Don’t Kiss Me


Don’t Kiss Mehypnosis – femdom – feminization – mind control”Don’t kiss me! Your breath smells like shit,” Sam said, turning her face away from mine, after I tried to kiss her. “I hate your smoking,” she hissed at me.Sam, Samantha, my wife of 10 years, had initially tolerated my smoking, but over the course of the past few years had become more and more angry and judgmental. She rarely kissed me anymore. My smoking had increasingly become a point of conflict between Sam and me, and I was like a cheating spouse where smoking was concerned. Like other couples, she had her complaints about me, but my continued smoking was the final straw.For years I promised her that I would quit and minimized my use, telling her that I had thrown away all my cigarettes, but these were lies. I would hide packs around the house and in the garage and would manufacture excuses to leave the house, so I could get my fix. Breath mints and cologne couldn’t hide the fact of my smoking from Sam. Amid Sam’s accusations were my continual denials and lies. A fairly large part of me wanted to stop, but I didn’t have the strength.”I’m sorry, Sam. I really will try to stop,” I pled with her, wanting her sympathy.”I’m done with your promises. They’re just lies to me. I’m tired of waiting for you to act, so I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands,” she told me. “I’ve scheduled appointments with a hypnother****t, who specializes in smoking cessation. Your first appointment is at 9am tomorrow. So smoke whatever you want tonight because tomorrow will be a new day.””What do you mean, ‘first appointment’?” I asked.Sam told me that she had consulted with the hypnother****t and she was told that the optimum treatment schedule was daily sessions for 2 weeks and then once a week for the next 2 months to solidify the progress made and to prevent relapse.I was trapped but knew that Sam had my best interest and my health at heart. I also appreciated that without some outside help I might never quit, and so I agreed to give it a try.I arrived at Ms. Denise Radcliff’s office at the designated time and began my anti-smoking treatment. After filling out a long questionnaire, Ms. Radcliff escorted me back to her office, which was wood-paneled, well appointed, and softly lit, very professional. I was nervous about the hypnosis, but Ms. Radcliff spoke reassuringly and said that no hypnotist could cause someone do anything they didn’t want to do. I really did want to stop smoking and get back on Sam’s good side, so I acquiesced.I sat in a comfortable chair that reclined, and she put on some music or rather some sounds of repetitive chimes and using a crystal suspended from a fine chain proceeded to put me under, just like in the movies.I awoke, feeling very relaxed and refreshed. It was nearly noon. Almost three hours had passed like a heartbeat. I remembered focusing on the light glancing off the crystal and how the stone seemed to grow in size with my focus and the sounds of the chimes, but I couldn’t remember any of the content of the session. Ms. Radcliff assured me that the session went extremely well and we scheduled the remaining daily sessions. She also insisted I buy nicotine patches to help with my withdrawal symptoms.I went to the d**g store and bought the patches and some lemon drops. I don’t why I felt I needed the lemon drops, perhaps to help with cravings smoking satisfied, but once a patch was affixed and a drop was in my mouth, I felt a sense of relief and even a mild pleasure. ‘This might not be so bad after all,’ I thought to myself.When I arrived home, Sam quizzed me about how the hypnosis went and how I was doing in terms of wanting a cigarette. Surprisingly to me, I didn’t feel any desire to smoke. I had no idea that I could experience results so dramatic, so quickly. Sam still didn’t want to kiss me, suggesting that it would likely take weeks to get the tobacco taste and its odor out of my body.The next day, I arrived at Ms. Radcliff’s office and repeated the treatment regime. Again I awoke feeling relaxed and refreshed and again had no recollection of the session.What I did have was a craving for caramel sucker, a lollipop, and when I bought one and placed it in my mouth, I immediately felt relaxed and experienced some mild pleasure. I went back into the store and bought a bag of them. For the life of me I couldn’t imagine being without one, and this was strange since I hadn’t had one since I was a c***d, but at the same time the more I sucked the more relaxed I became, and I was totally untroubled by my odd behavior.Upon returning home, I found that Sam looked especially beautiful and attractive and immediately told her so. Sam responded quite positively to my compliments and embraced me, but still didn’t kiss me. Even the missing kiss didn’t trouble me. Later, after clearing and cleaning the dinner dishes, something I also rarely did, Sam called me into the living room, saying she had a surprise for me.Sam told me that she was very proud of my efforts to stop smoking and go to the ther****t just on her suggestion alone and said she had a treat for me. She left the room for a few minutes and when she returned, she was wearing the sexiest outfit I had ever seen her wear, a corset with half-cups and stay-up stockings. Her breasts stood out invitingly. She wore a sheer robe over her corset, which hid nothing but heightened her beauty and steaming sexuality.”Strip,” she told me, and I scrambled out of my clothes as fast as possible. Once she had me naked and standing by the couch, she sauntered over to the entertainment center, turned on the TV and started a DVD. To my continued surprise, Sam was playing a porno on our TV, something she had never done before, nor had she ever dressed up like she was now. Rather than being shocked or surprised, I took these new turn of events as if they were routine every day happenings. I vaguely commented to myself about the oddness of all this, but all was quickly forgotten as I watched Sam’s breasts bounce as she returned. She patted the leather couch, which she had covered with a thick towel and indicated that she wanted me to sit between her spread out thighs, and said, “I think you’re going to enjoy this. I picked it out especially with you in mind.” Hearing this I just beamed and leaned back into Sam. Sam’s hands caressed my torso and pinched my nipplesThen the movie began. There wasn’t really any plot. There were just 2 men and one woman. All three were naked. The woman began to kiss and lick one man’s cock, causing it to quickly stiffen. Soon she had the head in her mouth and was licking and sucking on it like it was candy. At the same time, I found myself salivating, wishing I had one of my suckers in my mouth. Sam must have noticed, because she put 2 fingers into my mouth, and I sucked on them, all the while a deep sense of pleasure radiated from within me. I was enthralled as the woman deep-throated the cock she had been kissing, taking it all the way to its root. I marveled at her ability to take the entire length in a single, smooth motion and back to its tip, only to swirl her tongue around the head and repeat her plunge.While she was focused on pleasuring the one man, the other moved behind her, and raising her hips so he could reach, dove in between her full rounded cheeks and began to lick and tongue her ass. I was mesmerized and rock hard from the sex play we were watching. Sam added a third finger into my mouth and was pushing her fingers further and further down my throat, and I was experiencing waves and waves of pleasure from them. My drool was cascading down her hand, past her wrist.There was an amateurish quality to the production values of this movie, however the woman and the men didn’t appear to be acting at all. It was obvious that she was in ecstasy. Then the man tonguing her rear pulled away, and I felt a strange sense of loss and emptiness at his withdrawal. But then, just as quickly, he penetrated her ass with his rock-hard cock, and my pleasure was back, only doubly so.Sam removed her sopping fingers from my mouth, and again that sense of profound loss was there again, but, then I felt her hand reach around my torso and under my cock and balls and felt wet fingers at my puckered hole and felt a sense of joy fill me. I leaned back while at the same time moving my pelvis forward, so she could have greater access. This joyful pleasure only increased once she was able to press one finger into my nether region. For the first time I felt my ass being penetrated. Sam was very gently entering me, first with just one of her saliva coated fingers, but once