Subject: Dude’s Day with Dad, Chapter 10: Practice WARNING. This story contains sexually oriented adult material. This includes sexual relations between adults and minors. All this has no basis in truth and is all fictional. Author does not condone of any illegal activities as this is purely for fantasy. Feedback and comments welcome ook. Thanks for all the feedback, comments and ideas so far! Reminder: Nifty operates off donations to provide this and other stories. Please consider donating at: fty/ Copyright 2022 Dude’s Day with Dad, Chapter 10: Practice The next morning, as I ran into my dad in the kitchen, he acted like nothing had happened at the tailor’s office. This hot/cold cycle was starting to get a little tough to handle, but I knew that I would take any opportunity to play with my dad at any time he wanted, so I would just have to wait until my next chance. It was just hard not to stare at this stud of a man walking around the house, but I couldn’t give anything away or my mom would lose her shit. It was a Friday, and at school, Jonathan and I were making plans for the weekend. One of the seniors on the wrestling team was having a party at his house since his parents were out of town, so Jonathan wanted to bring his girl and asked if I wanted to go. “Yo, my girl’s got this hot friend she wants to introduce you to. I hear she’s a total slut. We could all go together. Whatdya say, man?” Jonathan clearly wanted to go to impress the senior teammates. “I guess, man, sure. But can I stay over at your place after?” I asked. “Sure, bro. Both my parents are home, but no worries, you can crash with me.” Jonathan confirmed. I was a little disappointed his mom would be home, wanting another chance to play with Mr. C, but at least I wouldn’t have to worry about stumbling home drunk to my house. “Cool, I’ll swing by after practice. See you later, man.” I said, heading off to my final class. After practice, I swung by my house to get some clothes and ran into my dad. “Hey, dad. Is it cool if I crash at Jonathan’s tonight? We’re gonna hang out.” I asked, hoping he wouldn’t ask where we were going. “Sure, son. Say hi to Chase and Sue for me. I’ll let your mom know,” he responded casually as I bolted up to my room to pack my bag and then headed over to Jonathan’s house. I arrived at Jonathan’s just as his family was sitting down to dinner, so they invited me to join them at the table. I hadn’t seen Mr. C since dude’s weekend, and was surprised at how he was able to act so normal. I started to get a hardon just looking at him, but he mostly avoided eye contact with me. After dinner, Jonathan and I went up to his room to get ready for the party. “Bro, you wanna get off, or you saving it for your girl?” I asked, kinda horny after seeing Mr. C in his tight work clothes. “Yo, I’m horned up too, man, but I’m definitely going to bone Jess tonight, so I better save it. And from what I hear about her friend, you’ll get taken care of too, man.” He joked. “Fine, man,” I said, as I stripped, walking to take a shower. “But seeing your dad got me all horned up again. You guys messed around since last weekend?” “Nah, man. I tried, but he’s super paranoid about my mom seeing anything different between us. He let me grab his dick in the car the other day when it was just us, but nothing more, man.” “That party was pretty intense, man. I lost count of how many guys were cumming on you in the living room, bro.” “No shit, man. Felt like I was in a porn, right?! But those dicks were fucking hot, and I kind of liked how your dad tied me up and was bossing me around. Never expected that from your dad, man,” Jonathan confessed. “I know. I sure as fuck liked watching it happen, bro. You looked hot as fuck getting railed by all those dad studs. What ever happened after that when I headed to the hotel with the Brazilian guys?” “Your dad and mine took me back to shower off, and I think they were kind of worried about me. But I told them I fucking loved it, and wanted to do it again some time. So we just showered off, and then joined everyone just hanging out by the pool. Some of the other guys were blowing each other, but I was spent, so just took it easy. But then I got to sleep with our dads naked that night.” “Nice, man. Sounds like we both had a good nights, but I think you got fed more cum than me.” I joked. “Guess you gotta catch up. Too bad my mom’s home,” he responded. “You won’t give me a load, and neither will your dad. I don’t know why I even came over here,” I shot back, joking. “I hope this party is fun, dude.” “Don’t worry, man. This guy throws epic parties. But I’m going to be paying for it tomorrow cuz I gotta go in for a special practice. Coach was railing on me today ahead of our tournament