She’s in Charge


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“I’m sorry,” I pleaded with her. “I lost track of time after the game.”

April was pissed. I was supposed to meet her friends for the first time last night. We’ve been dating for about two months and I promised her I’d meet her at a local pub where she would be with her friends. I forgot and had a few beers with the boys after my hockey game. By the time I remembered, it was too late.

“You made me look stupid, like I was stood-up by you, asshole!” she yelled.

I began to tell her I would make it up to her, but she cut me off before I could finish.

“You WILL pay for this, you WILL make it up to me!”

Tired of arguing this, I just went along with it. “Of course hun, whatever you want.”

She began giving me instructions that hinted an interesting evening.

“Be at my apartment at 7 sharp, not a minute late. Have a bouquet of flowers for me. Be dressed in your best suit, shirt and tie,” she instructed. “I want you showered, clean-shaven and wear that cologne I love so much. Bring money because you are taking me shopping. Oh, and you must be completely shaved.”

“Yeah, you already said that,” I told her.

“I mean your balls!” she snapped.

“Yes Princess April, anything else?” I asked sarcastically.

“Keep up that attitude, Eddy, it just means more trouble for you and more amusement for me.”

I decided not to fight it anymore and just let her win this battle. I got in the shower, shaved my balls as she ordered. I thought it exciting that she wanted my balls smooth for her. She loved to rub and feel my clean shaven balls while teasing my cock and asshole with her fingers.

Dressed in my new pinstripe suit, I hopped into my Lexus and stopped by a florist and an ATM machine, where I took out $500.

I knocked on her door at 6:59 p.m. She opened the door to find me smiling in my best threads. I found her looking pissed-off and dressed much more casually than I, but still quite sexy. Her short jet black hair was teased and she wore a tight white ‘wife-beater’-style tank-top along with tight black leather pants that appeared to be painted on her. And as she always did, she wore the sexiest shoes imaginable. I stood there stunned and completely at her mercy.

“Get inside,” she ordered, stopping me inside the doorway as she closed the door. “You are to do everything I tell you. You do nothing on your own without my instructions first, understood?”

“Yes April.”

“That’s Mistress April!” she told me in no uncertain terms.

She walked towards her cream-colored leather love-seat and I followed.

“What are you doing?!” she questioned. “I did not tell you to enter. You do NOT move until instructed.”

I apologized and stayed still.

“Get on your hands and knees and crawl to me.”

I followed her orders, hypnotized. It was as if I was her robot, with no control of my thoughts and actions. I was hers, to be ordered, instructed and programmed as she saw fit.

I crawled towards her, bebek escort oblivious of any dust I was getting on the knees of my $1,500 suit. She stopped me by placing her hand on my approaching forehead and pushing back.

“Stand up and pull your pants around your ankles,” she commanded.

I did as instructed and stood there transfixed by her, my rock hard cock at attention. “Play with yourself for me, stroke your cock for me while I enjoy my wine.”

I began sliding my hand up and down my shaft as she sipped at the Merlot she had evidently poured prior to my arrival. She sat there sipping and staring at the blur that was becoming my hand stroking harder and faster. She had an evil grin as she looked into my eyes and told me to turn around and bend over.

I felt a bit self-conscious of my ass being right in her face but any embarrassment quickly ddisappeared as I felt her finger brush my puckered anus. She dug into a small black bag she had sitting on the couch and before I could see what she had removed, I felt warn lube being poured down my ass crack. The anticipation was overwhelming, finally satisfied by the feeling of her finger slowly penetrating me as I continued pumping on my cock.

Her finger slid all the way, slowly at first but increasing with each thrust is both speed and pleasure. She curled her finger and massaged my prostate, causing my cock to drip with precum. My jerking and her finger-fucking matched pace but as she sensed my impending orgasm she stopped and pulled out her finger and made me stop my stroking.

She told me to stay bent over. I saw her go into her bag and remove something that I couldn’t quite see well enough to make out, but within a couple of seconds, I had an idea. She confirmed my suspicion.

“You are to keep this butt-plug inside you until I order you to remove it, understood?” I said yes. It seemed so natural to do so. I had never had anything in me before. She and previous girlfriends had teased me before, but I always stopped them before any kind of penetration. Now, completely at her mercy, she had fucked me with her finger and was now sliding a butt-plug inside me. Luckily, it wasn’t very large or wide and slid in easily as it was not much thicker than her finger which had loosened me up.

I felt my ass suck in the bulb of the plug and moaned loudly as she pressed it into me.

“Now, pull your pants back up and leave the plug in,” she said rising from the sofa. I did as ordered, wondering what she had in store for me next.

She rose and pulled me by the tie as I buckled my belt. As I walked, the plug wreaked havoc with my senses, sending jolts of ecstasy through my body.

We walked out the door and fear began to take hold of me as the thought of going out in public with a plug of my ass set in. Strangely though, this fear was exciting me. The idea of people knowing turned me on immimmensely.

Each step was both agonizing and exhilarating. April watched as my face contorted with contrasting reactions, from grimacing to moaning and breathing with ecstatic pleasure. We got into the elevator and istanbul escort April slid her hand behind my ass, pushing the plug inside me. I moaned with pleasure as the elevator slowed to a halt on the seventh floor. April laughed.