she could easily move in and out of my ass, she added a second, filling me even more fully. Her other hand’s fingers took possession of my mouth and throat once again. Soon the fingers in my ass were pistoning in and out of my ass, and I was humping Sam’s hand like my life depended on it.The two men on the screen began to breathe more heavily and their movements took on an urgency, clearly they were close to cumming. Then they both erupted, spewing stream after stream of cum into the woman, who appeared to be orgasming herself. My pleasure only increased while witnessing the pleasure on the screen. Then the 2 men disengaged from the woman, and I felt a sense of deflation. Even my once rigid cock became soft.Then the 3 repositioned themselves. The man who had just received her amazing blowjob, now went behind and below her and started tonguing her very loose ass, lapping at the cum deposited there. I could see globs dropping from her gaping ass and into his mouth. The man who deposited that cum now went to kiss the woman and shared the cum that had never left her mouth until their kiss.In an instant I was hard again, radiating pleasure, impaled on Sam’s fingers. Like a roller coaster, every time the threesome disengaged, down I plummeted, and every time they recoupled, my excitement returned.Finally one man started licking the other man’s ass, and then went to his mouth to get hard. Once hard, he entered the man’s ass, while the woman, who had donned a strap-on, fucked his throat. I was never harder than I was at that moment, and Sam hadn’t even touched my cock. And as the threesome built to another climax, my excitement also built along theirs. Soon all three were screaming their orgasms, and the man being split by the other 2 was shooting his onto the floor. Just as the three erupted, Sam yelled, “Cum, you fucking bitch!” and I shot stream after stream of hot jizz all over my stomach and chest. I was shaken to my core. Never had I had such an intense orgasm, and Sam hadn’t touched my cock.When Sam removed her fingers from my throat and ass, I again felt loss and emptiness. Sam cooed, “It’s OK baby, I have just what will make it better,” and began to hand feed me the cum that was splattered on my torso. I had never tasted or wanted to taste my cum before that moment, but Sam was right, the taste and texture was intensely soothing and gave me a sense of completeness. At that moment I couldn’t imagine anything more delicious and satisfying than eating cum.I began to puzzle about how this new love of cum could be possible when Sam told me to lick her and give her an orgasm and just as quickly these troubling thoughts vanished. I moved to begin my task and teased and licked the folds of her labia, nibbling lightly, just the way I knew she wanted, and soon she was riding wave after wave of a glorious orgasm. She finally pushed me away and lay back to recover.Then Sam rose up on her knees and placing her arms on the back of the couch, offered her ass to me to lick and kiss. “Come get your reward, bitch,” she said, and I rushed to comply, my cock again rock hard. I dove between her cheeks and licked around her taint. It was the most exciting thing I had ever experienced. Instinctively, I tried to push past her tight sphincter and gloried once in. Slowly I pushed in and out, an attitude of worship and satisfying pleasure washed over me, until Sam pulled away, saying, “Enough.” I felt that sense of loss again. I felt that I needed to be there, worshipping this most sacred part of her.None of the many things that happened that night had ever happened before. I never cleaned up after a meal, Sam never wore lingerie or told me what to do, we never watched pornos, I didn’t like anyone getting close to my butt, or watching gay sex, yet all this happened, and to me it was like business as usual with no questions or troubles. ‘This was odd, right?’ I thought to myself, but, as I tried to pursue this line of thought, the memory of the porno and Sam’s fingers in my ass and mouth as well as the mouthfuls of cum flooded my consciousness and filled me with pleasure and contentment. It was all right and good. It was what I wanted, and more importantly, it was what Sam wanted.The next day I was back at the ther****t’s office. I felt like I needed to be there. I needed to be there for Sam. I needed to be there to be a good husband. I needed to be there to stop smoking. And when I left, I felt relaxed and refreshed.I got home a little early and decided to surprise Sam by making dinner. My repertoire was somewhat limited, but I could make a decent salad and definitely could barbeque a mean steak.When Sam arrived home, I greeted her with a hug and a glass of wine, which she accepted graciously. After she had changed and had settled in for a little while, I offered to massage her feet after what I imagined had been a long day. She accepted my offer and sat on the couch while I sat on the floor.”Don’t you think you’d be more comfortable without any clothes?” she asked. It hadn’t occurred to me but, of course, I would feel more comfortable being naked while on the floor tending to Sam’s tired feet. Quickly I stripped out of my clothes and started softly caressing Sam’s feet. I didn’t know why, but I felt compelled to kiss her dainty feet, never before appreciating their beauty. Dutifully I caressed and kneaded her digits and soles, intermixed with kisses, eliciting soft moans from Sam, which filled me with joy. The more I felt I was pleasing her, the greater my feeling of well-being.When she had enough, she turned around and knelt on the couch. She slowly lifted up the hem of her dress and revealed the glory of her beautifully rounded panty-less ass. “Get your reward, bitch,” Sam commanded, and I slowly moved in to kiss her puckered hole. I wanted to penetrate her with my tongue and felt like this was where I truly belonged, that my entire purpose in life was to give pleasure to this most intimate part of her body, and I reveled in the privilege I was being bestowed as I lovingly tongued and kissed this treasure, making love to this other mouth, which seemed to return my kiss.When Sam said, “Enough,” and pulled away from my kiss, I felt such a profound sense of sadness. If I were never to be able to share this kiss again would be like I had lost everything worth living for. Then, as if Sam could read my mind, she added, “Don’t worry, bitch, there will be more kisses later.” And my pleasure returned.Then rising and smoothing out her dress, Sam said, “I’m famished. Didn’t you make something for dinner?” I told her that dinner was nearly ready, that all that was left was to put the steaks on the already hot grill. I went to get the steaks, but when I returned, Sam interrupted me by saying, “You can’t go out like that.” It hadn’t even registered that I was still completely naked.I blushed and said, “I guess you’re right.””Of course I am, you silly bitch,” she said playfully, “You need to be wearing this,” and held up a tiny, frilly, pink apron. “I’ll help you.””Thanks. This is really so much better,” I said sincerely, and I took the steaks outside to cook. In less than 10 minutes the steaks were done to perfection, and I returned to the dining area.”Lose the apron, bitch,” Sam ordered, and I quickly complied. As I moved behind Sam to seat her at the table, she smirked and said, “I have a little surprise for you. Pull out your chair and see.” Once I had pushed in Sam’s chair, I scurried to my chair and pulled it away from the table.There embedded into the seat of the chair was a 7-inch dildo. I stared at it entranced. My mouth started salivating.”Get it wet, bitch, really wet. That’s your seat of honor,” Sam proclaimed.I started swirling my tongue around its head and licking up and down the side, just like the woman in the video did. But I really wanted it in my mouth and in my throat. Soon I was bobbing up and down its full length, occasionally gagging when my lips hit the base, but filled with this exquisite pleasure, which increased the deeper I took the phallus.”That’s wet enough. It’s time for you to sit and join me in this wonderful meal you’ve prepared.”I was torn. On one hand I needed to please Sam, my World, and on the other hand I felt I needed this cock in my mouth. So reluctantly I lifted my mouth off and slowly lowered myself onto the ‘seat of honor.’ I felt the tip begin to stretch my hole somewhat painfully, and I raised up to relive the pain, but each time I lifted up, I felt loss and emptiness that only this cock seemed to be able to fill. Each time I dropped down further on the cock, I felt myself becoming stretched tuzla escort pleasurably and more and more so. Soon I was fully impaled and squirming pleasurably around the invader.Sam made small talk throughout dinner, commenting about some gossip she heard in the office. All the time, while I tried my best to be attentive, to be the loving husband she deserved, the cock in my ass was calling. My ass contracted around the rod in my ass, and I slowly rocked, trying to focus on both.Sam smiled and said, “I know how difficult it is for a bitch like you to give up a cock in her ass, but it’s time to clean up. When you’re through, meet me in the living room.”Slowly I pulled off the wonder in my ass, and once again, the loss and emptiness returned with a vengeance. I felt like I would never again be right unless my ass or mouth was filled with cock or I could have my tongue buried in my lover’s ass. When had that changed? When had I become obsessed with cocks? But just then, when I thought of cocks, I was flooded with pleasure. It was useless to ask why I was obsessed with cocks. Cocks were pleasure. Cocks were my reason for living. I wanted their cum, and the memory of how delicious the cum had tasted yesterday took over all my awareness. Cocks, cum, and ass, that was my world.I even put the pink apron back on to clear the table and do the dishes. It just felt like the right thing to do. After all, Sam had suggested it and liked it, so it must be right.When I was done, I joined Sam in the living room. Sam was completely naked this time, apart from a strap-on dildo. She looked so beautifully exotic with that hard rigid member sticking straight up. I couldn’t believe how much I wanted her at that moment. My mouth watered at the thought of deep-throating her.”That apron’s so cute on you. It makes you look like such a cute sissy bitch. I bet my sissy bitch wants some cock in her mouth, don’t you?” Sam asked.”Oh please,” I exclaimed.”Oh please what?” Sam demanded.”Please let me suck your cock,” I begged.”And what are you if you wear a pink apron and want to suck my cock?” Sam asked.”I’m your sissy bitch, Sam,” I answered, blushing.”And, sissy bitch, do you love my cock?””Oh god, I love your cock,” I confessed.”Then go get it, bitch,” Sam ordered, and I threw myself on her hard cock, kissing and licking its length.Finally I took its entire length down my throat until my lips reached her harness. As before, the deeper I took her cock, the more pleasure I experienced. A brief question flashed through my mind, ‘Is that really how it works? Don’t most people gag?’ But as quickly as the question arose, the pleasure I was experiencing chased it away.”Get off my cock,” Sam ordered, and added, “I have another surprise for you.”I kissed the tip of her cock and backed off, feeling that now familiar loss and emptiness, and watched Sam again walk to the TV and put on another DVD for us to watch. I loved the way her hips swayed along with her strap-on.As the film began to play, it appeared to be the same room as in the last movie. Like before, there were 3 people, but this time they were all men. As one man began to lick another’s cock the remaining man went behind and started tonguing his ass, so he was receiving a blow-job and an ass licking at the same time. Instantly I was hard and panting. When the first blew his load into the other’s mouth, the other rose up and snow-balled him. The camera came in close, and I could see them passing the cum back and forth, while the one tonguing ass continued like he was obsessed, a feeling I knew too well. They broke positions, and the man who had been doing the ass-tonguing was now getting it from both ends.Sam had me get down on all fours and continue watching the TV. I felt her finger start to smear something cool into my ass, and I pushed back, trying to impale myself on her hand. Smack! Smack! Smack! She spanked me.”Did I tell you that you could fuck my fingers, bitch?” she asked in an irritated tone.”No Sam. I’m sorry,” I apologized.”It’s alright. You really have no control when your ass is involved, do you?” she asked.”I guess not,” I answered, again feeling confused.”Do you want my hard cock up your ass, sissy bitch? If you do, you’ll have to beg me to fill that sissy bitch pussy of yours.”It was automatic, as if I didn’t have a will of my own, I found myself begging, “Please Sam, please fuck my sissy bitch pussy with your cock.” Just hearing myself say ‘sissy bitch pussy’ filled me with an overwhelming sense of pleasure and well-being. “I need your cock so badly. Please fuck me.”I felt her cockhead at my sissy pussy’s entrance and heard her say, “You do the work. Back your pussy over my hard cock.”And slowly I pushed the head past my opening, which was already looser from the ‘seat of honor’. Soon I was fucking her cock with abandon and watching to 3 men fuck and suck in every imaginable position and combination, including a double penetration of one man’s ass or was it his or her pussy? I wished I had a cock in my mouth. Even with my pussy in heaven, my mouth and throat felt empty and in hell. Again it was like Sam could read my mind.”I bet my sissy bitch needs some cock in her mouth too. Tell me I’m right,” Sam said.”Oh yes, I’d love to have a cock in my mouth. I feel so empty without one,” I desperately confessed.And Sam reached next to her and began to place some sort of device with straps over my head. I realized it was some sort of harness. I moaned with extreme pleasure when Sam inserted a penis shaped gag into my mouth and started pulling it in and out, fucking my mouth with it. I was in heaven again, and gone was the emptiness. After a few more seconds, Sam pulled the penis completely out, and I felt my desperation again.”Aren’t you going to thank me for giving my sissy bitch the cock she needs?””Oh yes, thank you Sam. I love the cock you gave me,” I shared with her.”And what are you?” she asked, withdrawing from my pussy as well.”A cock loving sissy bitch. Oh god, I love cock. I need your cock. Your cocks feel so good inside me. Fill my sissy bitch mouth and pussy with cock, Pleeease,” I begged and whined.And then she plunged into my pussy and returned the penis gag to my mouth, buckling it on tightly. There were straps on either side of the harness that was on my head, reins really. Sam pounded my pussy as I desperately sucked at the penis in my mouth, the reins pulled tight, all the time watching the man on the screen get fucked from both ends. ‘Was he a sissy bitch like me? Did he need cock like I so desperately needed cock? I bet cum would taste so good coming right out of the cock, so good and warm, so yummy,’ were all thoughts I had while Sam was fucking me, all those thoughts warming me with delicious pleasure.As the 3 on the screen were reaching their crescendo, I was too. Sam shifted her position slightly, placing something below me, and as the 3 began to roar their climaxes, Sam roared, “Cum sissy bitch, cum!” and I shot rope after rope of cum, all the time transfixed by the men on the screen, feeling like Sam and I were with them too and wanting to be with them too. It dimly registered that Sam was cumming with all of us, completing the fantasy. Sam was still vigorously stroking in and out of my pussy until both of us were spent, and she finally slowed. She remained inside my pussy, making only small pleasurable movements as she released the buckles on my harness, letting it drop from my mouth.The men on the screen had slowed as well. Finally both men withdrew their cocks from the middle man, and the man at the rear came to the front and shared a mouthful of cum, while the man at the front went to the full rear and lapped at the loose hole, dripping with cum. It was all so wickedly erotic. I wished I could share that kiss or be lapping at that ass, wanting to taste cum.Sam had me pull off her cock, and reaching below grabbed whatever she placed below me. She had me turn around and face her. Seeing her glistening cock aroused me and I found myself getting hard again. But when she took the bowl that had been below me and poured the cum all over her cock, I was in absolute lust.”Oh does my sissy bitch also want to be my cum-slut too?” she inquired.”Oh yes,” I told her.”Then you need to tell me that my sissy bitch wants to be my cum slut too. Is that so hard to do, or maybe you don’t want my cum covered cock?” Sam hissed.”Oh no! Your sissy bitch wants to be your cum slut. Please let me be your cum slut. Let me taste the delicious cum and suck your beautiful cock. Please,” I begged.”OK cum slut, come get your treat.”I threw myself on her cock, savoring the delicious cum, reveling in being the cock sucking cum slut I was always meant to