Finding a Lesbian Slave Pt. 01


Karlee had always known that she was dominant. From the moment she was sexually active, she had started having fantasies about dominating other women. She wanted a female slave, someone she could have complete control over, someone who would respond to her every command. But unfortunately it wasn’t easy to find a slave. It wasn’t as if she could just ask her friends.

One night, Karlee decided to put an ad up on the internet. She described what she was looking for exactly, going into some details about her fantasies and about how she wanted complete control over another woman. She posted the ad that night, asking for any woman who was interested to send her a message with a picture.

The next morning, there were three replies. Two of them were from men, obviously hoping that Karlee would be interested in having sex with them despite the fact that she had asked for a woman. The third reply was from a woman named Laney. Laney sent a picture of herself in a skimpy red dress. She said she was 5’1″ tall, and she had long, wavy brown hair and luscious lips. She said she had always wanted to submit to another woman, but she wasn’t really sure how to start.

Karlee messaged her back immediately asking her if she wanted to meet for coffee. An hour later, she got a reply from Laney, who agreed to meet her at a coffeeshop downtown the next day. Karlee could hardly wait.


“So what are you looking for, exactly?” asked Laney the next day after introducing herself to Karlee and sitting down at the table. She had chosen to wore the same skimpy dress that she was wearing in her picture, as well as 3 inch black heels. Karlee could see a decent portion of her large breasts and had a hard time taking her eyes off of Laney’s amazing body. Just like the picture, Laney was petite and fit, but curvy.

“I’m afraid if I tell you the truth that I’ll scare you away,” replied Karlee, glancing down at Laney’s breasts.

“I replied to your post for a reason,” Laney replied without missing a beat. “I’ve never done this before, but I want to submit. I want to be your slave.”

“I want to have complete control over someone,” Karlee replied. “I want to tell you what to wear every day, and spank you if you don’t wear exactly what I tell you to. I want to take you out in public in the skimpiest clothes and show your body off to the strangers who walk by. I want to tie you up spread eagle on the bed and see how much I can fit into your pussy.” She stopped, she could feel her pussy pulsing as she said the words out loud and she hoped it wasn’t too much for Laney.

Laney didn’t say anything for a moment, and then she nodded. “I want to try it,” she said. “Make me your slave.”

Karlee’s eyes widened, she had been expecting Laney to simply get up from the table and leave, but here was this woman who was willing to submit to her every desire. They talked for nearly three hours, and Karlee discussed a few of her fantasies. Laney seemed very interested in the whole thing, even though she was a bit poker oyna shy. They decided they would start tomorrow, and they exchanged numbers, and established a safe word, just in case Laney decided that the whole thing was a little bit too much to handle. When they left, Karlee gave Laney a small smack on her ass.


The next morning, Laney woke up to a text message: “Today, you will wear the highest heels you have, a short skirt, and a tank top. You will not put on a bra or panties. You will meet me at Jameson Park at 3:00pm.”

Laney’s pulse quickened. She grabbed a pair of 5″ high heels out of her closet, the highest ones she had, a short skirt and a red tank top out of her closet. She began to put them on, looking at herself in the mirror. She could feel her pussy getting wetter as she followed the instructions on the screen, and after a few minutes, she could feel a bit of wetness dripping down her right leg. I can’t leave the house like this, she thought to herself, and slipped on a black thong. Hopefully Karlee wouldn’t mind that she had put underwear on, surely she would understand given that otherwise Laney’s legs would become wet from how turned on she was. At 2:45 she headed towards the park.

Karlee was there waiting for her, and began to inspect her outfit. She seemed to approve, expect she didn’t think that Laney’s short skirt was pulled up high enough. She grabbed the top of the skirt and pulled it up a bit, until the bottom of Laney’s ass cheeks were hanging out ever so slightly. However, as she adjusted Laney’s skirt, she noticed that Laney was wearing a thong.

“Didn’t I specifically tell you not to wear a thong?” asked Karlee, raising an eyebrow.

“Yes…” stammered Laney, “But you see, I was so turned on by your text messages that my pussy started to get really wet and drip onto my legs… I thought that it would be okay…”

Karlee shook her head. “Well you thought wrong. I was going to take you back to my place,” she said, “But I think instead we’ll go walk around a nearby mall after I make a few adjustments on your outfit.” She reached around and gave Laney’s ass a hard SMACK before pulling up her skirt even further, until half of Laney’s ass cheeks were exposed. Then, she pinched both of Laney’s nipples until they were hard and pulled down her tank top until just before the tops of her nipples were showing.

Laney hung her head as they walked towards the mall. She was just beginning to realize that Karlee meant business, and really did want to control her every move. People stared as she walked by, as they could clearly see her ass cheeks with every step and her hard nipples poking through her tank top. Whenever they began to get a bit soft, Karlee would simply reach out and pinch them again, not bothering to look around to check if other people were watching. Laney was embarrassed, she knew that people were staring at her body as she walked through the mall. Karlee made sure that her skirt stayed riding up, and at one point reached down Laney’s skirt to canlı poker oyna pull up the black thong she was wearing, wedging the thong up her ass cheeks even further. A few men snickered and made comments to each other as she walked by.

When they got back to Karlee’s place, Laney was apologetic, unsure of what would be coming next. “I’m sorry Karlee-“

“You will refer to me as mistress only,” interrupted Karlee.

