CRUISE CONTINUES CABIN 825THE CRUISE CONTINUESIt was early afternoon on the second day of the cruise, we were at sea all day and I hadn’t seen Helen all day. She wasn’t at breakfast when I was there so I again went to the Promenade deck to look at the sea slipping under the ship. It was beautiful.Out of the corner of my eye I saw her walking toward me dressed in a tight fitting blue sundress. WOW! My penis triggered the beginning of an erection. It didn’t take much at this stage of our playing for sure.She and I walked toward each other slowly. I took her in my arms, trembling a little in anticipation but as she snuggled her body inside my receptive arms and her arms went over my back, I soon relaxed to her touch. I held her close to my body, looked down at her.  Her lips were turned up to me as I said, “You’re really here, baby.”“Yes!”  She breathed.“Where’s the old man?” I questioned her for the last time.“Oh! He’s getting drunk probably.”  She looked at me very deeply her breath catching in her throat.“How about some more pussy?” I begged as my lips lowered to hers. She smiled up at me.“He’s gone to the pool bar on the top deck! And I really don’t care what he does at this point!”  She sighed as my lips found hers. She responded immediately by standing on her tiptoes to reach me.“825? I took my birth control this morning!” She whispered looking quizzically into my eyes.We turned and headed for the elevator, hand in hand. Locked in a passionate kiss we held each other standing in the center of the cabin. My hands cupped her little bustled shaped ass and pulled her close to my growing cock. Her head was thrown back a little to give me access to her soft open mouth as our tongues touched inside our mouths.  She groaned under my touch, my mouth uttered soft sounds inside our mouths as we gently caressed our bodies at the same time and felt our shared exchange intensely in the bounds of our beings.“Oh! Jarl! I need you in me.” I released my embrace, backed away from her a little, and unbuttoned the white buttons on her blue outfit slowly, returning to her lips as I opened the last one. Her dress dropped to the floor around her feet. My hands circled her waist again feeling the soft delicate skin. Released her bra and she let it drop off revealing her beautiful ample breasts.  I arched my back, took her left breast in my hand, placed my lips on the nipple, and sucked it hard while I directed my other hand to her belly above the G-String she was wearing and gently caressed her belly. While sucking her nipple, I ran my hand into her G- String and removed it from over her thighs, revealing her wet naked fur sheltered knoll, then let it drop on top of her blue dress. Her breath was coming in slow deep cadence, my breathing 1xbet yeni giriş grew deeper. Lips on her upright nipples, finger found the slit between her legs. Wet – so wet, I fingered it gently up and down the slit.  I heard her moan softly, catching her breath as I slowly opened her pussy lips with my finger. I started kissing her breast going down her belly, slowly toward her prize between her legs. She opened them slightly as my mouth found her fur covered mound and licked toward her slit. On my knees now in front of her, my tongue found the dripping slit and sucked her tenderly. This opened her passion immediately and she grasped the back of my head and pulled my mouth to her deeper into her crotch. I responded by sucking more intently draining her love juice into my mouth. Wet sounds as I sucked her, sucking the hard clit between my lips, then I stood up, grasped her lithe body in both arms, walked toward the bed with her clasping me close, holding me tight. We kissed deeply as I carried her the few steps to the bed. She could taste her pussy on my lips as we kissed. As I walked with her in my arms I cupped her ass and held her to me. Laid her down gently in front of me on the bed, I looked down as she scooted toward the center of the bed; I watched as she found her dripping pussy and started fingering herself while she gazed at me as I dropped my shorts and T-Shirt to the floor and keep an eye on my cock as it enlarge to full length in front of her. She reached for it as I balanced myself over her. My chest is covered with chest hair, my cock is surrounded with thick dark hair and my 7-inch by 2.5-inch diameter tool stands arched and erect for her. I looked intently into her eyes that are half closed now, and then slowly lowered my body on hers, circling her body with my arms under her back and ass and lifting her body completely off the bed under me. “It’s time, Baby!!” I gasped“Yes!!” She sighed under me, “Do it! “OH! Do it now.”“Put it where you want it, sweetheart.” I lifted my body from off her slightly, and with that I felt her gentle hands clasp its length; slip it gently toward her slit. The flanged head poised there for an instant – she removed her hand from my stiff, gnarled, veined tool and pushed her hands into the sheets, grasping them, her head back a little. I kissed her deep, covering her mouth completely. I pressed my thighs toward her gently; I felt the throbbing head breach her sphincter muscle gaining admission into her aperture. “Oh Jarl! GOD!” She gasped, “OH! Baby!!”“Yes – Baby! He’ll never miss this!””She lifted her chin, rotated her head backwards and yelped as the plump throbbing head separated the wet aperture and sought comfort inside. “UUUGGGhh! GOD NO!! 1xbet giriş AHHHH!”“Oh God!”  I gasped, as her vagina instantaneously enclosed my penis tightly.“OOOOOHHH!! Baby! God that’s so good.” she shrieked, “OH! Your cock’s so good.”