Craig Takes Over Ch. 03


This is a continuation of the first 2 chapters. It has been a while but I wanted to keep going with this story from the response it received. It is a bit of a cliché for an interracial story but if you love a story about a huge black man fucking some sexy suburban white women then this story is for you. This story can be read stand alone but it is better understood after reading chapters 1 & 2. I am starting my chapter 4 so any and all feedback would be great. Hope you enjoy, I think this is a hot one!


Over the next few weeks Craig’s time away from work was spent at Shelby’s or Olivia’s house. Being around Craig and his dominance made the two sexy woman naturally submissive around him. During these few weeks they have become more and more open to anything Craig wanted to do and they were thoroughly enjoying the animalistic, wild, slutty sex they had with the huge black man. Shelby used the time that her husband was away to be with Craig while Olivia was able to enjoy Craig a bit more than her best friend due to her single lifestyle. The two sexy suburban snowbunnies fucked Craig individually and together at times over this time period. Craig had truly brought the slut out in the both of them and they did just about anything for him. Shelby never felt guilty during this whole time but was worried about getting caught and on this fateful day, everything changed for her.

It was Saturday morning and Shelby’s parents had agreed to keep her son for the weekend, so that she and her husband, Stu, could spend time together.

Stu woke her up around 9am as he raced through the bedroom packing a luggage bag. Shelby woke up from all the ruckus, “what are you doing honey?”

“The boss just called me, I have to fly out in a few hours. Someone else backed out of this business meeting.” Stu said as he was tossing clothes in his suitcase.

Shelby folded her arms, “but we were supposed to go shopping today Stu! You know what? Whatever!!!” Shelby got up, checked her phone, and stormed out of the room downstairs to start a pot of coffee. As she walked downstairs she saw a video message from Olivia. It was her and Craig, well kinda. It was her and Craig’s huge black cock on the screen.

She was on her knees and from the angle she could tell that Craig was holding her phone. She took a seat at the dining table but before she started the video Stu ran downstairs, “baby I am so sorry. I’ll make it up to you I promise. I have to go but I love you.” Stu kissed her on the cheek and headed towards the door.

“I love you too” Shelby said casually as Stu left. ‘Well alone as usual.’ Shelby thought to herself as her coffee cup finished. She took a sip and started the video she got from Olivia.

Olivia was on her knees playing with Craig’s cock and he was hanging limp but still at least 8 inches and very fat. Olivia squirted some oil on his cock and stroked it in and it grew just a bit. She then pulled a big gold ring out from her sports bra and looked into the camera, “look what I got our friend!” She then put the ring on Craig around his monstrous black cock and his big lemon sized balls. During the next minute of the video she sucked on the huge mushroom head of his cock while she stroked it with both hands. She could hear Craig breathing heavier as he cock grew and grew.

Shelby’s eyes widened, “Oh my God! It looks even bigger than before!” Craig’s cock got harder and harder and in fact it was bigger than it had been before. Olivia was moaning as she sucked him harder and deeper before pulling off making a loud pop noise.

Olivia let go of his cock and it looked to be pointing up slightly instead of jutting straight out like it normally does. It also looked a bit thicker and longer while it displayed more veins than usual looking harder than ever. “Mmmm look at how fucking massive it is girl! I’m gonna test this thing out, see ya tomorrow boo!” Olivia blew a kiss and Craig turned the video off.

Shelby sat her dining table in her night gown shocked and turned on at what she just saw. She knew Craig was easily the biggest man she’d ever seen and now his cock was even bigger with the help of the cock ring. She texted her best friend back, “Girl, I just saw this. Come over, Stu just left.”

Shelby went upstairs and put on some yoga pants and a sports bra, brushed her teeth, and pulled her hair into a ponytail. She came back downstairs and put on a yoga video and started her workout. As her workout was ending the doorbell rang. “Come on in! It’s open!” Shelby yelled as she was in mid yoga pose.

Olivia came in and got an eye full of Shelby’s thick ass, “Daaaamn girl!” Olives bounced into the living room wearing a pink sundress that hugged her curves and playfully slapped her best friend’s ass then sat on the couch.

The video ended and Shelby turned it off. “Hey Liv! That video?! Was it just me or was his cock really bigger than normal?”

Liv giggled, “Yes, Shelby it was! I can tell he liked it a lot too! I know I sure did, my God!”

“Well Stu got called out gaziantep escort on business and will be gone. Want to have some fun?!” Shelby asked Olivia.