be. Meant to be? A moment of confusion began to rake me, but then the taste of cum set off fireworks in my brain. If there was something more delicious, I couldn’t imagine it in that moment, unless…I was rock hard once again and in total ecstasy when Sam pulled out of my mouth, filling me once again with emptiness and disappointment.”You’ve been such a good sissy bitch and cum slut that I’ve decided to give you a little reward. You have a choice. You can either fuck my juicy pussy or you can kiss and tongue my ass. See how wet I am?” Sam said, spreading her legs to show how true this was.”Whatever you prefer Sam. That’s what I want,” I responded, meaning it.”No. You need to choose or you get neither. It’s OK. There is no wrong choice here,” Sam reassured me.”Your ass. I would love to kiss and tongue your ass, please,” I told her with no hesitation, but deep in the recesses of my mind a part of me was screaming, “Are you k**ding me?” but then the thought of tonguing her ass flooded me with pleasure and I was sure I had chosen correctly, and those screams faded away.”Of course that’s what you want. Isn’t it? A cute sissy bitch like you doesn’t want a wet pussy. She wants to kiss ass or suck cock. Isn’t that right?” she asked.”That’s right, Sam. I love to kiss your ass or suck your cock. But I would try to fuck your pussy if you wanted me too,” I told her. Suddenly the thought fucking Sam’s pussy was strangely disagreeable to me, but I would do it to please her.”That’s so sweet of you to want to please me, but it pleases me the most for you to be who you are and be my sissy bitch and cum slut. Do you want to be my sissy bitch and cum slut?””Oh yes, I want to be your sissy bitch and cum slut, more than anything,” I confessed.”More than anything?” she queried, “Even if it meant you could never fuck my wet pussy again? Because, if you’re my sissy bitch you will never fuck me again, but I will continue to fuck you. Is that what you want, to be my ass licking, cock fucking and cock sucking sissy bitch?” she questioned me.My answer was immediate. “More than anything. I need to be your sissy bitch. I don’t why, but it feels like I would die if I couldn’t be your sissy bitch. I’m happiest when I’m kissing your ass or sucking or fucking your cock. I don’t understand, but I’d be lost without it. Please let me your sissy bitch and let me kiss and tongue your ass. It’s where I belong,” I pled.”OK, be my sissy bitch and feel as you dig deeper and deeper into my ass that you are becoming my sissy bitch forever. Can you do that for me, bitch?””Oh yes,” I told her and leaned into her ass to claim my reward. Never had anything seemed so right and wonderful. Each lick and each taste of Sam’s wonderful ass made me feel like this was where I belonged. I swirled my tongue around her precious hole, feeling every ripple, probing between each swell.I could hear Sam moan and murmur, “Such a sweet sissy bitch.”Then I started to plumb her depths. First the tip of my tongue spread her hole, her loving mouth that was kissing me back, further and further. The strong bitter taste only inflamed my desire, adding to my thrill. Then I was in. I rotated my mouth and tongue as much as possible, trying to take possession of her sweet mouth as she was taking possession of me, as I was her sweet sissy bitch and nothing else mattered. The deeper I went, the more I felt I was one with her, and the happier and more ecstatic I became. My breathing increased and became deeper, and with each breath came greater and greater joy and pleasure.From someplace far away, I heard Sam say, “You are my sissy bitch. Cum for me and prove it.”I exploded with ecstasy. My entire body shook orgasmically. I felt the mouth I was kissing close hard on my tongue and hold me there. The mouth shared the orgasm for the longest time and then slowly relaxed its grip.As I began to swirl around her insides, Sam said, “Enough,” and I slowly withdrew. “You are truly my sissy bitch now. Look what you’ve done,” pointing to the floor below me and the large pool of cum there. “What are you waiting for? You’re my cum slut, aren’t you? Eat the cum.”I dropped my face to the floor and started to lick up the cum. Each slurp filled me with joy, tasting wonderful. I was only slightly disappointed when all the cum was gone. I was still basking in the knowledge that I had become Sam’s sissy bitch and cum slut and couldn’t imagine anything better. Before raising my head up, I gently kissed Sam’s beautiful feet, thankful for the gift she had given me.I stayed on the floor, still in my apron, for sometime with my head resting against her knee until she said it was time for bed. When we retired to the bedroom, Sam gave me a present. Inside the box was a butt plug. She said that wearing a butt plug to help loosen my pussy was part of being a sissy bitch and said that I would need to embrace all aspects of being a sissy. She gave me some lube to use with it and watched as I inserted it the first time. I loved the full feeling it gave me. I felt like Sam was inside me, taking further possession. It felt right,When I arrived at the ther****t’s office the next morning, I was surprised to see another man also waiting. Ms. Radcliff came out of a different door than was usual and ushered this young man into the inner sanctum. About 15 minutes later she came out this other office and escorted me back to the one I was familiar with and after some inquiries about my smoking, I was back in trance.As was usual I awoke feeling both relaxed and refreshed. If nothing else changed, at least my attitude was better. I was somewhat surprised when a young man exited from the adjacent office at the same time I did. We both nodded our greetings and quickly parted. There was something oddly familiar about him and for some inexplicable reason, I felt warmly towards him. It was probably because we were seeing the same, very competent, ther****t.I left the office and made a run to the nearby d**g store to pick up some necessities and went home.Once I returned home, I immediately took what I bought to the bathroom and undressed. After taking the contents of my purchases out of their packaging, I went in to clean myself, starting with an enema. Once filled, I took the women’s razor I had purchased along with some depilatory cream and went to shower. A short time later, when I emerged from the shower, I was completely hairless from the neck down. I ran my hands up and down my torso and along my genitalia and pussy and over my legs. It thrilled me to be so smooth.”Good sissies are always smooth”, I repeated over and over to myself, and since I was smooth, I must be a ‘good sissy’.I also recognized the pressure in my bowels and sat on the toilet and evacuated all the liquid that was there. I filled and rinsed myself 3 more times, until the water that was expelled was clear enough. I washed and dried my butt plug, now part of my identity as a sissy bitch and went to the bedroom to apply lube and reinsert it. Once it was fully seated, I felt my connection to Sam as her sissy bitch strengthen and was filled with joy at the thought.It was then that I noticed the note on the bed on top of a folded up apron, just like the night before. There was also a small golden box under the apron. It was addressed ‘sissy bitch’ and read:”If you’re reading this, you are probably a clean and smooth sissy bitch. If you haven’t already, lube up and put in your sissy bitch pussy plug. Open the box. I want you to be wearing the apron and this present when I get home. Being a sissy bitch only gets better.Love, SamPs: Don’t worry about dinner.”Inside the box I found pink nylons. I began to pant just at the thrill of holding them. They were so soft and silky. I sat down on the bed and bunched one nylon up just as I had watched Sam do so many times before and rolled it up my smooth leg. Once up, I quickly did the other. I slid my hands along the length of my nylon-encased legs, caressing them lightly, amazed at the sensual feeling they gave. I put on my apron and modeled my outfit in front of the mirror. I was so excited to wear these sissy things, hoping Sam would want to fuck my pussy or let me suck her cock or kiss her precious ass mouth. As I started walking towards the door was another gold covered box with a note addressed ‘to my excited sissy bitch’ and this read:”A proper sissy needs the appropriate shoes. So enjoy. Love, Sam”Inside the box was a pair of pink patent leather platform shoes that would wrap up around my ankles once they were on. Just touching tuzla escort bayan them thrilled me, filling my being with joy. Once on, I stood slowly, trying not to fall over and took in my transformation in the mirror. ‘This is what a sissy looks like,’ I thought happily and made my way through the door and into the hallway.I struggled walking in them and felt like I was being pushed forward by the severe angle of the soles. But I knew in my heart that to be a proper sissy bitch, I would need to learn to walk like a proper sissy, so I spent the next hour learning first not to fall, and then to walk as a sissy is supposed to walk. ‘How did I know how a sissy was supposed to walk?’ I wondered briefly. ‘Like this, silly sissy bitch,’ I told myself and started walking with an exaggerated swish of my hips and tiny steps. With every correct step my pleasure grew and grew, and those thoughts of doubt disappeared. I appreciated how right Sam had been about the plug in my sissy pussy as being an integral part of being a sissy bitch because I couldn’t imagine how I could correctly walk or stand without it. I was intensely pleased with my discovery and clenched all the more at the plug, imagining it was Sam or one of the men in the movies.I felt a stab of shame that I might want another man’s cock more than I wanted hers, but the thought, ‘cock’, aroused me, causing me more shame, even as I clenched even harder around the plug. Then the thought came, ‘Sissy bitches shouldn’t worry. They should just do what they’re told. That’s what makes them good sissy bitches. Sissy bitches are supposed to want cocks in the pussies or in their mouths. AND sissy bitches live to kiss their lover’s ass mouth. Isn’t that so, sissy?’The waves of pleasure that then washed over me confirmed that my thinking was correct and I admonished myself not to trouble my sissy head about matters that did not concern me, and I immediately felt relief. I went back to my sissy strut as I now called it, hoping to please Sam when she returned home.An hour later I heard the key in the lock and came racing towards her as fast as my tiny steps could carry me.”Sam! Sam!” I squealed, “Look how beautiful they are. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”Sam looked so amused at my excitement. “Turn around. Let me look at you,” she instructed.As I turned around with tiny little steps, I said, “Please say you like the way they look. Please.””Yes,” said Sam, “You make an adorable sissy.”I could hardly contain my excitement at her compliment. I so wanted to please her, and it appeared that I had.I took her coat and hung it up and offered to get her anything she wanted, wine, a foot massage, my mouth.”Wine would be nice,” she said, handing me boxes from our favorite Chinese restaurant.I did my sissy strut all the way to the kitchen and put away the boxes and poured a glass of chilled wine and strutted back to Sam.”Show me how you walk in those things,” Sam told me, and I did what I had been practicing, making sure I clutched at the plug, and walked up and down in front of her. Sam clapped and said, “That’s delightful. You make such a good sissy. Now come here. I need to inspect you to make sure that you did a good job. If I find any hairs, I may have to spank my sissy bitch.”That threat made me inhale deeply. How did she know I had shaved myself? I quickly dropped that question in order to take my tiny steps and stand directly in front of Sam. She ran her hands all over my legs, my ass and genitalia, and my torso and told me she was pleased, and I beamed. “You’re a natural sissy, but I want you to keep all your hair off every day. Is that understood? I may even want to have all that hair removed permanently.” Then she looked at me to gage my reaction. The thought of not having to shave or use a depilatory thrilled me. Sam looked pleased, which pleased me.”You know sissy, I think I will spank you anyway. Follow me,” she commanded, and I followed dutifully with my eyes downcast. She positioned me over the arm of a large overstuffed chair, and started to sensually rub my ass and legs, arousing me greatly. “Now you need to ask me to spank your sissy ass hard,” Sam said.I was confused. I didn’t want to be spanked, did I? But something in the way Sam spoke told me that I did, indeed, need to be spanked.”Sam, please spank me. My sissy ass needs a good hard spanking,” I asked her and the request both terrified and thrilled me.”How many do you need, sissy?””As many as you think I need. Please spank me hard,” I breathlessly told her, my excitement already building.Thwack! “Thank me.””Thank you.”Thwack!”Thank you.”With each swat of her hand, my ass stung but was also becoming extremely aroused. I wanted her to spank me… hard. I couldn’t understand what was happening to me. I shouldn’t like this. Oh, but I did like it. It was like I craved her swats, needed them.Thwack!”Thank you,” I said as if she was giving me a gift.For several more minutes, Sam’s slaps rained down on my ass, and I thanked her, somehow sincerely grateful for each one.”It looked like you were enjoying that my little one.””Oh yes,” I answered, my bottom burning with a pleasurable glow. “I didn’t know it could feel like that, feel so good. Please, just one more.”Thwack!”Oh, thank you,” I said, almost weeping with joy.”You’re welcome. Now it’s time for dinner. Go put the food in bowls, heat it up and set the table,” Sam said.I got up and, placing my hands on my butt cheeks, felt the heat emanating from them. I then quickly did as I was told, feeling the natural pleasure of being compliant. A fleeting question passed through my consciousness, ‘Natural pleasure?’ and just as quickly passed. I informed Sam that the meal was ready and walked with her to the table. I helped her into her chair and went to sit in my spot.”The seat of honor is still yours,” Sam reminded me.I begged my excuses for needing to remove my plug and went to the bathroom. Once the plug was out, I washed and dried it. I added more lube for my pussy.I told Sam of my lubing my pussy and asked if she wanted me to also wet the phallus. She said it was up to me, so I quickly deep throated the phallus, enthralling me. I soon became preoccupied with the phallus in my mouth savoring its fullness.”You cock-loving bitch, get off that cock, so I can eat. You can have more cock later.”Somewhat embarrassed, I took my mouth off the phallus, then stood up and repositioned myself over it and slowly impaled myself on the hard cock. My pussy easily slipped around its hardness, and once settled, I felt a sense of completeness.This time, even though the cock was giving me great pleasure, it was easier to focus on Sam’s needs. I seemed to hang on her every word and expressed sincere interest in whatever topic she brought up. I realized that I never fully appreciated what an amazing woman she was. I felt sad about this but also determined to make it up to her by being whatever she wanted me to be. Warmth radiated throughout my being when I thought of a life devoted to her needs.”I need to ask you something,” Sam said.”Sure, anything,” I responded.”Are you happy being my sissy bitch? I really need to know how you feel,” implored Sam.”Sam, I don’t know what has happened to me. In some ways it seems so strange, but I have never been so in love and have never been happier. I love being your sissy bitch. I feel like I would die if I couldn’t be with you in the way that you want. You give me such marvelous feelings. It’s like you’ve taken over my being in such a good way, but in another way, I feel like I’ve given you my being.””Earlier today, I felt guilty for fantasizing about sucking cum from a real cock, but then I realized, that’s what sissies do. They love to suck cock, real and otherwise, and they love to take cock in their pussies and love to make love to their lovers’ ass-mouths. I realized that I didn’t have to worry about these things. You would tell me what to do, and I would be happy and satisfied.””Thanks for that. Now go clear the table and clean the dishes and meet me in the living room,” Sam said and left me to my chores.When I raised off my ‘seat of honor’, I felt initially empty but hoped Sam would fill me up again, and I lusted for her cock. At least I would have my plug again soon.Once finished, I minced my way back to the living room where Sam was again wearing her strap-on.”Suck me bitch,” was all she needed to say, and I was worshipping her cock with my mouth. I needed it deep in my throat, and soon was swallowing her entire length. As I bobbed up and down, Sam became more and more excited and moaned her pleasure. Soon she was cumming just from my actions, which aroused me more and more.”That’s enough, cock sucker. Go turn on the DVD. I have another surprise for you.”Just those words excited me