Dinner Date


One Friday after work, Bud joined a younger couple who were pretty good friends of his at a local pub to enjoy a few brews and catch up on what he and they had all been doing. He was approaching the half-way point in his fifties while his friends were respectively just past forty (him), and Julie, she was in her late twenties.

Hermano was a sculptor and Julie mainly took care of their home, gardened and was working on a few college courses as a part time student. Julie looked like the reincarnation of Ingrid Bergman. She was as tall as Bud, with beautiful blonde hair down to her waist, perfectly shaped long legs that seemed to reach from the ground she was standing on to the sky. Bud had known Julie since she had been fifteen, and though the thought had crossed his mind, any male would have to be dead or a strict homosexual to not see her and not at least think of sex, he hadn’t really considered trying to be with her. Because she was so young when he first met her, though already fully developed right up to the perfectly modestly large breasts that were as perky with no signs of the slightest sag, she had always remained a child in his mind. Thus, though they rapidly became tight friends, somehow they had just seemed to connect, Bud merely was an outside observer, and occasional advisor to Julie as she grew into an adult, and experienced the normal sometimes happy and sometimes troubled relationships with the men lucky enough to become involved, even if ever so briefly, in her life. Bud had been the classic father, or wise uncle figure in her life ever since she was fifteen, till now as she was approaching her landmark thirtieth birthday.

Hermano was a ruggedly handsome Latino of Cuban descent and though he was slightly shorter than both Julie and Bud, his muscular stocky build made up for any inches he lacked in the height department. After a few years of brief relationships with a reasonable number of men, Julie more or less settled down when she and Hermano met and became an item. They had been together for almost five mostly happy years by the time this story took place and for all practical purposes were a married couple, lacking only the paperwork. Hermano was totally in love with Julie and his love was returned by her. However if Julie had learned anything prior to meeting Hermano, it was that she LOVED sex. Julie loved all kinds of sex, and of course had her pick of sexual partners both male and female. Since they had gotten together, Julie’s promiscuous tendencies had almost, but not entirely, gone into remission. The increasingly rare occasions when Julie “cheated” on Hermano were the cause of the rare times trouble reared its head in their otherwise perfect paradise.

Hermano didn’t get too upset when he was cuckolded by a woman (or two) who were as likely, if not more so, to hit on Julie as any man with a functioning hormone in his body. When you get right down to it, everything about Julie, her beauty, her sweet nature and her ravenous sexuality that could be felt by people a block away who never had and never would even see her naked, much less touch her.

Bud imagined like most men, Hermano’s only complaint then was that he hadn’t been invited to participate, or at least get to watch. He thought this was because her lesbian adventures were usually, if not always, with dyed in the wool full time lesbians, who were as likely to hit on her as almost everyman in town and some passing through. The idea of having a man around gawking or ‘eek’ getting his dick involved in the proceedings was a non-starter with these women. Looking back, maybe this aspect of her sexuality contributed to Bud’s own relationship with her. She never seemed to have any desire to try to convert some straight wife or girlfriend to the Sapphic way of life, but gay women tended to hustle her as hard as men. Years before she had first discovered that women too wanted to get naked and crazy with her and it took her no time to realize she was attracted to them back. She like anyone, male or female, growing into their sexuality, found this difficult to resolve in her own mind, especially as she had grown up in a extremely red-neck region where most folks considered anyone involved in ‘exotic’ sexual practices, pretty much anything beyond yer basic missionary man on top stuff with the lights off, should be rounded up and be locked up or shot.

Indeed looking back, it was her confusion with bi-sexuality that probably helped her friendship with Bud grow even closer, because she was so comfortable with “Uncle Bud” and couldn’t go to any of her red-neck parents or relatives who would most likely set up an exorcism or at least somehow have tried to beat this devil of the love forbidden out this most beautiful creation of their genetic line that mostly produced spawn that could have served as the subject matter of a documentary version of “Deliverance.”