“Now you know I do!!” Olivia jumped up and said “hey do you mind if I get some coffee?”

“Not at all! I’ll text our friend!” Shelby grabbed her phone and sent a text to Craig.


Craig had gotten home late last night from his night with Olivia around 3am after 4 hours or so of fucking her brains out with the new cock ring she bought him. His huge muscular black body laid in his king sized bed taking up all the space on the mattress sound asleep. The sun was shining into the room on him and he had the sheets pulled up barely covering his abs while his cock was hard and forming a huge tent in the sheet. It was now about 10:30am and his phone went off waking him up. He groaned and slowly opened his eyes as he reached for his phone. He picked it up and saw the message from Shelby. It was a selfie of Shelby topless with just her yoga pants on cupping one of her big juicy tits while biting her lip at the camera. The text that was sent with the picture read ‘I see you got a new toy, I need you over here now.’ Craig grinned and shook his head as he thought to himself ‘these ho’s can’t get enough.’

Craig texted back ‘be ready slut. I’ll be over soon.’ Craig then looked up and realized he had morning wood but this morning he was harder than normal and it was showing in the large tent his cock pitched in his sheet. He pulled back the comforter and precum had soaked the spot where the head of his massive cock met the sheet. “Fuck, Olivia and this damn cock ring.” He then grabbed his phone and sent a picture of the ‘dick tent’ his sheets formed and sent it to Shelby.


Olivia had come back around the corner from the kitchen taking a sip of her coffee and caught Shelby in the middle of taking a selfie with her sports bra on the floor. “Well I’m sure he’ll be soon!” Olivia smiled at Shelby.

Shelby laughed, “Girl! After seeing how big that cock was I need to have it. Plus, Stu was supposed to take me shopping but he had to work again!”

“Sorry hun but forget him. You have Craig on the way.” Olivia said as she sipped her coffee.

“You not sticking around?!” Shelby asked her friend.

“Oh of course I am! How could I not?! I was just saying, fuck Stu.” Olivia laughed again.

Shelby’s phone buzzed and she picked it up and opened the message and it was a picture of Craig’s cock under the sheet making a large tent and the tip was soaked. “Mmmm fuck! He’s so fucking huge I swear!”

“Whoa! Lemme see Shelbs!!” Olivia jumped up and looked at the pic. “Holy fuck! You can’t even see it but that’s a great picture. Look at all the precum! Now that’s morning wood!”

“Damn I didn’t even realize it was all precum. That’s a lot!” Shelby quickly typed a text back ‘Omg that’s so hot. Move the sheet please!”

Before she sent the text she looked at Olivia, “Take this selfie with me for him.”

Olivia quickly took her sundress off and showed she was fully nude. “Gosh Liv! Now I’m underdressed. Let me join you.” Shelby then took her yoga pants off and the two hot curvy white woman posed together sticking their asses out as they looked into the camera and Shelby snapped a pic and sent that along with the message to Craig.


Craig sat up on the edge of the bed and grabbed a blunt he already rolled and a lighter. He looked down and his monster black cock was rock hard, throbbing, as if it was straining and the gold ring was wrapped tightly around the base of his cock. He lit the blunt and took a long slow drag then his phone went off again.

He picked it up and opened up the new message from Olivia as he took another long hit of the blunt. It was a picture of Olivia and Shelby with their asses poked out with the message asking him to move the sheet. He grinned and took another hit then laid the blunt in the ashtray. He aimed his phone down at his cock and started a video. The light coming in through the window made it very visible and he started to flex his cock making it bounce up and down as a bit of precum formed at the tip. He used his other hand and gripped the base tight and pulled his hand up to the tip making his precum gush out. Then he worked his hand back down using the precum as lube back down to the base. He repeated this same long, slow, deliberate motion about a dozen times then let go of his hard cock and ended the video. He hit send, grabbed his blunt and lit it again taking another long drag.


Olivia and Shelby were sitting next to each on the couch. Olivia drank most of her coffee then sat it down on the table, “Now I can’t wait til he gets here. We need to drink!”

Shelby sat up on the couch, “hmm well since I don’t have plans at all today, shots?!”

Olivia laughed, “I’m free today, sure why not?!”

*buzz* Shelby’s phone went off and it konya escort was another message from Craig. She picked up her phone and opened the message. She saw it was a video and pressed play. Her and Olivia watched as it started with Craig sitting up and his cock rock hard between his legs with the cock fitting snug at the base. “Oh my God, he never took it off!” Olivia said as they watched Craig stroke his giant fuck stick.

