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This is my account of the very first intimate experience I ever had with another person, and it continues to be a radiating emotional and sensual memory. It was written as accurately as possible from the actual events as I remember them. There is very little embellishment, though the dialogue is almost entirely reconstructed, as remembering such details is nearly impossible after 45 years. If so inclined, do feel free to leave comments ail.




Exploring Cousins


Every summer for as long as I could remember, my parents would drive down to Florida from New York to visit all our relatives who lived in Miami.

My cousin Robin would always be lucky enough to join us (I was pretty luck too, since the two-day journey would be ridiculously boring otherwise).

In the summer of 1974, my family packed up and headed down south to the sunshine state once again. Robin and I had recently both turned eleven (he was 2 months my senior).

After visiting all the relatives, we normally dropped in on during each trip– as well as enjoying the traditionally great times on the beach and in the ocean–we headed back to New York. But this time, we drove back with an additional passenger.

My younger cousin Jason, who was nine at the time, was taking his vacation by coming to New York and New Jersey. He was going to stay at my house in Staten Island for a while with Robin before heading at my Robin”s house for the rest of his stay. His mom would then fly up to bring Jason back home afterward.

Jason always seemed a little effeminate to me, which certainly didn”t bother me at all. As a matter of fact, though I didn”t realize in a logical sense it at the time, I kind of liked it.

Jason was a lot shorter than Robin and I, and with his ridiculously thin frame, he looked more like six years than he did nine.

I didn”t know it at the time, mostly because boys never Inuit such things at an early age, but I discovered later that Jason was gay. I can”t help but wonder if the events that would soon unfold had any bearing on his future sexual preferences, or if he was just born that way.


To be honest, I don”t remember much about the time and activities of Jason”s stay in New York, except for two particular days which are burned into my psyche.

One day during Jason”s stay with us, my mom drove us all to my wealthy aunt”s house, who happened to have a huge built in swimming pool in her enclosed yard.

We were having fun in the pool during that hot and sunny day. Though Jason was a bit timid and quirky at times, we were all pretty much getting along–except for those times that Robin picked on Jason as he often did or made fun of his `scrawny” body, as Robin would call it.

I remember the direct sun was making me feel really good and a little horny. I now assume the same was the case for my cousins as well since I later learned why… that the summer sun promotes extra release of serotonin and dopamine. Not only that, but the extra vitamin D from sunlight exposure increases production of testosterone.

Yeah, when I learned all about that, it was a true `A ha” moment for me.


Again, I didn”t realize why at the time, but I liked looking at Jason that day when we played in the pool–especially at his very tight, black bathing suit. They were speedos (though I don”t think that”s what they were called back then).

I can clearly remember looking at Jason”s bathing suit a lot that day as the summer sun made me more and more horny.

I didn”t think it as wrong at the time, which was odd, since homosexual thoughts or desires were detested in my very large family. I suppose I just felt that I was enjoying how it looked, and nothing more. Ah, the pure naivety of an Ellen year old boy.

His bathing suite seemed so tight on him that he kept having to stretch the waist bands and thigh bands all day.

I also remember how the outline of his little dick seemed to keep drawing my attention. I could clearly see the outline of his cock head, which I thought looked pretty cool.

In my mind it was an innocent attraction of something that I also physically possessed, only it was cool to see it under my cousin”s tight bathing suit.

It was because Jason”s bathing suit kept commanding my interest, that I didn”t reject Robin”s brazen suggestion outright.

Without Jason noticing, Robin had leaned into me and whispered in my ear.

“I am gonna go under water and pretend I am putting your dick in my mouth. Then, you pretend you”re doing it to me, and we”ll convince Jason to really do it to both of us.”

I remember thinking that even with blurred underwater vision, my younger cousin would see through our ruse.

Without my even agreeing to him, Robin approached our younger cousin.

“Hey Jason, go under water and watch this.”

With that, Robin turned to face me and went below the water with Justin followed him down.

Robin quickly pulled down my bathing suits and came as close to my dick with his face as anyone had ever come. He then blew air out, causing a camouflage of bubbles as he pretended to put my soft cock in his mouth.

I remember feeling awkward and silly at this game. Especially because It seemed wrong to me to even be playing it. Looking at my cousin”s bathing suit was one thing, but pretending to put cocks in our mouths was entirely different.

When they both came up to the surface, my younger cousin wasn”t buying it.

“You didn”t put it in your mouth, Robin. I”m not stupid.”

“Yes, I did and now he”s gonna put mine in his mouth.”

Deciding to go along with this stupid game, I submerged beneath the surface till my face was at the level of Robin”s bathing suit.

I then pulled down his trunks.

Robin”s dick was hard as I lowered the bathing suit and as I came close to it, I opened my mouth for a better effect.

Jason”s face was a foot away to the right.