“I’m sorry mistress,” Laney corrected herself, “I didn’t think it would be a big deal.”

Karlee sat down on the couch. “Come here,” she said, patting her thighs and motioning for Laney to lay across her lap. Laney hesitated, and Karlee grew impatient. “Come here NOW,” she repeated.

Laney laid down across Karlee’s lap, and Karlee pulled up her skirt so Laney’s full ass was exposed to her. It was an amazing ass, perfectly round and perky, and Karlee pulled off the black thong that Laney had made the mistake of putting on that morning. She could immediately feel the heat between Laney’s legs, and she began to run her hand over Laney’s ass, squeezing both cheeks in her hand and getting a feel more the ass that she now owned.

Laney could feel herself getting wetter and wetter. She had never been spanked before, but she knew that when she agreed to be Karlee’s slave that there would be consequences if she disobeyed the rules. She just wasn’t sure how strict these rules would be, or whether or not Karlee expected her to follow each and every one of them.

Karlee gave Laney’s ass a light smack, and Laney let out a yelp. Her pussy was now incredibly wet, and it began to drip onto Karlee’s thighs. Karlee noticed this immediately, “Oh my god,” she said, “You truly are just a horny little slut.” SMACK. She slapped Laney’s ass harder this time. SMACK. SMACK. SMACK. “This is what happens when you disobey the rules,” she said. SMACK. Laney was moaning, and Karlee used one hand to squeeze her right ass cheek, while using the other hand to stick a finger into Laney’s dripping wet pussy. Laney moaned loudly as the finger entered her, first one, and then two. Karlee fingered her pussy with one hand and smacked Laney’s full ass with the other, until both cheeks had become a light shade of red. After fingering her for a few minutes, she told Laney to stand up.

Laney stood up almost immediately, obviously disappointed that the fingering had stopped. Karlee grabbed Laney’s hand and led her to her bedroom. “Your punishment isn’t quite over yet,” she said. “I want you to lay down on your back and spread your arms and legs for me.” Laney did as she was told, lying down on the bed. Karlee pulled up her tank top, pinching her nipples until they were hard again, and grabbing some rope from beside the bed to secure Laney’s arms and legs to the bed. Laney was helpless, at her mercy, and Karlee was loving every second of it.

“Do you remember what I said I wanted to do to you at the coffee shop?” Karlee asked as she secured the ropes.

Laney nodded. “Yeah, I remember.”

“Can internet casino you tell me what that was?”

“You said you wanted to tie me to the bed spread eagle and see how much you could fit up my pussy.” Laney said.

“Good girl,” Karlee replied. She used one finger to gently stroke Laney’s clit in small circles, just fast enough to build up some excitement without leading anywhere. Laney moaned loudly, desperate for release. “What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever put up here?” she asked, using her fingers to enter Laney’s wet pussy again, first one, then two, and finally three.

Laney moaned. “Mhmmmmmmmmm,” she gasped as the fingers entered and exited her. “I’ve used…mhmmmmm… a small dildo before.”

Karlee laughed. “Well I’m not exactly sure where I put my sex toys, but I’m sure we can find something in this room to put up your pussy. Can you see anything?”

Laney looked around, unsure of what Karlee was wanting her to say. Surely she was just kidding, and she knew exactly where all of her sex toys were. “Um, I don’t know.”

Karlee wedged a fourth finger into Laney and increased the speed of her fingering. “I think you can do better than that, Laney,” she said, pumping her fingers in and out of Laney as she continued to moan. “Your pussy needs to be filled with something besides my fingers.”

Laney moaned harder, continuing to look around the room, “You could use that hairbrush on your nightstand,” she said finally.

Karlee pulled her fingers out of Laney and grabbed the hairbrush off the nightstand. “Good girl,” she said. “Now you’re thinking more creatively. Normally I would use lube if I was putting this into my own pussy, but since yours is already so wet…” she trailed off, putting the handle of the hairbrush into Laney, and it slid in easily.

“Oh my god,” said Laney. “That feels so good.”

“Uh huh,” replied Karlee, pushing the hairbrush in and out of Laney faster and faster, and using the other hand to make slightly faster circles around Laney’s swollen clit. Then she left the handle of the hairbrush in Laney’s pussy and left the room for a minute. She came back with an 8″ pink dildo. “You’re right,” she said, “I do know where my sex toys are. And now we’re going to fit this into your tight little pussy.”

“I’m not sure if it will fit,” replied Laney. “I’ve never had anything that big in my pussy before.”

Karlee took out the hairbrush and began to slide the dildo into Laney’s eager pussy. The first few inches went in fairly easy, but she had to work to get the last few inches in. Laney gasped as the dildo went deeper and deeper inside of her, and again Karlee used one hand to fuck Laney’s pussy with the dildo, and the other hand to play with Laney’s clit. “You’re not allowed to cum yet,” she said.

“Mhmmmmmm,” Laney moaned, “But mistress, I really need to cum soon.”

“Not yet, my little slave girl.” She pushed the dildo in and out of Laney’s pussy, faster and faster, until Laney could no longer handle it. She came uncontrollably all over the dildo and Laney’s hand, her whole body shaking with orgasm.

“I told you not to cum until you were given permission,” said Karlee. “Now you’re going to have to be punished some more.”

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