In the darkness of the room, my eyes close and I listen to my breathing and heartbeat. The sheets freshly laundered, the slight sweetness of the fabric softener fills my senses. Gradually my body warms the bed and I doze off in the enveloping warmth.

The shaft of light from the hallway brings me out of my slumber. Its quickly extinguished as the door closes and the room returns to darkness. Footsteps, familiar with the room, head directly to the dresser. A scrap of a match, momentary flash of brilliance and a candle comes to life. Its followed by a second on the dresser, then a third by the one of the nightstand. The scent of citrus soon encompasses the room and I breath deep taking it in as I wake fully from my nap. The candle light allows me to see you. You are standing in the middle of the room, I can make out your features but not in detail. But I know its you and I stretch out on the bed. Laying on my back, my right arm up under my head. Looking towards you across my body, I can see my nipple rising up at my excitement of having you near. Nude except for a thong panty, I lay still waiting for you. Willing my love, my desire, my need for you to fill your mind as it fills mine.

Eyes adjusting to the light, I watch as you start to undress. In the silence of the room, your zipper cuts the air and my breath comes quicker. I can feel the smile on my face expanding with it. You shrug and shake your shoulders and the dress falls forward. Pleasantly surprised to see that you are nude underneath. Knowing now there was no need to try to will anything to you. I hear, but don’t see, your shoes as you kick them off and start towards the bed.

Remaining immobile at your approach, even as you reach down to me. Your fingers hook under the waistband of my thong. “What is this?” The fabric tight as you pull them up. The back becomes a string between my butt-cheeks as you do this. A wonderful tightness in my ass crack and up over my sex. You continue to pull, causing my lower torso to lift up off the bed. Your hand releases and I bounce on poker oyna the bed. “Take them off.” Said softly but leaving my doubt of the speed required. Once again my butt rises up off the head, this time by me as my hands push the thong out of my crotch and down my hips. Sitting up to remove them, you extend your hand to me. I place them in your palm. You bring them to your nose and I hear you sniff deeply.

“Open your mouth.” My jaw drops and your fingers jam my panties into my mouth. Tasting myself on them. Surprised but not surprised that I had dampened them before their removal. After filling my mouth, you pat my cheek then draw my chin up to seal them inside my mouth.

“Lay down, roll over.” Your voice firm but I can hear the lust too. Thrilled that you have come to me full of desire. I move prone, face down. Your hand is swift, the instant that I am turned over I feel its bite. The contact loud, the sting sharp as you hit my ass. A second strike follows before I can make a noise. This one harder than the first, as if you were gauging the distance the first time. “Lift up.” Raising up my butt, a pillow is forced under me. And now the air is filled with the swish of your arm and the slap of your hand on my ass. My head facing you, I can make out your movements and my eyes focus on your swinging breasts. Your arm in continuous movement, both cheeks go from stinging to warmth to hot with no let up. My panties wet with my saliva becoming a small ball in my mouth. In between deep intakes of air through my nose, I suck the moisture from my panties; removing all traces of the taste of myself from them.

My ass on fire now, wondering how red my skin must be just as you stop. “Stay there. Open.” Your finger in my mouth, pulling the wet mass of my panties out. Soon the coolness of them covers my ass as you open and lay them out on me. Its then that I realize how wet I am. My pussy leaking.

In the flicking light, I make you out at the closet. Inside it, hunting in the dim light. Boxes open and close, a dull bang of one hitting canlı poker oyna the floor as you find it. Time drags as I wait for your return. Its only a minute but it seems an hour. The closet door closes and your outline is visible again. The shadow of the dildo strapped to you bounces on the opposite wall as you near me. A yank at the nightstand drawer and the lube is in your hand. I watch you squeeze it, a wet plop from the plastic tube fills your palm. Your hand strokes the cock, covering it liberally. Another squeeze, another palm full of lube. The lube drops onto the bed and your hands rub together.

You move out of my sight and the cool wetness of the panties leaves me. Replaced by a different wetness as you slide your slick fingers between my legs. Up my middle starting at my pussy then up my crack. “Spread.” My legs part as your finger enters my ass. One quick motion and its length is buried in me. You pull it back halfway, enough room to allow you to join it with a second finger, then push back in. In and out, your fingers take my ass.

“Are you my ass whore?” I nod, then realize you can’t or didn’t see and answer, “yessss”. It was a struggle to unclench my jaw to respond but now that I have I take deep mouthfuls of air. Once again your arm moves continuously, this time back and forth as you drive your fingers in my ass.

“Good, I’ve thought of nothing but fucking your ass for hours. You do WANT your ass fucked don’t you?”

Before I can answer, a third finger forces in. Knowing now beyond any doubt that you are going to take me and fuck me hard. Only question is whether you will use your hand first or if this is just to open me up. “You can rub yourself if you want.” And my hand moves as if under its own mind. Fingers drenched as they find my clit. My hips moving now too, working with your fingers. “Oh my baby loves to fuck doesn’t she?” Fingers twisting in my tight channel as you explore me.

The mattress dips as your weigh joins mine on the bed. Your digits still inside me, your knees warm my calf’s internet casino as you move up between my legs. Suddenly, I’m empty. But not long as the head of the dildo finds entrance. The fresh lube, along with the work of your fingers, allow you to impale me easily. And I feel the hard length sink deep inside me until your belly touches my butt. Motionless less, except for the madness of my fingers on my clit, you shift your arms forward. Running up my hips along my side. “Raise up,” and I’m up on one elbow not wanting to remove my hand from my pussy. Its enough for you and your slick hands slide under me, grasping my breasts.

Your grip tight, you start to move. Long hard drives. In and out. Fucking me. Fucking my ass. The intensity of it brings me to an orgasm quickly. You sense it (or did you hear it when I screamed?” and your thrust harder. Driving into me. Using my ass. Fucking me hard. Harder. Breathing hot in my ear. “Your ass is mine bitch. No one else. Hear me???” I can hear your lust, knowing that you are close. Pushing my hips up to you. Both hands under me now so I can push, fuck with you. Our bodies moving in opposite directions before returning together. Fucking hard on my bed. Knowing that the base is pressing, hitting your clit and that you will cum doing this to me soon. My shoulder burns and I realize its from your teeth sinking into it. Biting me as your orgasm brings you momentary madness of its release. A second strong orgasm washes over me, joining me with your bliss. Your mouth leaves my shoulder and I hear you cry out into my ear.

We collapse together down flat on the mattress. I can feel the wet spot under me as our weight settles down on it. Now your lips are soft as you kiss the back of my neck and shoulders. “You fuck nice baby. Doesn’t she?”

I open my eyes at the sound of “yes, she does,” finding another shadow in the room I hadn’t noticed before. Staring until I can make out her form in the corner of the room. Your caresses continue just as the wax of a candle gives way, streaming down the side, allowing for a flare up of the flame. In the brief increase of light, I see her face. “Hello Lilly,” is all I say before closing my eyes, losing myself under your warmth and the slow start of your cock again moving in my ass…

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