I was surprised when Robin pushed his hips forward, sliding his dick head into my mouth and over my tongue.

I immediately wanted to push away and come up to the surface to curse out my cousin, but I could see Jason”s face watching intently. I didn”t want to be the game buster.

Instead, I felt like, well…what”s the expression?

“In for a penny, in for a pound.”

I simply closed my lips around Robin”s hard cock and stayed like that for a few seconds.

Though my vision was quite blurry, I could see that Jason was watching me, so I was going to give him a show.

The sensation of Robin”s cock in my mouth was weird, more because I had a mouth full of water, than anything else. I also felt a tiny bit a grossed out by it. After all, another boy”s dick was in my mouth and the only time such things are spoken about was when boys insulted each other.

Yet at the same time there was a fresh new feeling of being naughty; of engaging in an act that was essentially forbidden for boys to do–especially in devout Christian cultures, of which our whole family belonged. But the effect of the sunlight on my hormones made it more palatable.

I noticed Jason going back up to the surface, so I stopped the ruse and resurfaced myself.

When I came back up, Jason”s mouth was wide open in shock.

“Wow!” Was all he said.

My cousin Robin again took the lead.

“Want to try it, Jason?”

Jason suddenly looked as if Robin was trying to trick him. After all, it was always Robin who treated Jason like a little kid, playing pranks on him and teasing him often.

And yet Jason”s eyes had clearly seen Robin”s dick in my mouth for at least five seconds.

“Ok, but you do it to me first.”

Robin rolled his eyes.


He went under water, and I followed him.

I watched as Robin pulled Jason”s bathing suit down–with difficulty from how tight it was–and saw Jason”s partial erection flop out.

Robin licked the headfirst, probably trying to determine if he could go through with this. But a moment later, he opened his mouth and took in Jason”s cock.

I came up to the surface to see Jason”s eyes closed, a ridiculous expression of bliss painted on his face (though it could also have easily been agony from the contorted eyes and mouth).

From the surface, I could see Robin”s head bobbing up and down on my younger cousin”s dick. He spent a lot more time on Jason than I had on him–actually, it seemed a lot more time than I had expected he would if his plan had been to have Jason do that to us.

Was Robin enjoying what he was doing to Jason?

Before long, I was rock hard. After all, I had never seen someone getting or giving a blowjob, not even in pictures.

I remember wondering if this had been Robin”s actual plan all along–to get us all to suck on each other by lying to me about tricking our younger cousin.

After about 30 seconds, Robin surfaced and told Jason that it was his turn to do it to him.

Jason flat out refused, which really irritated my cousin Robin quite a bit.

“I did it to you, asshole!”

“Yeah, but I don”t want to do it.”

My cousin Robin kept berating Jason, something I always hated him doing when he felt the need to be an ass to our little cousin. It caused Jason to leave the pool and run into the house, his erection tenting up his bathing suit.

I was terrified that he was going to tell my mom and my aunt what had happened, so I left the pool quickly to follow him. I turning to Robin as I left the pool.

“You”re an asshole!”

Thankfully, Jason had not gone upstairs to tell anyone anything. Instead, I followed his wet footprints toward the bathroom on the pool level where we had all changed into our bathing suits.

I approached the semi opened door slowly and peaked through the crack to see if he was getting dressed.

Jason”s bathing suit was on the floor, and with his eyes closed and an odd look on his face, he was furiously pulling and squeezing his erection.

It clearly looked as if he had no clue as to what he was doing, and I couldn”t help but wonder if he had ever even jerked off.

I watched him intently and was completely fascinated at seeing another boy playing with himself.

My own erection, which had deflated a bit after leaving the pool in terror of Jason telling on us, was quickly becoming stiff once again.

I stayed there, rubbing my erection through my wet trunks for a few seconds.

My reverie was soon interrupted when Robin came up behind me and quickly stormed through the door of the bathroom.

“Well look at that!”

He was looking down at Jason”s erection in his hand.

“Looks like our little cousin liked what I did to him, huh?”.

I came into the bathroom just as Robin was pulling his trunks down.

His erection bounced up against his stomach.

“It”s your turn now, Jason!”

It was an angry command that would not be questioned.

I remember suddenly feeling odd about what was happening. This was no longer a fun game of exploration. The angry way in which Robin was speaking to Jason as well as the terrified expression on my little cousin”s face was making me want to stop Robin.

But for some reason I couldn”t.

My erection began to die rather quickly, but Robin wasn”t going to let me stand on the sidelines.

“Pull yours down too. He”s gonna suck both of us!”

I don”t know why I even listened, but I assume it was the fact that I was caught in this virgin exploration of sexuality, even if it was being forced on one of us.

I robotically dropped my bathing suit to the floor and stepped out of them.

Robin looked back at Jason and pointed to the floor in front of him.

