Fender Bender Ch. 08


Author’s Note: The following is purely fiction and the property of the author. While I try to make each chapter capable of standing on its on merit, it is best to read the previous chapters to fully understand the story line. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.


My name is Robert, but when I am dressed I call myself Vicki. I am 5’9″ 160 pounds, blonde hair and blue eyes. I turned 18 a few months ago.

The last two weeks of summer vacation was a wild time for me, I knew that things would settle down once school started. Gary, my best friend for years, and I would get together every day, I would suck his cock every chance I got and he would fuck me every so often but he preferred blow jobs.

I would also visit our neighbors Mark and Susan every couple of days. They loved to treat me like the slut I was becoming. On top of that my step dad Curt would hit on me when ever we were alone. I usually turned him down but I would occasionally give him a nice slow hand job. Once I ever gave him a blow job and when he came I rose up and kissed him forcing his own cum into his mouth. He loved it.

The first day of school was hard for me, after my summer of sex I started looking at my male classmates differently. If he was good looking I could not help but think about what his cock might be like. How long was it, how thick it was, even how his cum would taste. I even caught myself staring at the crotch of some of my teachers.

The first day of school was different for Gary also. He met a new girl that had just transferred to our school from out of state. He fell head over heels for her at first sight. I have to admit that she was very pretty. A sexy redhead with nice breasts, long legs and a cute butt.

I guess being with me over the summer had given Gary more confidence because he was not shy about asking her out and she accepted. When Gary told me it surprised me that yes I was a bit jealous.

After the first few dates between them, Gary started avoiding me. I cornered him one day and asked him what was going on. He told me that while he had fun with me he had a real girlfriend now and he did not want anything to do with Vicki.

I stomped off in a fit of rage vowing to fuck the first guy I could find. That afternoon I came home from school and took off my male clothes,boring jeans and rock T-shirt, and decide to take a long hot soothing bubble bath.

As I was relaxing in the tub my cell phone started ringing. It was Mike. I had fooled around with Mike and we had even went on a few legitimate dates, not just get togethers for sex, before I got so involved with Gary. Mike said it had been a while and he wanted to catch up with me.

Mike is older than me, he is 21, and really cute. Mike is around 250 pounds, 6’2″ and he had wrestled and play football in High School. He had red hair and freckles.

We talked for a while and he asked how things was between me and Gary. I told him what had happened and Mike said that while he was sorry I got hurt that he knew I deserved better than Gary. I kind of laughed and said I wonder who he thought that could be.

He asked me what I was doing that afternoon and I told him that right now I was taking a bath and I might lay out afterwards and work on my tan. He asked if he could come over, I thought about it and really wanted to see him but knew my Mom and step dad would be home soon.

Mike said he understood and then asked if I wanted to go to a party with him on Friday. I asked if he meant as Vicki and he said of course.

I asked him who all would be there and he said it would be a small party with his friends. I thought about it and said sure I would love to. I planned on fucking his brains out and forget about Gary. Mike said he would pick me up at 7 and we said our good byes.

After school Friday I rushed home, I knew I had three hours before Mike would pick me up but I wanted to take my time and enjoy getting dressed.

After a quick shower, I shaved all the hair off of my body except the hair on my head. My blonde hair had grown out and I did not have to wear a wig to look feminine. I have straight hair and it had grown long enough to use a sparkly hair clip to pin back my bangs.

After I painted my toenails and fingernails it was time to start getting ready. My freshly shaven legs tingled as I worked a pair of pink lace panties with white lace trim up and over my butt.

Next came the white lace bra with the padded cups that gave the illusion that I had a pair of 34 C breasts. I stepped into a very cute short denim skirt and when I had it in place, it was a little tight so I had to hold my breath to zip it up. It was starting to get cool at night so I decided on a tight white sweater that showed off my breasts.

I also wore a denim jacket that went well with the skirt. After I slipped on a pair of open toe sandals I chose my jewelry, a feminine watch and a pair of small diamond clip on earrings that my mom had given me after mardin escort she found out I was a cross dresser. She told me then that a woman could never had to much jewelry.

