Confession to Conquest


Hey coming at yall with another one of my usual stories with one of my usual disclaimers. If you realize that this story is like my others, well that’s cause that’s what I’m into. So, if your new to my stories, I’m going to describe how it’s going to go as I understand that people may not like how… extreme it can be. So, skip if you don’t want spoilers or read this if you are weary im going to make it look like some slow burn love story then boom, brutal futa based ntr/cuckold harsh stuff where the futa is actually in love with the guy. Finally, I like to add a misunderstanding and a lot of random awkward moments for fun.

So, for this run I’m playing around with flashbacks and see what I can do with it. Also, I hate writing the plot of my stories to only have the sex scene rejected. On another note this story was originally made with a father daughter(futa) relationship with role reversal but the incest was a little too much for me. All characters are 18+.

Jake stood trembling before the door of Katlyn little home office. It was almost symbolic really, she didn’t live in this house yet she owned a part of it. It was like an embassy or perhaps a forward base in foreign land because she saw this home as a land to be conquered and plundered with 2 particular desirable resources, being Jake… and his Mom.

The door’s imposing presence seemed to loom over and crush him. The name of his college… friend was plastered onto the door, marking her territory. His stomach and legs grew weak and weary as his ass seemed to sizzle as he recalled the last punishment he received from her on the other side of this very door. To think this all started with a simple confession of love.

A tear cascading down his right cheek, brought him back into reality as he tried to seek comfort in the past. A chill from a nearby vent shook his body as he was made aware of his vulnerable appearance comprising of just his trousers and a scarf. He wore this… ‘uniform’ because of a rule she set in place, it allowed her… ease of access when he was in the house and in this house her rule was law and she was willing to enforce it any way she needed.

Though, he knew there was more to it than just that, at first he thought the reason behind the scarf was simple, it served as a collar and leash for her to grab onto. Though, after a week of her occupation in his home he soon realized she was more than just crazy she was diabolical she kept him practically nude because she wanted him to know that she owned him… all of him, that he couldn’t hide anything from her. She even set the thermostat in the rest of the house to a frosty cold, so the only place he was able to seek warmth was in her office or with her in her bed. He even was only allowed to eat when she did and she refused him any privacy even when using the bathroom, she wouldn’t let him have any excess modesty or reservations with her. She was slowly trying to restructure their relationship, she was trying to restructure his own mode of thinking she was… training him.

Jake knocked twice on the door and waited for her permission before opening it, he wanted to make sure to be as respectful as possible to not invoke her wrath as his sore ass was a constant reminder of her power over him. He just couldn’t believe that it had only been a month since she forced his partial submission, only being partial as he always tried to resist her but every time she found resistance she used more force, quickly quashing his attempts, it felt like years, it felt… almost natural.

As he entered he saw her typing away who knows what on her laptop at her desk. Katlyn was about Jake’s height but that’s where all if any similarities ended. She was a fit girl not overly muscular but strong enough to put him and his mom in their new place as she did when she first claimed the house. She truly was a force to be reckoned with.

Jake shrunk a little in her presence as he turned his head and looked away from her gaze. He twiddled his thumbs as he tried to organize his words… and he forgot. He stood there baffled for a few seconds but it felt like minutes. She wasn’t even doing anything but through his own fear of her, it felt like he was just some prey about to be consumed by this cruel predator.

“Kat…” Jake said sheepishly but this caused Katlyn to clench her fist and stare daggers at him. He had forgotten one of her rules, her name when inside the house.

“Uhh… Daddy.” He said correcting himself not wanting to invoke another punishment for breaking one of her rules. Katlyn’s hostile demeanor seemed to melt away into a smile letting him know he was in the clear…for now.

“Can Ataşehir Escort I ask you a quick question?” Jake quickly muttered.

“You just did… but go-ahead sweet cheeks.” Katlyn said playfully, contrasting her previous temperament. Jake cheeks flushed a bright red, he didn’t know what was more embarrassing, his mistake or being called sweet cheeks by her.

“It’s just that. Well Jan is coming over tomorrow… Just to work on the Lab assignment with me and I…” He said timidly and tumbling over his own words.

“That wont be happening darling. I’ve already had an IN-DEPTH conversation with her and she said she would be more than willing to finish the assignment herself.” Katlyn said adding emphasis to the innuendo.

It was only a little while after the confession that changed his life that Katlyn began fucking Jan. She knew he used to have feelings for her and she wanted him to know that he wouldn’t have any kind of relationships with anyone out of her control and he soon realize that meant with his own mother. It was something she took joy in and did constantly to mock and degrade him.

“But I.” He said before he was interrupted.

“But nothing, this discussion is over.” She commanded in an authoritative voice . “Is that all.” She questioned obviously peeved.

“Well ummm… oh yeah… have you seen mom… I mean my mom .” Jake said trying to change the topic and to find any excuse to stay inside the warm office.

“Oh, that slut…” she said grinning “Let’s just say she’s having a… quick second breakfast…in fact here let me get her for you.” Katlyn said with a smug.