next week,” Jonathan said, also stripping for a shower. “Shit, that sucks, man. Wanna hop in the shower?” I offered, naked, swinging my dick as an enticement. “Fuck, bro. Put that gun away,” Jonathan joked, as we both hopped in the shower and washed up, chatting about who we expected to see at the party. As we both dried off and started getting dressed, I checked my phone and realized I had a text from Mr. C.: “Go to practice with Jonathan tomorrow” was all it said. I grinned, now knowing something was up after seeing Coach Brady at the pool party. I replied, “Yes, sir.” After we got dressed, we headed out to pick up Jonathan’s girlfriend and her friend, Skyler. Her friend dressed in a way to live up to her reputation, with a tight white shirt that showed off her big tits and a short black leather skirt. After quick introductions, Skyler and I jumped in the back of Jonathan’s car. She quickly placed her hand on my thigh, commenting on my thick rower legs. What the hell, I was horny as fuck, so I grabbed her hand and moved it up to my crotch and asked her how she felt about that size. She grinned and started unbuttoning my tight jeans and unzipped them, pulling out my dick, then proceeding to go down on me in the back of Jonathan’s car. Her mouth wasn’t half bad, and I desperately needed to cum, so I sat back and enjoyed it, Jonathan winking in the rear view mirror as he realized what was going on. Before long, I was getting close to shooting, as she bobbed up and down on my cock. I tried not to moan too loudly as I shot a pretty big load in her mouth, which she was able to take and swallow without spilling a drop. “Fuck, that was hot. I needed that,” I managed to say to her as she came up off my cock. She smiled and wiped the corner of her mouth and whispered that I could fuck her later if I’m down for it. We pulled up to the party, and the street was already filled with cars. The four of us walked it to a crazy scene, music blasting, people dancing everywhere and beer flowing like water. We grabbed some beers and then joined on the dance floor. It didn’t take long for Jonathan and his girl to disappear, probably in one of the bedrooms upstairs. Skyler was very flirtatious dancing with me, unbuttoning my shirt, grinding up against me, but also flirting with any other guy near her. One guy, a junior şişli travesti on the baseball team, came up to me and asked, “Yo, bro, you with that chick?” “Nah, man. She’s my buddy’s girlfriend’s friend. We just came together,” I yelled in his ear over the music, getting a smell of the intoxicating mix of his man smell and cologne. “Ah, cool, man, cuz I was gonna tell you that she just offered to blow me,” he replied back, his cheek brushing mine as he tried to talk over the music. The guy was hot, so I decided to go for something. “Yo, she seems like a total slut. I bet she’d blow both of us if we found a place,” I said, waiting to read his face. He took the bait. “Fuck yeah, bro! Let’s do it!” He said, half wasted and the other half just horned for a bj. I grabbed Skylar’s hand and led her upstairs, with Jack, the baseball player, following closely behind. We found an empty guest bedroom and Skylar didn’t disappoint in dropping to her knees to gladly service both of our cocks. I had to be careful not to let on that I thought Jack was hot as fuck, but Skylar made sure to have both of us strip down completely so she could take turns on both of our dicks. Jack was a fucking stud, smooth chest, massive arms and a hot ass that looked amazing as it flexed when he was pushing his dick in Skylar’s mouth. I took the opportunity to fist bump my new buddy while we were getting serviced, which gave me the chance to continue admiring his big cut cock as Skylar took the whole thing in. I could have sworn I caught Jack checking me out as Skylar started blowing me. As she returned to focus on him, Jack didn’t take much longer to cum. Completely turned on by this scene, as soon as I saw him pumping a load into her mouth, I started shooting on her face, and a couple globs of my cum ended up landing on Jack’s dick as it was now slowly pulling in and out of Skylar’s mouth. Jack apparently enjoyed seeing that. “Fuck, year bro! We’re cum buddies now!” He proclaimed, landing a big fist on my chest and then slapping my bare ass. I almost shot another load after that encouragement. After she was done lapping up our cum, Skyler hopped up and walked out of the room before Jack and I could get dressed. “Nice to meet you, man. I’m Brandon. I’m on the crew team, freshman, so we haven’t met.” “You dog! We should hang out, bro. That shit was hot. I wouldn’t expect that from a frosh jock, but damn, man!” Jack said, as he was tucking his thick dick back into his