Family Issues Ch. 03


First things first, I need to thank Madison (ThanatopicFolds). Your keen eye, your love for the written word, plus your generousness, were what this story dearly needed. I really hope you’ll have a good trip, in whichever road you choose to take, mate.

Family Issues – chapter 3


The penthouse’s door whined as Kevin pushed it, and he cringed. He made a mental note to buy oil and fix the issue tomorrow. He checked the hallway. The coast was clear. The light was on in Helen’s bedroom, but the door was, as always, locked. Thank God for small favors. She was probably zombifying in front of the TV, or with her nose in a book, or working. Inmates in solitary confinement had a more exciting social life than Helen. Now he thought he knew at least part of the reason behind it.

Having been the smallest kid in class, Kevin knew a thing or twenty about insecurity and bullying. He had more than a few scars on his soul to show. A friendly game of dodge ball, or worse, red rover, in the sixth grade, was the stuff of nightmares. Red rubber balls getting chucked violently at the head of the kid perceived as the weakest.

But the bullying that a girl like Helen had to suffer made his hardships seem like a walk in the park. A Teletubbies park. Some people, mainly self-centered people like Diana, seemed to be less vulnerable. Others, like Helen, might go into hiding. To think that he was another face in the line of cruel assholes she met along the way was unbearable.

“Am I a bad person?”

He used to think not. He never hurt anybody on purpose, and he never stood indifferent when he witnessed cruelty.

“I’m not a bad person. But isn’t this what everyone, horrible people included, think of themselves? I’m willing to bet that if you could look inside Hitler’s or Stalin’s head it would be like, ‘I’m a swell egg, and everybody likes me.'”

Kevin paused by Helen’s door, his fist hovering near the rich wood. To knock, or not to knock; that is the question. He stood there quietly for almost ten minutes before he left and tiptoed to the shower.

Like everything in this house, the shower was super-modern and full of gadgets. It had a voice recognition utility that adjusted the water temperature according to the preferences of the person taking a shower. As he soaped he closed his eyes, letting the water wash away his fears. He feared for his dad and his brittle heart that already failed him once. He feared that he might disappoint him. He feared that he somehow flunked the exam he took this morning. He feared Diana when she drank too much. He feared that what was broken between himself and Helen couldn’t be repaired. It seemed these days the world was always breathing down his neck.

At least the shower was great. He reflected on his rotten apartment downstairs. You’d have to wait, shivering, for three minutes to get a lukewarm stream that had the flow of an eighty-year old with bladder issues.

In Helen and Diana Brion’s kingdom, desperation was still desperation, but at least it was a convenient desperation.

Now all he had to do was slip into Diana’s bed without waking her up, and since Diana could sleep through a circus parade, it wasn’t farfetched.

To his frustration, the little sister was lying naked on the bed and waiting for him. The innocent smile that lit her face when she saw him almost made him forgive her the hardships that she made him go through. Diana could be loving and sweet at times. At others… God have mercy. The dissonance was mind-boggling for Kevin. He wasn’t used to people with such radical fluctuations.

“Hey,” she whispered, stretching the ‘ey’ and reaching out with her long arms. “Finally! I’ve been waiting forever.”

“For me?”

“Haha, very funny. Come here, baby, I’ve missed you so much,” her eyes became round, and there were genuine tears there. She hugged him tightly against her tiny bosom and kissed his head repeatedly. “I thought you’d run off or something and would never come back.”

“I was just gone for the weekend, Diana.”

“Weekend and today,” she said. “Three days. I nearly died.”

“Good God almighty, please tell me it wasn’t so.”

“Asshole! You said you’d be here three hours ago.”

“My dad asked me to stay for dinner, so I missed the last train. I had to hitchhike, but I did send you a WhatsApp.”

“Hitchhiking is dangerous, baby. You’re not allowed to hitchhike anymore.” She licked his ear and nibbled his neck. “I was worried sick. Come here.” She pulled him to the bed and for a time was content with kissing his lips. He kissed her back because her gushing felt nice. “Next time, tell your dad that your girlfriend is not okay with you staying for dinner.”

“I haven’t seen him in ages, Diana.”

“Girlfriends come before parents.”

“It’s the opposite, actually.”

“Before parents, girlfriends come?”

“Try again.”

“It’s an easy rule to remember. Girlfriends come before anything else. Next time this girlfriend will be angry.” She kissed his nose. “How was the exam?”

“Aced mersin escort it.”

“Who’s mommy’s little genius?”

“I almost fucked up.” He pulled away from her lips. “I couldn’t stop thinking about what I did to Helen.”