So when she came to “Uncle Bud” to help her with her newly discovered gender identity crisis, he knew it would be a great help if urfa escort he told her right out front that he also was attracted to both sexes and had also been tortured for years, wondering if he was gay, and if he was, was that okay. He had eventually come to realize that he wasn’t gay because he liked women too much, including having sex with them, and they seem to like him too. On the other hand, he couldn’t be a doctrinaire heterosexual or Straigt8. because he liked cock way to much and had learned first hand that assholes feel and taste just as good on both men and women – Bud simply put his arm around her shoulder more in a fatherly than sexual way then and told her,

“Sweetheart, the first thing you gotta do is relax and trust me for a minute or two, cause I think I really understand how you feel and hopefully can help you work it through much faster than the time it took me to finally deal with it.”

“What do you mean Bud, the time it took you?”

“Well Julie, you probably have no idea, that I had what I imagine was very similar mental and emotional turmoil in my younger days. In my own case, I think it all started in earnest when I read “A Season in Hell” by Arthur Rimbaud. It is true there was a boy school mate in elementary school that I had feelings toward, though I only realized years later that they were probably sexual somehow and my family moved clear across the country from when he and I were in about fifth grade, and I spent the first few months out west really missing him. Myself and my family didn’t move to get us apart, nothing ever happened between us except for playing baseball, riding our bikes and raiding all the fruit trees and berry bushes in the neighbourhood every summer. Once we were 2000 miles away for months I was haunted by idealized memories of him and constantly dreaming up scenarios where I would get to see him again.”

“I finally realized that no, I’m not gay, but then I’m not straight either because as much as I like, and I do like, women, I may also enjoy cock as much or more than many of the women in this town or anywhere. My first response to these urges was to double down on my pursuit and capture of women and then even starting a family, but then occasionally the urges toward men and cock would win out and I would enjoy being with a man, and then feel guilty for some time afterward, sort of a post-coital dip, magnified. As time went by I became gradually more comfortable, to the point where I now think bi-sexuality is really natural, and would be the default orientation if it wasn’t for all the religious crap laid on us, from a time when perhaps reproduction was more important to the survival of our species. Today it is one of the threats to our continued existence. Now I acknowledge to friends, but don’t flaunt the fact that I am bi-sexual, and I have to admit it took me many years to get as comfortable with that as I am today.”

Once Bud got disclosure out of the way he said,

“Julie, relax, for starters for a beautiful woman like you it should hardly be an issue because, frankly, even the straightest men rarely have a problem with same sex action, if it is between two women, though they do resent those women who have absolutely no interest in their cock anymore. A pair of beautiful lesbians getting it on is not only rarely a problem, but a fantasy they cherish, especially if the heat of their passion (with him in the room) leads to both of them using his cock as a sex toy. The majority of men not only tolerate it, but would think they had died and gone to heaven if their wife or girlfriend brings her girlfriend home to share with him.

I hope I haven’t bored you readers with all this background, but I felt it was necessary to help if you understand who everybody was, before I tell you what happened that night.

After a few drinks together Hermano said,

“Hey Bud, Julie made a wicked stew that is up at the house simmering in the slow cooker, would you like to grab some beers and come up to the house for dinner? We could whip up some biscuits and a salad and listen to some music or watch a video.”

Bud said, “Well Hell, I’ve been working since seven this morning and my only other option is to go home and hope I have something in the fridge that I can throw together, so count me in.”

So they went up to Julie and Hermano’s house and continued the evening with some good eats, and a bottle of wine and more beer. Later on though, things took a turn for the worse as suddenly Hermano became increasingly angry about some previous indiscretion of Julie’s and his love turned into possessiveness which led to increasingly ugly verbal abuse of Julie and finally exploded into outright physical abuse as he slapped her around a bit and then pushed her into the corner of a counter which really bruised her lower back and she slid down the cupboard and laid there in pain on the kitchen floor. All of a sudden, Bud didn’t really want to be there, but at the same balıkesir escort time, he didn’t want to leave and leave Julie in a situation where she could be even more seriously injured. Bud had already tried to pull him away from and off of her a few times, and it didn’t seem likely that he was likely to quit unless he somehow magically passed out.

