Domination in public


Domination in publicI met Miranda in an on-line chat-room. She was describing how her current boyfriend just didn’t “get” her. It was a BDSM chat-room so it was pretty clear what kind of feelings he didn’t get, but it was still surprising to hear Miranda talk about her fantasies, her desires.She wanted to be controlled, more mentally than physically; she wasn’t much into flogging and whips… although she said her nipples were very sensitive and enjoyed a good tweak.Her pleasure was to be told what to do, what to wear and have herself shown off, like a trophy, but a slutty trophy.The fact that we are both Dutch meeting in a predominately American chat-room naturally pushed us together. We chatted for several days and the conversation drifted to her wanting to be exposed. At that time, it was about two in the afternoon, I suggested we’d meet that day. She agreed and we decided to meet up at a highway restaurant. As part of the arrangement, I told her to wear a short skirt, a see-through top and panties, but no bra.Until that time, we had not seen each-other, we had just described ourselves during chat.As I drove to the restaurant, I half expected her not to show up, and as I waited, and the agreed time came and went I was more and more convinced I had been stood up.I decided to give her 10 more minutes before I’d leave and just then the door opened and in walked this wonderful looking blond woman, in a tight white skirt, made of stretch material that clung to her bronzed thighs.She had hidden her blonde curls somewhat in a pinkish baseball cap and to top it off she was wearing a really sheer white top. It was much more see through than I had imaged it to be, and as she turned to look for me, I could see her wonderful boobs clearly, nipples contrasting deeply and her nipples hard and almost pushing through the fabric. I motioned to her and she recognized me from the description I had given her.She quickly walked up ikonbet giriş to my table, followed by many eyes, of which very few were looking at her face.She joined me at the table and asked me if I was pleased with her choice of clothes and if she executed the instruction well.I smiled and told her she did.. she took off her baseball cap and shook her long curly hair. I though she looked fantastic and I had a very hard time deciding where to look: her wonderful tits or her sparkling blue/green eyes.We started talking and thing went very naturally, there weren’t any uncomfortable pauses and she said she was feeling a connection between us. At that point I decided to test her and asked Miranda to take off her panties for me. She nodded and got up to go to the bathroom, but I stopped her. “Sit down!”, I said, “I meant right here at the table.”She looked right at me with her piercing eyes, saw I was serious, and nodded.Miranda sat back down, but lifted her hips. Her fingers disappeared under her skirt and I saw the motions indicating she was taking off her underwear.”Give it to me!”, I told her when she appeared to be finished. “Over the table!”It wasn’t rush hour in the restaurant, but the fact it was on a busy highway and that Miranda was wearing a very see through top made sure that there were several sets of eyes focused on us at any given time.She gave me her panties, a thong, which I put in my jacket pocket.When the waiter came over he didn’t know where to look, so the poor bastard decided the safest was to look straight at me. I ordered coffee for both Miranda and myself, and the waiter left without so much as having a glance at her tits.Not surprisingly, another waiter brought us our coffees. A young guy who wasn’t nearly as bashful as the first. He took a good long look at Miranda’s tits before slowly walking away from us again.Miranda confessed to me this was the first time she had ikonbet yeni giriş ever exposed herself like that in public but that it had been a long time fantasy. I was glad she did obviously and asked her if she was ready to take another step.”Yes, Sir”, was her convincing answer, so I asked for the bill, payed, and guided Miranda to the exit.Now, in the Netherlands, large highway stops are usually comprised of a gas station, a restaurant, and a parking area for cars and a separate one for trucks. I took Miranda outside and walked her towards the truckers parking area. I held her by her elbow and she followed like a good little girl.Once we were about 20 meters away from the restaurant exit, I put my hands on her butt, which felt lovely and soft, and pulled up the tight white skirt to her hips, exposing her ass and her pussy.almost immediately we got a response, in the form of a car leaving the restaurant parking area, honking its horn.I asked Miranda how she felt, and she answered: “I’m just fine Sir”.We kept walking and got to the truckers area, I told Miranda to take off her top completely, which she did without hesitation. I was still holding and guiding her by her arm and I could feel her shaking with excitement or was it fear?In the corner of the parking area there was a group of Polish and Czech truckers hanging around their trucks. When they saw us walking up the eyes of some of the men damn nearly popped out of their sockets.Wolf whistles were mixed with remarks I could not understand, but judging from the color o their faces, they were pretty happy to see Miranda in her current state.I told Miranda: “I want you to show yourself to them and then suck me off”.Her eyes seemed to sparkle even more when she looked at my face and nodded. She turned around, did a little dance, spread her ass cheeks for the truckers. I could see the bulges in their pants and decided to call Miranda to ikonbet güvenilirmi me before the truckers could start their own private party with her.”On your knees”, I told her and Miranda obeyed dutifully. She opened the zip on my jeans and took my cock out of my boxers. Unsurprisingly, it was already hard as a rock.I looked at her as her lips wrapped around my cock and started sucking. Her tongue circled the head and licked all the way to the base and my balls before returning to the top and nearly devouring all of my dick.Miranda had no problem deep throating, something she had already told me in the chat room, so I wasn’t really surprised, but I was still nearly overwhelmed with the intensity and dedication with which she sucked, licked and squeezed my cock.I held Miranda’s head by her long blonde hair and didn’t let her get her head away from my dick, forcing her closer at times. I could see that some of the truckers had taken matters into their own hands as well as they were jerking off ferociously to the sight of this blonde Dutch woman sucking cock on “their” parking-lot.Before long her tongue and piercing eyes got the better of me and I felt the cum bubbling up from my balls. “I’m going to cum in your face!” I groaned, but she wouldn’t have anything of it. Miranda sucked my dick hard and deep into her mouth and didn’t let go until she felt my hot cum spraying her throat and mouth.She didn’t swallow it, but opened her mouth and proudly showed her rewards to the masturbating truckers, who one after another followed my suit and came and shot their cum over the tarmac.I put my dick back in my pants and pulled Miranda up by her hair. Then I took her back to the main parking area, leaving the truckers screaming all sorts of things at her in languages and phrases neither of us could understand but both of us knew the meaning of. Miranda was still topless and had her pussy and ass exposed when we reached her car. She had to get back to her boyfriend.She got in her car, still not adjusting her clothes, looked at me and said: “Thank you Sir, I will never forget this”.She then drove of, and although I saw her online in the chat-room regularly afterwards, she never agreed to meeting again.

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