As precum gushed out of the tip the girls gasped and Shelby said, “his precum is more than Stu’s loads! This man is a god!” They watched intensely until the video ended.

“He knows what he’s doing and it’s fucking working.” Olivia moaned. “Girl, go get those drinks!”

“Oh my God! Ok ok girl!” Shelby stood up and went to the kitchen and grabbed the bottle of tequila and 2 shot glasses for the both of them. She came back and Olivia was sitting there watching the video again while she rubbed her clit.

“Couldn’t wait could you?!” Shelby said as she walked in and sat down on the couch again. She put the shot glasses on the table and poured them a shot each.

“He needs to hurry up!” Olivia said as she sat back up and grabbed her shot glass and quickly took the shot and Shelby followed.

“Ooo let’s do another!” Shelby said as she felt her body warm up from the first shot. She poured another for them both and they quickly took it.

Olivia grabbed Shelby’s phone and opened up Craig’s messages. “Ugh where is he?!” She typed ‘Where are you?!’ And sent the text.

Shelby laughed at Olivia, “Calm down you little slut! You know he’ll be here soon. Come on. Couple more shots.”

“Gosh. Okay fine!” Olivia giggled.

The two naked women drank and talked about their recent experiences with Craig. As they talked about their new big friend they laughed and enjoyed each other’s stories. They became more drunk and horny as they kept going and waited for Craig to arrive.

*buzz* Shelby picked her phone and opened the new message from Craig ‘on my way’ and read it to Olivia.

“Damn girl we are hooked. I just can’t get enough. I’m such a slut for him” Olivia explained after going back and forth about him with Shelby.

Shelby agreed, “Yeah, me too! He’s just so fucking good. Now look at us. Sitting here naked and drunk waiting for this stud to come fuck us.”

“I know right! Fuck it! I’m sure plenty of girls would kill to be fucked like he fucks us.” Olivia said back.


Craig finished up smoking his blunt and was feeling really good. He was still hard as steel when he stood up but wanted to hurry up knowing he had both Shelby and Olivia waiting on him. Being such a hot day he quickly put on some grey sweat shorts and some Nike slides.

*buzz* Craig grabs his phone off the dresser and saw the text from Shelby asking where he was. He texted back ‘on my way’. He opened his drawer and grabbed a few blunts and put them in his pocket followed by a lighter. “Might as well, sounds like I’ll be there a while.” He said to himself. Figuring he wouldn’t need a shirt and since it was a 10 minute drive he grabbed his keys and headed out the door.

He got in his car and drove out of his driveway and down the road. 10 minutes later he pulls up and parks in front of the house. He steps out of the car, closing the door behind him, and walks up to Shelby’s door.

*Knock Knock* Craig knocked then turned the doorknob letting himself in.

When he opened the door Olivia and Shelby looked up at him, “It’s about time you got here!” Olivia said as she stood up and walked over to him. “Holy shit! Are you still hard from earlier?!”

Craig chuckled, “it’s this damn ring you got me girl. Hell yeah, I’ve been hard since I woke up. I see you too started the party without me!”

All 3 of them looked at the half bottle of tequila and laughed out loud.

“Now it’s time to fuckin party ladies!” Craig took the blunts of his shorts and handed them to Olivia then took his shorts off letting his huge cock spring free as he kicked his slides off and stepped out of his shorts.

“Mmm come over here Craig!” Shelby exclaimed as she patted the seat on the couch next to her.

Craig walked over and took a seat and Olivia followed him and sat next to him. Craig put his arms along the back of couch and his cock stood up like a flag pole jutting from his lap. “So I take it hubby is gone for the day Shelby?” He asked as he took the blunts from Olivia and lit one of them.

As Craig took a long drag the two ladies looked up at him and watched him smoke. “Well?”

“Oh sorry, yes he’s gone probably all weekend but to hell with him” Shelby replies.

“They’ve been having issues Craig” Olivia chimed in.

Craig took another drag and passed the blunt to Shelby, “doesn’t matter anyways, does it?”

Shelby shook her head and took a hit of the blunt. Having not smoked weed since college she didn’t want to let Craig down so she took a strong hit and started coughing hard. kayseri escort “Haha slow down girl.” Craig said and took the blunt from her and gave it to Olivia.

Olivia took a strong hit like a champ being a bit more experienced than Shelby. Craig picked up the bottle of tequila, “where’s my glass ladies?!”