pants. “Thanks for sharing your girl, man,” Jack said as he headed back to the party. I headed back downstairs and after catching up with a few buddies, was wanting to head back home. Jonathan finally emerged, and I could tell by his face that he’d gotten laid at least once. He was also ready to head out, so he checked with his girl, who wanted to stay longer, so we decided to head back to his place, leaving them behind. We got back to his house around 2 am and quietly walked in the front door and up to his room, hoping not to wake his parents. As we stripped down for bed, we swapped stories about him fucking his girl in the master bedroom, and I told him about Jack’s massive cock and sharing Skyler’s mouth, which he enjoyed. “What time is your practice tomorrow?” I asked. “Coach said I need to be there by 11 am,” Jonathan replied, not very enthusiastic about the upcoming workout. “Mind if I tag along? My coach says I need to slim up, so maybe I can get some cardio in with you?” I suggested. “Sure, man. That’s cool,” Jonathan said, sliding into the bed naked. I soon followed and we both fell asleep quickly. Jonathan woke me up from a deep sleep in the morning around 9:30 am. “Hey, buddy, breakfast time,” he said softly, shaking my arm. I threw on a tank top and shorts and stumbled downstairs. Mr. C and Jonathan’s mom were active in the kitchen making eggs and pancakes. We both sat down at the kitchen table. As Mr. C pushed a plate of eggs and pancakes in front of us, he said, “So, Brandon, I hear you’re a coffee drinker now…” I was a bit confused, as Mr. C placed a coffee mug in front of me, smiling. As I looked down into the mug, I realized it was a load of Mr. C’s cum. “Yes, sir. I’ve developed quite a taste for it recently,” I smiled as I grabbed the mug and titled it back so that his salty jiz could slide into my mouth while he watched. I had been craving the taste of his cum since last weekend and didn’t think I had a chance at getting any with his mom around. And I was happy to learn that my dad and Mr. C were still talking about me… Mr. C grinned and winked at me as he watched this unfold. I don’t think Jonathan realized what was happening, as he was intent on chowing down on his eggs. “Since when do you drink coffee?” he mumbled to me, still chewing with his mouth full. After breakfast, we changed to get ready for practice. I borrowed one of Jonathan’s wrestling singlets and put some gym shorts on over them. Jonathan yelled bye to his parents as we headed out the door to drive to the school gym together. As we headed into the locker room, Jonathan seemed surprise not to see any of his teammates. Before he could say anything to me, Coach Brady walked in. “Jonathan! Just in time. Suit up and let’s get going with a warm up.” He commanded loudly from his office that adjoined the locker room. As I looked over at him, I couldn’t help but stare at this adonis of a man in short shorts that showed off his massive wrestler legs, and his tight white tank top that clung to his big pecs and put his huge biceps on display. His short height just compacted the muscles on his body and made my dick twitch just looking at him. “Hey, coach. You know my buddy Brandon, on the crew team. Ok if he joins the workout today?” “Sure, if he can keep up!” Coach blurted back, grinning at me before returning to his office to grab his whistle. “Guess it’s just us today, man. This might be painful,” Jonathan said as we both pulled our shorts off and adjusted our singlets. I was already struggling not to get visibly hard through the spandex. We met Coach Brady out on the field for warm ups, and he drove us pretty hard with sprinting drills and stadiums. He is a very vocal coach, yelling insults each time he thought we weren’t pushing hard enough. After 20 minutes, we were already drenched in sweat, and paying a price for the night before. I was a little surprised that Coach was running an actual hard practice, as I thought we’d go right to the sex, but I was actually enjoying the difference from my usual crew workouts, and Coach was giving me some good tips already. We then headed inside and to the room off the main gym with the wrestling mats. We tried to use the transition time to catch our breath a bit. Jonathan pulled his singlet down off his shoulders to his waist, revealing his hot, and sweat drenched torso. I followed suit. “Alright, boys, good start. Brandon, glad to see a rower can hold his own in the cardio drills. But let’s see how you do on the mat. Let’s start with some take-down drills.” I had no idea what that meant, but Jonathan guided me over to the beylikdüzü travesti mat and showed me how to get in position. As soon as Coach Brady blew his whistle, I was flipped over and on my