tremendously, and I wondered what I would see today.She had me back myself onto her cock, which slid in easily and began to slowly fuck me.”Watch carefully,” Sam ordered.It was the same room as in the previous 2 movies, but this time there were just 2 men. One man was blowing the other. The recipient’s face was somehow familiar but I couldn’t place him. Maybe he was in the previous movies. The man giving the blowjob’s face was obscured, but it was clear he had taken the cock all the way down his throat.”Don’t you wish that was you taking a warm cock down your throat? Isn’t that what you said, ‘bitches love cock’? Tell me bitch, don’t you wish it was you?'”Oh god, yes. I wish I was sucking a real cock and could feel fresh cum spurting from its head,” I confessed and was flooded with ecstasy having confessed my truth.”Cock in your mouth feels so good, doesn’t it bitch?” Sam continued to torment me.”Sam, I can almost taste him. It’s like he’s getting harder and harder.””That’s right. You can’t wait until he explodes in your mouth. Isn’t that right, bitch?” Sam implored, fucking me harder and harder.”Sam he’s so hard now I can feel him pulse. He’s cuummming. Oh god, he’s cuummming.”And the man on the screen jerked and spasmed his orgasm into the other man’s mouth.”Sam, he tastes so good. I can hardly keep it all in my mouth.”And when the man on the screen stops thrusting, the cock sucker keeps going for a little longer and then pulls off the softening cock. As he pulls off the cock, I can see the cocksucker’s face for the first time.”Oh god, Sam. That’s me up there.””That’s right bitch, you’re a real cock sucker. Watch what you do now.”In the movie I got off the cock and raised up to kiss the man who had just given me his wonderful cum, and we shared the white treasure between us as we grabbed at each other’s bodies and thrusting our cocks at one another. In one open mouth close-up I could see the other man pass cum back to my mouth, which I hungrily swallowed. I then went behind this man and proceeded to kiss and tongue his ass and watched the screen as his cock grew harder. I reached around and stroked his manhood, obviously in heaven with my tongue up his ass.Then I withdrew and he went behind me and tongued my pussy and stroked my cock until it was rock hard. Then he pushed me down onto all fours and drove deep into my pussy. I couldn’t believe the pleasure on my face as he pounded me over and over.”That’s right, you cock sucking sissy, you’re his bitch too. Look how he’s taking your pussy, and you want his cock don’t you?”And as he was fucking me on screen, Sam was fucking me. It was like her cock was his cock and all I wanted was cock. I was a cock hungry whore both on and off the screen.Soon the man on the screen started bucking wildly and filling my pussy with his seed. At the same time, Sam was screaming her orgasm. Each was pumping into me and climaxing at the same time. After the longest time, each began to slow their thrusts, each panting and trying to catch their breaths.Finally the man pulled his cock out of my pussy, and then bending down, started lapping at my gaping hole. I squirmed with delight as this man ate me out and tongued deep into my open ass. I watched as I started to hump his face with my rear, trying to get every last inch of his tongue into me. I saw stream after stream of my cum shoot out of me, and he hadn’t even touched me. When he was through, he rose up and shared the shit laced cum with me, and I greedily snaked my tongue in and out of his mouth, trying to get whatever cum was left.”Cum now, bitch. Show me what a good sissy you are. Now!” Sam ordered, and I complied, shooting stream after stream onto the floor. Sam kept pumping into me until we both collapsed on the floor, Sam steering me away from my puddle of cum. Every now and then Sam would push into me, letting me know I was her bitch, and I would push back, acknowledging the truth of it.When she was ready, she pulled out of my pussy in an agonizingly slow manner. Reaching over to the mess on the floor, she scooped up as much cum as she could and smeared it into the crack of her ass and leaned over the seat of the couch. “You know what to do.”I slowly turned around and moved behind her and lowered my face into the crack of her ass until my lips just touched the cum. At first I lapped at the cum, marveling again at how wonderful it tasted. I licked and sucked up every bit of it and then proceeded to kiss and tongue her hole, her ass mouth, and I was once again in heaven. The deeper I was able to tongue her the more at peace I felt. I was her bitch, and I was where I was supposed to be.It had been less than a week since these dramatic changes in my behavior occurred, yet when I tried to think about what had motivated my new attitude and increased devotion to Sam, my mind what just flooded with images of cocks, cum and licking ass, and I squirmed with an ecstatic pleasure that made all other thoughts unimportant. Sam would tell me what was important, I told myself, and I was filled with a pleasurable calm at this thought.That night I replaced my plug, and Sam gave me a pink baby doll nighty to wear to bed. “Leave the stockings on. It completes your sissy look. Don’t you think?” she asked. Looking in the mirror, I had to agree.We slept spooned together the entire night. When I awoke, I quickly showered and shaved… my entire body, and for the second time and without a thought, I gave myself several enemas. When I returned, there was another new pair of pink stockings and a pair of pink crotchless panties on the bed.”I thought my sissy might like to dress more appropriately when she goes to her hypnosis this morning,” Sam commented. Once in my stockings and panties, she handed me a pair of capris, which I also put on, zipping up the side, and a floral print blouse with ruffles up the front. Initially I was somewhat taken aback, but the clothes were so feminine I was mesmerized by them and all earlier concerns evaporated. Lastly, Sam handed me a pair of flats that matched my outfit perfectly. They fit perfectly. In fact everything fit perfectly. This should have surprised me, but this morning it all seemed as normal as any other day.Sam kissed my cheek and sent me on my way, saying, “Be a good sissy for me,” and I smiled at the thought.When I arrived at Ms. Radcliff’s office, there were two other young men there, both wearing tight jeans and tee shirts. I couldn’t help but notice the bulges in their pants, and I wondered what their cocks would look and taste like. I was a little embarrassed at the boldness of my thoughts, but then I concluded that I was indeed being “a good sissy” and the thoughts of their cocks only gave me increased pleasure.Denise came into the waiting room, and after acknowledging the other two men, took me into her office, commenting how pretty I looked and how the colors suited me.Several hours later I emerged refreshed. When I got into my car, I drove like I was on autopilot and finally stopped next to a store-front beauty shop named Finocchio’s. I walked into the store as if I had been sleepwalking.A smallish man ran up to me and took my hand, “Darling, you’re right on time. I’m Antoine, and we’re going to make you beautiful. You want that, yes?” he asked.I felt as if I were in a dream and found myself answering, “Yes, that would be nice.”For the next two hours I was pampered. My hair was washed and styled. My eyebrows were plucked and shaped. I received both a pedicure and a manicure and new nails. I had make-up applied. The thoughts of how did I get here, and how did they know what I needed, passed through my mind, but then the thought, ‘They’re here to make you beautiful, silly sissy,’ pushed these troubling thoughts away away. When they were almost done, they took me to a back room that had the look of a medical exam room.Antoine introduced me to a muscular young black man named Marcus who was wearing shorts and a tank top. “You’re just gorgeous,” I blurted out.”Thank you,” he replied. “You’re really cute yourself. You’ve really got that ‘sissy’ thing going on,” he told me. “I’ve got just a couple of things to do, and then you’ll be all done. It’s gonna hurt a little, but when we’re finished, I think you’re going like the result.”Marcus started swabbing my right earlobe with alcohol, then suddenly pop, pop, and I felt a brief sharp pain. While I was recovering from the shock, Marcus moved over to my other side and started escort tuzla swabbing my other earlobe. Then pop, pop. When I reached up to touch my ears, I found that they had been pierced. Rather than be upset at the discovery, I wondered what kind of