Dog Kennel Ch. 03


The next day was Friday, and I was dreading going into work to face Kevin, the 18 year old ginger nerd who’d seen me at the ‘dog show’ yesterday. I knew that my days of taking the piss of him at work were over and that he was going to seek his revenge. After the show yesterday, my ‘owner’ had got his clippers out and shaved my head so that my surfer style blond wavy hair was now just a buzz cut; he’d also taken the clippers to my genitals before giving me a razor to shave my cock and balls completely; my little cock hadn’t looked like this since I was about 12 years old, and I couldn’t stop rubbing my hand all over the bald, sensitive skin just above my little cock. I never wear boxers at work, and the feeling of my grey flannel sweat pants rubbing across my skin kept giving me a hard on so that I had to keep clasping my cock under the waistband to stop it sticking out for everyone to see.

Sure enough, as I walked into work without my usual bravado, Kevin was there to greet me; he immediately noticed my shaved head and whispered :

“I know that little cock of yours is shaved now, just like the little sissy boy that you are.”

I couldn’t say anything, if he told anyone at work, the news would spread round the town like wildfire and all my friends would know about my humiliation as a human puppy. I spent the day at work trying to avoid him as much as possible but at about 11 o’clock, the manager of the sports store called us both over to him:

“This customer needs one of the flatpack rowing machines from the store room, I’d like you both to go and get it and put it in her car for her, please.”

As soon as we were in the draughty store room together, he pinned me against the wall with his weedy little pasty arms, normally I’d have easily pushed him off, and probably given him a whack, but now I was powerless to do anything, knowing the power he had over me.

“Show me your cock, like a good little dog.” he asked.

“Don’t be stupid, anyone could come in any minute,” I replied, “And don’t think you can push me around now. If you tell anyone about me they’ll all know that you are involved as well.”

“Don’t be so sure…I took a picture on my phone yesterday as you were being shown to the crowd, I could easily post a copy on the staff notice board anonymously. So you’d better start showing me some respect and doing what I tell you. Now show me your dick.”

I had no option, this little geek had all the power over me. It was ridiculous, I had been the local football captain, I’d had a string of good looking girlfriends, and everyone around town respected me and wanted to be friends of mine but here I was having to do what this skinny ginger kid was ordering. And so I reluctantly pulled my sweatpants down to reveal my hairless gentials. As soon as he saw my little cock exposed so humiliatingly he laughed so loud I was sure someone would come into the store room. He grabbed at my cock with his skinny, pale freckled hands and almost immediately it started to harden, which only made me feel more embarrassed.

“Oh, I see, you like that do you, football stud? Well, I think we need to teach you a lesson that you’re not the stud around here anymore hey? Put these on.” He passed me a pair of women’s pink bikini bottoms from a pile in the store room. Again, I had no choice so I kicked off my trainers, took off my sweatpants and pulled the bikini bottoms on. Before he let me get dressed again, Kevin made me turn around so he could laugh at me in them.

“And I want you to wear them to work everyday, understand?” he commanded, and I nodded in reluctant agreement. I then got dressed and we carried on getting the equipment out to the customer’s car. We’d taken a while to get this done and the manager called us over when we got back into the store.

“What the bloody hell were you doing in there for so long? The customer has been waiting for ages?” The geek spoke up before I could think of any plausible excuse: “It was him, sir, he found it too heavy to carry his end of the box. isn’t that true?”

“Don’t be ridiculous Kevin, he’s twice your size,” said the manager.

“I know, but he’s a bit of a girl, aren’t you?” I could see the glint in his eye as he directed the accusation to me, what could I do except agree with him, the little bastard.

“Yes, it’s true, sorry sir,” I apologised and the manager walked off shaking his head in confusion.