back. “Again!” And again, I was quickly on the ground with Jonathan on top of me as soon as I heard the whistle, not knowing what hit me. Jonathan was enjoying it from the look on his face. “Alright, enough! Time for a real opponent,” Coach said, as he pulled off his tank top and whistle and walked toward the mat. I once again got a glimpse of his amazing upper body that I seen at the pool party, only this time up close. I caught Jonathan also staring at the shirtless coach walking toward him. Coach pushed me aside and then assumed the position I had been in. As soon as he yelled “go!”, Jonathan struggled to take him down, Coaches strong legs flexing to provide an immovable base against Jonathan’s efforts. Eventually, Coach grabbed the straps of Jonathan’s singlet that were hanging from his waist and used them to flip him around and slam him to the ground, making a hard thump. “Fuck, Coach!” Jonathan said, frustrated. “You can’t grab my singlet like that!” “Always use every available advantage over your opponent. You have a dangling strap of spandex hanging off you that gave me leverage over you, so fuck if I’m not going to use that. You don’t like it, then take it off, boy.” Frustrated and needing to recover from being chastised by his coach, Jonathan pulled down the singlet to his ankles, leaving him standing there just in his red jock, as he resumed the position, his arm around the Coach’s naked torso. The match started again, and once again, Coach’s strong legs proved to be a formidable barrier to Jonathan’s attempt at taking him down. Needing an advantage, Jonathan grabbed at the bottom of Coach’s shorts and pulled them up, in an attempt to give him a wedgie and throw him off his balance. It seemed to work and he was able to bring Coach Brady down to the mat. Jonathan finally looked pleased, and I was definitely enjoying a front row seat to this show. “Well, look who actually listened for a change,” Coach joked, standing up from the mat and giving Jonathan a slap on the shoulder. “Let’s see how you do when you no longer have that advantage,” he retorted as he unbuttoned his shorts and slid them down, quickly revealing that he wasn’t wearing a jock or any underwear. Jonathan and my focus quickly shot to the massive soft cock and low hanging balls attached to Coach Brady. He noticed and grinned a bit. “Shall we?” as he resumed the position with a somewhat confused Jonathan. As Jonathan struggled to take down Coach, I was admiring the flexing of both of their muscular bodies in this masculine struggle to become the alpha male. Eventually, Coach reached around and grabbed Jonathan by the waist to pull him down on his back on the mat, and after a quick struggle, Coach Brady ended up on top of Jonathan, pinning him. Jonathan continued to struggle, but it was futile as Coach had expertly locked him down with his legs and was now straddling his chest. Jonathan couldn’t get out of it if he had tried his hardest. “It’s almost like you wanted to get pinned,” Coach joked, slapping Jonathan on the face and then raising his arms up to flex, like he was showing off to a full stadium of applauding fans. That was it, I could no longer avoid from getting a full on hard dick through my singlet, as this stud of a man was perched naked on top of my best friend. Coach looked up at me, and said “Alright, Brandon. Now your turn. Lose the singlet and let’s see if you fare any better.” Excited for what was about to happen, I quickly pulled my singlet down my legs and kicked it off my ankles, revealing my bare, and now hard, cock and walked confidently over to the mat. Jonathan seemed surprised at my shameless display of my hard dick. I assumed the position and was quickly taken down to the mat by Coach Brady. I wasn’t going to give up without a fight, and struggled against his massive weight and clever maneuvers. I was loving the full on body contact with this sweaty stud, his hands all over my body and mine on his. I was full on rock hard at this point rolling around on the mat with Coach. He eventually pinned me down with my head locked between his tree trunk thighs, immobilizing me, but putting me within inches of his balls, allowing me to smell the musk emanating off of them. He looked down at me, pleased to see me in this submissive position as I was writhing underneath him. “Well, you put up a good fight, but look where you ended up.” He joked. I was admiring his physique as he straddled on top of me. Looking up at Jonathan, Coach prodded, “You think the two of you together could take me?” Jonathan quickly lunged forward to tackle Coach and knock him off of me. As they struggled, I flipped over and joined in, teaming up with Jonathan to try and pin down Coach Brady. He was wily, and slippery with