First Night Alone


Daniel sat at the side of his bed in the Pale Beggar inn reading from his book of elven love songs. Alone in the decent room with a desk at the side and a window currently closed to the outside cold, he wanted to finish a few more pages before bed. On the last page he heard a knock at his door. A little confused at first knowing it was getting late Daniel finally thought that it was probably Dave being drunk and trying to find his room.

Closing the book and putting it on the desk he began to walk over to the door, feeling still a bit sore from the revival experience while shouting, “Dave, your room is two doors down! I can-” Before Daniel could finish his sentence the door opened just enough for a young elven woman to skirt into his room and quickly close the door behind her. He could do nothing but stare in awe as he saw Innovindil turn to him, her back to the door, wearing only a thin dark green nightgown.

With only a startled choking response Innovindil couldn’t help but smile at the effect she had on him. Before he could make more of a fool of himself she closed the space between them and planted a kiss on his lips. There was a long moment of silence before she broke the kiss and looked in his eyes, “If you don’t want to, I understand. I just want you to know that I am more than happy to share this with you.” Not fully understanding what she meant at first it

took a few moments before Daniel found the words.

“I uh… I don’t know how good I’ll do. It’s my first time.” Innovindil’s smile grew as she heard the words and seemed to find a new confidence. She leaned forward, wrapping her arms around him, and whispered into his ear.

“Mine as well.” Daniel was confused for a moment before smiling and leaning into the embrace. After a moment they pulled themselves from the hug before returning to a passionate kiss that exploded into an exploration of each other’s bodies. Innovindil couldn’t help but take a handful of Daniel’s ass and give it a nice squeeze as she lovingly explored his mouth with her tongue. Not wanting to waste a moment Daniel reached under the nightgown and began to caress Innovindil’s hips while pulling her closer to him.

After a few moments of deep kisses and groping, Innovindil gently pulled Daniel to the bed and with a light shove güvenilir bahis put him on his back looking up as she began to straddle him almost in desperation. His hands found her hips again but as she leaned down to continue the exploration of tongues his hand found their way up her sides, under the nightgown, to her perk breasts. He felt an immediate response as what was a gentle warm contact to his hardening crotch became an assault of gyration against him that slowly caused his underwear to become damp.

Innovindil was enjoying the feeling of Daniel’s stiffness against her but being able to feel its size she began to become nervous about the new experience and considered how to express that hesitation. An answer came to her as she leaned back up continuing to grind on his hardness and remembered how a past experience would always make everything better. The only thing to consider was if Daniel would go for it. Deciding to trust him, Innovindil lifted herself off of Daniel and though he looked somewhat distraught at first after she moved her damp crotch half a foot over his mouth before answering his confusion.

“I want you inside me but first I need some… more stimulation, if you can?” Still looking somewhat confused at Innovindil Daniel also couldn’t keep his eyes off of her drooling sex wondering what she wanted him to do. “Could you lick me for a bit? If you don’t want to I can-” Before she could finish her sentence there was a sudden look of realization on his face. In an instant he raised his head and gave Innovindil a testing lick along her slit that sent a wave lightning up her spine.

She couldn’t help but cry out in sudden pleasure that she quickly quieted with her hand over her mouth. She looked down to Daniel’s smile that had a hint of smugness to it. Not wanting to give Daniel the upper hand, Innovindil glared down at him before lowering herself over his mouth feeling the contact of his slick tongue against her most sensitive parts.

Daniel the entire time was enjoying himself almost as much as she was. At first he was confused on what she wanted him to do but after remembering his lessons from the Wise Women he realized that she wanted him to lick her sex. Immediately taking the initiative, wanting to give her as much pleasure as he could, he gave her türkçe bahis wetness a long lick also wondering what she would taste like. He enjoyed her earthy somewhat sweet taste and the noise she made when his tongue contacted her.

Before he could continue on his own terms he watched Innovindil lower herself and found his entire perspective of the world consumed by the sight, taste, and scent of her. Not wanting to disappoint he began to lick, kiss, and suck on her lower lips causing her to buck, squirm, and cry out into her hand covered mouth. Every little while she would raise herself to allow him to breath again. He watched as over the course of several minutes her panting became heavier and he saw her start fondling her own breasts.

Innovindil eventually raised herself out of the reach of Daniels attentive tongue and she reached back in an orgasmic haze pulling his throbbing cock out of his underwear. She gave it a gentle stroke from base to tip before putting the head against her lower lips pointing straight into her. She looked back at Daniel who was beginning to grow nervous at the new situation, which she found a quick solution to. Without a second thought she leaned forward kissing him deep on the lips, not paying any attention to the taste, and lowered his shaft into her until there was only half of it left.

The only reason Innovinidil didn’t scream out in pleasure and surprise was the seal of Daniels lips over hers who let out his own deep throated moan. They spent a few moments getting used to the new position and the feeling of intrusion before she raised herself a few inches away from him before smiling, “This is new, and I must say,” her hips slid up and down around his shaft, “it feels really good. How is this for you?”

It took a moment for Daniel to speak as most of his attention was on the tight wetness around his shaft that his instincts told him to thrust up into. Holding back the desire for the moment he looked up into her glowing smile and returned the same, “You feel amazing, I’m not hurting you am I?” Innovindil couldn’t help but giggle at the concern and felt herself wanting him even deeper inside.

“Not at all Danny, in fact,” she rocked her hips up and down on his shaft, driving him deeper inside to reach a growing ache that only güvenilir bahis siteleri the head of his cock could reach. He could feel the tightness consuming more and more of his shaft until before long her hips pressed down against his own and stopped for a moment. That moment ended as she grabbed his hand and drew them up under her gown to her breasts emphasizing on him fondling them. Bringing his fingers to her tits to be twisted and tugged, at the same time she began to impale herself over and over again both of them feeling the intense pleasure of the act.

Feeling the intense pleasure beginning to build into an oncoming orgasm Daniel knew that if he didn’t say anything that Innovindil might get mad at him for cumming inside her. He watched her for a little longer getting lost in the movement of her breasts and the feeling of her hips rocking against him. Before he knew it he could feel the orgasm getting way to close for any delay. “Innovindil, I am getting really close. You should stop before-” Innovindil heard his words but could feel her own orgasm returning and knew that she wanted to share the experience with Daniel.

She stopped his words by slamming her hips down onto him, putting the entirety of his cock inside her, twisting and buckling her hips bringing a dual orgasm to the climax in the most pleasurable way possible. Barely a few moments later Daniel couldn’t control himself any longer and with hands gripped to her rolling hips he let out every ounce of cum into her without any intention of stopping. Innovindil felt her own climax at the same time at the strong spray of warm cum bringing her climax to even greater heights.

What was maybe a few moments felt like hours to the lovers as they panted through the last waves of their shared orgasm until they finally found the words they wanted to say. Daniel spoke first, “I love you, more than anything.” Innovindil grinned and gave him a deep kiss on the mouth.

“I love you too, forever.” She sighed as her head rested on his chest and enjoyed the feeling of him still inside her and hearing his slowing heart beat. She rested for a minute before she felt Daniel’s cock throb inside her causing a spark of pleasure to course through her. She leaned up and looking into his embarrassed face she gave him a curious grin.

He finally broke, “Sorry, it’s hard not thinking about doing it again.” She gave him a false shrewd glare before breaking it with a smile and a slow roll of her hips.

“We do have all night, I don’t see why we should end it now.”

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