Thankfully I managed to avoid Kevin for the rest of the afternoon and ran out of the store at 5 o’clock before he could come after me. This human dog fantasy had become far too real and I was determined to tell my ‘owner’ that I didn’t want to do it anymore when I saw him at the arranged time on Saturday evening. If I had to, I’d find a different job just to get away from Kevin and his malicious humiliation. When I got home and started to get changed to go out with friends for drinks, I looked bahis şirketleri at myself in the mirror, still dressed in the pink bikini bottoms, no pubic hair at all, and my small cock barely making a bump behind the soft fabric and it really turned me on so that, as soon as I took them off, my cock swelled to its full 4 ½ inches. I laid on the bed and started to jerk off vigorously, thinking about Kevin, and I shot my load after only about 30 seconds like a boy having his first wank. To my surprise I actually put the bikini briefs back on before getting dressed in my shirt and trousers to go out with my friends down the local club, I guess Kevin knew me better than I knew myself.

The next evening I went to the new address my ‘owner’ had given me to meet up at. I hoped that, even though this was going to be my last experience as a human dog, it was going to be something to really get me horny. I waited for ages outside the grotty little house that was in the worst part of town, before the door was eventually opened and I was amazed to see Kevin standing there. “What are you doing here?” I asked, still stunned, and pissed off not to be rid of him even on the weekend. “Your owner has sold you to me, did he not tell you? And don’t even think about saying no to being my dog now because I still have those pictures you know.”

Perhaps I was afraid of the pictures being seen by others, or perhaps I was actually starting to enjoy the new situation with Kevin but whatever the reason I went inside and he closed the door behind us and led me through into the lounge. Again I was surprised to find his whole family sitting around watching television, his mum was chain smoking next to a full ashtray and his overweight dad was wearing disgusting food stained clothes,; his older sister was also fat and was stretched out on the sofa in her supermarket uniform. The whole house smelled slightly of boiled cabbage and didn’t look like it had been cleaned for a while. Nevertheless, I was very polite and said ‘hello’ to them all, expecting that Kevin would take me to his room, or go somewhere else. However, he sat on the sofa next to his sister leaving me standing in the doorway. Eventually Kevin spoke to ask his dad to turn the television off, which he did, then Kevin threw a dog collar at me and I immediately tried to hide it inside my jacket thinking that he was a foolish idiot.

“Strip,” he commanded from across the room.

“Pardon Kevin, what do you mean?” I asked, hoping I’d misheard him.

“You heard me, I told you to strip, you can then put the collar on Samson.” he clarified, calling me by my puppy name.

“You must be joking, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I laughed nervously looking around at his family pretending that it was some sort of silly joke.

“No, I’m not joking. My family all know who you are and what you do. You see, our real dog died recently and I promised them I’d find a new one. And you’re it. So strip and stop talking.”

I couldn’t believe the situation I was in, and I was ready to turn around and tell them all to fuck off, but I didn’t of course. The idea of stripping and becoming Samson in front of a whole family sitting around in such an everyday situation really made me horny and my cock was already hard when I started to undress. The whole family looked away from the television to watch me humiliate myself, and Kevin sat there with a broad smile on his face thrilled that he’d found a way to humiliate me even more. I took off my jacket, then unbuttoned my shirt slowly before throwing that on the floor on top of my discarded jacket. Next I kicked off my smart loafers before unbuckling my belt and unzipping my jeans. As I let them drop heavily to the floor the whole family burst out laughing because I was still wearing the pink ladies bikini bottoms Kevin had given me yesterday, only now my cock was trying to burst through the material. I took off my black socks and immediately trod in something disgusting on the carpet that looked like left over food of some sort. Lastly I pulled down the bikini bottoms and put them on the pile with everything else, then I stood up, naked and fully exposed for the whole, disgusting family to look me up and down. His mother was the first to speak:

“My God, his willy is small isn’t it? Yours was that size, Kevin, when you were in primary school. Well, you wouldn’t have expected a good looking young man like that to have such a pathetic willy would you, Barry?” She directed the question to her fat husband, who now focussed on my cock.

“Yep, that’s a small one alright.” I was looking at Kevin at the time and turned back just to see the dad taking a picture of my cock.

“I’ve got to show this to the guys at work, they’ll all get a laugh out of this one!”

“No, please you can’t show anyone,” I begged, and they all started to laugh.