Jason said nothing. He just complied and squatted down till he was on his knees–a fearful look shrouding his face.

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Looking down at Jason, I suddenly felt really bad for him. It was clear that he was being forced to do something he didn”t want to do.

I wanted to say something. I wanted to stand up for my younger cousin, but I was caught up in the moment and just stood there, frozen.

I noticed that Jason”s erection was deflating quite rapidly from what he was being forced to do.

When he stuck Robin”s dick in his mouth, Jason”s eyes were closed tight, and his face looked as if he was swallowing cod liver oil.

“Watch your teeth!”

I was because of his angry tone, that felt as if Robin was treating our little cousin like some slave boy.

Jason opened his eyes, looking up at Robin with a little fear which was quickly followed by a lot of rage.

After about a minute, Robin pushed Jason”s head off his cock and pointed sideways to me.

“His turn.”

I really didn”t want this at all. It wasn”t right.

But I also didn”t want to annoy Robin who had a bad temper.

My reticence to continue was quite obvious by my flaccid penis. A fact that was not lost on Jason–Only a few seconds after he had me in his mouth, he pull off of me and turned back toward my cousin”s cock instead.

He was about to put Robin”s back in his mouth when Robin objective.

“You hardly blew him, Jason.”

Jason looked at mine with a disgusted look on his face.

“His is soft and mushy.”

I was immediately embarrassed and feeling totally inadequate, especially since i had now seen both of my cousin”s erections and by far, mine was the biggest.

I knew what we were doing was wrong. Or at least I was feeling guilty about it and I remembered thinking that it may have been a lot of fun doing this had all us wanted to do it to each other, without being forced. I also remember thinking that it would probably be a lot more fun if Jason and I explored each other alone, without Robin. But these thoughts immediately felt wrong as well.

Looking down at my young cousin kneeling so subserviently on the floor with my Robin”s cock in his mouth, I was convinced that this was totally and sinfully wrong– boys were not supposed to do such things to each other, especially if they were being forced.

But a large part of me was feeling excited, nonetheless.

As my young cousin kept sucking on Robin”s cock, something caught my eye down between at Jason`s hips. His cock, which had been soft a moment ago, was rapidly getting hard. I also noticed that the look of disgust Jason had displayed a moment earlier, was now replaced with one of intention and purpose–he was clearly happier having an erection in his mouth than my `soft and squishy” penis.

The more I looked at Jason going up and down over Robin`s cock—slowly and methodically–the more it occurred to me that in some way, Jason must be enjoying what he was doing.

I was starting to get hard again very quickly by this realization, when the erotic moment was shattered by the sound of my mother”s voice just outside the door.

“Are you boys getting dressed? Lunch is ready and we leave in 30 minutes.”

Jason shot off the floor, almost knocking me over.

“OK mom”” I helped Jason regain his balance, “we just got out of the pool.”

The adventure had come to a quick end, and we all got dressed.

The drive back to my house was so eerily quiet, that my mother even commented at one point, asking us if anything was wrong.

“We”re just tired, mom, from all the playing in the pool.

The three of us then exchanged glances — all our faces were filled with intense guilt and utter confusion.

After arriving home and eating dinner in complete silence, we watched TV with my parents in the living room–the “six Million Dollar Man”, to be precise.

I remember feeling bad for Jason because of a rash he had developed on the inside of his thigh, probably from his extra tight bathing suit.

It had irritated him so much, that Robin and I had clearly heard him cry from the bathroom as my mother applied A and D ointment to his rash. Robin had laughed when hearing Jason cry, which really pissed me off quite a bit.

All of this was making me feel extra guilty for playing along with Robin”s `game” in coercing our little cousin to do something he obviously hadn”t wanted to do.

Not once did any of us bring up what happened earlier in the day, and the more I thought about it, the more I was feeling disgusted and guilty by the whole episode. I can only assume that Robin and Jason were both experiencing the same emotions.

When it was time for bed, I lay in my sleeping bag on my bedroom floor, while Robin laid on my bed and Jason on my brother”s bed. At the time, my brother was on a cross county trip to San Francisco.

Again, we didn”t talk at all about what had happened earlier in the day, and simply turned out the lights to go to sleep.

I remember finding it hard to fall asleep that night, constantly seeing the events of the day projected like a film on the inside of my closed eyelids. I especially seemed to focus on the image of my cousin Jason kneeling on the floor sucking Robin”s cock.

The feelings of disgust and shame that had plagued me earlier, had starting to dissolve and lose their power over my immature conscience. I was soon seeing that image of my Jason sucking Robin through a clear and non-judge-mental point of view.

And I quickly started getting hard.