So, feeling kinda weird, because it was his house, with Julie in full accord, Bud told Hermano that he just had to leave, or they would have to call the police to come and remove him to prevent Julie from getting more seriously hurt. After a bit of pushing and shoving between Hermano and Bud, they finally managed to get him out the door, without having to get any law enforcement types involved and Julie and Bud sat down and basically heaved a sigh of relief and tried to catch their breath.

Julie was feeling sore from being slapped around and being pushed into the sharp corner of the kitchen counter and asked Bud if he would mind if she went and soaked in the bathtub for a while to hopefully mitigate the soreness in her back and elsewhere, and he said go ahead. Bud sat on the couch and fired up the television and flipped around the channels while drinking a couple more beers, which led to a need to have a piss. Their house had only the bathroom where Julie was soaking in the tub to relieve her soreness so he politely knocked on the door and asked if he could come in to use the toilet, just to have a piss. Julie replied, “come on in, I’ll just close the shower curtain around the tub so we’ll both have some privacy. “

So he walked in, past the tub containing Julie’s beautiful body, which he had never seen naked, but had seen enough of in a bikini to realize he would enjoy seeing it. After all the beer Bud had had this evening, when he unzipped his fly and let his piss fly, the sound of his piss hitting the water in the toilet bowl was like a miniature fire hose. Shortly after the piss started flowing Julie stuck her beautiful face though the shower curtain and ordered Bud to STOP, so as a guest in her home, and being the polite kind of guy, he squeezed his cock and stopped the flow, even though there was still a large amount of piss swelling his bladder anxious to escape. Once he had staunched the flow Julie said “come here Bud” and while he was standing there squeezing his cock to hold his piss back with a puzzled look on his face, she slid the shower curtain back, rose to her knees in the bath and in a commanding tone of voice pointed to the bathroom floor next to where she was kneeling in the tub said “right here, right now.

Still confused, he meekly went over and, still squeezing his cock to hold back his piss, stood before her. She then started licking the tip of his cock and ordered him to stick it in her mouth. So still squeezing the base of his cock, he allowed her to wrap her lips around the head and then watched as she slid her lips down the length of his member until they were up against his fingers that were holding his bladder’s contents in. Julie then moved back far enough to mumble, “okay – go ahead and finish pissing now, here – in my mouth, please”, which took Bud by surprise, but he did have to go, and Bud had to admit, she was the finest looking urinal he would ever be privileged to use.

Then she pulled Bud’s hand away, that was holding back the flow, and slid her lips up to the base of his cock, which was still soft and small enough for her to easily accommodate without any gagging, though it was starting to grow bigger. It didn’t take long till Bud was able to relax enough to release the floodgates and send a powerful stream of piss virtually straight down her throat. His hot piss came so fast and furious that soon some started dribbling out of the corners of her mouth and running down her beautiful body into the bathwater. “Whew,” said Bud when his bladder was empty and she, still on her knees in the bathtub that had somehow been instantly turned into the fanciest toilet on the planet ran both of hers hands through her lovely waist long blond hair to get it out of her face. Bud certainly couldn’t think of her as the lovely young 15 year old “child” that she had somehow managed to remain in his mind anymore.

“Jeepers Julie” said this former foster father/uncle figure, “that was really a surprise, but I guess you’ve really grown up. I mean, that is really kinda kinky!”

Julie said, “you ain’t seen nothing yet, why don’t you take off your clothes and step into the water, sit on the rim of the tub and let me give you a first class blow job, and since I know you have had a cock or two in your mouth over the years, we can compare notes after I do you.”

Now being an adherent of the philosophy of Zorba the Greek, who said something like “one of the greatest sins a man can commit is when a woman invites you into her bed, to refuse,” Bud immediately stripped down, barely taking the time to deal with things like buttons or zippers trabzon escort and stepped into the water and sat on the rim of the tub and gazed at this facsimile of Ingrid Bergman who had already taken what seemed like a gallon of his hot beer fueled piss down her throat and now wanted to suck as much cum out of his dick as possible. What was there not to like about where he was sitting?