“Are you still on about the stupid letters? Jesus! She probably forgot already.”

“Not very likely.”

“Fuck her, then. All you did was read a bunch of stupid letters.”

Kevin sighed. Diana’s empathy mechanism placed inside a clock would make it go backward in time. It didn’t stop him from trying. “Sweetie, let’s say that you’ve written a diary with all your shameful secrets, deepest fears, and hopes. Let’s say that someone that you do not like, finds that diary and instead of returning it to you, reads it. How pissed would you be on a scale of one to very fucking much?”

“You just called me sweetie?” She kissed between his eyes. “That’s a first.”

Kevin sighed again. “Sure, let’s just sleep.”

“Nuh-uh! You’ve made your sweetie go on a Baby-Butt diet for three days. Your sweetie pie turned itsy bitsy sour.” When horny, Diana sometimes used a spoilt five-year-old princess’ voice. It made Kevin seriously consider shoving a pencil in his ear.

“I’m tired, Diana.”

“Let’s see you apply the ‘girlfriend before everything else’ rule. Tired on the one hand, girlfriend on the other. Which cums first?”

“Okay, but a quick one. Okay?”

Diana gave a happy sigh, lay on her back and placed both hands behind her head.

“Seriously, sheik Diana Brion?” he said.

“What? I let you off for the entire weekend to study for that stupid accounting exam, don’t I get a treat?”

“First, I’m studying for a Computer Science degree, not accounting.”

“Like, in computers and all that shit?”

“Mainly the shit,” Kevin pulled his T-shirt off. “Second, you made me blow Camille in front of your friends before you let me go study. Third, I always give you treats.”

“What’s your point?”

“No point. I see piles of dirty and clean laundry on the floor again.”

“And that’s my fault? Where were you, Kevin?”

“Diana, you’re the laziest person I know.”

“Not my fault. I had a lazy eye when I was a kid.”

“What’s that got to do with it?”

“It wasn’t treated on time, and it spread to the rest of my body.” She clapped. “Now, chop, chop.”

Kevin started unfastening his belt, but she raised her hand to stop him. “When I said chop, chop, I meant slow, slow.”

“Should I put a stripper playlist on my smartphone?”

She smiled at him dreamily. “Not a bad idea.”

Kevin shook his head and kicked off his pants, sneakers, and shorts.

“I said slowly.”

“Want me to put them back on?”

“Do you seriously want to make me mad? You’re so lucky that you’re so beautiful. That’s the only reason why I put up with all your shit.”

“I feel lucky.” He said, then parted his lips and took her stiff cock in his mouth. It was inconceivable three weeks ago, and now it was as natural as drinking. He pulled up, dragging his soft lips around her hot flesh, making wet sucking sounds. Next, he licked the spongy head like a pro and started kissing along its length. He caught some skin gently between his teeth and pulled. Diana’s cock heaved, and a drop of pre-cum materialized at the tip.

Diana moaned. “I missed that pretty mouth.”

His tongue snaked on the underside of her cock, painting wet trails from the tip to the base.

“Yesss,” Diana said. “That’s so good, Baby.” Her hand went to his head, and patted his blonde spikes. “You’re such a good boy.”

Kevin lifted his head. “Can you overcome the urge to call me a ‘good boy’? It’s kind of demeaning.”

“That’s stupid. How would you know then when you’re a good boy? Okay, giddy up.”

He arched an eyebrow. “Don’t you want me to…?”

“I want everything. I want to cum in your mouth, throat, and bum. But I can’t, can I? I have to choose, don’t I?”

“Poor you. Life is so unfair. Where’s the lube?”

Diana spat in her hand and rubbed her tip. “Au naturel.”


“Giddy up!”

He jumped on the bed and squatted, lowering himself slowly. There was no fear. There would be no pain too, except Diana was big, both in length and girth, and he was tiny. It was never easy.

The head of her cock touched his opening, and he shuddered. Then he let gravity just do her thing and lowered himself slowly. The firm ring of his anus fought the invader, trying to keep it out. “Can you thrust a little, Diana?”

“Sure, I can.”

“I wasn’t asking out of curiosity.”

She just smiled and licked her lips, not moving an inch.

“Okay.” He squatted lower. The head of her cock slipped several times and didn’t enter. Then he found a spot where her cock could snuggle against his starfish, and he lowered himself. The spongy head popped through his tight opening with surprising ease. The feeling wasn’t alien as it was two weeks ago, but still novel. That moment the bulbous kocaeli escort head wiggled and squeezed past the tight ring and blossomed in his tight ass was always a little surprising.

