Don’t Talk Back


** I really enjoyed writing about Claire and her dad, and I wanted to continue the story between them. I wrote about their first sexual encounter in “Sleeping Daughter”. I apologize that it’s a bit short, I’ve been quite busy with school and work lately.

I got a lot of interesting feedback from the last father/daughter story “Sleeping Daughter”. A lot of people found it wrong, sick, or disgusting to write about, and I don’t want to give people that impression! This is all fantasy and should not be taken too seriously. I’m a 20 year old girl myself with some weird thoughts, so all I’m doing is using this as an outlet to display them while also practicing my writing skills. I know it’s strange, freaky, and taboo, but that’s what makes it so interesting to read. I’m not trying to imply that anyone should do anything sexual without consent; it’s simply a story.

I hope you enjoy! Any constructive feedback is appreciated! **


After what had happened the other night with my dad, I wasn’t sure how to feel about him. Thinking back on the feelings of fear, pain, and vulnerability made me sick and upset. But those same feelings also turned me on to think about. I was at a crossroads and I wasn’t sure which path to pick.

He hadn’t brought up anything sexual since it happened and I didn’t want to bring it up either. Should we talk about it? Should I just assume it was a one time thing and let it go? Part of me didn’t want to let it go; I kind of wanted it to happen again. No! Don’t think like that, that’s disgusting! How could I enjoy being raped by my own father?

I just got home from school and I sat on the couch to watch TV. Not long afterwards, my dad came over and sat on the couch near me, instantly sending chills up my spine. We sat in an awkward silence for a little while, both of us ignoring the giant elephant in the room. I decided that I shouldn’t just forget about what happened, no matter what, it should be talked about. The tension merter escort in the room was killing me.

“Hey, dad, about last night-“

He smoothly leaned over me and kissed me to shut me up. He grabbed my neck and ran his fingers into my hair, giving me a long, passionate kiss. I melted into him and received it gratefully, loving the soft, gentle attention. This was the polar opposite of how he treated me when he fucked me the night before, and I loved the contrast.

A few minutes of this already caused me to want more, but my brain knew better than that. I started to push him away, but he only grabbed my arms and pinned them down. “You can’t escape me that easily. I know you want this, I can feel the warmth from between your legs already.”

The gentle nature he started with dissolved immediately, leaving me with a familiar fear. He left my lips and stood up on his knees, leering over me. “Unzip your pants.”

“N-now? What are you going to do?”

“Take your pants off, Claire. If you don’t, there will be consequences.”

“Like what?”

He raised an eyebrow at me. “Are you really going to backtalk me right now?”

His tone scared me more. I shook my head and started to unzip my pants.

“No, it’s too late now.” He stood up and harshly grabbed me up with him. He sat back down, staring at me standing before him. He looked comfortable sitting back with his legs spread. “Now, take off all of your clothes in front of me.”

My face turned a bright red. It was barely 4 PM, the room wasn’t dark like it was last night. He would be able to see every part of me. I was scared to see what he had in store for me if I didn’t obey him, so I began to oblige. I slowly unbuttoned my pants, stepping out of them clumsily. I took off my shirt. Now all that was left was my mismatched black bra and pink panties. I was even more embarrassed when I looked down and saw the big wet spot in my underwear. mutlukent escort Goosebumps formed on my arms and legs.

“Keep going. Bra first.”

I unhooked my bra and let it slide off my shoulders. My boobs were a little bigger than average, and my small, pink nipples perked up at the coldness of the room. I saw the bulge in his pants get bigger.

“Fuck. You don’t know how much I want to just eat you right now. But that would be too much of a gift for how you just acted. Take off your panties and give them to me.”

I slid them down and they fell to my ankles. I took them off and handed them to my dad, and he grabbed them from me, bringing them up to his face to smell. Then he held them out towards me and demanded, “Smell them.”

“What?” I looked a little confused. I never smelled my own underwear before.

“Come here.”

I came towards him, my nakedness became more obvious as I got closer to him, since he was still fully clothed. He took the back of my head in one hand and shoved my face into the panties in his other hand, rubbing them all over my nose and mouth. It hurt how forceful he was being, and I cringed and flinched away from his rough touch. He forced my mouth open and put the wetness from my juices right onto my tongue.

He laughed at how uncomfortable I looked. “Now you know why I want to taste you so badly, huh?”

He shoved the panties in a ball into my mouth, then started unbuttoning his pants. Watching me sternly, he pulled down his pants and brought his dick out of his boxers without taking them off. Without warning, he took my head again and brought it down towards his half-hard cock, forcing me to fall onto my knees.

My face inches from his twitching penis, I let the panties fall out of my mouth to speak, “Please stop being so forceful, I just want to get this over with.” I didn’t look at him, trying to avert my head away from his member.

“Then otele gelen escort don’t talk back to me ever again. Suck me off.”

I looked him in the face and began to beg, “I’ve never done that before… Please, I don’t want to.”

He slapped me across the face, “What did I JUST say? Don’t talk back to me.”

Tears welled up in my eyes and I felt the sting from where his hand met my face. Where had the loving and passionate father gone, the one that had kissed me just a few minutes ago? Maybe if I just did what he wanted, he would be sweet to me again.

I obeyed him without responding, but I did not know what I was doing. I touched him lightly, and put my mouth around the head, but he surprised me by thrusting into my face. He thrusted slowly at first, then sped up, and I felt his soft dick becoming rock hard against my throat. The length and girth hurt my mouth and caused me to cough and choke, but he kept face fucking me with no mercy. Now the tears were really flowing, and the little amount of makeup I was wearing was smeared across my face.

He grunted happily as he continued to thrust into my mouth. “Your slobbery, messy face is making me want you more.”

I tried to speak, but couldn’t make any words with his dick repeatedly piercing my mouth. I attempted to make whimpering sounds as a way of showing him I was done, but that only made him go harder; he was horny for my pain. Seeing him in so much pleasure made me feel a tingling sensation through my pelvis, and I started to feel my wetness rub off onto my thighs.

“I’m gonna blow it soon. You better catch every last drop, or we will go again and again until you do.”

I blinked in agreement and let out a muffled “Mmmhmm”. He gave one last thrust deep towards my throat and let out a groan as his warm semen pulsed out of his cock. I felt it pour into me, and caught any drops with my hand that fell from my lower lip. I swallowed the load, then licked my fingers clean from the remnants that spilled out.

My face was caked with my own spit and some leftover tears, but his reaction made it worth it. He looked so pleased with me; a father’s appreciation for his daughter. He opened his arms towards me and brought me up onto the couch with him, a cuddling session after the harshness that just occurred.

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