I redid my red lipstick and dabbed on some perfume. Checking myself out in the mirror my small cock started to get hard. I thought I looked hot and I hoped that Mike would feel the same way.

I put some tissues, lipstick and makeup into a purse and headed downstairs to wait for Mike. I was getting myself a glass of water when I heard his pickup truck pull into the driveway.

As I got into the cab of his truck he kissed me deeply, I felt his tongue explore my mouth as our kiss got even more passionate. We finally broke our kiss and headed to the party.

Well it turned out not to be much of a party. It was just Mike and Me, four other guys and one girl. It wasn’t even at some ones house, it was out in the woods on property that was own by one of the guys parents. They had a bonfire going, music was blaring and everyone was drinking beer from a keg.

Mike could see my disappointment and told me that if I did not have fun we would not have to stay long. He took me around and started introducing me to everyone.

There was Clay, Ron, Bobby, and Devon (The only black guy in the group) and the girl was Julie. She was just a year older than me and I remember the rumors at school about what a party girl she was.

After the introductions I got a beer. I sat on a bench and started sipping my drink while Mike and the other guys started talking about football. Julie sat down beside of me and introduced herself, I said hi and told her my name was Vicki.

She was smiling at me as she said, “Mike told me that he might bring someone, I am glad he did, I was getting tired of being the only girl at these parties.”

I asked her,”Oh? Do they do this a lot?”

“We did it off and on through the summer but here lately it has been every weekend.”

“Is anyone else coming?”

“No this is everyone, I am happy that you are here tonight, being the only girl with five guys was wearing me out.”

Before I could ask her what she meant by that Mike came back and sat beside me, Julie went to get another beer. I asked Mike if we could leave but he said that it would be rude to leave this soon and for me to just relax and finish my beer.

I decided to try another approach so I scooted close to Mike and kissed him, as we kissed my hand went to his lap, squeezing his crotch I could feel his cock starting to get hard. I broke the kiss and whispered in his ear, “don’t you want to go someplace private, I will make you feel really good.”

Mike stood up and took my hand. For a moment I thought I had convinced him to leave but instead of going to his truck he led me into the woods.

When I started to protest Mike pulled me close and started kissing me again. I resisted at first but eventually started kissing him back. I felt his hands squeezing my butt though my denim skirt and grinding his hard 7 inch cock against me. Suddenly Mike put his hands on my shoulders pushing me to my knees.

I looked up at him and he had a look of pure lust on his face as he told me he needed to feel my hot mouth on his cock. I looked around and we were far enough away that we had privacy so I figured why not. I unzip his jeans and freed his cock from his boxers.

Mike gave a loud moan as I kissed the head of his cock. I took the head into my mouth and sucked it as I worked my right hand up and down the shaft. I slowly started working my mouth up and down the length of his throbbing cock. I went slow at first but then Mike took over. He put his hand behind my head and start forcing his cock in and out of my mouth.

I fought the urge to gag when the head of his cock would hit the back of my mouth. It was just a matter of second until Mike shot a nice load of cum into my mouth. I was proud of myself as I was able to swallow it all.

When his cock finally started to go soft, Mike zipped up then helped me to my feet. I brushed the dirt and grass off of my knees and followed Mike back to the bonfire.

I got embarrassed as all the guys started patting Mike on the back and giving him high fives. Julie said that it looked like I needed a drink and handed me another cup of beer.

It looked like we were not going to leave anytime soon so I decided to relax and try to enjoy myself. The other guys seemed nice enough and soon Julie and Bobby and Julie disappeared into the dark.

I got up to refill my cup and that is when Clay pulled me onto his lap. I thought Mike might say something but he just smiled at me and went back to the conversation he was having with Devon.

Clay whispered that he thought I was very pretty as he rested his left hand on my bare thigh. I was uncomfortable and tried to adjust how I was sitting, I could feel what had to be his cock get hard as wiggled on his lap.

He started kissing my neck as van escort his right hand came up to cup my breast. As I tried to push his hand away he asked why I was resisting, after all we were all friends here.

Clay’s Started working his hand up my thigh and when I tried to stop him he continued to whisper in my ear, “Mike told us your secret, I know you are a guy but God you look hot.”