“Well, that all depends on whether you’re a bahis firmaları good puppy and do what we say, or whether you’re a bad puppy and we pass this picture round the town, doesn’t it?” The dad threatened , and I knew that this sicko family probably would show people if I didn’t comply. So I put my collar on and got on the floor on all fours. For the next twenty minutes or so, they all shouted instructions to me and I put on a dog show for them:

“Bark like a dog…roll on your back…sit up…beg for food…” the whole thing was utterly humiliating, and all four of them were clearly enjoying themselves. It was only when the fat dad got up to go to the kitchen that I noticed his trousers tenting out with his erection, unfortunately he saw me looking at his crotch, as did his geeky son, Kevin.

“Go on Samson, I know you like to sniff crotches, off you go, don’t be shy,” said the nerdy son and I realised this was an instruction rather than an invitation so I crawled over to his dad and thrust my face into his crotch. He was wearing sweatpants so I could feel every contour of his hard cock against my face as I rubbed my nose deep into his crotch, inhaling the strong manly, unwashed odour. I was then distracted by the sister shouting:

“Naughty boy, Samson, bad doggy,” and then I felt a hard slap across my bare arse and I instinctively yelped in pain. She then sat back on the sofa and pulled me towards her by my collar; the skirt of her supermarket uniform had ridden up above her knees and her legs were spread wide so that I could see her hairy cunt. She clasped my head in between her legs and I could feel the stubble of her unshaven legs scratching against my face, she then patted me on the arse where she’d previously slapped me.

“Oh, I’m sorry, was I too hard with you?” as she apologised her hand slip down my arse and round to my cock; as I was on all fours, it was even smaller and she could only just grasp it between her thumb and forefinger.

“Big sister will make it all better for you, won’t she Samson,” I couldn’t believe that she was now stroking my tiny throbbing cock in front of her whole family. I was so horny that I started to move with her rhythm and could feel myself ready to explode all over the grubby carpet when Kevin interrupted, the little nerdy bastard:

“Leanne, don’t spoil him, he’s got to learn he’s just the dog. Why Don’t you go and get his food bowl?”

Leanne let go of my cock moments before I was about to cum, and she went out to the kitchen to fetch my food bowl as instructed. Kevin then came over to me with his mum, both of them standing over me, reinforcing the power they now had.

“Do you think we can keep him then Mum?” he asked,

“I think so dear, but make sure you look after him properly,” she said,

“Oh I will, you can be sure of that, ” he replied and patted my shaved head affectionately, before clipping the lead to my collar and dragging me out on all fours towards the kitchen. Once in the kitchen where the dad and sister were waiting for us, I saw the food and water bowls all ready for me on the floor, and I was led over to them by Kevin.

“Now then Samson, eat it all up, there’s a good boy, otherwise I’ll have to smack your bottom won’t I?” he ordered. I hovered over the bowls and immediately noticed that they were pretty well used already, obviously the bowls, collar, lead, and probably even the food had all belonged to the real dog they’d had previously. This only added to my humiliation and reinforced that I was indeed their dog now. Not wishing to get beaten, I pushed my face into the slimy, meaty dog food and started to eat as best I could. The taste was vile and I could hardly swallow, I tried to drink as much water from the bowl as I could to take the taste away, but most of it ended up on the floor. As I looked up briefly I could see all four of my new owners watching me with smiles on their faces as I buried my face back in the disgusting dog food.

After a few mouthfuls, I couldn’t eat any more otherwise I was going to be sick, and so I moved away from the bowls and sat back on my heels whimpering like a dog in the hope that I could avoid a beating. No such luck. Kevin picked up the bowl and showed the half eaten food to his dad who then flew into a rage and started to beat me across the arse with his leather belt:

“You naughty, naughty little boy. I’m going to teach you a lesson. And you’ll have that food again later, and you’d better eat it all up.” After beating my arse several times the pain was excruciating and I started to cry, I couldn’t help it, but a fit grown man like me was now crying on their kitchen floor like a girl.

“Put him outside in the garden, Kevin, perhaps he’ll learn his lesson better out there.”

With that I felt Kevin tug at my lead and walk me out into their garden, which wasn’t at all secluded ,but I hoped that the darkness of the night kaçak bahis siteleri would shroud me from any prying eyes of the neighbours.

