confessions Part 3 taken

confessions Part 3 takenCONFESSIONS Part 3 TAKENDays were passing by; I was teasing Assarudeen when there was a chance. There were quite a few chances of nearly getting caught. Mostly Muthu he was keeping a close eye what was going on. Then one evening everyone was getting ready to go and leaving office while submitting their work to us. The office became quite, me along with sheeba & assarudeen were busy trying to finish our work for the day. Muthu came and told assarudeen to get some files summoned by the auditor since he had to go out to get some tea for the auditor. Assarudeen told me to get them since he had a heavy load to finish. I didn’t think twice and took the piece of paper from muthu and went to the storage room. The storage room is the only room in our office. There is only one window facing the out and usually kept closed. The room is filled with racks. From the entrance a narrow pathway from which racks are kept facing each other. The space between two racks is just enough for one person to go and come out the same way. The file which I was looking out was on the last rack and at the end of it. The rack is around 8 feet tall, since all the racks are full once a person enters a particular section, anyone looking it to the room won’t be able to see if any one was inside, they have to enter the room and look in each section. The file I had to take was on top and I had to climb on rack to reach. I started to climb and searched for the file, I sensed someone coming and before I turned to see, I felt some one grab me from behind. I got startled and lost my footing and fell back. This made easy for the person holding me to grab me more and he had a firm grip over me. I turned and saw it was muthu. I told him to let me go. He told me that he wanted me and started fondling me. Since there were no room and he blocking the way there was not much I can do. I started to fight; I didn’t make any noise since I didn’t want others to know. He on the other hand pushed me to the end to the section, one hand holding me around my waist and the other hand started to press my boobs. He was holding me tightly, pressing and smooch my boobs harshly and I was in pain. I knew I couldn’t free myself and started to plead to let me go and cried that was he is doing is wrong and ruin my married life. He told me that he knew what was going on between me and assarudeen , since I didn’t allow him to do the same he has Taken me now. I heard some footsteps and at once muthu placed his hand that was pressing my boob over my mouth so that I couldn’t make any noise. The auditor was telling assarudeen that he was leaving and asked about me and muthu. Assarudeen replied that I have left and muthu went out side to have tea, at the same time sheeba told the auditor that she has finished her work and leaving. Auditor told assar to sakarya escort close the office as soon as muthu comes and he was also leaving. Usually muthu closes the office and has the key with him so that he can again open it in the morning. I was taken back why assar told a lie to the auditor that I had left. There was silence and muthu was holding me still. A minute must have passed I heard the front office shutter being closed. I thought assar must have thought I really left and saving time so that when muthu arrives he can hand over the key to him and leave. That’s not so I again heard someone coming in to the room. I was facing the closed end to the passage; muthu turned me around along with him. Now I was facing the exit and the person coming will see me with muthu holding me. Muthu took his hand covering my mouth and started inserting it under my salwar and placing it above my bra covered boob. By this time the foot steps of the person became louder and it was of assar. Muthu asked him whether he had locked the shutter, he said yes. Assar took his cell phone and started taking pictures. muthu placed his head behind mine and asked if he is visible in the frame and instructed that while taking pictures he shouldn’t be visible and assar assured that he will take care of it. I got angry at assar and shouted why he is doing this and told that I trusted him. He said that I was a bitch and wanted this. I pleaded them to let me go, all in good time was the reply. Assar kept on taking pictures while muthu started to pull my salwar up and exposing my bra. He then pulled my bra and placed both his hands on either of my boobs and started to smooch. Then assar started to advance near us, he kneeled before me and started to UN do my pants. I stared to kick, muthu brought his right leg before my legs and wedged my legs within his. Assar undid my pants and pulled it down along with my panties and took some more photos. Muthu was smooching my breasts tenderly and started kissing my neck from behind and I was losing control over my body. Assar started to comment on my pussy how well it was shaved, slowly running his fingers above and around my pussy sending shivers down my spine. Assar tried to insert in finger in my pussy, I kept both of my legs together as tight as possible, I didn’t want him to find how wet I was. Assar told muthu to open my legs he inserted one of his legs in between mine made room for the other, inserted his other leg between mine. Then by simply opening his legs he opened mine with ease and now I was spread wide open for asar to explore. Assar inserted one finger and found out how wet and slippery my pussy was and told muthu this bitch is in heat and enjoying. He then inserted another finger making two fingers in my pussy and started finger fucking me. I started to moan loudly escort sakarya and stared to rest over muthu than resisting him, he must have sensed that, in an instant he