Olivia took another hit and passed it to Craig, “You took too damn long. You know we’re waiting on you and this big ass dick!”

She grabbed his cock while he smoked the blunt.

Craig passed the weed filled cigar to Shelby, “Sounds like you couldn’t wait. Could you slut?!” Craig reached around her and grabbed her waist pulling her up on her knees beside him. “Show me how much you missed me then girl.” He spanked her ass.

Olivia moaned and tightened her grip on his cock. Her little hand didn’t fit around it massive cock but she held it tight and lowered her head wrapping her thick luscious lips around the tip. Craig took a big gulp fro the bottle then slammed it down on the table. “You too slut. Show me who’s your daddy” Craig then grabbed the blunt from Shelby and sat her on her knees like he did Olivia.

Craig sat on the big couch between the two best friends while they were on their knees next to him. Olivia was bobbing her head on his cock while Shelby had lowered her head and started licking and sucking his balls. “Now we are talking girls! Work that big ass dick and no hands dammit!” He smacked Olivia’s ass hard making her squeal and move her hand off his cock. Olivia really started to work his cock sucking deeper and deeper starting to choke and gag on it. Saliva rolled down his massive jet black cock in streams. Shelby continued to suck on his big plum sized balls one at time and caught the saliva running down his shaft. She lifted her head and licked along this long veiny shaft slurping up the spit. Craig smoked the blunt until it was gone then grabbed the bottle again taking another big gulp. He slapped them both on the ass playfully but hard enough for them to hear the clap. “Down on your knees girls”

Both Shelby and Olivia got on their knees between the big outstretched legs of Craig. “How do you like this cock ring Craig?” Shelby asked.

“I’m getting used to it but it keeps me harder than ever” Craig replied.

“It looks even bigger!” Shelby said as she grabbed it and playfully waved it back and forth.

“Thank your friend here. Wanna know how big?” Craig asked. Craig knew he was over a foot long but hadn’t measured in a while and he knew the cock ring was making him swell up more than normal so he was a bit curious himself.

“Hell yeah I do. Should we measure it?” Shelby asked while staring at his cock.

“Oh my god, yes we should! Olivia interjected.

Shelby got up and grabbed a tape measurer. While she was away, Olivia grabbed Craig’s cock with both hands and started stroking it. She leaned in and started licking and sucking his balls. She licked and slurped and sucked on them while she pumped his cock hard. She heard Craig moan and ran her tongue up his long shaft before shoving her head down on it hard and deep burying over half of his huge cock in her mouth.

Shelby walked back with a tailor’s tape measure she had. When she walked back into the room she saw her friend choking on Craig’s big black cock, “Well damn Liv!”

Olivia yanked her head back gasping a bit and drooling from the mouth. She looked up at Craig and saw his cock was hard as ever with her saliva glazed all over it. Craig laughed at Shelby’s reaction and said, “you know you sluts can’t get enough of this!” He grabbed his cock by the base and slapped it in the palm of his other hand harder than necessary making a loud deep clap noise. As he leaned back into the couch his big hard cock stood straight up looking menacingly hard.

“Let’s see what we have here.” Shelby sat on the couch next to Craig and started the tape measurer at the base of his cock. Olivia held it in place while Shelby rolled the tape measurer out slowly.

Shelby started to count, “8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13… 14!” A full 14 inches. Bigger than all 3 expected.

“Thanks Shelby but enough of this shit ladies. Be some good girls and suck this 14 inch dick.” Craig took the tape measure from the girls and tossed it away. Shelby got back on her knees joining Olivia. Craig grabbed a blunt and lit it as he sat back on the couch and watched his girls work his cock.

Olivia and Shelby wasted no time and started lick, suck, spit, and slurp all over Craig’s monster black meat. They slid their lips up and down his shaft together then Shelby took the top slowly taking the head into her mouth before working up speed bobbing her head up and down. Craig palmed the back of her head pushing her down hard making her take most of the cock down her throat as Olivia tongued his balls. Craig let Shelby up for air and then Olivia came up to the head and Craig pushed her head down also making her choke too. He yanked her off by her hair and she grabbed his cock and pumped it hard.

Still smoking the blunt Craig stood up with Shelby still attached to his ball sac he grabbed his big heavy cock and slapped it on Olivia’s face before putting it back in her mouth. He grabbed Shelby by the head and guided her to his ass and pushed her face in it. Shelby positioned herself behind him so she could do what he wanted her to do, eat his ass.

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