Draguette Ch. 05



The spotlights moved, indicating to Draguette and Liam that they should come close. For the first time all evening, they were both on the same platform. Now the Chinese men and the Chinese women mingled, screaming and yelling, and waving huge wads of cash.

Draguette and Liam approached one another, swaying to the insanely loud pounding of the music. It was a sight to behold! Liam’s menagerie of animals painted on his body frolicked all over Draguette’s feudal Chinese village. The animals seemed to be running wild all over her body. The artists had done a superb job on each of Draguette and Liam’s body; now the masterpieces came together in one, single scene!

Draguette came close to Liam. Instinctively, she knew what to do. She loved Liam with all her heart now. Carefully, she placed her thick mat of fire-red pubic hair right against his hypo-penis. For Liam, it was sheer ecstasy! His hypospadias made the under side of his shaft exquisitely more sensitive than in any other “normal” man’s. The friction with Draguette’s coarse, thick fire-red pubic hair was exquisite! And Draguette knew it. And the crowd could see their bodies almost mating: penetration seemed so close, yet totally impossible.

Draguette wanted to free her arms and hug her lover. It was in vain: her arms were securely pinned to her sides. Draguette wanted Liam to fondle her breasts and grab her derrière and squeeze and pinch and twist her nipples. It too was in vain: his arms were just as pinned to his sides.

On and on, the spotlights would motion them close together to have Draguette rub her pubic hair against his hypo-penis and then the spotlights would motion them apart. One camera would zoom in on Liam’s tiny hypo-penis, showing his mid-shaft pee hole dilated, his small penis struggling to free itself and attain its natural curvature, to unglue his fan-like foreskin away from his navel. The other camera, the one between Draguette’s legs would zoom in on her femininity, her labia clean-shaved and spread apart, her large clitoris exaggerated by the grip of the stretch wrap. The crowd was beyond canlı bahis control!

Once again, the spotlights moved them close together. Suddenly Liam fell to his knees. Then he fell to the floor flat on his back his body was convulsing. Draguette understood right then and there that the dove egg up his ass was churning against his prostate and beyond.

Hers too started to actuate, both of them, deep up her vagina and her ass. Draguette lost control over her body. She too fell. She fell right atop Liam’s body. The crowd screamed their heads off over the loud music. Draguette started to thrust herself atop Liam. Her thick fire-red pubic hair rubbed as hard as she could over his hypo-penis. She was desperately thrusting all over it.

Without giving it any thought, Draguette opened her legs wide. The camera between her legs showed her labia pulsating. It showed her pussy wide open. It showed her ass puckering open and shut. That same camera was getting excellent images of Liam’s testicles and ass, just as desperate as she was. Only that neither could possibly use their hands! Their bodies were squirming all over, without a single degree of inhibition.

The noise became almost unbearable. Draguette and Liam both understood what the crowd was betting so feverishly. The men were betting that Draguette would cum first; the women, that Liam would be the first to explode. And what bets!

Over the noise, Draguette heard Liam scream in anguished joy. She glanced up at one of the screens. Just as her pelvis felt his massive contractions and convulsions. Draguette saw his testicles pulsate wildly. Liam was cumming first!

The sight lasted about a tenth of a second. The most powerful seismic orgasm came crashing down upon Draguette. Again on the screens, Draguette and the crowd saw her labia pulsating savagely! They saw her large clitoris throbbing wildly!

What two, perfectly beautiful orgasms they shared!

Still cumming, Draguette heard commotion. The huge sumo wrestlers had brought up on the platform two tattoo tables. Quickly, without wasting a second, Liam was placed on one. bahis siteleri His legs were raised high and spread side apart on the stirrups. The same was done to Draguette, even while she was still cumming. The crowd was hysterical!

The Mandarin princess was helped up on the platform. She waddled over to Liam. A chair was placed between his legs. One of the tattoo artists came up on the platform. With a diamond-tipped pair of scissors he slit the stretch wrap just enough to reveal Liam’s small hypo-penis. Draguette saw it on the screens as the camera zoomed in on it. It was still throbbing a bit, getting just a bit flaccid, surrounded by the milky white ejaculate he had just shot out. The crowd was overjoyed! Especially when the Mandarin princess seated between his parted legs started to kiss his hypo-penis all so gently, lapping up his ejaculate, even going so far as to fondle his testicles. Draguette kept staring at the screen showing the beautiful sight of his small hypo-penis getting even smaller and then a bit larger with the Mandarin princess’ oral stimulation.

Draguette too was placed on another tattoo table, again her legs raised up high and spread wide apart, the Mandarin prince himself was helped up on the platform. He waddled over to Draguette. Opening his lavish silk brocade robe, his penis shot up. He waddled close to Draguette’s open legs. He started to thrust inside her. He would alternate, a few strokes up her ass, a few strokes in her pussy.

But the stretch wrap was too tight. It only opened up enough to allow just one or at most two inches of his penis to come inside Draguette pussy or ass. His penis was thrusting into her, alternating, yet hitting up against the wall of the stretch wrap. He was clearly enjoying himself, denying Draguette they joys of deep penetration, yet feeling the head of his penis banging her.

Draguette felt the start of what was to be the deepest, strongest churning of both silver dove eggs, remotely controlled deep up her ass and her vagina. It was sheer ecstasy! And for the Mandarin prince, it was even better. The vibrators were banding against the bahis şirketleri head of his penis whenever he would thrust himself inside her those one or two inches!

Draguette felt it coming. Draguette felt the Mandarin prince cumming. She could see it on the screens. She could feel it between her legs. She struggled mightily to free her arms and masturbate in unison. It was futile. And then she too exploded in yet another, massive, powerful orgasm! Just as Liam was having another, albeit much smaller one in the Mandarin princess’ hand.

Draguette glanced at Liam and smiled feebly. He turned to her and returned the affection.

The crowd cheered and applauded and stamped their feet and screamed with delight. All their money had been well-spent. They had expected to see a scene of passion. In addition, they had witnessed true love!

The sumo wrestlers gently lifted Draguette and Liam, taking them back to Jane’s tattoo study. Jane was expecting them with open arms and her generous smile. The tattoo artists quickly cut off both their stretch wraps and helped them onto a double-width table. Draguette and Liam both were too weak and too drained to move.

The artists inserted catheters deep into Draguette’s urethra and Liam’s mid-shaft pee hole to relieve their bloated bladders. One of them unglued Liam’s fan-like foreskin to let his small hypo-penis move freely. Draguette and Liam smiled at each other. The artists bound their hands and feet to the corners of the double bed. They both knew they would spend the night close together, unable to touch each other, legs wide apart.

Jane came over to them, smiling. “You have made me very proud of you. Both of you. Your performance tonight was superb. And thanks to you both, I made a huge amount of money!

But there is more to it… The Mandarin prince was so thrilled with the newest addition to his concubinate that he made Jane an offer on the spot to book Draguette and Liam for two additional nights!


Draguette and Liam were happily married a few weeks later. Jane and the Mandarin princess were the bridesmaids. The Mandarin prince himself officiated the ceremony. The honeymoon started with the consummation of their marriage that evening at a reception in the hall where they first met, witnessed by the same, cheering and adoring crowd.

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