“Ahh,” he made a sound that was more feminine than he intended to.

“I told you you’d learn to like it, baby.”

“I still don’t like it, Diana.”

“Then why are you rock hard, baby?”

He didn’t have to look down for verification. His cock was on fire. However, Kevin hated the way she so effortlessly manipulated his body, and so said nothing.

“Ride me, baby.”

Her cock split his cheeks, spreading them as he lowered himself more and fed her shaft into his anus. This position was more comfortable because he controlled the velocity. When Diana was at the steering wheel, she would sometimes skewer him like a roasted pig, simply on a whim. He lowered himself further until his toned buttocks rested on her pelvis. His sphincter muscles gripped her tightly. His ass muscles quivered, trying to expel the intruder. The result was constant nibbling on her she-cock.

“Baby,” Diana smiled at him dreamily. Her eyes were half closed, her hands still behind her head.

Kevin just sat there for a while. He was trying to get used to the massive tool that was etched so lovingly inside him, scraping his inner walls with each breath.

“Oh yeah,” Diana smiled. “Baby,” she pinched his nipple. “You’re so tight.”

Kevin lifted himself on stringy muscles. Going all the way up until just the head was inside of him. He lowered himself carefully, extracting a moan from Diana. His silk walls massaged the large head, and his tunnel fought with her cock. He waited for a few seconds while she was balls deep.

“Good boy,” she said. “So good. How do I feel inside you now?”



Kevin blushed.

“You want to say ‘good’, don’t you? It’s okay. It’s good, isn’t it?”

He shook his head, and Diana laughed.

Kevin started riding her, but Diana placed her hand on his chest. “Slowly. Up and down. Like you’re in a slow-motion movie scene.”

Straddling her, he lowered himself slowly on his muscular haunches and then pushed up. Her bulbous head was digging into his tunnel, plowing him. The pressure intensified as her cock burrowed into the deepest parts of his rectum. He felt full and on the verge of bursting. The pressure went all the way from deep inside his rectum and into the tip of his cock. It was twitching like mad now, completely drenched in precum that was being milked out by her thick shaft squeezing his prostate.

She watched, eyes half closed, as her girl-cock disappeared slowly into his tiny butt. Gandalf the Grey couldn’t conjure a better spell. Diana then caressed her hands down Kevin’s body until she reached his anus. Then she gently lifted the skin and burrowed with her index finger until the fingertip entered. Kevin moved uncomfortably, the sensation of the second invader was too much.

“Did I tell you to stop, Baby-Butt?”

He shuddered, and lowered himself. Diana got an intense rush from the sensation of the stretched anal ring and her cock, both scraping her fingertip. Kevin stopped when he reached the bottom. He was trying to cope with the new sensual input. Diana pinched his ass cheek with her free hand. Kevin squealed like a girl and rose. He blew air out from between his lips and rested his palms on her toned tummy.

“Hands behind your back.”

Another person might have had difficulties, but Kevin’s balance was superior even to most cats. As he rose, she removed her finger and cupped his butt-cheeks, pushing until the head popped out of his tight hole. He yearned to fill the newfound emptiness with her pulsing cock. His hand sought the fleshy rod, but Diana slapped his wrist.

“So eager?”


“Liar, liar, butt’s on fire.” She scratched his butthole with her fingertip, then suddenly thrust two fingers inside him.

“Ow!” he cried.

She pushed and twisted, using her arm like a lever, and Kevin could do nothing but fall on his back, with a stupid look decorating his face.

Diana rose on her knees, her fingers still etched deep inside him. She started buggering him, devouring him, feeding her long pianist fingers into his clutching tunnel.

“Oh, where oh where can my baby be?” she sang.

“S… stop,” he moaned

“Oh, where oh where can my baby be? Here he is,” she said when Kevin jerked. She applied more speed, her fingers making squelching sounds as they moved inside him. Her fingers searched and clawed at the delicate prostate, nipping and scraping. His ass was on fire and his cock harder than titanium.

“Don’t like it, eh?”

“I… I…”

Her hand was pistoning in and out now. His body was covered with sweat, and each time she fed her fingers inside him, his back arched on the bed. He was moaning like a porn star. Helpless against the onslaught, he writhed across the bed and his toes curled.

The pace was building to a crescendo. Diana’s samsun escort fingers squished Kevin’s insides and scraped his wet tunnel. She suddenly pulled out, parted his thighs and hooked his legs under each arm. Raising them, she flexed and speared him with a single thrust, going all the way until her large balls bounced on his ass.