Katlyn brought one of her sculpted arms under the desk as she stood up. Jake was close enough to see what she was grabbing it was his mom Christina, throat deep on Katlyn’s log of a cock. To say she was throat deep would be an understatement as the bulge seemed to reach her chest. Jake was shocked at the reveal, he thought that Christina looked absolutely eroti… horrific… she looked terrible, at the very least that’s what he told himself. While Jake stared at his mom, Christina never looked away at her task at hand, keeping laser focus at her new calling in life.

At minimum she was a figure to behold with her new cum bloated stomach, ruining her previously thin figure. Her face looked tired she had some bags under her eyes and her ragged unkept hair made her look deranged. He couldn’t help but wonder how long has it been since she last slept or even the last time she didn’t have Katlyn cock wedged in her mouth. She even had both fresh and dried stains of ruined mascara and cum rolling down her face and cheeks. Even more of it was seemingly plastered all over her breast hair and face. He also noticed some red hand marks on her plump ass cheeks. He guess even his perfect mother fucks up sometimes.

“Hey sweetie why don’t you give your mom a good morning kiss.” Katlyn mocked.

Jake hesitated at first, for a second, he thought of defying her here but Katlyn made sure that foolish thoughts like those only last for a second as he decided to get it over with as fast as possible. He swiftly dropped down on his knees and scooted towards his mom. When he was nearly half a foot away, Katlyn ripped her monster cock out of his mom’s throat making a long slurping noise followed by a pop. His mom gasped and coughed for air, now that her gullet was free, but it didn’t last long as Katlyn mostly trained that ‘habit’ out of her

Katlyn rested the beast on Christina’s face letting the pre and spit ooze off onto the poor women below. If the throat bulge that reached far enough to spread his mother breast wasn’t a spectacle to behold. Jake couldn’t help but realize the fact that her cock almost covered half the width of Christina’s face and that Katlyn was easily covering the length of her face with over a third of it hanging over Christina’s face. He couldn’t help but think that the spectacle was absolutely beaut… grotesque.

“It was a horrible sight” he said loudly in his head trying to convince himself.

His mom was stuck kissing the base as the monstrous meat slathered and marinated her face in juices, even the tip was mass producing pre that was dripping onto her back and round ass. All the while Christina never broke contact with it she worshiped that thing like her life depended on it.

“I know it was said in the form of a question but understand… IT WASN’T!! SO GET A MOVE ON!” Katlyn yelled, frightening him.

“Yes daddy” He whimpered in response.

He drew closer using his hands to lift her meat to increase the real-estate of his mother’s face Bostancı Escort so he could proceed. The dick was hot, heavy and slick with a solution of his mother’s spit and Katlyn pre. He found a nice spot with a minimal amount of juices and gave her a quick peck of a kiss there. For only a second Christina broke focus on the dick in front of her to identify what touched her as she refocused at the task at hand.

“Pathetic!! Come on don’t you love her. Here give her one on the lips.” Katlyn mocked as she took hold of her own rod.

Jake hesitated for a moment “I… I do love her… just not as much as I love you.” he said awkwardly.

Christina grinned. “I do love that slick tongue of yours… I guess in both ways, but your previous mishap makes me think you need more training.” She said sadistically as she looked towards the slut under her cock. “Come on slut put on a show for me… maybe I’ll give you a little reward if you do well.”

That was all it took to push the almost robotic nature like mother into action as in a blink of an eye she jumped onto her son. She instantly locked mouths as she shoved her tongue into his mouth. She was being as messy and aggressive as possible, just how Christina likes it, as she wanted nothing more than a ‘reward’ from her master. The saliva and pre transferred from her face to his, as she forced him down onto his back as she hovered over him. He tried to resist but she had him pinned he was merely a sheep to this onslaught. Her tongue probed far and deep trying to spread the taste of her and her master within him.

“Damn! Look at you two sluts. You guys are making me as horny as ever.” She said in a sultry voice as she positioned herself near their asses. “Why don’t you two take RESPONSIBILITY!” She yelled as she drove deep within Christina ass forcing a feral moan out of her.

Katlyn leaned over both of them and planted her hands around their heads. She really wanted to enjoy the situation. She only fucked Christina’s ass and pussy on special occasions, ‘moderation’ she always preached but in reality she just enjoyed torturing Christina with her own desires. On the other hand, she never fucked Jake’s ass before, she was waiting on him to come to her on his own volition but after a few months of breaking in his mother she was getting impatient.

Christina was having the best rolling orgasms of her life as the bulge moved in and out of her body, but Jake was having another dilemma. He was trying his best to not cum to the situation. It wasn’t just the breath taking reality of the situation but Katlyn dick bulge inside Christina was rubbing his own cock, pushing him towards the edge and Katlyn knew it too. It was a good metaphor for their relationship, she was fucking him over through Christina. Katlyn almost laughed at the thought as she continued jerking him off with her dick through his mother’s flesh with a sadistic smile as she began to sweat.