As I became hornier and hornier, I began to clearly picture many details of our nasty adventure with a clear focus

–the moment when Robin had thrust forward shoving his cock in my mouth

–the way my cousin Robin had sucked Jason under the water…

–how I had watched through the door with excitement, as my cousin Jason played with himself…

–those magical images of Jason on the floor sucking Robin”s cock, while his own erection curved up in the air from between his legs.

My cock was aching to orgasm, but I dare not jerk off and risk drawing the attention of either of my cousins.

I fell asleep with an uncontrollable erection.

The next morning, we ate breakfast, still not speaking to each other.

At one point my mom took Jason into the bathroom and put more A & D ointment on his inner thigh.

He didn”t cry this time, as it appeared that the A & D had done a lot of healing through the night.

My mom planned to go out food shopping but decided that Jason should probably stay at home to prevent further chaffing of his inner thigh.

Robin enthusiastically offered to stay with Jason, but my mother, who knew that Robin would often be mean to Jay, asked me to stay with him instead.

As soon as they left, I sat on my bed while Jason sat across from me on my brother”s bed.

I decided to break the silence.

“Hey cuz, I hope you”re not mad about yesterday.”

“I”m not mad at you, Victor. I”m mad at Robin.”

“I get it, but we were all playing around, and it wasn”t all that bad, was it?”

For some reason, in that moment, looking at his innocent expression as he pondered the question–watching his tiny body sitting crossed legged in his baggy pjs and with the smell of A & D ointment leaving his groin–my little cousin looked very young, very innocent, and very vulnerable.

And his vulnerability was starting to get me aroused.

It was more a loving, empathic emotion of my wanting to take care of my little cousin rather than a feeling of wanting to take advantage of him.

“No, I guess it wasn”t that bad.” He finally said.

And that was all I needed for my cock to start stirring.

I am not sure where I got the courage to ask, but I desperately wanted to play with my cousin… alone.

Two”s company…

“Do you want to blow each other?”

My voice had actually cracked while asking him.

“Not really.”

I felt devastated. More embarrassed that I had put myself out there and that he had rejected me, than the fact that he just didn”t want to do it.

For I moment–a small moment–I wanted to order him to his knees and force him to blow me. But the thought quickly left me.

“Come on, you know it feels good.”

“I know, but…but I…I don”t want to.”

I really, really wanted to continue the sexual exploration that had started the day before.

I didn”t know what else I could say to convince him, but when the image of him playing with his erection in the bathroom popped into my thoughts, my desire shot off into space.

I then remembered his curved-up erection while kneeling before my cousin as he sucked his cock.

The images of his erection were filling me with a rabid lust that wanted to explode.

And then it just left my lips…

“Can I blow you?”

He said nothing.

I was beginning to feel such an uncontrolled, youthful passion, that I became desperate as more blood surged into my groin.

“You don”t have to do it back to me.”

My cousin didn”t answer but looked down at his groin instead.

“I know that you”re still in pain, and… and doctors say that a blow job makes pain go away.”

Yeah, I had gotten desperate alright.

My sole purpose at that very moment was to experience what happen in the pool with Robin, only without the water in mouth and instead with my younger cousin”s nicer cock.

I wanted to stick Jason in my mouth. I wanted to explore the desire of giving someone a blow job, I wanted a one-to-one intimate experience–not that I really understood that at the time.

But would my cousin Jason budge?

“Please Jason, I”ll make it feel better than when Robin did it in the pool.”

He still looked down without saying anything.

I was now rock hard as I continued groveling.

“Please, let me do it to you, Jason, please.”

He slowly looked up at me with a sinister smile on his face. It seemed as if he was enjoying the fact that I was begging him.

Perhaps it was the dramatic emotional shift of going from having no control over the whims of his older cousin, to being the one in charge.

Jason was now the one with the power.

He was the one in control, able to choose whether to agree to his cousin”s desire or reject it. Well, at least this was the case with the cousin sitting across from him now. I had the distinct feeling that had it been Robin who stayed behind instead of me, Jason would be on his knees at this very moment with Robin”s cock deep in his mouth.

But Jason knew that I was not like Robin.

I was the kinder cousin.

He had once confided in me that I was his favorite between Robin and me, mostly because Robin treated him so badly, so often.

He smiled at me kindly, warmly.

“Ok, you could do it to me.”

“Great,” I said, getting off the bed with my erection tenting up my PJs.

He pointed at it and started giggling like a little girl.

I had to admit, it did look funny.

I started to laugh as well, then jumped up and down a couple of times as my cock bounce around in my PJs.

His laugh and smile faded quickly as he watched my bouncing cock, and it was only later, when looking back on that moment, that I realized it wasn”t because the moment had lost its humor, but instead because he had become excited by looking at my erection.

“Ok, Jay, lay down on the bed.”

He quickly followed my instruction, turning his body and leaning back till he was lying flat. He then began to shimmy his body up, his hips moving back and forth in a purely adorable fashion, until his head was on the pillow.

