Ex GF Stepsister

Ex GF StepsisterCheryl I am a longtime admirer of Xhamster and have toughly enjoyed everyone’s pic,vids and of the great stories. I figured it’s about time I start submitting a few of mine form my early years to the present. This 1st story is from when I was in my 20s and was living w my then girlfriend at her dads and stepmoms place.I had been dating my girlfriend for about 4 months when we decide to move in at her dads and stepmoms home. My girlfriend was a about 135 w 38D tits and a sweet ass that was so fuckable and neatly trimmed pussy. We would fuck every chance we got and with living at her dads and stepmoms just made me want top fuck more and more daily. The reason was her stepsister was living there as well and her stepmom was a great piece of ass as well. But this story isn’t about my girlfriend or her stepmom, this is about her step sister who was 18.Imagine if you will a young looking Alyssa Milano. That is exactly who her stepsister looked like and was a huge cock tease and knew it. After we moved in Cheryl (stepsis) would make it a point to walk around the house w just a t-shirt no bra and her panties barely showing. See this would give me an instant hard on and then would end up fuckin my girlfriend till she was sore from the pounding. I kind of think my girlfriend enjoyed Cheryl walking around like that since she knew she would be getting a deep hard fucking afterwards.Well one day I was watching tv and Cheryl comes walking in just a very small bikini and walks in front of me asking if I thought it looked good on her. Of course I said it look great as uşak escort I rubbed my harding cock as she turn around and bent over showing me that tight sweet little ass. She said she was heading to the beach and wanted to look good for the guys out there. Well I assured her she will get plenty of looks with what she was wearing. After she left my gf comes in and said she and her stepmom were going shopping and would be back in about 4 hours. Well they left and I was left alone (so I thought) and grabbed a porn vid and pop it in and started slowly stroking my cock wishing I had Cheryl’s mouth and sweet pussy on it. As I was stroking and watching the video I caught something in the corner of my eye and didn’t really think of it at 1st but then I started thinking some one was home and I had been caught jacking. I turned the video off threw on some shorts (commando of course) and went to see if someone was home. As I reached the living room I could hear the TV on and then saw Cheryl sitting on the couch watching TV and asked how the beach was. She said she didn’t go because her best friend had to go someplace w her parents and she didn’t want to go by herself. Then we were watching TV and she was still wearing her bikini and I couldn’t take my eyes of her body and my cock was a raging hard on the whole time we sat there. Cheryl said was going to get something to drink and as she got up she made it a point to slowly bend forward to show her ass. As she came she noticed my cock was hard and asked if she did that or was it from the video I was watching earlier. I then uşak escort bayan knew she had seen me jacking, but told her it was her that got my cock so hard and was only watching the vids thinking of her as I stroked my cock to the vids. Cheryl then said she would like to watch the vids with me and duplicate a few scenes from the vids with me. SO who was I to say NO.? We went back to my bedroom and as I quickly pulled my shorts down exposing my hard cock she was wide eyed and enjoying the view. I am not overly hung but I am a good 7 thick inches. As she stared she slowly removed her bikini top and exposing her sweet 36C firm tits. I then told I will take her bottoms off so I walked up next to her and slowly kissed her and worked my way down her neck to her tits. As I was sucking her tits she was slowly stroking my ever growing cock and I was slipping my hands in to her bikini to rub her clit. Cheryl was starting to moan loudly and buck her hips as I finger fucked her to her 1st orgasm on my fingers.Cheryl was moaning and at the same time was begging me to fuck her since she knew we didn’t have much time before her mom and my gf got back from shopping. I peeled her bikini bottom off to revel a very short trimmed young tight pussy that I dove head 1st into and ate her till she came again. I had her legs over my shoulders as I devoured her sweet pussy and played with her tight virgin ass. As I made her cum for the second time I kissed my way back up her flat stomach as she reached for my cock and guided it in her wet pussy.Once I was buried deep in her I escort uşak started to slowly pick up speed as I pumped Cheryl’s pussy full of my cock. Cheryl was a load moaner and her pussy go so wet it was unbelievable. After a few strokes in her pussy I started to pull out and she asked what I was doing. I told Cheryl that I want her to suck my cock for a bit before I fuck her more. She said we don’t have much time and to just fuck her and she will suck me later when we had more time. So I started fucking Cheryl for all its worth till she was screaming that she was about to cum for the 3rd time. At that point I grabbed Cheryl’s legs and pinned them as afar back toward her head as they could go and started jack hammering her cunt deep and hard till I felt her pussy tighten and start cumming. As I pulled out she Cheryl’s pussy was full of my load and slowly leaking out as she was rubbing her clit and slipping her fingers into her cum filled slit. She would look at me and tell me that was the best she ever been fucked even though it was only her 4th time having a cock in her aside from giving head. I finished jacking what load air had left in me on her stomach and told her we need to do this again and soon. She assured me that every day that we are alone or at least have a little time she would suck my cock or we would fuck till we can’t fuck anymore. Just as Cheryl was getting up and getting ready to get dressed we heard her mom and my gf drive up. I got dressed as fast as I could and Cheryl went and jumped in the shower to get my cum washed off body.If you guys enjoyed this I do have more experiences w Cheryl as well as how I was able to fuck her mom a few times as well. I will slowly add more stories from my youth to present day for your enjoyment on my experience with Cheryl as well as my own stepsister.

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