Consent 2

Consent 2This story picks up where Consent ends so you might enjoy this more is you read it first.”I will leave you two for now. I am sure you and Celeste have much to talk about. Celeste stay here and take good care of him.””Yes Mistress Karen I will. I have never met a man quite like him before.”The front door shuts and Celeste pulls the sheet from me. I pull her to me and kiss her deeply. She sighs and lays on my chest.”God did this all really happen? I have never been fucked like that before and now Mistress wants a threesome.””Is that OK? Tell me about your Mistress, Karen.””Share you? Gladly, my pussy is sore and throbbing from all the fucking last night. I loved every minute and I’m not so sure my cunt is throbbing from last night or from wanting your cock again.” I feel a tremor run through her body.”So you have a Mistress?” “yes back to Karen, she became my neighbor about five years ago, shortly before my divorce. We became good friends but nothing sexual happened until about three years ago. We were tanning in the sun and we started to talk about the book 50 shades of grey. Which lead to a very personal discussion about sex and life. I was in the kitchen getting us some cold drinks when she came in and put her arm around me.” Celeste laughs, must be something about that island in the kitchen! “Anyway, she asked me if I had ever thought about being with a woman I said yes and told her about one of my roommates in college. She had broken up with her boyfriend and was crying, next thing I knew I woke up naked in her bed and remembered about kissing and touching and licking and sucking and cumming. It lead to a very happy relationship that lasted on and off through college. Then I got married and that was that. Well while I was telling Karen this she began touching me all over and when I finished she kissed me. It had been a long time since I had had sex so I welcomed her to my bed. So our friendship expanded to become sexual and we had sex a lot! One day She puts on this bring black strapon and fucks me silly with it, then she slowly introduced me to bondage and before I knew it I was to call her Mistress or I would be punished. This lead to her controlling my sex life, in fact we had sex right before she showed me your profile.””So I gather she controls your orgasms.” “Usually yes, but that may be changing since I can now open up my sex life to others.””you sure came a lot with me last night.” “Of course Sir, had I acted like that with her she would still be spanking and flogging me! But I hadn’t been with a man in several years, not since my divorce and even before that.”I pull her to me and kiss her. “That was a waste for mankind, which I will be happy to continue to change.” Celeste giggles, “Oh god yes please.””So what kind of Mistress is Karen? Is she into pain, toys, bondage?” “Yes a bit of all of those but she is very sensuous pain is generally for punishment or to enhance a sensuous experience.””Such as…?” “Well she likes to use nipple clamps. Sometimes she releases them during sex and other times she keeps them in place. She likes breast torture too. I am sure she is already thinking of wonderful things to do to YOU.”I pull her next to my naked body and we caress each other. “Haven’t you had enough?” “have YOU?”After a quick orgasm for me and several for Celeste we agree that aksaray escort we won’t get much rest sleeping together so I head home. I get some food, since I had sex for breakfast and brunch. I eat drink lots of fluids and sleep like a petrified log.What is that? Oh my phone. What time is it anyway, 6 oh. I answer my phone, it is an unknown number.”Hello?’ “Hi, this is Karen I hope you don’t mind I got your number from Celeste. Can we talk?””Karen, oh yes sure, or should I call you Mistress?” “Karen is fine. I will see how things go, shall we? Celeste and I talked about you earlier this afternoon. She is head over heels for your cock! We had quite the conversation. I really like that you brought her to orgasm several times before you fucked her.” “Well I certainly found her very sexy and incredible in bed I hope to see her again soon.””Well I would like to see you first if you don’t mind.” “Of course Karen, I…” “Don’t worry about it you will be fucking her lots and lots. I find her a very attractive bed partner too! But for now I would like to get to know you, OK?” “Yes of course, I am looking forward to it!” “have you recovered enough from Celeste to see me tonight? We will take things slowly at first, like a first date.” She laughs, “That is, a NORMAL first date.” I laugh too. “Yes of course Karen when shall we get together?” So we arranged to have her come to my place for the evening. I quickly hop into the shower.A tad early the doorbell rings.”Karen, come in please.” “Thank you. So you own this house, I watched it being built.” “Yes my late wife and I built it although since she died I have made a few changes.” Karen is slightly taller than me, slim with prominent breasts, She is wearing a short black skirt with 4 inch heals, A white shear blouse with no bra and since she is black it is almost like no blouse at all. I run my hand around her petite waist and pull her lips to mine. We kiss briefly.”Well at least you are not shy, an me being Celeste’s Mistress doesn’t seem to slow you down.”I laugh, “Yes thanks, but you said a normal first date.” “Yes I did didn’t I. Do you have any experience with BDSM?” “Yes actually. Please come in and sit and we can talk about it.”We sit apart at first and I give her a glass of wine.”Karen, BDSM yes, I have enjoyed the lifestyle for about seven years.” “Oh good, you are not a newbee.” “No not new but that always means retraining and breaking of habits.” “So you DO know, very good! What is your experience with different roles?” ”I started as a switch with a play partner and enjoyed her thoroughly we explored everything and each other thoroughly. I had some experiences with pro Mistresses including wax, nipple torture, ball torture, anal, bondage, caning I enjoyed it all.” “Even the caning? Tell me about that.” “Most of this was with a very experienced and expensive domme. It was one of the first things she did to me. She put leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles and attached them to a rack like device holding me tight so that my ass was totally exposed, then she hit me hard with a large diameter cane. The first was unexpected but ok, by the third my tells were saying stop but I did not say red or even yellow. I learned later, when I become a dom, that she was looking for my pain tolerance and my tells.””So you moved from a switch to a dom, that escort aksaray is somewhat common. Did you have sex with the pro dommes?””Yes a dom and also a bull for a