He took the pillow, folded in half and but it back under his head, which was now propped up–he obviously wanted to see everything I was about to do to him. Truth kadıköy travesti be told, I was not doing this to please my cousin–that was just a nice by-product. I was doing this to please myself, anticipating each moment of this unfolding adventure.

I stepped to the foot of the bed.

As I absorbed the view of my cute tiny cousin laying before me, our eyes locked. He looked excited. He was wearing such a lovely smile and his beautiful bright eyes beamed a look of girlish anticipation.

“Ok, now spread your legs.”

Before I had even finished the sentence, his legs shot apart as if a tightly wound spring had suddenly snapped.

There was something in his mannerism that reminded me of a little boy who was quickly tearing opening a huge birthday gift–he looked ridiculously excited.

He knew he was safe with me.

I was being kind. I was not trying to trick him into anything as Robin had done the day before. On the contrary, I had begged him to let me do exactly what he had been forced to do against his will.

I then, of course, remembered how it looked as if Jason had enjoyed blowing Robin towards the end.

And as if he had read my mind, his eyes dropped to the tent in my PJs.

I ignored his gazing at my groin and got onto the bed between his feet.

I inched up with my knees till I was kneeling between his inner thighs.

Before I could do anything, he grabbed the band of his PJs and pulled them down at such a blurry speed that it took me a moment to register his very hard erection.

The smell of A & D ointment wafted up into my nose.

I remember liking the smell for some reason, perhaps because the moment was so sexually charged or perhaps that the smell was something I remembered myself form childhood. But one thing I can say is this, for the next 4 decades any time I smelled of A & D ointment it would pleasantly bring me back to this very experience unfolding before me–in full color smell-a-vision.

There before me was my little cousin”s hairless boy groin. It looked amazing and so inviting.

While I may have been curious about playing with a girl”s body, I had never felt the way I did as I did in that moment of another boys privates–it was always a girl”s naked body that I pictured whenever I masturbated.

The day before, I had looked at Jason”s dick when he was kneeling on the floor, but only found it interesting when Jason had become hard as he sucked Robin off.

Now his erection was only a couple of feet below me and I was about to begin playing with it at my own pace–intimately. It was just the two us now, alone. And I loved that fact.

I felt like some wild carnivorous animal who was about to tear apart his helpless prey. But the prey had turned the tables, luring me into pleasing him simply by exposing his sexual area to my eyes.

“Do you mind if I take off your PJs?”

For some reason, I wanted to look at his skinny, girlie legs. I suppose it was that part of me that liked girls, which made we want to see and feel them.

He simply nodded, his bright eyes beaming from his escalating anticipation.

He put his feet back together as I pulled his PJs down.

I stepped back off the bed and slipped his PJs off his small, smooth feet and dropped them to the floor.

I stood up at the foot of the bed looking down at his hairless legs and groin. My eyes traced from his adorable feet and ankles up to his thin calves, following his legs up to his tiny thighs till my eyes landed finally on his amazing erection. It was actually a nice size–at two years younger than me, it was only a little smaller than mine.

I jumped back on the bed but stayed at the base with my knees by his feet.

I reached forward putting my hands on his calves.

His body jerked slightly from my touch.

I looked up at his face, but his eyes were closed.

I slowly rubbed my hands up his legs, feeling his bony knees and finally rested them on his thighs–I clearly remember my hands almost wrapping around his thighs, though that”s probably some erotic memory glitch.

A million goose bumps flooded Jason”s thighs as a barely detectable moan escaped his throat–he was really loving the feel of my hands touching him.

I had never felt any part of a girl”s body before, let alone another boy. This was my first time touching someone else intimately, and though I knew (or wrongly assumed back then) that this was unacceptable behavior and totally against my parent”s religious teachings, I also remembered not caring one damn bit in that moment.

I was quickly falling in love with the idea of sensually touching my cousin.

Since this was my first time feeling someone”s body intimately, I could only assume that it had to also be the first time my little cousin was being touched intimately.

I spread his thighs apart and inched up till I was sitting on my haunches in front of his beautiful erection.

It was beautiful. And I didn”t feel any guilt about thinking so.

I could now clearly see the chaffing on the inside of his left thigh, and I immediately felt bad for him, especially in light of what had happened yesterday

I reached forward and touched the frenulum of his cock.

His body jerked again but he remained silent.

I moved both my hands up his thighs till I gripped his little hips.

His body shuddered involuntarily, yet his eyes remained closed.

I bent forward till my face was a few inches over his cock and looked at all the details carefully.

I was in awe of the fact that I was so close to the very body part that I cherished most on my own body. Yet this someone else”s cock before my eyes and I had never been so close to anyone else”s before, not even my own.

