Cum Inside: A Family Story

Female Ejaculation

All characters depicted in this story are above the age of 18.

All characters are fictitious but some parts of this story are derived from real life experiences from other people.


It took me a while to understand that my sister was actually an internet sensation. Way longer than everyone else. Mom didn’t want me to know. They all hid it from me. Maybe Mom didn’t want the Christian town we leaved in to know she had raised a pornstar.

When my single mom got frustrated, she would usually go out drinking with her friends on the town and return home all fucked up and spewing secrets. My sister, Sonya, had moved out months earlier before the coronavirus lockdown over an argument that seemed minor to me. On this night, Mom staggered into the house dressed in high heels and a black dress. I helped her upstairs. Before she could pass out, she told me Sonya has an online adult site.

I was shocked and surprised. My older sister had been very vanilla and nice to me that as an eighteen year old now finished up with high school, I never thought she was remotely sexual at all. I didn’t even remember her dating in school. She was 21 and a few years out of school and didn’t want to go to college. I had naturally thought that was why she was having regular fights with Mom.

One weekend, they got into a catfight in the backyard. My sister pulled Mom’s hair as she tried to restrain her. I don’t remember the exact details of the whole fight but as they swayed together, Mom’s dress flew so high and I got to see a quick peak of her hairy pussy. At some point, they fell down and I walked over to stop the fight. I was familiar with martial arts from school and I could handle physical brawls. The problem here was as I carried my screaming sister away, my hands were touching her bare tits because her blouse was torn. As she kicked her legs out screaming obscenities at my Mom, her bald pussy came into view several times. It became a struggle to keep my cool in that moment.

A few weeks later, Mom had had enough. Sonya was kicked out of the house.

There were a few signs of what my sister was up to. For example, the day she left, I went to her room to get something and found a plastic dildo hanging in the closet. Must have been a good 6 or 7 inches. I went back a few hours later when Mom was back from work and it had disappeared. The weird part came when Sonya returned a day later and, in an expletive ridden back-and-forth with Mom, demanded for her dildo which she “used in her videos.” I thought, at the time, she was probably filming videos for her boyfriend. I decided not to think much of it.

About a month ago, Mom and Sonya reconciled and Mom started making trips to her apartment several times a week to work on their relationship.

As the saying goes, like mother, like daughter. Both my Mom and sister were very much the same character. They were both confrontational and couldn’t back down in an argument. They had the tenacity and drive of independent minded women who didn’t need men in their lives. Women who thrived on their own in a culture that didn’t always favor them.

That’s why I was surprised when Mom said that Sonya was returning home.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Nothing really,” Mom answered.

“I know the adult site pays well so why would she be getting back here?”

“Maybe she doesn’t want to be alone in her apartment. And how do you know how much they get paid on that site?”

“Oohh…it’s like common knowledge. Everyone knows.”

“Did she tell you that?”

“No, you told me she has an adult site. Remember?”

“Oh God, I shouldn’t have, sweetie,” she muttered. “I didn’t want you to get into those details of her life. I wanted at least one of you to be something. You’re my last hope.”

“You don’t need to worry. At least I won’t be turning into a pornstar anytime soon,” I said.

The following week, I came home from the grocery store to find my sister Sonya watching TV as Mom cooked.

She jumped up and quickly gave me a tight hug. I was so happy to see her. We hadn’t talked in a while. She helped me carry the grocery bags to the kitchen.

That night, we chatted over dinner with Mom and shared the usual family banter. Both Sonya and Mom seemed to be on good terms.

Later that night, I was watching a TV movie when Sonya crept up on me. She shouted something and I jumped in the couch startled.

She laughed out loud behind me. “You should have seen your face, Mike. You got freaked the fuck out.”

I breathed slower trying to calm down. “That’s not cool, sis.”

She walked around the couch and I noticed she was in a thin translucent low cut night dress. I thought it was strange to see her dressed like this but thought better of it. After all, she was free to dress as provocatively as she wanted and I guess it was nobody’s business. Even in our strict conservative town.

She sat next to me, and held one of my hands in her lap. I could swear I was touching her Beylikdüzü escort bare hips because of how thin the fabric of the dress was.

“So what’s this movie about?” She asked turning to me, her face so close to mine.

