Evan’s Return


I didn’t know how to start this story, I guess at today, then back. So, here goes. I’ve been roaming the country for the past two years, ever since my Dad caught me fucking my Mother. The fight was brutal and I left, fast. My sister has gotten word to me that Dad is very ill, and may die, so I’m headed back home.

The bus is giving me time to think and reflect on what happened. I was fifteen when I took an interest in Mother. At that time she was 35 and a real doll. Many of my friends talked about how great she looked, and she did. Even after having two kids she still had that great figure and that long jet black hair. Her eyes were a stunning blue and her skin was soft making her even more beautiful.

She had the figure to go with her 5′ 4″ frame and weighed only about 110 pounds. The first time I saw her naked was an accident, or at least an accident on her part. I had come home from school and stormed through the house as usual. I didn’t see anyone but on the way to my room I heard the shower running. The door was partly open so I peaked in. There was Mother behind the glass washing her magnificent body. She was washing her legs, bending forward, as I watched. Her ass was great, full, round, and her breasts pointed out. Her breasts were relatively small, a B cup, but plenty for her and her figure. I couldn’t get over the nipples. They seemed to poke out from a puffy cloud at the end of her breasts and were dark.

She turned toward me and I stepped back quickly hoping she didn’t see me. I peaked around again in time to see the triangle of black hair below her stomach. My cock was rock hard and I rubbed it through my jeans as I watched. She washed her hair giving me more time to ogle her but when she turned the water off I darted for my room.

Once inside I took little time getting my pants down and began stroking my hard on. All I could see was her naked body and my imagination of how she smelled and how she felt. I shot a load into a pair of dirty underwear and I was still hard. I wanted to walk naked into the bathroom and say, “here, you did this”, but I didn’t dare. I waited a bit and jerked off again oozing as much cum as before.

When I had finished I thought I heard something at the door and saw my 13 year old sister. She was leaning against the door frame, arms folded, just looking at me. I covered my cock as best I could. She straightened up, looked right at me, and said, “Why don’t you get a girl?”

“Why?” I answered sort of cocky. “Are you jealous I can do it and you can’t?”

She laughed as she turned, then turned back. “You don’t know much do you. You think only guys can masturbate?” She laughed again and left.

The whole night all I could think about was Mom, how she looked, how beautiful her body was in that shower. Every time the thought went through my head I got a hard on. It got to the point that I carried my homework in front of me to leave the room. I said goodnight to Mom and Dad as I left. I may have taken a little more time looking at Mom than usual, but her shorts left most of her beautiful legs bare and just fueled my memory.

I kept my memories and my dreams for another two years. I kept on masturbating to my fantasy of my Mom. I was dating, a lot, but hadn’t found the girl that wanted to have sex yet.

One evening my sister asked me to take her to the mall and Mom encouraged it. After she had made her purchase we sort of drove around enjoying the cool evening. We were stopped at a drive in restaurant for a coke and just sat. Without warning Julie asked a most pointed question. “Evan, when you jerk off what do you think about?”

“Wh–, what?”

“You know. When you are masturbating what do you think about?”

“What makes you think I masturbate?’

“Oh, come on Evan. You’ve been pulling your cock since you were 14 or 15 years old. I’ve seen you. Remember? I’m just curious what you think about. Is it girls in general? Is it a specific girl? Or, maybe, well, is it boys?”

“You little bitch!”

“I didn’t think it was boys. I was just hoping you would finally answer me.”

“OK. Girls in general. Satisfied?”

“What about mom?”

That question struck home. A lump came up in my throat and I felt myself shake. “Mom? What about Mom?”

“Do you ever think about screwing Mom?”

She was on some form of fishing expedition. I turned in the seat and looked straight at her. “Are haramidere escort you sure you want to hear the answer? The truth?”

“Truth. I want to hear the truth.”

“OK. Yes, yes, I’ve thought about Mom. After all she is a beautiful woman and any guy would be crazy to not have some dreams about her. Are you mad now?”

“Why should I be mad. I’ve known for years that you had a thing for Mom. A couple of years ago I caught you jerking off in your room, remember? Well, I saw you watching Mom in the bathroom while she showered. I know you were masturbating to thoughts of her but I wanted some confirmation.”

“OK. Confirmed. Now what? What about you? Who do you think about when you masturbate?”

“You couldn’t handle the answer.”

“But you do masturbate. You just verified that.”

“Yeah. Yeah, I do. Look, let’s get out of here. Want to drive to Grove Point?”

Grove Point is a hang out, a parking place for would be lovers. I thought she wanted to talk and not be overheard by others at the restaurant. It took only a few moments to get there and it was empty.

“OK. Grove Point. Now what?”

She unfastened her seat belt and turned so her feet were toward me, her back to the door. She pulled her skirt up showing me her tiny pink panties. “Julie?”

“Take out your cock.” I sat there stunned. I was looking between her open legs and staring her panties. Take out my cock? “Do it, Evan. Take out your cock.”