sweat…every time we thought we’d be close to pinning him down, he would slide out from underneath us and body slam one of us down, still able to fend off the other. At some point during this three-person struggle, Coach grabbed the waist of Jonathan’s jock and pulled it down and off, leaving all three of us naked, rolling around on the mat. Coach was still taking it pretty seriously, putting up a good fight. But as we were rolling around on the mat, I had several opportunities to cop a feel of Coach’s tight muscular legs and ass. A couple times, I could swear Coach as doing the same to Jonathan and me. After about 10 mins of constant struggle, Coach Brady ended up on his back, me sitting on his chest and pinning his arms above his head, while Jonathan held down his legs. Coach was hard at this point, just like Jonathan and me. I slid forward up his chest and teased my cock against his mouth, Coach licking his lips to great my throbbing cock. Jonathan followed my lead and started kissing up the inner thigh of Coach’s sweaty legs until he got to his giant balls. Jonathan planted his face in the Coach’s sweaty crotch, taking in his scent, before starting to run his tongue along his balls and then up the length of his hard shaft, causing Coach Brady to moan loudly. I looked back at Jonathan just as he was starting to slide the tip of Coach Brady’s cock into his mouth. “Oh, fuuuuuuck, boy. Suck that fucking cock. Just like last time.” Coach yelled out. Jonathan pulled back, confused, and looked up at me, his hand still wrapped around Coach’s dick that was coated in his spit. “Oh shit, boy, nobody told you that I was one of the dicks you blew at the pool party last weekend?” Coach proclaimed, breaking the silence. I watched Jonathan’s face as he processed this new information. He then smiled and turned his attention back to Coach Brady’s cock, this time sliding it all the way in to the base, causing him to moan and start thrusting his hips underneath me. I leaned forward and presented my hard teenage cock to his face. He quickly welcomed my dick with an open mouth as I slid it in, feeling his tongue lashing against istanbul travesti the bottom side of my cock. Damn, Coach had a hot mouth, and I could feel the vibrations every time he moaned from the service he was getting by Jonathan. I swung around so that I was facing Jonathan, watching him go up and down on the Coach’s big hard cock. Planting my balls right on Coach’s face, he started licking them as he reached up and firmly grabbed my waist. One of his hands then slid up my back and then he pushed me down from my shoulders, wanting me to be closer to his dick. “You gotta try this, man,” Jonathan said as he was coming off of Coach’s dick, which was covered in his saliva. I leaned forward and tongued the head, already able to taste Coach’s precum. As I started to take more of his cock into my mouth, I felt a long wet tongue starting to tease my ass, Coach’s strong arms now wrapped around my waist, pulling my ass into his face. “Fuck Coach, that feels so good,” I moaned before thrusting his dick back into my throat, Jonathan tonguing his balls. Coach’s dick was rock hard and was leaking precum like a hose, which got me so fucking hot. “Bro, try his ass,” I suggested to Jonathan. He grinned and then slowly moved lower with his tongue. Coach’s dick started throbbing as Jonathan did this, so I knew he was loving it. When Jonathan couldn’t get any lower due to the mat, Coach lifted his muscular legs into the air and pulled his ass up, giving Jonathan the perfect angle to go in deep. I was still swallowing his dick in long slow strokes while Coach’s tongue was deep in my ass, sending chills down my body. As Coach continued to lift his legs, his abs were in a constant state of flex, further showing off his ripped body. As Jonathan ate Coach’s ass, Coach got increasingly loud with his moaning. Jonathan pulled back to catch his breath and we made eye contact. Both of us thinking the same thing, I smiled and winked and gave him a fist bump. He nodded and then spit on his hand to lube up his dick before sliding forward to rub it against Coach’s hole. I got a front row seat to watch my buddy’s cock slowly push against, and then slide into Coach Brady’s ass. Since I was physically attached to Coach, I could feel his reaction, as he thrust his tongue deeper into my ass, moaning, and his dick throbbed even harder in my mouth. Jonathan grabbed both of Coach’s ankles that were sticking in the air and started to get into a rhythm as he fucked his ass. He was so fucking hot, all sweaty and pumped up from the workout, as he thrust his dick into Coach’s muscular ass. I pulled back off of Coach’s dick to just sit on Coach’s face so I could watch