With the fresh cum/pre/spit on his mother face dripping everywhere on his face he had to keep his eyes closed as he focused on his other senses. It was an overwhelming feeling for Jake almost more overwhelming than the orgasms his mother was having but somewhat different. Instead of pure pleasure like his mom was having, his senses simply were overwhelmed with too many factors to think about. The heat emanating from his mother warming his chilled body or to be more specific the searing heat coming from the log of meat that he could feel through her. All the while the cool hard wood floor seemed to absorb the heat away making him crushed in the front by an indomitable heat and his back being absorbed by an infinite cold abyss. The smell didn’t help either, the contrast of perfume covered in who knows how old dried cum covered his mother’s natural scent completely dominating his sense of smell.

Christina eventually gave up on making out with her son as pleasure overcame her, forcing moans and groans out of her. While Jake tried his best to resist making any noise, to resist showing that he was enjoying it, to resist Katlyn but Katlyn wouldn’t have any of that as she drove her two fingers into the side of his mom’s mouth and pulled back arching the mothers back.

“Shut up whore I want to hear him.” She demanded with a hint of both lust and hostility as she smacks her ass for good measure. Christina only whimpered in response. “Good! Not another peep.” She let go of her mouth and Christina covered it with both of her hands to muffle herself, but with no hands to support herself she instantly fell face first around Jakes neck.

Katlyn grabbed her by the hair and push her upper body to Kadıköy Escort the side so she could lock eyes with her other victim below who was trying to hide behind his mother. Katlyn slowed her strokes as she wanted him to enjoy the experience of her fucking his mother into him. She was trying to find more and more ways to force his complete submission and she was sure that this was going to be the final nail in the coffin. Her strokes became slower, longer and more thorough as her face drew closer to his, eagerly awaiting for the first sign of his defeat. Jake averted his eyes trying to think of something else as he clenched his hands. This went on for minutes as he tried his best to not cum, but at the end, like every conflict between them he lost, as he let out a quiet little moan.

“Awww how cuutttee, did you just cum from me fucking this slut.” Katlyn mocked as she grabbed Christina by the hair and hoisted her face in front of his. Jake turned his face in disgust both for enjoying himself and his mother for looking like she had her very first orgasm or that she reached nirvana.

She began talking in-between thrust and grunts with a hint of disdain, “Look at you two sluts… Already cuming without me… After all the work I put in… I’m left unsatisfied…” Christina immediately thanked her in-between her own orgasm as Jake remained silent. It was Jake’s last form of defiance against her, she could take the people he loved, she could take his loved ones, she can take every one of his belongings, she even took his freedom but he refused to give her his gratitude… not yet at least.

“I guess this slut didn’t teach you any manners.” Katlyn said as she smacked his mother’s already well spanked ass. Minutes passed as the room was filled with the sounds of spanking and groaning as she continued going to town on the mom under her making it glow a bright red hue.

“I guess it’s time for you to learn then.” Katlyn said to Jake, a little out of breath as she pushed Christina forward a bit. With this new position each thrust would cause her hefty sack to swing and crash onto his already sizzling ass or his own smaller package effectively spanking him.

Minutes passed as Katlyn began grunting harder and harder, as Christina kept moaning in orgasmic bliss while Jake would occasionally let out a slight pained whimper. All music, to Katlyn’s ears as she felt herself getting close and by the weight of her swings Jake could also tell.

Katlyn let out a simple command before she started cuming, “Share it!” Upon hearing the order his mom locked lips with her son as Katlyn began filling Christina’s guts with her shaft being too thick to let the nut batter escape. Jake could feel the heat of the cum inside his mother through her skin as it pooled in her guts and forced his mother’s stomach to expand slightly. He wasn’t ready for when he felt the scorching heat moved up towards her chest.

Almost a full minute passed and the thick dick juice just kept going further and further through his mother body until he felt it in his own mouth. It surged into him as it surrounded and almost burned his tongue. With most of the cum from his mother face already on his own he open his eyes to see his mothers face in obvious blushed discomfort as some cum started escaping through her nose as more and more of Katlyn cum began flowing into him.

“Why wasn’t it stopping?!” he screamed in his head as he began running out of breath. His eyes began to look around in panic as he noticed Katlyn face to his side staring at him as she was eating up the situation.

She brought her head close to his ear nibbling it a little as she whispered “Futa Fertility Pills.” She began laughing her ass off at his shocked expression as she could honestly possibly keep cuming for minutes if she truly was on it.

He began to sweat and tear up at the lack of oxygen as he continued to focus on swallowing hoping that the stream would soon end. His stomach began to cramp and churn as he was filled as it bulged like his mothers

He thought back about how did he get to this point in his life and he remembered that confession… THE confession that changed everything. That single confession changed his life… it changed everyone’s life, at least everyone he knew. That single day… that day where she confessed to him and he rejected her.

Ok that’s it for now, Sorry been away, didn’t know that when I started writing I wouldn’t be able to enjoy other works that much, a little of a bummer not going to lie. So I stopped writing but that didn’t help so I’m back. Definitely will continue this work but might rewrite it first as I’m not that confident in my writing with such a long break. Also, I’ve received this question a few times so I’ll say this, if yall wanna rehash my stories but like better, go ahead. Just link me it so I can read it too, because I can’t seem to enjoy my own work. See yall in January.

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