” She wished he would’ve been more gently right off the bat, but she didn’t want to kill the mood.

“Fuck me as hard as you want.” she said casually, spitting out Tom’s dick and turning toward James’ huge member. She took it in her mouth, but couldn’t suck it with any rhythm because Greg was fucking her mercilessly from behind. Vicky let James’ dick jostle in her mouth with the motion of Greg’s thrusts as Greg started smacking her ass, soft at first, but then harder and soon so hard that it was uncomfortable. Vicky figured he’d cum way sooner than the other two.

Greg internet casino pulled out and traded places with Tom. Tom gently slid his dick in her as Greg positioned himself in front of Vicky. Greg filmed Vicky from a couple different angles while Tom softly fucked her from behind and she sucked James’ dick. Greg, annoying as he was, had gotten Vicky in the mood. She took her mouth off of James and kneeled doggy style as Tom gently humped her.

“Look,” she said loudly to Tom, “You better start fucking me wayyyy fucking harder…”. She looked up at Greg and James “…and you two better start fucking this end of me” she said, opening her mouth wide.
That was all Greg needed to hear — he grabbed the hair on the back of Vicky’s head and pushed her head deep on his cock. She gagged a little as his cock went all the way in her mouth and her eyes started to water as he held her deep, filming the entire time. James watched as she coughed and gasped for air before he finally let her breathe.

“Like that?” he said, the camera right in her face. That was NOT what Vicky had intended, she was just trying to keep the pace up, but she did like it rough.

“Perfect” she said, her eyes watering. She barely got the word out before his cock was back in her mouth, forcing itself deep into her throat again — her nose touched the pubic hair at the base of his cock and his scrotum pressed against her chin. Tom postured up behind her and started fucking her hard, much like Greg had done as Vicky gagged again, gasping for air and flailing her arms as she choked. Greg loved watching Vicky choke on his manhood.

James watched uneasily as Tom and Greg rammed their dicks into both ends of Vicky. She gasped for air again, as her mouth popped off Greg’s cock. She reached for James’. James let her suck it while Greg filmed, but he was uncomfortable being rough with her.

“Dude,” Greg said to James, “she asked you to fuck her hard”.

James was put on the spot. Vicky looked up into James’ eyes, his cock still in her mouth. She could tell he was uneasy about it — she was getting that way too — she felt the situation spiraling out of control. She pushed any fear aside and took her mouth off his dick, sat up and whispered into his ear “Facefuck me right now, you pussy”. She immediately became excited knowing there was no going back — these three boys were going to have their way with her and there was little she could do about it.

James paused for a second, looking at Vicky taking it from behind, being filmed, and holding his big cock. He wanted to ask Vicky if she was sure, but he knew what the answer would be. He grabbed her head and guided it to his cock, first inserting the tip. His eyes looked into Vicky’s as if he were searching for confirmation. She stared back, not blinking, not moving. He pushed his dick in further and he could feel the head of his penis hit the back of her throat — most girls can’t take it any deeper than that. Their eyes remained locked, Vicky hadn’t flinched. She was suppressing her gag reflex, she knew this wasn’t the time to show it. He pressed his hips further forward. Vicky felt the meat of his cock slowly snake down into her throat. She didn’t blink or flinch — her eyes were still locked on his, watering. He was confident, now, as he slid the last inch and a half into her throat. It took every ounce of Vicky’s concentration not to gag up his huge dick. Her upper lip touched the base of his penis and his balls pressed up against her chin. He was satisfied and slowly pulled his whole dick out causing Vicky to gasp. She was still looking him in the eyes.

“Facefuck me” she said, opening her mouth, showing him her impressive throat.

She was serious about this. James smiled and then slapped her face before cramming his dick back into her throat, this time violently. Greg was amazed at how James’ big dick disappeared so quickly into her mouth. He filmed Vicky as she coughed up saliva, choking on James’ dick as his balls slapped repeatedly against her chin. Tom smacked her ass hard as he pounded her now tender pussy slowing only briefly to catch his breathe as Greg yanked Vicky on top of him — she was just a sex toy for them now and had completely lost any semblance of control.