Again I tried to stop him but Clay was stronger than I was and when he started to gently rub the front of my panties I opened my mouth to protest and he took that opportunity to kiss me.

Clay continues to kiss me and I felt his tongue push between my lips and explore my mouth. His hand continued to stroke my and squeeze my rock hard 4 inch cock. Man was he getting me hot. I gave in and started kissing him passionately.

When I was on the verge of cumming Clay pushed me off of his lap and stood up. When I gave him a disappointed look he just smiled and started pulling me towards the woods.

I looked back at Mike wondering if he was going to say something. All he did was raise his glass like he was making a toast and gave me a knowing smile.

I took a good look at Clay. He was not overly handsome but he was cute. Standing at 5’11” he was a little overweight but not fat. He had short blonde hair, blue eyes and a nice smile.

Clay was in a hurry, we did not go as far into the woods as I had with Mike, we barely got out of the glow of the bonfire. Clay undid his belt and unzipped his jeans letting them fall to the ground, he gave me a look of pure lust and said, “you know what to do little girl.”

Yea I knew what to do so I fell to my knees and pulled his boxers down exposing his hard cock. It was only 6 inches but it was thicker than Mike’s. I wrapped my hand around the base and worked it up and down the shaft a few times.

I sucked the head a few seconds then started working my mouth up and down the entire length. Clay was already breathing heavy and I knew he would not last long so I reached up and squeezed his balls causing him to moan in pain. After I felt him settle down a bit I again started to deep throat Clays thick cock.

It took about 10 minutes until I felt the cock in my mouth start to throb and I was swallowing my second load of cum of the night.

When we got back to the bonfire I noticed Julie sitting with Mike, her blouse was unbuttoned and her makeup was smeared. It dawned on me that I might not look much better so I went to the truck and got my purse.

I touched up my lipstick and popped a breath mint into my mouth. When I turned around Julie was standing there and I offered her one. She said thanks. We started talking and I did not want to be rude but I had to ask her something.

“Ah Julie, did you say you were usually the only girl here?”

She got defensive for some reason and said, “Yea why? Do you think I am a slut or something for fooling around with all the guys?”

I told I did not think any such thing, as long as she was not being forced that anything she did was her business. She lightened up at that and asked if tonight was the first time I had done something with more than one guy and of course I said no.

Before she could ask me for details Bobby yelled for us to get our sexy asses back to the party, the guys were getting lonely.

The guys were relaxed and telling jokes and Julie and I started talking about clothes and makeup. A fast song with a thumping bass came on and Julie grabbed my hand and said lets dance.

I told her I did not know how to dance. She told me not to be shy just let go and move with the music. I gulped down what was left of the drink I had and got up to join her.

I tried to copy the movements that Julie were doing. I know I was not very good at it but I let go and tried to do my best. When the song ended another one came on, it was slower and I started to sit down, Julie grabbed my hand and pulled me to her.

Before I knew it we were doing a slow bump and grind, putting on a show for the guys to see. Ron told Julie to give me a kiss. When we hesitated the guys started chanting “Kiss, Kiss, Kiss.”

It started as a soft gentle kiss but the more we danced, the more passionate the kiss became. I heard someone start chanting, “take it off, take it off!!!” As Julie slide my denim jacket off my shoulders and lay it on a bench. She reached down to pull the hem of my sweater out from my skirt.

As we continued to dance I raised my arms and let Julie lift my sweater up and off. The night air was cool on my skin as I danced in just my skirt, bra and panties.

I finished undoing Julie’s blouse and slide it down her shoulders. Next I unzipped her short black skirt and she wiggled her sexy butt and let it fall to the ground. She stepped out of it and reached for the zipper on my skirt.

The guys were inching closer to get a better look as we danced in our underwear. We started kissing again. I was lost ankara escort in the moment, enjoying our kiss when I felt hands on my chest. Bobby had come up behind me and as I continued to kiss Julie, he reached around me to cup my breasts and kiss me on the neck.

As he pushed my bra up so he could pinch and play with my nipples I felt Bobby start to grind his crotch into my ass. Devon had come up behind Julie and had undone her bra. He was now squeezing her naked breasts as she turned her head to kiss him.