I looked at the ridges of his frenulum where his foreskin had been removed nine years earlier when he was a baby. It was less raised than my own, but I knew that his would feel just as good as mine did when ever I rubbed it with my saliva.

Only I was about to use my tongue.

I reached forward and kissed it tenderly.

Again, the slight shudder throughout his entire body.

I started licking the area up and down like a lollypop.

He gasped, which was followed by an adorable high-pitched moan of absolute delight.

I couldn”t stand it anymore.

I reached up with my hand and grabbed the base of his erection, then bent his cock down a little.

I was now looking down his cock as it curved back to meet his hairless body.

I opened my mouth and moved down, putting his cock head in my mouth.

Another moan from my cousin, followed by an involuntary moan from me.

I went down a little bit, noticing how the texture of tight skin felt a little rubbery on my tongue and lips.

I absolutely loved it!

I placed my hand back on his hip, gripping them both passionately.

I started to go up and down slowly, still finding it hard to believe that I was sucking my little cousin”s rock-hard cock.

His moaning was now very low in volume, but almost constant.

Though my intention was to take pleasure from this experience, I found myself absolutely loving the fact that I was making my younger cousin feel so good. It made me feel like I was somehow repaying him for what had happened yesterday. I was redeeming the inaction of my not having stood up to Robin, by pleasing Jason so thoroughly now. And I was asking for absolutely nothing in return.

I looked up at Jason and saw that he was looking straight into my eyes with what I can only describe as a loving gratitude. And in that moment, his hands went down over mine, which still gripped his tiny hips.

I will never forget what happened next.

Jason spread out the fingers of both his hands and maneuvered them through my own so that our fingers became interlocked.

I had held a girl”s hand once in 5th grade and I remembered getting very excited, very hard, very quickly. But this was different. With our fingers interlocked–his fingertips rubbing the top of my hands–it was beautifully tender and completely loving. There was something so intimate and genuine in this simple act, that I felt a charge of tingling energy permeate my gut.

I had obviously never experienced anything close to sexual contact with anyone before and that was exactly what we were both experiencing at that moment with each other–we were having a form of sex.

I started rubbing my finger on the tops of his hands, returning the loving gesture my cousin was conveying to me.

His eyes brightened with joy from my action, but I then closed my eyes and focused my attention to the continuing act of pleasing my cousin as well as pleasing my own mouth.

I was exploring the taste and texture of someone else”s cock for the very first time–licking and sucking my way through a brand-new adventure, and I never wanted it to end.

But I did stop and unclenched our hands before kneeled back up.

He looked at me with a bit of alarm.

“Is it ok if I take my PJs off?

His little boy smile returned, and he nodded quickly.

I stood up off the bed, stripping down to my birthday suite.

His eyes fell to my raging harden and they stayed there for a few seconds before he sat up on the bed.

For a moment there I had though he was going to ask if he could blow me, but instead he quickly unbuttoned his PJ shirt and threw it down to the floor.

We were both now totally naked in front of each other and we obviously felt beyond comfortable about this fact.

He leaned back on the bed again, anticipating more pleasure from the mouth and hands of his older cousin.

I wanted nothing more than to comply.

I looked down at his small naked and beautiful frame.

I was completely enamored of my cousin”s body.

For a split second I felt like laying onto of him in an embrace and even maybe kissing him on the lips, but the idea of kissing another boy suddenly grossed me out.

Luckily, glancing back down at his beautiful cock served as a vaccine, which quickly cured me of any negative thoughts.

Then, an idea suddenly occurred to me.

“Put your legs together, Jay.”

He did as I asked.

“Is it ok if I rub my dick on your legs while I suck you?”

His eyes looked back and forth before he quickly nodded at me, smiling.

I got back on the foot of the bed with my knees straddling his outer ankles.

I leaned forward, laying on top of his legs, my erection landing between his knees. My head came down too high and hovered above his belly.

Before moving down to access his erection with my mouth, I reached forward with my lips and kissed his pale, smooth stomach.

He moaned in delight.

I then moved my body down, rubbing against his legs with my body and my own erection, till my groin rested between his inner ankles.

I lifted my calves in the air behind me so that my legs were no longer hanging off the edge of the bed

I clearly remember Jason rubbing his foot on my ass and balls, which felt really great–another expression of intimacy.

I leaned in, grabbed his cock by the base and shoved into my wanting mouth.

He moaned again.

As I went up and down, swirling my tongue all over the place, I was also trying to hump his ankles, but it wasn”t quite working. So, I had another idea.

“Hey, can you move your knees out a bit and let me rub myself on the inside of your feet.”

He looked confused, so I took the initiative and positioned his feet so that the soles are up against each other, and his boney knees were spread out to the sides.

He watched this intently, looking at my cock with a clear hunger in his eyes. I remember thinking to myself at that moment that I wasn”t going ask or even suggest that he blow me as well–it bakırköy travesti would have to come from him if he so desired.