“Well uhhmm…it’s a dirty movie about this girl who blackmails guys using sex.”

“Hhmmm…you look uncomfortable. Why is that? You shouldn’t be nervous around your sister.”

“Its just watching this movie with you here is kinda weird.”

“This is the first time you’ve ever said that. Is it because Mom told you what I do now?”

“What? She didn’t tell me anything about your adult site.”

She giggled. “You’re so cute when you lie. You just confessed to me what she told you. Is it what has made you uncomfortable?”

“No, I’m cool with it,” I lied, hiding my discomfort.

“So have you watched any of my videos?” She asked, grinning from ear to ear.

“No way,” I said right away. “That’s like…fucking perverted. Watching your sister. It’s like committing incest.”

She laughed again. “I’m just messing with you, bro. I know you haven’t seen me naked but if you did, I wouldn’t mind. Just so you know, it’s not really incest unless we have sex together.”

“So I can jerk off to your porn videos? No problem?”


“I’m sorry, sis, but that’s kinda messed up.”

“Get over it, bro,” she sighed. “This is the 21st century. Everybody has an incest fantasy.”

“Definitely not me,” I said sincerely.

“If you don’t, why do all the girls you date look like me?”


“Your girlfriends seem to resemble me. Remember Allison? She had my hair and my feet. Sandra was slimmer than me but she had my butt and sexy blowjob lips. Psychologically speaking, you want to fuck your sister but you can’t so you fuck the next best thing. A close imitation of her. Whether consciously or unconsciously, you wanna fuck me. Tell me it’s not the truth.”

“What the fuck! This is fucking ridiculous.” I stood and stormed to my bedroom.

The whole night, I couldn’t stop thinking about what she had said. It wasn’t really what I thought of myself and my girlfriends. I had never thought of them being my sister or fantasized about my sister that way. Still, I couldn’t get the thought out of my head. My girlfriends always seemed to look like Sonya and it seemed like a plausible thing to want to fuck someone like her. Or was it just my brain playing tricks on me.

I woke up the next morning with serious wood. I opened up my laptop and visited a few sites to see if there was any good porn to masturbate to.

Midway through a milf section, I decided to check out Sonya’s site just out of curiosity than any deep seated need to fuck her. Or at least, that’s what I told myself.

After typing in her name into the search engine, I scrolled through the advertising on her site. Then I found the videos.

There were about 20 of them. Mostly consisting of her blowing, sucking, fucking, and using dildos on herself or another milfy woman or some mysterious dude who never showed his face because it was all pov and focussing on my sister.

I clicked on a video titled, ‘Hot Girl Seduces Roommate’s Boyfriend.’ In this video, the mysterious dude enters the apartment looking for his girlfriend but instead finds her roommate Sonya who invites him in to sit down. They chat for a few minutes before she seduces him by slowly stripping off her cloths. I watched in astonishment as she removed her shirt to expose her braless pink areolas and huge boobs she got from our Mom. My hands slid to my hard dick and started to softly jerk off.

She turned around for her bubble butt to face the camera and slowly pushed her shorts down. The boyfriend protested and begged her not to take them off. She ignored him and pulled them off. Now she was in a thin bikini bottom, almost the size of a shoe string. Barely covering her pussy lips and leaving her ass bare. And my dick super hard with arousal.

She urged the guy to touch her ass as his resistance weakened and he gave in. He caressed it for a moment as she bent over to show him the nicely shaped ass before he pulled the bikini off the pussy opening and started running his fingers along her clit. For the first time ever, I realised I was seeing my sister’s shaved beautiful pussy. I jerked off faster.

The guy fingered her as he rubbed her clit roughly. She moaned, still bent over, begging him to fuck her the same way he fucks his girlfriend. The video then jumped a segment and it was now Sonya lying on her back on the couch with the guy finger fucking her while his dangling dick was being jerked off by her. The guy kept asking questions about when his girlfriend might be back or if there was a chance they could get caught. Sonya kept refuting them.