I was hard as a rock and it was painful. Pulling down the zipper and letting my cock jut free was a relief. At the same time Julie slipped her panties down and off her feet giving me a wonderful view of her pink slit. Her pussy was glistening in the dim moonlight and I watched her hand move over it, and her fingers begin to slide through the slit and rub her clit.

“Stroke it, Evan. Make it cum. You can watch and think of me this time when you cum.” Her breathing was erratic as she was getting into herself. My hand was already stroking all 8 inches without thinking about it. My eyes were fixed on her pussy and her busy fingers. “Oh! Oh! Are you cumming, Evan? Are you? I am?”

I was on the edge and her words pushed me. “I’m cumming Sis. Here it comes!”

My spunk exploded out of the tip of my cock and shot directly on her legs. At the same time her body arched. “Oh! Shit! Shit!” she came.

After she had recovered she just sat there, her legs apart, her pussy open for me to see. I still had my softening cock outside my pants and it was glistening some cum. I watched her reach down to where my spunk had hit her leg. She wiped it with her fingers and moved it to her face. At first she smelled it, and then she licked it off her fingers.

“I had heard girls say how terrible cum smelled and tasted. Yours doesn’t big brother.” She leaned across the seat and took my cock in her mouth, briefly, gently. She cleaned it of the remaining spunk. She sat back, licking and wiping her lips. “I think I just sucked cock for the first time. Annie says she does it all the time. Maybe I can see why.”

I realized I hadn’t said a word, just look at her bare pussy. I moved forward to reach out to touch the inviting labia. She let me touch it, and then she moved my hand away. “I’m not going to have sex with you Evan. I shouldn’t have licked your cock, but I did. There is something between us brother, but it won’t lead to sex.”

“Then why did we do this, Julie? Why did we see each other, jerk off together. What was this for?”

“It was to establish a bond between us. I know you jerk off and you know I masturbate. I needed some relief after we talked, and I thought you did too. But most of all I wanted to confirm your desire for Mom.”

“And I guess you did that? Now what are you going to do with the information?”

“I don’t know. I do know this. We will do this again, sometime, somewhere. Maybe the next time we will be somewhere that we can get naked. I know you want to see my boobies.”

“How about now?”

“Jerk off again?”

“No. Let me see your boobies.”

“Huh uh. That’s something for the dreams, for the future, maybe. Let’s go home.”

I laid in bed for what seemed hours thinking about Julie and what happened. I got hard and masturbated again. I saw Julie but I was fucking Mom.

Later that year Dad changed positions with the company and içerenköy escort was traveling a great deal. It wasn’t unusual for him to be gone for two weeks at a time. It was hard on Mom because she had to do some things she hadn’t done before. I tried to help and so did Julie and it seemed to work.

I had come home from a date a little earlier than usual. I was moving toward my room when I heard Julie and Mom talking in her bedroom. I couldn’t hear what they were saying but I moved toward the door and cleared my throat loudly. “Can a guy join this conversation?”

They were both dressed in baby doll pajamas and Mom looked more like Julie’s sister than her mother. I felt myself getting hard looking at the nipples that were showing through the two tops and the hint of pussy below. Julie got up, came to me and hugged me. “Mom needs you.” She whispered in my ear as she left.

Mom patted the bed and I sat beside her. We began to have a conversation, one that would change my life forever. She told me that Dad was traveling even more and would be gone more. She told me that she was lonely. Then she told me that she and Julie had talked and Julie had told her of my fantasy for her. I began to stammer and stutter some kind of apology but Mom put her fingers to my lips. She took my hand in hers and moved it gently to her breast. She held my palm against her hard nipple. “I need you, Evan. I need you to bring your fantasy to life.”

She kissed me. Her mouth was open and her tongue was searching mine. Our kiss was one of deep passion, deep desire. My hand was still on her breast and I was massaging the tender orb. She tugged at my shirt until she had it over my head and then she let me slip the wispy pajama top from her. Her breasts were still magnificent. It was l could do to not grab them and hold them. I bent forward and took one succulent nipple in my mouth and tried to get as much of the breast in as I could.

I moved one hand between her legs, onto her pussy mound. She was warm and slightly damp. “Take it off Honey.” She whispered.

I slid the small panties down her legs and tossed them aside. Her dark hair was trimmed above her pussy and her lips were the same dark red as her nipples. I put one finger between the lip and felt the wetness. I had never licked a pussy before and wasn’t sure of how to do it right, but I went for it. I let my tongue slide between the lips and tasted the tangy nectar beneath. I licked upward and found her clitoris. The exhale of breath from her assured me I had done the right thing. I continued licking and sucking at this magical spot until her body began to buck and her back arched and a salty liquid gushed from her into my mouth. “Oh, Evan! Oh, Baby! Yesssss.” She hissed. I kept licking until her body relaxed.

“Honey, you’ve done that before.”

“No, Mom. That was my first time. Was it OK?”

“My, God. It was wonderful Son. Truly magnificent. Lay on your back so I can pull your pants off.”

