First time, One Sniff and turned into a Poppers wh


First time, One Sniff and turned into a Poppers whThe following story was written by antz11389 and is his own personal true story about the first time he used Poppers. Just one session is all it took! Beginner turned advocate!Like the title says it took a single session with SUPER RUSH and a Colt XL BigBoy and I was hooked!Been lurking in the thread for a few weeks now, and in reading about people’s first times, I decided I wanted to try poppers. I have to admit I was able to take the Colt Xl BigBoy with a little struggle (but loved the stretch it provided)before trying poppers. Then in a “heat of the moment” shopping trip to the local sex shop in Denver I asked the rather cute cashier how they had felt about poppers. They were super helpful and directed me to the rush brand of products after a little flirting and cooing I baught the SUPER RUSH 10mil bottle. Now, I live with a roommate soooooo I had to convince myself not to rip the bottle open as soon as I got home and ease the güvenilir bahis burning lust in my groin and ads. Well that didn’t work! I slinked into my room, unable to contain my giddy anticipation, and cracked open the aforementioned bottle. I took 2 light wiffs and waited… and waited…and WOW talk about horny! As I lay prone fingering and massaging my hole and taking intermittent inhalation I began to succumb to my desires. I lubed up, I affixed my KING COCK 10inch to the base of my bed(it is my prefered “warm-up” toy) and I assumed my position on all fours. It slid in in so easily! I’m usually pretty tight pre-warm-up but not this time. So I changed over to my scene stealer toy, which I’ve forgotten the dimensions of, and bam, slid in again! “OK!?” I say to myself, thinking maybe I took too much for my first encounter with a new d**g. So I rigged up my Colt XL BigBoy (the rigging was a complicated series of ropes and knots to hold it in place on the edge of my footboard, türkçe bahis so I could back onto it while on all fours)and began easing back onto it. It was not as easy as the first 2 toys being over a 1/2inch diameter larger than both. SNIFFSNIFF* and voila, in it goes with the most wonderful head rush. I thought I would explode with pleasure, but I resumed slowly at first, then with a new found vigor and exuberance. I rocked my body back and forth on the girth of this awesome toy. Stretching my ass open to just before the point the plug would emerge (bit not the point where i would have to conquer the widest part again) and then slamming back down again. It was… It was AMAZING! Then “It” happened. While attempting to better position myself, I knocked over the little brown bottle and spilled nearly half of the solution maybe 4 inches from my nose. “Uh oh” I thought, but the b**st inside had another idea! I began to breath in heavily, I would use this mistake to my advantage. I huffed güvenilir bahis siteleri and puffed and began to rock back and forth again. Before I knew what was going on I realised that I was allowing this monster of a toy to enter me entirely and then pull free of my ass, over and over and over. Think punch fisting, that’s what I thought. My ass no longer even tried holding the Colt plug! Just a sloppy used hole accepting its terms of ruination. This process lasted about an hour, my knees were shaking, my breath heavy, my ass in ruin. I wondered if I had prolapsed, but with no will left to speak of, I just laid there in disbelief of my accomplishment.This was perhaps the single best masturbatory experience I’ve ever had!With love, AntzP.S. I hope you all enjoyed this story! it is true every word and next time I will record the event. This was my first ever post to Reddit so let me know what you think! Love ya.P.P.S. I am a 27 year old male living near Denver Colorado. I’m interested in women, men, ts, and others. If you would like to chat don’t be shy! I love talking openly or candidly about a wide range of subjects. I am also perpetually horny and always looking for someone to share experiences with!

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