At some point, he pushed his dick into her pussy and started fucking her. She yelled and screamed out. I stroked my dick faster, feeling myself on the edge. Soon, she was cumming on his dick as he plowed Beylikdüzü escort away into her pussy at a rapid pace. I watched in surprise as I realised she was so turned on and had lost all the calm and cool I associated with her as my sister. Here, she wasn’t just any other adult performer but my sister who I knew personally. She seemed to be enjoying what she did judging by the continuous orgasm she had. The guy made a muffled noise and pulled out in time before he shot his cum allover her tits. She cupped his balls as he came. In that moment, I lost it too and shot my cum allover the laptop screen. I watched as Sonya licked the last drops of cum from his dick. I kept jerking off until I had shot all the cum out.

Sonya told the guy to clean up because her roommate was due to arrive in a few minutes. The scene cut from there.

As I sat relaxing from the high, I had Mom call me from downstairs. Probably breakfast time. I quickly jumped in the shower and washed myself.

Suddenly, I felt a sense of guilt at having jerked off to my sister’s porn videos. This wasn’t what I wanted to do when I searched for her videos. I just wanted to see what it looked like in the videos but I had gone ahead to jerk off to them. Not only did I jerk off and cum from watching her get fucked, but I had basically confirmed that what my sister had said about me fantasizing about her was true. Nevertheless, I tried to tell myself any sane male with working sex organs would do the same if their sister was as hot as mine.

That whole day, I couldn’t get the images of her naked body from my head. Her tits. Her slender physique. The cameltoe between her legs as she bent over. Her wet pussy. Her pussyjuice on his dick. Within less than 24 hours, I was getting obsessed.

That night, I couldn’t sleep. I grabbed my laptop and brought up her videos. I pulled the lotion from the bedside table and subjected my dick to a second assault the same day which I rarely did. Thus time, I watched a video of Sonya being blackmailed by her lesbian milf professor into experimenting with her.

The lesbian professor walked into Sonya’s room to do some college assignment with her. In the process, she mistakenly lands on photos of Sonya kissing a female friend on her laptop. Sonya begs her not to tell anyone because she wouldn’t want to be outed. The lesbian professor agrees to keep quiet on condition they try out everything she did with the friend. Sonya starts with licking the professor’s hairy wet pussy and they quickly drift into a 69, Sonya’s bald pussy in full view. I started masturbating to the hot video.

Dildos and vibrators were pulled from a drawer and inserted into holes in several positions as I realised my sister was a quick cummer. It took her a brief few minutes with a vibrator on her clit and a dildo plunging into her to start cumming. She had multiple orgasms, trembling and shaking. My orgasm came when they were kissing while grinding their pussies together.

Because it was all pov, I couldn’t see the face of the professor and her voice was a bit distorted. I couldn’t place it but I knew the voice. Probably one of Sonya’s friends.

The next day, we had breakfast as usual. I went on my morning jog running 5 miles around the neighborhood. On my return, I used a route taking me around the back of the house. As I approached our block, I heard someone muttering something and peeped through to our backyard hiding behind a fence hedge. Sonya sat on the edge of the pool removing a piece of cloth in her hair.

She was clad in a bikini outfit, although I could swear her pussy was visible. The panties barely covered any skin at all. You’d think she used a piece of thread as a bikini.

She dived into the pool and swam in forward stroke. A moment later, she submerged and came up on the other side of the pool. Her ass was kinda bigger than I remembered it. She had grown more attractive. Her hair was almost waist long.

I watched like a pervert as she swam for several minutes. I knew if I walked through the backyard, she would see my erection or even worse figure out I had been watching her. Luckily, she finished and climbed out with all the grace and beauty of a runway model. She grabbed a towel and cleaned off the water and then lay on the lounge to sunbath.

As I was preparing to walk away, her right hand drifted down to her panties and started rubbing circles where I’d say her pussy was. She lay on the lounge, her eyes closed and her mouth gaping open. I slowly pulled out my swelling dick as I watched her. She took off her bikini top and started massaging her nipples. Her breasts stood like two balls on her chest with her two erect nipples popping out.

She pulled off her bikini bottom and now I realised I had a good view of her pussy glistening in the sunlight. She rubbed it more vigorously. Her moans became audible. I could remember how she looked like in her videos. The same ecstasy was present on her face and in her body language too.

She rubbed her pussy faster Escort Beylikdüzü and faster, taking in heavy breaths and twisting on the lounge. I jerked off faster too, matching her rhythm and adding more saliva to act as lube. She shook and convulsed as she shot jets of pussy juice out of her pussy. I could hear her silent moans as she had a mind blowing orgasm.