pulley my salwar top over my head and now I was naked. Assar again wasted no time and took pictures of me naked, he again pushed both of his fingers in to my cunt and started fucking and teasing my g spot with his thumb he started fingering my clit at the same time, taking me to the edge. I was moaning and my body was shivering with pleasure, panting for my breath; assar pulled his fingers and inserted it in to my open mouth. I started licking his fingers and both of them were enjoying this. Assar then removed my pant which was lying on my feet, along with my top he threw them to one corner of the room. He then started licking my pussy, these were all new to me, right from day one of my marriage I haven’t been naked in front of my husband all he used to do is lift my saree or nighty over my hips, climb over me and fuck. I haven’t seen him naked properly, since he doesn’t keep the lights on. Here I am all naked in a store room with two guys one fondling and kissing the other exploring my pussy. I was totally lost, rested my weight on muthu , he was moving his hands all over my body above my waist while assar was licking my pussy and moving his hands over my both legs making me shiver. I spread my legs as far as I could. I started to buckle my hips to meet his tongue, my eyes rolled back and my head turned side just to be kissed my muthu. My first French kiss. Muthu turned my face so that he could kiss me with ease, assar had stopped licking but I was hump ping to find his tongue. He was laughing at this both sensing they had me in control , assar got up and started to remove his pants muthu did the same. Muthu from behind made me to bend he made sure my legs were spread wide and entered me from behind, mean while assar brought his prick before my face I didn’t know what to do. He took my hand and placed it on his prick and started to move back and forth, after a while he removed his hand and I continued. Muthu had inserted his entire length and pullying out slowly. My pussy is tight since my husband has sex with me only three to four times in a year. My pussy started to ooze and muthu picked up the pace. I started to gasp for breath and was moaning loudly. Muthu told assar to shut me up; he got the lead and insterted his prick in to my mouth. It was disgusting, I haven’t seen my husband’s prick properly here I was fucked from behind and another in my mouth. Assar prick tasted a bit salty and a jelly like liquid was oozing out and I started to like it. While muthu inserted assar would pull out and they did the vise versa. They started banging me, my legs were getting weak and I could barely stand, muthu took hold of my hips and sakarya escort bayan started fucking with all his might. My screams were muffled by assar’s cock. They were fucking me for atleast half an hour and I had come twice. I sensed muthu becoming tensed and I could feel his cock getting big and he came filling my pussy with his hot sperm. He then started to slow down and I was now able to feel assar cock in my mouth, he started to pull back and forth his entire length. He told me to lick the tip of his cock which I did, my saliva along with his pre cum formed a perfect lube, he again started to fuck my mouth, he told me to open my mouth wide and I did as told, he took his prick in his hand and started moving his hand furiously he also became stiff while he came. he had a heavy load one landed in to my mouth , next over my fore head the third over my nose and chin, he then placed his cock closer to my mouth and the rest was discharged in to my mouth muthu was taking photos of all this. They just pulled their pants up and adjusted their clothes they hadn’t removed their shirt while fucking. I on the other hand was standing in front of them naked, started to realize what they did to me, cum dripping from my face. Assar brought his fingers over my face wiped, cum and put it in to my mouth further degrading me. Cum was oozing out of my pussy muthu inserted his fingers scooped out what ever and brought it to my mouth I had to lick his fingers clean. I started to break down and started sobbing, they told me to get cleaned up. I went to the toilet and cleaned myself. The toilet is inside the office itself. When I came out muthu was holding my clothes and told to pose for photos if I wanted them. I looked at the clock it about 6.30 pm and I had leave now and and keep my dignity whatever is left. They took close up pictures of me my boobs, pussy, my back they told me to spread my ass and took pictures of my anus, like wise close up of pussy, clit, when satisfied they gave my clothes. While dressing assar was holding his phone must have videotaped while dressing. They then told me that I belonged to them from now. When summoned I should do what is told. That I should understand when told to fetch a file in the evenings like today, I should go in and undress myself and expect assar or muthu or both and please them. If I tell this to any one that they will post these pictures on the net. I didn’t say anything controlled my tears and went home. Once I reached my house took a hot bath, my whole body now started to ache. The pleasure that I felt before changed in to pain and I started crying. My sons must have heard me crying, they started asking what is wrong, I had to tell them something I blamed their father for this, which is also somewhat true. That night I was thinking what to do. I have to continue my job or look for another. Late that night I decided to continue my job and yield to their request. I justified myself that this revenge over my husband for not taking care of us. What happened in my office will be continued in the forth coming parts.

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