Don’t Tell Anyone

Double Penetration

Don’t Tell AnyoneMy husband always said I should loosen up a little. That I am too uptight and kind of a prude. I thought about this as we prepared to go to this large party. A bunch of people that I do not know. I put on the tight little black dress, my husband said I looked great. Then I showed him that I was not wearing a bra or panties, and that I had even trimmed my bush to a nice landing strip, something he had always wanted me to do. He said that was great and that I should flash some guys and have some fun. The party was huge and was at this huge mansion. I was getting a lot of attention from men. I was a little uncomfortable with it. I had lost track of my husband and had to fend these men off myself. One man caught my attention. He was young and very good looking. He began to talk and flirt with me. I decided to play the part and get out of my comfort zone-have some fun! As we talked I lift my short dress just enough to show my pussy a time or two. He picked up on this. After several minutes of flirting he asked me to join him upstairs. We went to the third floor where very few people were. We ducked into a large bathroom and closed the door. Then he was all over me. I tried to resist but my body betrayed me giving in to his advances. His hands went up my dress to my dripping wet pussy. My hands went to his hard as steel cock. My brain was torn as I wanted to do this but also did not. Then he knelt down and started to eat me out. His tongue worked canlı bahis my clit like it has never been done before. I was now on my way to orgasim and was complete putty in his hands. He licked my pussy for only a minute or two then he came up, I could smell myself on his face and it made me want him all the more. Not sure of what to do as I had never done anything like this before I knelt down and took his cock into my mouth. It was larger than my husbands and his balls were large and heavy. He was completely shaved. I only sucked his cock for a minute when he pulled me up by my hair and pushed me over the vanity. He lifted my dress exposing my ass and then pushed his cock into my waiting cunt. He still had hold of my hair and pushed my face against the mirror as he started to work his cock in and out of my pussy. I liked how rough he was being with me. It was different. As he pounded me, my face would bang against the mirror. I heard him start talking, he was on his cell phone. He was telling some body that he was nailing some slut in the bathroom. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. He pulled out of me and let his friend in. His friend dropped his pants also. The first guy, Chad, Grabbed my hair again and pushed me to the floor onto my hands and knees. I was not sure what they were going to do. Chad pushed his dick into my mouth. I was thinking the other guy might just masterbate then I felt his hands on my hips. I tried to pull bahis siteleri back but Chad had a tight hold of hair and would not let loose as he face fucked me. Then a hard cock went up my cunt. Now I had two cocks in me. This was not what I wanted but my body was loving it. I was just flirting with a good looking guy now I was getting fucked by two strangers. They decided to switch places and quickly did so, they had me lean on the vanity again with my face against the mirror. Chad tore into my cunt with his cock which I liked. I wanted a release and it came quickly. I started to buck and push back against Chad. “She is cumming! This bitch is cumming!” I heard Chad yell. As I rolled into a massive orgasim my pussy clamped tight around Chads cock. Then I felt his cock start to pulse and I could it throb. A warm wet sensation went thru my body as he pumped his seed into me causing my orgasim to hang on even longer. He pumped a huge load into me. We stayed like that, making sure all his cum drained from him into me. He withdrew his cock from me, a large glob of his cum ran down my leg. I felt slutty, I felt naughty, I had done what my husband had wanted. I felt good! Then another cock was pushed into my slimy vagina. I forgot about the friend. He grabbed my hair and pushed my face against the mirror. What was I to do. He only lasted about a minute and he spewed his load deep into me, his sperm mixing with Chad’s inside my womb.The two men quickly cleaned güvenilir bahis up and left. They left me there without any more words except thanks. My hair was a mess, my makeup was smeared. Cum running my leg. I quickly cleaned up and fixed my hair and makeup and cleaned up my pussy. I went back out to the party. I could not believe what I had just done. I had always dreamed about fucking some stranger, just a quick fuck. And I had done that. Hell!! I just fucked two strangers, their sperm swimming thru my body. My smell still on them wherever they are. Another hour and my husband and I were on our way home. I had hardly seen him all night. I wondered if he had fucked anyone, did he fuck a strange woman in another bathroom, was his seed swimming thru a anothers man’s wife’s pussy. When we arrived home we both went to the bedroom. I took off my little dress, thankful that it could not talk. I stood there naked in front of the mirror looking at my self. I thought about what had happened that night. Then my husband came up behind me. His cock was hard. I turned and leaned against the vanity and pulled him to me. His cock slid easily into my cunt slimy cunt. “You are kinky and very horny tonight.” my husband said as he began to fuck me. He quickly filled my cunt full of his sperm and withdrew from me. I knelt down and cleaned his cock. “Wow! you are kinky tonight, I like you being like this.” My husband said. “I like it too, I like being slutty sometimes.” I replied. Then my husband said “You can be my little slut any time you want.” Little does he know how much of a little slut I had been that night nor does he know what I have planed for the future, I am just getting started.

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