I rested my cock between his feet as I laid back down.

After putting his cock in my mouth, I gripped his thighs with my hands. A moment later, I felt his own hands come back down over mine. We quickly interlocked our fingers in our wonderful expression of intimacy, and I continued making love to his beautiful, stiff cock.


After several minute of really enjoying myself and bringing such obviously pleasure to my little cousin, he began to methodically trust his hips up and down, essentially fucking my mouth.

At one point I gagged when he trusted up as I went down, which made him stop suddenly.

“I”m…I”m really sorry, Victor.”

I came off his cock, watching his saliva covered work of art slap back onto his stomach.

I smiled kindly at him, saliva dripping from my mouth.

“Hey, it”s totally cool. I kind of liked it.”


“Yeah. I love blowing you, Jason. I really do. It really feels good in my mouth.”

“So…it”s ok if I keep doing that?”

“If you like it better than me going up and down on you, then just hold my head where you want and keep shoving it in and out of my mouth.”


It sounded like I had given him permission to take the controls of a real expensive battery-operated toy.

“Yes, Jason. After what happened yesterday, I want you to feel really good!”

“All of this feels really good Jason, thank you. You are such a great cousin.”

I suddenly felt a deep love for my little cousin. I was certainly going above and beyond any redemption for what occurred the day before, and of course I was really enjoying all that was happening in that moment–way beyond anything else that I had ever down before.

I disengaged our interlocked fingers, grabbed his hands, and put them on the sides of my head.

I opened my mouth and took his cock head inside then stayed there.

He took the cue and began humping my face with his trusting hips.

My little nine-year cousin was fucking my face. I was in ecstasy.

I remember thinking how Robin had treated Jason like a slave, on his knees pleasuring him. Now, I felt like a bit of a slave myself as my master held my head in a tighter and tighter grip, using it as he saw fit to bring himself pleasure.

I began humping his feet, my cock rubbing against his soft soles.

I quickly shot up, and brought my face to his feet, then looked up at him.

“I”m gonna wet your feet so it feels better for me, ok?”

He nodded, probably thinking I was going to get water or cream or something.

Instead, I leaned down with my tongue outstretched and began lathering his soles with saliva.

He moaned out loud, shuddering as he did.

This was certainly something I never imagined doing to anyone, but for some reason it was making me feel really hot to be licking my cousin”s tiny feet.

His soles were amply wet for what I intended, but I couldn”t stop, for some reason. When I went down and started sucking his toes, he yelped, which was soon followed by him retracting his feet and giggling.

“That tickles!”

“Ok, I”ll stop.”

I laid back down and his hands gripped my head as I took his cock head back in my mouth.

I began humping the soles of his feet and I clearly remember that after about a minute that I wasn”t going to be able to hold it for much longer–my erection was racing fast toward an orgasm.

As he started to hump my mouth harder and faster, I had to stop rubbing myself on his feet because I had arrived at that edge, and I wanted it this experience to last. I also wanted to bring my cousin to orgasm before I did.

I remember wondering that, considering his spastic attempts at masturbation the day before, if this would be his first orgasm.

I slowly began humping his feet again, remaining close but not going over the edge.

A minute later, his hands went from the side of my head to the back as he began pushing down while trusting up and down furiously.

He started to moan in such a sexy and uncontrollable fashion as his cock got even harder than it had been.

I knew what was happening because my own cock always got harder right before an orgasm.

As his body began shuddering to the new sensations he was experiencing, his toes started curing and uncurling on my balls and his soles started contracting and expanding, which was just enough to push my cock over the edge.

I moaned in absolute pleasure, humping his feet intensely as we both experienced our duel dry orgasms.

He pressed my head down hard during his rapture, holding it down as I gagged. Had I not been in the middle of my own ecstasy, it may have been a bit too much for me, but I absolutely loved it.

The pulsing of his cock through each contraction was an amazing sensation in my mouth and I just couldn”t believe that another boy was having an orgasm inside my face.

After a few moments, our orgasms slowed to an end, and I suddenly started feeling confused and guilty, and even a bit grossed out.

My cousin, on the other hand, was wearing a ridiculous expression of delight on his face as he smiled down at me.

His looked quickly began evaporating my confusion and guilt–I didn”t want this amazing experience to end on a bad not, especially because of what had happed the day before. I wanted him to love what I had done and remember it as a great experience.

As I got off his body, I stood up and looked down at his wet and still very hard cock. I suddenly knew in that moment, that in my heart, I wanted to do what I had just done to Jason, and again, and again, and again.

Jason just laid there totally still.

He looked at me with such a loving expression of joy, that it made me giggle.

“I guess you enjoyed that, huh?”

“I never felt anything like that before. What happened to me penis?”

“That was an orgasm, Jay. When you play with yourself long enough, that”s what happens at the end.”