earring would look best on me.”These last two are really going to sting,” Marcus informed me, and he started unbuttoning my blouse and then opening it wide, exposing my chest. Taking both nipples between his thumb and forefinger on each hand, Marcus began to pinch and pull. Then he started to roll my nipples between his digits, all the while applying intense pressure. I was moaning, surprised by the pleasure he was giving my nipples. “Nice,” he said. “This will plump them up and make them easier to pierce.” I was in a compliant trance, just going with the pleasurable flow.Soon Marcus was swabbing my nipples and areolas, then I felt the needle pierce my flesh, and the sensation was oddly enjoyable. Then the other side received the same treatment. And I was floating in a strange world of bliss.Marcus had me stand and walk to the large wall mirror to see what he had done. This was the first time I had seen the results of all the work done to me that day. Looking back at me was a very feminine face, impeccably made up, but the two hoops dangling from my chest took my breath away. My chest or breasts looked so exotic.”Oh Marcus, you’ve made me beautiful. Thank you.” And I hugged him. Once my arms were around him, I didn’t want to let go. I let my fingers feel his muscular body, caressing his arms and back. As much as I wanted to stay and continue this “close encounter”, it was everything I could manage to push away. “Ooooo Marcus, what you do to me,” I panted, and Marcus just grinned.”See you later, beautiful,” Marcus said as I said my goodbyes to everyone. I told Antoine that I would be back soon as a regular customer and we air kissed our goodbyes.Oh my God, I thought to myself. Marcus was so hot. I would have fucked him in a minute. I hope all my days aren’t going to be like this. I hope Sam is OK with my flirtations. I’m turning into such a slut. She may have to lock me up everyday to keep me from going after some strange cock.I went to the market to get some salmon for dinner and all the while was checking out the men along the way.When I finally got home I saw I had a text message from Sam, telling me to change into the clothes that were on the bed. I rushed upstairs to see what awaited me and found several boxes on the bed and a note, telling me first to wash and freshen myself and replace my plug and then to open and put each item on one at a time in specified order.There were black stockings and a garter belt to hold them up, a black shelf bra to lift my newly pierced breasts, a mid-thigh length gossamer thin black robe to go over it all, and 4-inch black high heels. Everything fit.I admired the new very femme me in the mirror. To me, I looked very sexy and could hardly wait to serve Sam. I so wanted cock after my encounter with Marcus.In spite of my preoccupation with cocks, I busied myself around the kitchen preparing the evening meal. I had a fleeting thought, ‘When had all this changed? I had been a macho man who loved to fuck, not be fucked. Being fucked. Being fucked…” Just the thought of being fucked filled me with pleasure. I was again flooded with images of cocks, cocks and cum. I could almost taste the cum, delicious cum. I never knew cum would taste so good. ‘What had I just been thinking about?’ I asked myself, slightly concerned. ‘Oh well, I shouldn’t worry my sissy head. Sam will tell me what should concern me.’I heard Sam’s car drive up and went to greet her with a glass of chilled wine. I hoped she liked the beautiful lingerie she chose for me.As she opened the door and saw me, she commented, “Aren’t you a beautiful sissy? Antoine’s done wonders with you. Let’s see your nipples.” Sam walked toward me and parted my sheer robe, exposing my newly pierced nipples. Sam gently lifted the hoops on my nipples and a thrill went through me. “Very nice,” she said, “Very nice and very sexy, don’t you think?””Oh yes, Sam. I liked them very much,” I gushed. I wanted to ask her how she knew about Antoine and my piercings, but the words, ‘Don’t worry your sissy head about it,’ pushed those questions away. Sam would tell me what I needed to know. Sam would take care of me as long as long as I was the best sissy I could be, and I would take good care of her in my sissy way.”Is that wine for me?” Sam asked as I held out her glass, “What a sweet sissy you are.” Sam walked into the living room and sat down and motioned for me to sit at her feet.I sat where she indicated and reverently removed her shoes and kissed both her feet. “You may suck on my toes. You probably have been thinking about sucking cock all day, haven’t you?” How did she know? And as if hearing my thoughts out loud, Sam answered, “It’s what sissy bitches do. Isn’t that true?” I nodded my agreement, my mouth full of toes. “A sissy bitch’s world is about cocks. Cocks in their mouths. Cocks in their sissy pussies. Cocks and cum and kissing ass. This is their world and of course their devotion to their Mistress or Master. A sissy can’t think on her own. A sissy needs her Mistress or Master to tell her what to do, what to wear, how to be the best sissy she can be. Isn’t that right, sissy?” Again, with her toes in my mouth, I nodded my agreement.It seemed I lived for Sam, and my sissy world revolved around her. I knew deep down if I tried to think for myself or remember my past life, thoughts of cocks and cum and ass would flood my consciousness, and the pleasure of being a sissy bitch for Sam, Mistress Sam, I corrected myself, was my only enduring reality. I would be a good girl, the best sissy bitch I could be for Mistress Sam.After worshipping Mistress’ feet, Sam said, “I think it’s time that you finish preparing dinner, and I will freshen up.” With that she got up and left me on the floor. I quickly set about completing dinner, grilling the salmon and setting the table. I couldn’t help but notice my ‘seat of honor’ and a wave of excitement washed over me as I anticipated what Mistress had in store for me. I puzzled on how quickly I had transitioned to call her Mistress from calling her Sam only this morning. Then the thought, ‘Silly sissy, she is your Mistress, and she should be called by her proper title, and you are a silly sissy bitch.’I set the table and laid out cold asparagus that I had cooked earlier and the freshly prepared salad and, after one turn on the grill, the salmon was ready. Anticipating where I would be seated, I went to remove my plug and to add more lube. As I passed Mistress Sam as she was leaving her bedroom, she gave me a swift swat on the ass, saying, “Don’t make me wait too long.” I quickly complied and returned to seat my Mistress.”This looks lovely, as do you,” she commented and nodding towards my chair, “You know what to do,” and I pulled out my seat and wetted the phallus completely, lifted my robe and lowered myself on my ‘seat of honor’, and did feel honored to be thusly impaled and in the presence of the woman I adored.Mistress commented again on how feminine and pretty Antoine had made me appear and said, ” I hope you embrace the feminine in all things. I will be throwing out all your ugly male clothes, and you will be a full-time sissy bitch for me. How do you feel about giving up your maleness for me? Are you ready to give me control of your sissy life? That means that you will no longer have a cock. That thing between your legs is your clitty. You will no longer fuck anyone. Is that clear?” I nodded that I understood, however I was also feeling quite anxious in that moment.”I can see you’re a little worried right now. Am I right?” Mistress Sam asked. “Just like a sissy bitch, you’re missing the big picture. You won’t be fucking anymore. That’s true, but you will be getting fucked in that sweet, tight pussy of yours. And you will be sucking cock and getting all that yummy cum.” The thought of being fucked and sucking cock and cum, overwhelmed me with pleasure. What did I care about fucking? I was a sissy bitch and sissy bitches love to be fucked in their sissy pussies. If nothing else, Sam had already shown me the truth of that. “And you will worship my ass regularly. Isn’t that what sissy bitches do?” and I nodded. “So tell me. Do you want to be my sissy bitch and live a life devoted to me? Or do you want to go back to the life you were living, lying and thinking only of yourself?”It was clear to me that I was being asked to make a choice right then. I didn’t know why there should be any hesitation. I wanted to be her sissy bitch with all my heart. I wanted the life she was offering me. I wanted to please Sam. I wanted cock. I wanted cum. I wanted my tongue up her beautiful ass. Without those things, my life