I turn to face Bobby and he started kissing me, he unhooked my bra and removed it. He didn’t seem to mind that without my padded bra I was pretty much flat chested. He broke the kiss and started kissing his way down my neck and ended up sucking first my right then my left nipple.

As Bobby was devoting his attention to my nipples, I watched as Mike, Ron and Clay started undressing. I was very familiar with Mike’s 7 inch cock and I had seen Clay’s thick 6 inch cock earlier, It was my first glimpse of Ron’s hard cock, It looked to be longer that Mike’s and it bent up at a funny angle.

Ron sat down on a bench and spread his legs, He sat there stroking his cock watching everything that was going on. Devon had Julie on her knees sucking his long black cock, he definitely had the largest cock in the bunch, easily over 8 inches. Mike and Clay was standing close to Julie and as she sucked Devon’s cock she reached out and was stroking their cocks.

Bobby quite sucking and biting my nipples long enough to undress. As I was waiting, Ron motioned for me to join him. I knew what he wanted and kneeled between his spread knees. I figured that Ron did not want any of the preliminaries, he just wanted and needed his cock sucked.

I quickly engulfed the entire length of his cock into my hot mouth. I was bobbing my head up and down taking it all when I heard Bobby complain because Ron had “stole” me away.

Ron laughed and said “oh shit Bobby this slut has another hole you can use.”

Bobby must have liked that idea because he spit into his hand and started lubricating his cock. I felt Bobby slide my panties to the side as he nestled the mushroom head of his cock between my ass cheeks. He grabbed my hips and pushed forward.

Bobby moaned “Oh God she is tight” as the head pushed past my anal ring. I let Ron’s cock slip from my mouth as I fought the pain that shot through my body. I had my head down and was pushing out trying to ease the pain as Bobby forced even more of his cock into me.

Ron had grown impatient and grabbed my head and made me start sucking his cock again. It was awkward at first but soon all three of us got into a rhythm. Bobby started fucking me hard as Ron fucked my mouth with his cock. The pain had let up and I was feeling this warm glow start to spread throughout my body.

I reached down to squeeze my hard cock and found that my panties were wet with pre cum. I was still playing with my little cock when Bobby slammed his cock deep into me and emptied his load of cum which caused me to cum in my panties.

Bobby stayed in me until his cock went soft and the head popped out. I continued to suck Ron when I felt someone take Bobby’s place. I looked over my shoulder to see that it was Clay who had started fucking me. Apparently Clay had got tired of waiting his turn with Julie. I already had a load of cum in me and it was easy for Clay to slide into my ass.

Ron was starting to breath heavy and his cock was throbbing. When I reached under him and eased a finger into his ass it caused him to shoot his load. I tried to swallow it all but there was just to much and some stated running down my chin.

Clay did not last long and soon his load of cum joined Bobby’s deep in my ass. I had a minute or two to gather my thoughts and look around. Most of the guys were resting for the moment, all but Devon who was busy pounding Julie’s pussy with his big cock.

Mike slapped my butt and told me to get everyone a beer. Devon finally finished with Julie and she looked a mess with dried and fresh cum all over her naked body as she laid in the grass. Again, I figured I did not look any better. As I was handing out the beers, Devon swatted my ass and ordered me to clean his semi hard cock.

I really did not want to but I got on my knees and started licking his cock. I could taste his cum mixed with Julies juices. I licked the shaft, then licked his balls giving them a tongue bath, then cleaned the slit on the head of his cock.

He was starting to get hard again and I was going to milk his cock with my mouth when he pushed me away. He told me to go clean Julie up. I stayed on my knees and crawled to where Julie was resting.

I kneeled between her sexy legs and started covering her thighs with sloppy wet kisses. I had no idea how many loads of cum Julie had in her as I started darting my tongue around the edges of her cunt.

Julie stopped me and she scooted around to place her head under my crotch. As I went back to lapping at her messy slit, she ease the waistband of my lace panties down to expose my cock.

I was licking the folds of her pussy as Julie started licking my cock. We continued in the sixty-nine position for several minutes. I knew it would not take long until I came in Julie’s talented mouth.

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