“But how do I play with myself so that I could make that happen again?”

He looked down at my still hard cock, asking me with his eyes to teach him to jerk off properly.

I put my hand on my erection and started to slowly jerk off.

I looked at his expression and loved what I was seeing.

He was mesmerized.

“It feels really good if you use body lotion or if you spit in your hand when you do it.”

With each stroke, my cousin was getting more and more excited.

He reached down and started to mimic me.

Though both of our cocks were still quite sensitive, the instructor and student continued through the lesson.

At one point, as Jason stared intently at my cock, he licked his lips.

I couldn”t help myself. I stepped around the bed and moved closer to his upper torso.

“Now you could get a closer look.”

He looked up at me with an expression that felt to me as if he was becoming powerless over some desire.

I was hoping that it was the very desire I thought it might be.

We both kept going up and down with our hands on our cocks, by cousin watching everything I was doing intently.

I inched a bit closer to his head.

He looked up at me for a moment, then back down at my cock.

After watching him the day before apparently enjoy the act of sucking my cousin, I knew what he wanted to do. But it almost looked like he was somehow embarrassed or afraid to give in to his desire.

I said nothing, but kept giving him a show, slowly pulling up and down on my cock, which was not about to get small again–I was once hornier as hell. By the hardness of my cousin, and the way he was looking at my cock in such a wanting fashion, I knew he was as excited as I was.

He turned his body sideways to face me, and in so doing, his face was now a foot away from erection.

I inched forward a bit more till my shins were up against the bed and let go of my cock.

It was now pointing directly at his mouth about eight inches away.

He looked up at me again, then back down at my hard cock.

No words were exchanged, as he leaned in closer, his face now only inches away from the object of his desire.

I carefully leaned in a bit and watched with delight as he opened his mouth and put his lips around my hard cock.

The slippery smooth and warm sensation of his mouth and tongue were utterly intoxicating.

But his position was awkward for both up as he began to enjoy sucking on me.

“Sit on the edge of the bed, Jay.”

He quickly swung his legs over the side and sat up on the edge of the bed.

He then put this hands on my hips and took me back into his mouth.

I raised my hands to his and interlocked my fingers.

He moaned.

While I was thoroughly enjoying this new sensation of having someone”s mouth going up and down on my cock, I also want to let him do everything at his own pace, without an interference from me.

Oh, I wanted to do more…I wanted to grip his head, take command of his mouth, and fuck it hard and fast, but I wasn”t about to interrupt his own sexual exploration. And besides, that was not my style.

His warm mouth and tongue felt so incredible, that I could feel my cock getting closer to that magical moment.

But then I heard the front door of the house open.

Jason and I jumped to garb our respective pjs, which were strewn across the floor, and got dressed as fast as humanly possible.

I instantly grabbed my Star Trek dolls off my night table and jumped on to the bed with Jason, handing him captain Kirk.

“Pretend we”re playing.”

I raised the Klingon doll up, and pretended he was battling with Kirk.

Robin burst into my room as if he thought he might catch us doing something.

After a moment he laughed.

“You”re playing with dolls? You guys are such pansies.”

Jason and I looked at each other for a moment then burst out laughing. We both new that we were laughing at fact that we had just played with each other”s cocks while Robin and mom were shopping, and that Robin was none the wiser.

“What”s so funny?”

I turned to Robin with a sarcastic look on my face.

“Just that you think you”re so cool and macho and just last week we both played with these very same dolls.”

Robin grimaced before leaving the room.

I turned to Jason and smiled.

“This is our little secret, OK?”

He smiled and nodded his head with glee.

“And I really hope we get to do it again.”

He nodded with such an excited and joyous smile, that I had to reach over and hold his hand.

We rubbed each other”s fingers with the same level of intimacy that we had done earlier, smiling warmly at each other for a few seconds.

I then got up and headed to the kitchen after my mother had asked me to help put away the groceries.

Jason and I didn”t spend any more time alone for the rest of that week, as Robin was with us the whole time. Then my aunt and uncle–Robin”s parents–came to pick up Robin and Jason the bring Jason to their house for the rest of his stay.

It would be a whole year before I would see Jason again alone. Our next vacation to Miami was via airplane and it coincided with Robin”s vacation to California.

I only slept over Jason”s for one night that summer, but it was a long and sleepless night, as we enjoyed each other”s cocks, orgasm after orgasm.

It was also that night that Jason had told me how Robin had continually made him suck him off during the last week of his vacation with us.

That magical summer day in my room was where I had fallen in love with the act of sucking someone else”s cock. And for years and even decades after, Jason and I kept enjoying the magical intimacy and oral exploration that we had initiated that one summer back in 1974. Only as we both matured through puberty, we also soon discovered the wonderful taste and texture of cumming down each other”s throats.

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