short time. As far as sex goes, not with the pros.””Other than the pros have you had sex with your BDSM partners?” “Yes, all of them as exploring sex is part of my desire and need as a dom, a switch, as a man.” “Has this ever lead to multiple partners or bisexual experiences?” “No, no multiple partners or bisexual experience or real desires although I like anal both giving and receiving. And you?””Well you know that I am bisexual and looking forward to a threesome with you and Celeste. I have been in multiple partners before and enjoyed it immensely. And I understand that you have not enjoyed a black woman before, have you been enjoying the view?” “Yes, never before, I wanted too but never met the right woman, and yes you are a very sexy woman.” “Are you arroused?” “Ah yes.” “Good, so am I, so please come over here next to me on the couch, though be warned I do bite and scratch.” “Oh good.” I reply as I move next to her on the couch. We kiss and hold each other. “before we go too far, as an older gentleman, do you have any health issues I should know? Any pulled muscles from Celeste’s session?” “No I am health and fine from last night too, but what are your limits Karen? Is anal good?” “I am glad that you are health, and don’t worry about my limits tonight, and my ass is definitely not cherry, so feel free I enjoy anal both giving and receiving too. Oh and at least tonight and unless I ask for a different situation, we are both equals, so sometimes I will take the lead and other times you lead, OK?” “Yes.”I pull her against my shoulder and kiss her deeply and hard. Karen moans softly and I move my hands to her breasts and her tongue slides deeply into my throat and her hands explore the zipper in my slacks. I unbutton her blouse as her fingers enter my slacks The contrast of her dark skin and nipples is very sexy with my white hands, She has a slightly different scent but that could just be her perfume. I actually find it quite arousing as if it is a constant reminder that I am having sex with a woman of a different race.Karen pulls my slacks and shorts down to my ankles and captures my erection in her mouth. Her saliva actually burns the head of my cock a bit, raw from Celeste probably her tongue, then she sucks! I slide my hand up her skirt and find her very wet and hot pussy, no panties in my way. I thrust two finger into her wetness, her lips swollen with her arousal. She is ready. I scoot my head between her legs her skirt d****s over my head as I pull her down to meet my lips. She pulls her hips back up, resisting. Well no problem I just bring my lips up to her and suck her clit hard, her hips lower me back onto the couch. I finger fuck her hard and attack her clit. My free hand teases her ass. Suddenly she comes off my cock and begins loudly moaning. Karen’s back arches as I finger fuck her hard, suddenly her hips go wild and I have a hard time staying with her, but I do as she cums once, twice, the collapses on top of me. “Oh you are good, please take me to your bed whenever you wish Sir. My cunt wants your cock deep and very hard!” She stands and I pull her skirt off her sexy hips. She rips my shirt off, fortunately aksaray escort bayan they are snaps not buttons. I kiss her deeply and take her hand and lead her into my bedroom.A four poster bed awaits her with an upper structure from witch several straps hang. On the nightstand are several clamps and cuffs.”Oh my you are really ready for a fun night!” She inspects my toys and approves. “So are these for you or me?” “Please use whatever you like. You know that I will but I will start right here” I roughly pull her bare hips to mine and kiss her deeply and hard. Her breast flatten against my chest and my cock is trapped throbbing between our hips. She returns the hard kiss and adjust my cock so that it throbs against her clit. I kiss down her neck and cup her breast with my hand. My free hand holding her tightly against me. I lay her on the bed and kiss her softly, my tongue slowly teasing hers as my penis enters her dripping pussy. I feel her react to the sudden intrusion. I hold my cock inside her motionless as I break the kiss to give her a chance to react. She spreads her legs farther apart. “Deep, deeper, fuck me deep dear.” Her voice is deeper, more sultry, I begin to thrust into her, She raises her legs and I put them over my shoulders so I can get deeper. She starts to groan loudly again. She rocks her hips as we fuck grinding us together her hands on my hips and ass. I thrust particularly hard and she explodes rocking and thrashing beneath me I keep fucking her hard and her orgasm continues, She gasps loudly then begins to rock her hips against mine again, a finger starts to play with my asshole. I thrust hard again lifting her hips off the sheets and her finger enters my ass at the same time. She smothers me with kisses and twists my nipple. I can’t hold back from this sensuous onslaught and I pump my hot load into her cunt. We are both moaning and groaning as we collapse onto the sheets. I slide onto the bed next to her, we pull each other close and kiss. Her arm and leg pull me close, her cunt against my pussy.. Slowly our breathing starts to slow.”Mmmm, that was very nice Sir, you held back nicely but I cheated. I asked Celeste what would make you cum. I added the anal penetration just for fun.” “Mmm yes Karen that was fun indeed!” “glad you enjoyed that, and more to cum so to speak.” We both laugh as we lay together in my bed. “So do you like fucking my black pussy?” “oh yes indeed Karen there are some slight differences, but I am not sure if that is the girl or something else. But I love the color contrast of our skin.” “I know what you mean. I have fucked several white guys and they always comment on the color contrast.””I should be going.” “Already, it is early yet.”” But you Sir need your rest as I have very hot plans for you soon.”Karen gathers her clothes and takes a quick shower then dresses. She comes to me and we hold each other. “Sir would you like an open relationship with me too, like with Celeste?” “yes very much!” “I know you wanted more tonight, and so did I but tonight was an audition of sorts.” “An audition?” “Yes for you to be my male fuck toy, and you passed. Later we will see what other roles you can play, fuck toy, slut, pain slut, play and pain partner. With you we might even invent something new.” with that she opens the door and leaves. I go back to the bathroom and shower and think about what Karen had said. I think I see how Celeste and Karen’s relationship evolved from sexual to BDSM. Wow two pussys to keep happy now! Can I keep them both happy in bed at the same time? I can hardly wait to try.

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