“Looks like we’ll have some company,” she chuckled.

The doors opened to a group of college students, two males and four females. They weren’t especially attractive girls, but it didn’t matter. Having them there just further stirred my cock. April watched me intently as she once again discreetly pushed the plug into me. I couldn’t help my heavy breathing and it was heard by everyone in the elevator, as evident by the abrupt halt to their conversation and the strange looks. April was loving it… and truth be told, so was I.

As we exited the building and headed towards my car, April demanded my car keys. I love my car and never let anyone drive it, but I meekly handed her the keys and after opening and holding her door for her, I went around to the passenger side. As I sat down, I felt the plug push into me. She drove off and I felt every slight bump as the plug sent shivers of ecstasy through me.

I wasn’t sure where we were heading. I just felt the plug and tried to compose myself. April kept talking dirty to me, making it impossible for me to take my mind off what was happening.

“You like that up your ass, don’t you Eddy?” she said with a mismischievousin. “That ass belongs to me, and so do your cock and balls. It’s all mine, YOU are mine and you will do whatever I tell you. Understood?”

“Yes, April,” I replied. With that she squeezed my cock hard sending a jolt of pain and asked if I remembered what her name was. I understood exactly.

“I mean: yes, Mistress April.”

Within a couple of minutes, my Mistress pulled the car into the parking lot of an adult bookstore/sex shop. I followed her orders to enter the store with her, sure to open and hold the doors for her. An older, but attractive clerk welcomed us and asked if she could help us. April didn’t hesitate.

“We’re here to pick up a few items for Eddy,” she said, aggaggressively pointing her finger at me as if she were pointing me out of a police line-up. The clerk, Heather, nodded with such confidence that it seemed as if she could read Mistress April’s mind. Heather lead us first to some leather wear, showing my Goddess some tight leather underwear for me and other items including a leash to wear around my neck and another “that fits around your slave’s cock,” Heather explained. She then showed Mistress April handcuffs, leather masks and other items.

My Mistress was the perfect customer, agreeing to everything Heather showed us by confirming, “Eddy will take it”.

Heather led us to the sex toys. A couple of women were looking at some of the items in the toy section and giggled when my Mistress loudly proclaimed, “We should buy myself a dildo too since you are completely incapable of satisfying me.” I was hot with embarrassment but for some reason enjoyed this public humiliation.

“That’s probably true Ma’am, ” Heather said. “Shall I beyoğlu escort bebeginy telling you about our dildo selection?”

“No,” Mistress April said. “Not yet. First Eddy wants a new butt-plug and we’ll also buy a strap-on for him.”

More giggles followed from Heather and the other customers.

“Thank you Mistress April,” I said in response. This pleased her, I saw, and I was grateful to please her.

With Heather’s assistance, Mistress chose a blue butt-plug, much bigger than the one I was already “holding”.

“Think you’re loosened up enough for this one, Eddy?” she asked while pushing the plug in further. Heather immediately understood, leading me to believe it not very unusual for customers to use their shopping excursion as part of the sexual activity/fantasy. Heather had probably seen it all.

“Which plug does he have in now,?” Heather asked. “Is it one of these we carry?”

My mistress pointed to the same small red one on the display and informed Heather that she had bought it at this same store a few weeks ago, knowing it would be “inevitable” that I would displease her and would require punishment.

My Mistress’ eyes lit up at the strap-on selection and immediately she grabbed one with a seven inch purple dong. I was a source of her amusement and loved every degrading second of it. I couldn’t wait to have my ass filled by her new toys. I graphically informed her of this and she was pleased, but corrected me on one point while grabbing my ass with one hand and my cock with the other: “Eddy, I will no longer tolerate you referring to these as yours. This is MY ass and MY cock & balls. Understood?” I nodded and thanked her again. Once more, Heather didn’t flinch at any of this.

As we took our purchases to the counter to pay for them, my Mistress noticed something else and walked over to get it. She came back with a 18″ pink double dong.

“Eddy, if you please me, I will reward you by sharing this with you so we can fuck ourselves together.” Salivating at the thought, I thanked Mistress April.

I opened up my wallet and went for the cash. Mistress April took the $500 and informed me she needed that money for herself. This was not a request, rather I was told matter-of-factly as if I had just been holding on to money that belonged to her in the first place.

“Pay for these with your credit card so that there will be official record of your purchases at this store,” she instructed. It was further degradation, and I was willing to take whatever she threw my way. I signed the credit card slip and thanked Mistress April and also said thank you to Heather, as I was ordered to so by my Goddess.

On the drive home, I reflected on the day’s events. I had begun my morning as your typical macho jock, now I was a beaten man, controlled by my girlfriend into doing things I would have been disgusted with 24 hours earlier. On this day, something snapped in my head, like a switch from being in complete control of myself to being a pathetic submissive whose sole mission and goal was to please my Mistress at any cost to my masculinity.

It was so sudden a change, it seemed unreal and impossible that this could happen to someone, but regardless of what caused it, I was just grateful it had happened to me. I turned to the beautiful, controlling Goddess driving my $60,000 car with a new-found admiration, love and feeling of worship.

“Thank you Mistress April.”

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