Greg clumsily crammed his dick in her as she straddled him while Tom took the camera and filmed them. He zoomed the camera in on their genitals as Greg fucked her hard while she straddled him. Vicky’s wet pussy slid effortlessly over Greg’s pulsing cock and Tom could hear Vicky gag, cough, and wheeze from the brutal facefucking she was getting. James watched her body writhe on top of Greg as she struggled to breathe. Her ass was jiggling in rhythm with Greg’s thrusts as Tom positioned himself right next to James, grabbed Vicky’s hair, and pulled her off James’ cock and immediately onto his. By now Vicky’s face was a soaking wet mess from the tears and saliva, but she was more easily controlling her gag reflex.

Tom’s dick was tiny in comparison to James’ and it was relatively easy for her to swallow. She thought maybe she could regain her composure until she felt her ass cheeks spread and the head of James’ giant cock press against her asshole. She tried to scream but Tom was all the way inside her mouth. Greg had his arms around her in such a way that she couldn’t move him as she tried to wrestle free. James filmed his giant cock next to her tiny little asshole — the contrast in size was striking and he knew he’d be stretching her out. He slowly pressed the tip of his penis into her and her tiny asshole stretched to accommodate it. He watched as her asshole strained to envelop the head of his penis as he slid it in. He heard a gargling sound from Vicky as he stuffed the rest of his huge cock in right as Vicky pulled her head away from Tom. She gasped for air before screaming as James’ monstrous dick filled her rectum. James knew he shouldn’t have done it without asking, but he also knew that she’d let him continue.

“Fuck” she said. “FUCK!”

Tom stuffed his dick back in her mouth before she could say anything else. Vicky was now sandwiched between Greg and James while Tom thrust his cock violently in and out of Vicky’s mouth. Her asshole pulsed with pain and pleasure. She liked the feeling of having all of her holes filled.

Greg had momentarily stopped thrusting while James repeatedly pushed his cock in as deep as it would go and then pulled it out nearly all the way. Vicky loved the sensation of her rectum stretching and then contracting.

James suddenly lifted Vicky and fell to his back, pulling her on top of him — she was now sitting up vertically on top of him with his dick in her ass. She leaned back, using her arms as support and spread her legs, hoping someone would stick their dick in her pussy, but both Tom and Greg were nearly finished.
Greg stepped close to Vicky and shot a huge load of cum onto her face. He moaned as she squeezed his balls and he continued to ejaculate on her. The first blast of cum hit her in the forehead and dripped down the outside of her face, the second squirt caught her eyebrow and drizzled down her nose to her mouth, a third shot slung a stream from her other eye across her cheek. Vicky leaned forward and sucked the excess cum off his dick as her asshole slid slowly down the cock that was in her ass.

Vicky bounced up and down on James’ dick for thirty seconds or so while Tom used his hand to wack off near her face. The bouncing caused the cum and saliva to run all over her face as Tom leaned forward and shot three huge juicy squirts all into her left eye. Greg had picked up the camera and caught it all on film, including the part where Vicky licked Tom clean as she commenced bouncing up and down on James’ dick.

Her asshole gripped his meaty cock tightly as it slid up and down his long, thick shaft. She played with her clit as James moaned in pleasure and her body convulsed as she came immediately before James shot his load up into her ass. Vicky sat exhausted on his softening dick for about thirty seconds before getting up. The cum slid out of her asshole onto his stomach when she rose.


Vicky woke up in Tom’s bed at about 5:30 AM. Tom was gone and Greg was asleep on the couch.Vicky searched the room for her things — her clothes, mostly. She hadn’t noticed that one of the boys had torn off her garter belt and thong last night, both were ripped and she couldn’t wear them. She grabbed her Alice costume and took it to the bathroom to put it on so that she wouldn’t wake Greg. The dress was wrinkled and her hair was a mess. She had dried cum in her eyebrows, on her cheeks, and on her chest and shoulders — her stockings had cum on them too. She got dressed, grabbed the video camera that was lying on the bed, and started walking to her dorm. The brisk morning air felt soothing as it blew up her skirt.

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