“Now – Baby! Now!” I lowered my cock a little deeper.“Ahhhh! OH! Fill me!” She gasped, “So good – Damn!”“More?  Want more, baby??” I whispered.“More!!  Ahhhh yes!”“Deeper?”  Pushed in more.“God Yes!”“Deeper?  Deeper?  More?  OHHHH, Baby!”“More?” she whimpered, “Give me all you got!”“Deeper!!  Deeper!” I whimpered as I felt my thighs leisurely plunged my cock deep inside her craving vagina.  Stroking some more, feeling the full length of my hard cock inside in a few seconds, with her climbing to an orgasm as I reached the full depth inside her.  I felt her little pussy responding gradually, rising to an apex, then clasping my hard cock in its confines as she sighed out loud,“MY GOD!  OH Jarl  – OH JARL  – OH JARL!! That’s it baby! That’s it – OH! Fuck me!”  And I knew she was having an orgasm under me as her body heaved repeatedly under my actions. She grasped the sheets tight, humped up to meet my buried cock, my hand under her buttock felt where my cock was buried inside her, the love liquid flowing out of her, abundantly moistening my fingers circling her pussy full of my cock. The lips of her vagina were bulged out straining to accommodate my copious tool. I continued pumping inside her while she cried out her pent up inhibitions.  Stroking – stroking – stroking – full length inside her  – not stopping – stroking. “Get it baby!!  Get it for me!! Do it – Do it.  Let it all go baby – I’m yours. Feel my cock baby!”“Ohhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh- YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!” She screamed feeling it rushing in and out of her intensely. Her breathing was labored – heavy – my breath was hard and even.  I kissed her neck while she vibrated under me.  She was having a very intense orgasm for me and I loved it. Humping – humping – humping. Not stopping for a second. Our sweating bodies slapped together, the bed reverberating under our motions. Wet pussy – hard cock slipping in and out of her.  Wet sounds as my cock slithered in and out without stopping. She was receiving it freely; legs open and humping up to encounter my deep heaves. Harder and harder. Her breath came in hesitating soft moans now.  “Oh – Oh – Oh!” Her legs outstretched, her feet high in the air above us. Wide open – panting – whimpering – moaning loud.“Ahhhh Ahhhhh Ahhhh” I grunted as my slimy cock massaged her harder and harder.“Oh! Jarl!” She shrieked. Dripping her love juice to the bed over my fingers pushing up into her ass.  Finger inside her anus. Deeper – fingering her. She yelped as I continued my thumping inside her.“OH! 1xbet güvenilirmi Baby!!”“Want more baby! Like this baby?” I whined.“I love it! Yes – Don’t stop.  More – more – more.” She screamed out another orgasm in my ear. I kissed her again then moved my kiss to her neck while she trembled under me. Sweat pouring off us now. Cool air on my back – I felt her legs wrapped tightly around my back. I removed my arms from under her, and then wrapped my arms around her knees, pulling her legs back to her chest. Through her knees holding them back hard against her chest. Humping some more, she was wild now, Felt her little pussy clinch around my shaft. I knew this was it – no turning back now My cock felt the rush of semen down the tube inside my tool, throbbed hard and voided my semen deep inside her convulsing love tunnel.“Here it is – Baby here it is. Take it!!” Love liquid saturated the depths of her pussy forcing the surplus out around my sheltered cock and we heard a squirting sound as it oozed out to the sheets.“Oh shit! Never – never – never had it like that!” She whimpered. “Liked that?” I smiled at her.“Oh! God yes, Baby!”Resting, still with my cock in her, I released her legs back to the bed on each side of my legs. Still buried deep inside now.  We drifted off to a few minutes of total serenity. Semen dripping out of her ravaged vagina my slimy cock completely drained into her. Soft breathing now lying on top of her satiated body.She moved a little under me, letting out a sigh and kissing me on my neck.“I love the feel of you squirting in me!” She whispered.“You know I’m loaded, don’t you?”“I hope so.” She giggled.I laughed in her ear, pulled my cock back up a little then pushed it back in full length, she recoiled from the pressure and grunted,“AHHH! YES!”“Like that?” I whispered.“More.”“Want some more?”“Come on! Show me what you got, baby!”I briskly pistoned in and out of her, Helen was panting and crying, moaning and wiggling under me as I reciprocated in and out violently without stopping. Pussy getting pounded, she screamed in passion,“GOOOOODDDD DAAMMMNNNN – OHHHH! Ohhh!” She cried.“Hurting?” I screamed.“NOOO! NOOOO!”Not relenting at all for what seemed like minutes until my load again shot into her. Dripping pussy, cock throbbing relentlessly – semen shooting out into her waiting rosy tunnel. We collapsed again. Damn – Two in a row. She really takes all I can give her and more. “Her husband may start missing some of this.” I thought to myself. I was going to wear it out, I thought.At dinner that evening, she and her husband sat next to me and she and I stole glances back and forth but visited like nothing was going on. Of Course, her husband was dinking like a fish. After dinner I looked at her and said, “Going to the show. Anyone want to go with me?” She just smiled at me, and I saw her mouth the words “825!” and I walked out of the dining hall toward the theater.IF YOU LIKE MY STORY – I HAVE A LOT MORE WRITE ME – [email protected]

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