In no time at all she had my shoes, socks, and jeans piled in the floor. My hard cock made a tent out of my briefs. She gently pulled the waist band out, then down, exposing my length to the cool air. She took my cock in her hand and stroked it softly, slowly, gently. Then she moved over me and her mouth engulfed as much of my length as possible. She began sucking my cock and stroking my balls. It was too much. “God, Mom! I’m gonna cum.”

She didn’t stop but let me shoot my spunk into her mouth and she kept sucking until I was through cumming. She had swallowed it. She had swallowed my cum. We kissed and I could taste the semen inside her mouth. She kept her hand around my cock, softly stroking it as laid beside me.

“Do you want to fuck me?”

I had never heard her use that word, it shocked me. “Yeah. Yeah I do.”

“I think you’re ready.”

She had brought me to another erection and I was ready. Mom rolled to her back and I moved on top of her feeling the wet opening of her pussy at the tip of my cock. “Push in me baby. Make love to me.” She whispered.

Her hand went between us and she pointed my hard spear at her opening. I pushed forward and slid easily into her. We established a rhythm that took her over the edge, then again, followed by my last hurrah. I felt the cum shooting from cock, filling her body, and it seemed to be endless. The feeling innovia escort of cum spurting from me seemed to go on forever. At last we laid there, our bodies still joined, our lips meeting in kisses of thanks and passion.

She rolled me from her, turned out the lights, and we slept. Two naked lovers entwined in a slumber of sexual exhaustion. A son and his mother, now lovers, now illegal mates.

The sun was peeking through the windows when Evan was gently shaken by the shoulder. He opened his eyes to see Julie sitting beside him. “Time to get up, brother. Mom almost has breakfast ready.” She pulled the covers back and stared at his naked body. “You might want a quick shower and some clothes before you come to the kitchen.”

His Mom acted as though everything was normal, routine, and in order. She put down a plate of bacon and eggs in front of him but when she kissed him full on the lips he knew it wasn’t normal or routine. They made love every night for the next week until they knew his Dad was coming home. Each evening was new and exciting. They made love in every position they could think of. She even allowed him to have anal sex with her.

Todd came home in an upbeat mood and hurried Elaine to bed that evening for a raucous evening of sex. She enjoyed her husband and enjoyed his lovemaking although he was not as amorous as her son nor as well endowed. Nonetheless, Todd always brought her to orgasm, at least once before he finished. This evening was better, much better.

The next week Evan’s Dad left again but he was unsure of length of this trip. Evan moved into his mother’s bed that evening and resumed his place inside her. His mother was more adoring of his lovemaking than before and seemed to want more from him.

Evan wondered what Julie thought, but after all it was she who sat this up. The following evening he asked her. “I think Mom is a lucky woman and I think you are a very lucky guy.”

“Why did you set this up with Mom?”

I knew you wanted her and I knew she needed something in her life. You filled the bill. I didn’t.”

“You? You don’t mean that you and Mom were –”

“Lovers? For only a short time. I wasn’t what she needed but she was what I needed. You know. You know how she tastes, how she feels, how she looks. God, bro. Any man or woman would want her. Right?”

Evan looked at her, he was seeing his sister for the first time. She was lesbian or maybe bisexual. It hit him. That’s why she would jerk off with him but not let him fuck her. “Now I understand. I think. What can I do for you?”

She laughed and patted him on the head as she rose. “Send a cute chick my way.”

Evan was once again inside his mother, his cock stretching her opening and massaging her clit with each thrust. Her body was bouncing from the bed to meet his thrusts and both were moaning as they neared their orgasms. Neither of them heard the door open or the footsteps down the hall. They both were shaken when the bedroom door opened and Todd roared. “What the fuck?” What the hell are you doing?” You son-of-a-bitch get out of that fucking bed.”

Todd reached for Evan but the youngster was faster and darted away. He ran to his room with his Dad close behind. He was able to slam and lock the door before his father could reach inside. He could hear his Dad screaming at his mother calling her a whore, a bitch, a tramp. He could hear Julie screaming for him to stop and crying, but his Dad never stopped. The last he heard as he scrambled out the window of his room was his father shouting. “If I get my hands on you you little bastard I’ll kill you.”

He had kept in contact with Julie and her with him. They had even seen each other on a few occasions during the time, spending one night it in bed together, mutually masturbating. Now the bus was nearing the terminal and the city looked familiar. Julie was there, waiting for him. Her look was different, pained. She hugged him, held him close. “Dad died two hours ago.”

He held his mother close during the funeral service. It was closest he had been to her since his return. The house was filled with relatives and lots of friends bringing flowers or food. When the visitors finally left he was able to sit beside her, put his arms around her shoulders, and let her cry. “I love you”, she said to him amid her tears.

Evan had a good job and was going to college part time. He convinced his mother and Julie to sell the house and move with him. Julie set up her own residence, but Elaine moved in with Evan. She kept a respectable distance from him until one night when she knocked on his bedroom door. She was wearing one of his old t-shirts and nothing else.

They made love. They were in love. They vowed to never leave each other.

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