Fantasy Fulfilled with my parents Neighbour

Fantasy Fulfilled with my parents NeighbourThis is a true story that fulfilled a teenage fantasy several years on. As a teenager I lived at home in a regular 3 bed house on quite a nice estate. My bedroom was at the front of the house and looked out on to the road and across to similar houses opposite. One morning I’d not gone to school and had showered and was drying myself off in my bedroom when I realised that a friend of my parents was watching me from her bedroom window opposite. She seemed to be tidying her bedroom but kept glancing across at me. This as you can imagine turned me on no end. Norma at the time was in her late 40’s, attractive with very large breasts that I’d admired over the years. She was divorced and her c***dren had left home so she was alone. When I left the house an hour later she was getting in to her car and just waved and gave me a big smile. I nearly wet my pants with excitement. Several days later as I was at home again and when I drew back my curtains there she was standing in her bedroom drying herself off as I had done before. Even though the distance was some 20 metres I could see her huge tits and caught the occasional glimpse of her hairy pussy. I stood at the back of my bedroom and marvelled this magnificent show not knowing whether she knew I was watching or not. I wanked furiously until I was pleasured. This went on for nearly 4 years where I would dry myself and I would catch her watching me and she would do the same. I saw her in the street and even when she came across to speak with my parents kaş escort she would always give me a nice big smile but never said a thing. I was tempted on several occasions to go and knock on her door but I never had the courage.At 20 I left home to work in London and a couple of years later I had an interview close to my parent’s house. I need to travel up on the morning of the interview and as my parents were away and I need to collect some documents from their house they would leave a key with Norma. I arrived at 9 in the morning and my hart was beating wildly as I approached Norma’s door to collect the key. I knocked and when she opened the door she had on a dressing gown and looked fantastic. She asked me in and made us coffee while we chatted. Each time she bent over or turned around I would catch a glimpse of her ample breasts. “Do you miss anything since you moved away” she asked, I blushed and said not much but some things yes. As I’d been up early she said she would have a shower and then make me breakfast while I sorted out my papers at my parent’s house. I left with the biggest hard on I think I’ve ever had and sure enough when I got up in to my old bedroom there she was fresh out of the shower drying herself off. I couldn’t wait to get back across for breakfast to smell her lovely clean body. I knocked on the door again and she was now back downstairs dressed in a tight white T-shirt and quite a short skirt. Even though she had got quite an ample body she looked magnificent. As I walked back in she pushed past me and her escort kaş breasts rubbed across my arm. After all these years I’d never been so close or touched them. I handed her the key back and ensured I touched them again. She smiled and walked in to the kitchen where I could hear and smell bacon cooking. I sat down at the kitchen table and watched her every move. I could now see that her nipples were hard and protruding through her t-shirt. She sat opposite me and uncrossed her legs and gave me a peek of her thigh, I could have sworn she wasn’t wearing any knickers. She finished the breakfast and bent over the table to give me my food and the most glorious view down her top. As we ate and chatted I realised that this would probably be the last time to fulfil a fantasy that I’d had for years, was I mistaken, did she know I was watching her dry and dress for all these years and was she watching me do the same or had my teenage lust got the better of me? “There is one thing that I miss more than most” I said, “Oh, what’s that” she said. “Watching you get dressed in the mornings” I said, she looked at me, smiled, stood up and took my hand and led me upstairs without saying a word. I was shaking with nerves and excitement. As I entered the bedroom I could see the view she had had of my bedroom all these years. “ I’ve missed watching you as well, I have lay her many a morning and evening masturbating thinking about you” With this she then began to remove her top, I moved closer to her and started to kiss her. I removed her bra and started kaş escort bayan to fondle her quite magnificent breasts, something I had fantasised about doing for 5 years. She started to undress me, took down my trouser and started to suck my cock. I was ready to explode; I pushed her back on to the bed and removed her skirt, no knickers as I though. Juices were running down her legs, the smell was wonderful. I began to lick her already sopping cunt and she began to moan and push my head hard against her. She then began to squirt all over my face, I was in ecstasy, and the smell and taste were mind blowing. She then began to pull me up, her tits were no in front of me and I began to suck each one in turn. She pulled me up further and began to rub her pussy against my knob. She was squealing the excitement and then positioned herself so I entered her. She was much tighter that I could have imagined. I thrust hard and pushed up to the hilt, she began to shake and moaned, “Fuck me fuck me please” I rolled to the side and pulled her on top of me, she was sitting up on my cock frigging her own clit with those magnificent breasts bouncing up and down. She began to shake and scream again and I couldn’t hold any longer. I shot my load in to her as she collapsed on to me. I held her tight for several minutes until she’d stopped shaking. We then both talked about how we’d both watched each other over the years and it seems she’d got a bigger thrill out of it than me and was as disappointed as I was then we’d never approached each other.I did return on 3 occasions after this event when my parents were away and the sex was always mind blowing. It’s now 20 years since my last visit and I no longer live in the UK but would love to return for one last tryst.

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