She then commenced to lick the inside of his thighs, and work her way to his ball sack and put first one and then both of his balls in her mouth, for starters. It didn’t take Bud long to figure out Julie must have done this before – I mean, suck a cock. She also proved that she could easily swallow his whole eight and a half fat inches as she rammed her lips against his pubic bone and then withdrew to the tip and occasionally even far enough to let it fall out of her mouth so she could gaze up at him and smile.

Now Bud was no certified expert, but he had received enough blow jobs from both men and women, not to mention performed blow jobs himself on many men with many happy endings to be able to assert that Julie had learned and practiced enough to be in the elite class of cocksuckers. She obviously wasn’t into just making him come and getting it over with – as she would pull back just before he was ready to explode, to smile at him and lick his balls or even come up and bite his nipples. Obviously she could feel in her mouth and with her hand often on his balls when he was ready to come and would retreat until his impending climax would subside so she could suck his cock longer. She seemed to be as tuned in to his impending climax as he was himself. Definitely a woman who enjoyed performing fellatio as much as the lucky recipient of her ministrations

Finally, after at least a half hour, if not more, though as they say, “time flies when you’re having fun,” which Bud definitely was, she decided it was time to let all the cum she had been helping to build up wherever cum is stored prior to ejaculation explode into her mouth. This time, instead of pulling back when she felt the telltale tremors of his dick in her mouth, signaling the impending deluge she merely pulled back far enough so that the onslaught of cum would arrive in her mouth, rather than deep in her throat where the head of his dick had so recently been so that she could enjoy the taste of the bounty he squirted into her mouth in great quantity. She tried to hog and savour every drop of the cum she so richly deserved but Bud shot so much so hard that some it dribbled out of the corners or her mouth just like his piss had done earlier.

Julie then took her mouth off his happy cock and gave him the most beautiful smile imaginable and then after swirling his cum around for a while and showing him how full of his seed was her mouth swallowed every drop with a big gulp.

Things were pretty quiet for a few moments, as both of them were somewhat exhausted, though she had been doing all the work for the better part of an hour. Bud was basking in a space that satisfaction is too weak of a word to describe and she too was still on her knees in the bathwater that now contained some of his piss and cum smiling at him like the cat that had just eaten the canary. Amazingly, she seemed to catch her breath before he did and said “I hope you aren’t going home now, Bud.”

He said, “Wow honey, I certainly didn’t expect any of what just happened.” She replied “I wanted to thank you for your help with Hermano, he has been violent with me before, but never when anyone else was around, and never quite so brutally. Besides I was horny and to tell the truth I’ve had a crush on you ever since I was so young you would have been sent to jail for touching me. So, will you stay with me tonight just in case Hermano comes back, and I also would like to now make love with you, cuz after using my mouth on you I’m even hornier. I’d probably have to go out and find a cock, any cock, if you won’t stay………

Bud, considering he thought she had already made love to him by letting him use her mouth as a urinal and then using her lips and tongue for so long with such gusto and gleefully swallowing one the biggest ejaculations of his lifetime, for a moment was almost confused by her invitation.

But Bud’s inner Zorba kicked in and he said sure, so they went to living room to grab their smokes and then a bottle of wine from the kitchen and then crawled under the covers of the king size bed in their bedroom and began a night long exercise in making love every which way imaginable. Julie sucked his toes, sucked his cock some more and drove her tongue, fresh from his ass down his throat. He too licked her beautiful body all over and inserted both his tongue and his amazingly resilient cock into every orifice she had that would accommodate either. By the time he had deposited gradually diminishing loads of cum in first her ass, then her mouth again, then into her cunt, and once again in her ass for good measure the sun had come up. They giggled, cuddled and chatted briefly between sexual exercises and with sunlight streaming through the bedroom window, they finally fell asleep, she with her lips wrapped around his well worked soft cock and her legs wrapped around his as she rubbed her nipples on his thigh and her well used vagina on one of Bud’s feet.

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