Kevin exploded. He moaned, and his cock shot strings of milky cum into the air.

“Ah… Ah…” he heaved, each time his balls clenched and squirted more baby juice. “Ah, ah.”

Diana pounded him. With each of her thrusts he ejaculated some more cum into the air.

“Don’t like it, eh?” Diana scooped some of his milk from his stomach and placed it under his nose. “Your honour, I would like to represent exhibit A. Don’t like it?” She pulled and thrust hard.

Kevin whimpered.

Diana pushed the semen dripping finger into his mouth. When he realized what she was doing he tried to push her away, but she cruelly thrust inside him, and his hands grabbed the sheets. She pushed her finger with his milk and his ass juice deep into his mouth, and Kevin wheezed and coughed.

“That’s for being a dirty little liar,” she said. “Don’t like it, eh?” She started mating him using a slow, steady rhythm. The peak of each thrust ended with a snap. Plundering his deepest parts and jerking his lithe body. His hole tightened around her cock with every thrust. His scent made her blood boil with lust.

“Did your Russian girlfriend ever make you moan like that?”

“N… no.”

“Who is your lover now?” Thrust.

“Y… you.”

“Whose cock can’t you live without?” Thrust.

“Y… yours.”

“Goddamn right. And don’t you ever lie to me again. Say ‘fuck me’.”

“F… fuck me.”

“Goddamn right I will fuck you, you little slut. I’m gonna cum in you so hard, you’ll be dripping Diana juice the whole night.”

The walls echoed with her grunts and his quiet moans. Every last inch of her cock devoured his rectum with every thrust. She placed her palms on his ass cheeks and savored the clenching and unclenching as her massive cock moved into his rectum. His tight tunnel massaged her cock, causing it to pulse and throb.

She settled into a rhythm, gliding her shaft up into him time and time again, maximizing the pleasure on her swollen tip. She pulled all the way out, making an obscene plop before she skewered him once more, going deep until her balls slapped his ass. The bed creaked under them as she bounced him on her cock. Their bodies became slick with sweat as his ass was conquered.

Kevin moaned again under her body. He writhed, and suddenly his hands went to her buttocks and he pulled her in, deeper.

“Baby, I’m gonna fuck you so hard, I’m gonna make you pregnant.”

She fell forward, needing to feel his warm skin on hers, itching for their sweat to mingle. She felt his hot breath on her neck as he moaned. Their bodies were pressed together, damp with sweat as she bred him. He was her bitch, panting and moaning entirely at her mercy. She claimed every inch of his body and wasn’t satiated. Kevin was better than vodka, superior to ecstasy.

The thrusts became more intensive. Her flared crown stretched his tunnel as she picked up the pace. She forced him to spread his legs wider. Kevin groaned from the intensity of it. Before he knew it, he ejaculated again. Not as impressive as the first time but it made him clench hard on her cock, and that took her over the top. “I love you, baby,” she whispered in his ear as she shot her seed deep inside his ass. She jerked a couple of times and then sighed happily.

Both were breathing heavily. Kevin was exhausted, and Diana was content to simply lay there on top of him. They lay like that, panting, her legs still between his legs and her soft cock inside his ass.

Diana kissed his lips tenderly and licked the tears from his eyes. “You’re so beautiful, Kevin, I could just stare at you for days. I don’t need anything else. You know, baby, nothing like this ever happened to me.”

Kevin closed his eyes, exhausted after a long day.

“I love you, baby,” she whispered again and nibbled his neck.


“That’s your cue, baby.” She whispered and caressed his wet skin. “To say that you love me too.”

“I’m tired, Diana. Please, p…pull out,” he said because he felt her hardening inside him again.

“No,” she started thrusting again. Her cock made squelching sounds as it stirred the mess that she left in his ass a few minutes ago.

Kevin was too tired to argue. He kept his eyes closed and snuggled into her as she slowly mated with him.


Happiness is rare. It’s a delicate golden string that shimmers at the corner of your eye. One wrong move, one wrong touch and it can slip through your fingers. Sometimes it’s so rare that when it pops to say ‘hi’, it jumps on you and leaves you wondering what the hell just happened, usually with a silly grin on your face.

Helen wore a silly grin. She read the message that she received from Dennis for the third time.

‘Dear Helen.

Let me start by saying that I was very excited to get your lovely message and even more impressed by your profile. I totally agree with what you wrote about the brutality of this place. You say that cynicism and the quest to sound edgier, replaced romance and honesty.

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