I figured that was my cue. Plus I couldn’t hold it anymore. I shot cum into the shrubbery, my dick twitching from the strong cumshots emanating from it. One shot penetrated the shrubs and felt into our compound. Suddenly, Sonya looked up and immediately started searching the shrubs for anything moving. I slowly made my way back onto the road and out of eyesight. Pulling up my shorts, I carefully backed out of the shrubs and was on my way around the block.

Five minutes later, I pretended to walk through the backyard doing something so I could run into Sonya nude. But she was surprisingly dressed. I was a little disappointed but I made my way for the door to the house and-


I stopped in my tracks almost at the entrance to the house and turned. “What?”

“I didn’t know you jog nowadays,” Sonya said, smiling.

“How do you know?” I said in horror, realising I’d been caught in the act. “Did you…see me?”

“No, silly,” she answered. “You look sweaty and you’re dressed in jogging attire.”

“Oohh!” I sighed. I was so in my head on that one. Almost got caught there. What a paranoid wreck I am sometimes!

“Plus you look more physically developed and muscular than I remembered you a few months ago.”

“I didn’t know you swim and sun bathe,” I said, desperate to change the subject.

“I can’t believe how much you’ve grown in the last few months. You seem fitter and better on a mental and physical level. I like that.”

Feeling flattered, I said, “Well, I try.”

“It’s nice, little bro.”

I nodded. “I have to go take a shower.”

I continued walking but she called me out again. “And Mike?”

I turned to look at her with a face saying ‘I need to get away from here.’ On the inside, I didn’t want her to see my groin area. My dick was already hardening again.

She smiled and spoke. “Next time you want to watch me swim, just stand by the poolside, alright?”

My eyes widened and I felt my stomach drop. What an idiot I was! How could I think I could watch her for a few minutes without her knowing about it? It was stupid and perverted to watch my own sister. Feeling ashamed, I turned around without saying a word and quickly disappeared into the house. Once I was in my room, I went to my laptop and deleted the videos I had downloaded the previous night. I felt I had taken things a bit far. It was wrong to be attracted to your sister. If it wasn’t for her porn videos, maybe it wouldn’t have happened.

Later that day, we ate dinner as Mom rattled about the long day she’d had. Sonya kept smiling at me strangely.

Before we went to sleep, I decided to go apologize to her. I entered her room only to find her in the nude cleaning off shower water.

“Hey sis,” I interrupted.

Her back was facing me, her tight bubble butt in full view along with the curves of her carefully created body. Her hands were in her hair fumbling around it with a towel. She didn’t show any sign of hiding her naked body which surprised me because of how she seemed to value her privacy.

“I think I’ll wait in the hallway.” I said nervously.

“No need. You can say whatever you came for.” She bent over cleaning her legs and I got a subtle glimpse of her clean shaven pussy between her ass cheeks. “After all, you’ve seen me naked before, haven’t you, little bro?”


She stood back up and wrapped another towel around herself. It covered just the boobs and almost left nothing to imagination below the waist. I could almost see her pussy as she walked past me to close the door.

“Hey bro,” she spoke loudly. “Is something wrong? You don’t seem your normal self.”

“Not really but I have something to say to you.”

She nodded and waited. Her stunning beauty was so unavoidable. Her tits, and the accompanying sharp nipples, were distracting.

“Well, I wanted to say I am sorry about earlier. I didn’t mean to watch you but I didn’t want you to think I am a pervert if I just walked into the backyard just as you were swimming naked and…”

“Hey hey hey!” She cut me off. “It’s cool. I don’t mind at all. God, everybody in this town is so uptight. There’s nothing wrong with looking at naked bodies, okay?”

I nodded and sighed. “Great. I feel much better.”

“Yeah but next time, just be a little more discreet. I could see you clearly. Probably you were jerking off thinking about me, right?”

“Nooo. What the hell!”

She laughed so hard and her towel dropped down. She quickly pulled it up but not before I saw her whole naked body again. Her tits were like two soccer balls on her chest. Her pussy was bald except for a thin strip lining with the pussy lips.

“Sorry about that, bro,” she smiled seductively.

“I, uuuhh, didn’t mean to look.”

“I bet you’ve seen some of my online selfies, right?” She pointed at the outline of my bulge.

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