this pounding. I got close to shooting a couple times, but didn’t want to blow too early. I leaned forward to kiss Jonathan as he continued to fuck the Coach, his thrusts gaining force and speed and Coach continued to moan into my ass. “Fuck that Coach ass, bro!” I encouraged him. Realizing I was now about to shoot, I pulled my ass off Coach’s face and pushed my dick into his mouth, which he took willingly. Between the view of Jonathan destroying his ass and Coach’s sweat drenched muscular body beneath me, I quickly started to shoot. Coach gagged a little as the first big globs of cum shot into his mouth, but he quickly swallowed them and then kept my dick in his mouth until I finished unloading. Seeing me shoot in Coach’s mouth pushed Jonathan over the edge, as he jackhammered Coach’s ass faster until he shot deep in to his ass. As he was still cumming in Coach, I leaned forward and took Coach’s cock back in my mouth, and was immediately greeted with about six huge streams of cum. I couldn’t keep it all in my mouth, so it started streaming out of the sides of my mouth onto Coach’s stomach. Jonathan, still shooting, reached down and swiped up most of Coach’s cum onto his fingers to bring up to his mouth to taste again. As soon as the last orgasm subsided, we all collapsed on to the mat, out of breath and smelling of sweat and cum. “Well, damn, boys. I’d say that was a pretty good fucking workout,” Coach joked, pulling each of us against his chest with his strong arms, giving us a chance to explore his body some more with our free hands. “Bro, you didn’t tell me that I sucked Coach off at the pool party. We’ve been dreaming of that for the last year,” Jonathan joked with me, as his hand moved down to grab Coach’s now soft cock. “Oh yeah?” Coach asked, interested. “You have no idea, Coach. We’ve been fantasizing about you since we first saw you at Freshman orientation in those tight sweatpants that showed off your ass and your big package,” I replied. Coach clearly was enjoying hearing about these two teenage boys fantasizing about him. “Well, now you had your taste. Although I thought I was going to end up fucking you boys. Maybe your dads will let me have a little more of you.” He said, grinning and grabbing both of our asses. “Let’s hit the showers and wash all this off.” The three of us got up and collected our clothes on the floor and headed into the locker room, our dicks swinging freely. I was admiring Coach’s smooth muscular ass, as he walked ahead of me. In the showers, the three of us started lathering up under the warm water. Neither of us wanting to miss an opportunity, Jonathan and I each started soaping up Coach, Jonathan from the front, and me focusing on his back side as we further explored his muscles. Enjoying the admiration, Coach started flexing and showing off his body. Jonathan moved in close and started kissing Coach sensually, Coach’s hands grabbing him tightly from his backside. I could tell there was some real magnetic attraction between these two and it was hot as fuck to watch. Not wanting to break their embrace, I moved around and got on my knees along side of them and grabbed both of their now throbbing cocks. I took Jonathans into my mouth first as I started to fist Coach’s big dick. They moaned into each others’ mouths, pawing at each of the other’s body, getting more and more horned, grinding their cocks into my face. I tried to fit both of their dicks in my mouth at once, but they were both too big, so I alternated with my mouth and slick hand. Before long, they both started shooting as they embraced each other tightly. I was able to catch most of their loads in my mouth or on my face at least. They finally broke from their embrace and looked down at me, covered in their cum. Coach pulled me up and under the water, helping to rinse off my face. “Your dad was right, you sure like to eat loads, kid,” he joked with me. “Maybe I should recruit you to the wrestling team from crew.” “I’m always up for a challenge, Coach!” I said, smiling and licking my lips. We finished washing off and then went back towards the lockers to dry off and start getting dressed. Jonathan and I looked at each other, smiling, like we couldn’t believe this just happened. After we got dressed, we walked toward the exit of the locker room. Coach was still naked, looking at his phone. “Hey Coach, we’re heading out. Thanks for the good practice!” “Sure thing boys. Good strong effort today. See you on Monday,” He responded. As we left the gym and walked toward the car, Jonathan looked over at me and said, “Holy fucking shit, bro!” I nodded in agreement, as we got in to the car and headed back to his place. To be continued…..

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