would be devoid of pleasure. I would be empty. I needed a cock in my pussy, like I needed air. “But what about… But what about…” I had a sense that I was overlooking something I oughtn’t overlook. There was something about my former life that was calling me to not forget, but…, but…, but then here I was thinking of myself again and not Sam, my Mistress. I mustn’t do that. Sissies shouldn’t think too much. I had a sense that a door to my former life was closing, perhaps permanently, and I knew I would never be able to return. But none of that mattered, did it? Sam and the life she was offering me was all that mattered. I needed to stop being selfish.”I love you Sam, Mistress, I am already your sissy bitch,” I confessed. “I don’t know who I was before, but I can’t live without what you’ve shown me these past few days.””Good,” responded Sam, Mistress Sam. “Now go clear the table and meet me in the living room.” Sam left the kitchen, and I lifted off the phallus and cleared the table as instructed.When I had finished my chores, I went to the living room once again, hoping that Mistress would fuck my sissy bitch pussy. As during the other nights, Mistress was again wearing her strap-on. I fell to my knees in front of my Mistress, my Goddess, waiting her command.”Suck it, bitch,” was all she said, and I threw myself on her cock. As before, the deeper I took her cock into my throat, the more pleasure I experienced. Soon my lips were bottoming out on her harness. After several minutes of my deep-throating her beautiful cock, Sam’s body started to shake, and I knew she was in the throes of orgasm. When her body finally stopped shaking she said, “That’s enough. Crawl over to the TV and turn on the DVD and back your pussy onto my cock.” I did as instructed and wiggled my ass around the cock that was my world and awaited the scene on the TV. Sam also fastened the harness with its cock into my mouth, so I could suck while she fucked.As Sam slowly pumped in and out of my pussy, I could see the same setting on the screen as in all the other movies. At first it appeared that two naked men were fondling a fully dressed woman, a woman dressed in capris and a flowered blouse. But after a very short while, I saw that the woman was me, wearing the clothes I had left the house in earlier today. I was holding onto a metal bar that was over my head, while the two men thrust their erect cocks up against my sides, all the time kissing and biting and pinching me. I was moaning and was trying to turn my head to capture their mouths, which just eluded me.One of the men demanded, “What are you?”While the other repeated, “What are you?””Come on! You know what you are! Tell us what you are, and we’ll give you what you need,” said the first.”Look how you’re dressed. That should tell you what you are,” said the second, all the time thrusting his hard cock against my body.”I’m a sissy bitch,” I broke down. “I’m a cock-loving sissy bitch.””What do you need, sissy bitch?” asked the first. “Tell us and we’ll give you what you crave.””Oh God, I need your cocks in my sissy pussy and in my mouth,” I confessed, “I need your cum.”One man opened my blouse and then began to nip at my exposed nipples, while the other unzipped my capris and lowered them from my legs until I was able to step out of them. I was left with just my open blouse and crotchless panties and stockings on as the two men continued to ravish me.Then man, who removed my pants, started to tongue my ass and stopped a moment to remove my plug. “Look, the bitch was already plugged,” he said, holding up my plug. Then after setting my plug aside, he went back to tonguing my ass, thrilling me.It was again surreal to watch myself on the screen, on some level I knew exactly what I had been experiencing in that room with those two hot studs, but on another level I had no conscious memory of the experience. I was also remarkably unconcerned about all this. It all seemed to be my new normal, where anything was possible. All the while Sam was pounding my pussy.The man stopped licking my ass and stood up and walked off-screen. He quickly returned and proceeded to smear lube into my already loose ass-pussy. Rubbing his big cock along my crack, he asked, “What do you want, sissy?””Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” I screamed, and he slammed all of his man-meat into me at once. “That’s it. Harder! Harder! More! More! Deeper! Deeper!” I screamed as he thrust so violently, he lifted me off the ground. Thankfully I had been holding the metal bar.The man in my pussy stopped a moment, while the other man told me to let go of the bar and drop down onto all fours. The man I was coupled with and I dropped to the floor as one, and he resumed his assault on my pussy. The other man started slapping my face with his cock, telling me, “Get it slut. Get the cock that owns you. Get it.” I desperately tried to get the cock into my mouth, confirming that was a slut for his cock. When I finally got it into my mouth, I swallowed it whole, taking it to its root, all the while the cock at my pussy was slamming into me.I knew that the sissy on the screen was in ecstasy, being pounded from both ends. All the while Sam was driving her cock deep into my ass, while I sucked desperately at the cock gag in my mouth. “Such a wonderful sissy. Get that cock!” she exclaimed.As I my orgasm was building, so were all of ours on the screen. Soon Sam and my sounds were increasing as were the screams on the screen. As the man fucking my pussy erupted, so did the man in my mouth. At the same time, Sam was cumming as was I. It was a wild finish.The both men on the screen slowed their pumping, but clearly I wasn’t letting the cock in my mouth go. Even though all the cum was gone, I was still trying to swallow the entire shaft and suck a new load out from the center of his being. SLAP! “That’s enough, bitch,” he said as he slapped my face to get me to let go. “You are one cock hungry bitch. Aren’t you?” I nodded the truth of it, still looking longingly at the softening cock that would remain out of reach.Then man in my pussy popped out too. But he leaned into my pussy and resumed tonguing my ass, obviously mining for the cum he had deposited there. When he finally stopped, he came around to the front of me and we embraced, while he passed the cum he had gathered into my mouth. As the two of us kissed and shared a cum-kiss, the other man went behind me and rubbed his soft cock into the crack of my ass. I pushed back and rubbed up and down its length, loving the presence of his cock there, hoping he would harden again.”You are one insatiable bitch, miss sissy. Look at you, trying to get more cock into your ass. Are you going to be able to do it? Are going to get him hard so he can fuck that hungry bitch pussy of yours?” Sam asked.With the cock still in my mouth I could only moan, “Uh hum,” and nod my head, yes.And with that acknowledgement, Sam and I watched as I vigorously rubbed my crack against his slowly hardening cock.The man whose cock was getting harder from my efforts told the other, “Look how badly this bitch wants cock. Let’s fuck her again.”The other man presented his somewhat soft cock to my mouth, and I hungrily devoured it, needing his cock at my core.Soon both men were hard again and were driving into me mercilessly. Sam, too, had gotten her “second wind” and fucking as hard as she could.If there was a better place on earth at that moment, I couldn’t imagine it. My world revolved around cocks, and I couldn’t get enough. My excitement built and built. I lost awareness of my surroundings and just became a pleasurable receptacle for cocks. I had never known such ecstasy. The cock in my pussy owned me. I was a bitch to the Cock. I was a sissy bitch who would do anything their Mistress wanted. I would do anything to please her and have the cock, the cum, and the ass I so desperately needed.After Mistress and I both came again, and I lapped up all my cum and felt the extreme pleasure the taste of cum gives, Sam had me tongue her ass once more. I was in heaven with my tongue deep inside her and was experiencing a peace I had never known before. And after Sam had enough of my anal worship she held me and asked, “Are you happy being my sissy bitch? Are you truly happy with this new life?”I answered, “Oh Sam, I’ve never known such happiness. I love being your sissy bitch, and I love you,” and leaned in to kiss her, only to feel her firmly push me away.”Don’t kiss me! Your breath smells like shit.”Do you like this story?If you do please leave a COMMENT or THUMB UP below.

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