“You can stay out here until you learn to be a good boy,” Kevin shouted at me, and closed the door behind him. I was left outside huddled by the back door for what seemed like an hour, wondering how I’d got myself into this situation, but strangely interested to explore the garden. I peered into all of the neighbouring windows to check the curtains were all closed and then crawled slowly on all fours across the damp lawn. The night air chilled me to the bone and I could feel my knees and hands going numb. I desperately needed the toilet and felt confident that no-one could see through the darkness so I squatted my arse closer to the floor and crapped in the middle of the lawn. In the absence of toilet paper I rubbed my arse across the wet grass and tried to clean it as best I could. The back door of the house was then opened by Leanne and I could hear her calling, “Samson, here boy.”

She led me through to the warm lounge and I immediately noticed that all of my clothes had gone. Kevin must have seen me registering this fact as he then clarified:

“You’re going to stay the night with us Samson, and you can have your clothes back when we say so tomorrow.” The whole family then turned back to watch the television, oblivious to my presence. This was the most humiliating thing really as I was left there on the floor, stark naked with a dog collar on, not knowing what to do. There was a rather tatty blanket stretched out in front of the fire so I crawled over to it and lay down on my side, I could tell from the smell that it had also previously belonged to the family dog, but it was warmer than the wooden floor so I had no choice but to stay there. After an hour or so, the Dad declared that it was time to go to bed and Kevin pulled me up by my collar. Each of them said ‘goodnight Samson,’ before Kevin started to lead me up the stairs to his bedroom.

Once in his room, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was as if the room belonged to a teenager, with Star Wars posters on the walls and a Darth Vader duvet cover on the bed; he was 18 or 19 now, what a geek! He shut the door and then proceeded to strip off in front of me to get ready for bed, of course I could have turned away but I didn’t. He pulled his t-shirt over his head to reveal his pasty white body with a few ginger hairs on his chest, which didn’t show any sign of muscle on it at all. He kicked off his trainers and then removed his socks which had Star Wars motifs stitched on them. Then he unbuckled his belt and pulled down his jeans to reveal a pair of baggy white y-fronts which his mother probably still bought for him from the local supermarket. I could see that his huge cock was rock hard and tenting through the pants. He walked over to me and stood right in front of my face.

“You take them off with your teeth, Samson, there’s a good boy.” I was so keen to see the cock that this weedy little nerd had that I didn’t need to be asked twice. I took the waistband of his pants in my teeth and pulled them down, his cock bounced up and slapped me in the face, which really amused him, and I couldn’t believe the size of it. It wasn’t fair that a good looking guy like me had a 4 ½ inch cock whilst a ginger nerd like him had such a huge one. “That’s what a real man’s cock looks like, Samson. Maybe yours will look like this when you grow up.”

He then walked over to the bed, revealing his white pimply arse as he turned around , he patted the end of his bed and I climbed up, sitting on my back legs with my little cock exposed to him, he then laid back at the other side of the bed facing me with his skinny white legs either side of me. He took hold of his huge cock which could barely fit in one hand and started to stroke himself in front of me, slowly at first, then faster and faster. My own cock was now ready to explode but he hadn’t said I could play with myself so I just watched him. I could tell he wasn’t going to last very long and he was almost ready to cum when he stood up and said:

“Open your mouth Samson,”

He then thrust his huge cock inside my mouth just as he started to shoot his load, he buried his dick right into my mouth and throat, making me gag as he did so, and I got a mouth and nose full of his wiry ginger pubes, then I felt the hot salty cum being pumped directly into my throat. I was horrified at the humiliation, I was now a cock-sucker, and this pathetic man’s cock was the first one I’d ever sucked. He laid back on his bed as I swallowed his salty cum and he couldn’t stop laughing, “You’re such a fag…ha ha…you’re now my cock-sucker…oh if only your friends knew about this!” I was disgusted with myself, but I couldn’t stop watching his ginger cock as it softened and slapped loudly against his thigh, even flaccid it was still bigger than my erect cock.

“On the floor Samson, and try to get some sleep, we’ve got a busy day planned for you tomorrow.” He switched out the light and I tried to sleep, strangely excited, definitely humiliated, and weirdly beginning to respect my new ‘owner’.

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