Flight Job


It was the first time they were traveling together but not the first time he had wanted to fuck her. She had been assigned to his business unit as a new analyst. Bright, capable and incredibly attractive, she had been a great addition. She had volunteered for several different projects and handled them all expertly well. The trip had been an effort to get her some facetime with an important client and give her some experience outside of the office.

He could still remember the first time she had walked into his office. She wore a tight fitting skirt and blouse that in the right light was nearly see through. She had introduced herself and leaned over his desk to shake his hand. That was the first time he had glanced a peak at her perky tits. His cock had responded almost instantaneously and he was glad he had been sitting down at the time. Otherwise, the bulge in his pants would have been clearly visible.

Over the next few months he had been working closely with her. She was at times distracting to him but he tried to focus on her work and not her physical attributes.

The only time that this strategy had been futile was when he had overheard her personal conversations with a female colleague. Both women were talking about their weekend adventures, the men they had picked up and slept with and especially how physically endowed some of their partners had been.

More güvenilir bahis than once he did not have another option but to rush back to his office, close the door and take out his cock. Just listening to them had made him so horny that he came within seconds. Such desperate relief was the only way to make it through the work day.

Now they were sitting next to each other on the plane. It was a long transatlantic flight and they tried to get comfortable in their seats. Business rules allowed for casual attire on these days. She had taken this to mean that yoga pants and a tank top were permissible.

At the security check, he had been obsessed with checking out her ass in these tight pants. In addition, the air in the aviation terminal had been cold and her visible nipples had further aroused him.

Dinner service on the plane went quickly, and they were engaged in some small talk. She then paused and presented him with a question.

“You are like trusted adviser to me. Can I ask you a personal question? I would value your opinion.”

“Sure. Go ahead.”

“You are happily married, right?”


“As you may know, I have been seeing my current boyfriend for a while. He is sweet and he loves me. And we have been happy together. But he is a bit older and has introduced the idea of marriage.”

“That is wonderful, no?”

“Well, türkçe bahis in principle, yes,” she paused. “I don’t know how to say it.”

“You can tell me anything,” he said, getting a bit uncomfortable about what she was about to share with him.

“We are just not compatible sexually. I want sex all the time and he just doesn’t. With my ex-boyfriends, I was screwing all the time. They could not keep their hands off me. We did it everywhere. In the shower, on the kitchen table, and even in a dressing room at Macy’s. But currently, I am just not being satisfied.”

He was getting aroused by her telling him some of these details. He had to shift in his seat to accommodate his swelling penis. She clearly noticed what was going on with him and smiled.

“And he is also … not very … big. I just don’t climax when I am with him. And how can I be with someone who can’t fuck me properly?”

He gulped, not knowing what to reply. His cock was now hard and throbbing, making sitting down more and more uncomfortable.

“Sometimes I get really depressed thinking that he is not attracted to me. Don’t you find me attractive?”

“Sure, I do,” he mumbled.

She dropped her left hand into his lap and felt for his hard cock.

“It actually seems like you are very attracted to me. That makes me so happy,” she said and smiled.

Sweat had been güvenilir bahis siteleri appearing on his forehead and his face had turned red.

“I think it would only be fair if I reward you for that.”

She opened his zipper and took out his straining cock.

“You have a beautiful penis. And so hard! Your wife must be very happy.”

He nodded.

She started stroking him, slowly at first, just building up a rhythm. Her hand was fabulous and he could feel his arousal rise quickly. She quickened her pace, now also massaging his balls on every downstroke.

A mosaic of mental images appeared before his inner eye. Her tight body in her business clothes, her tits in her sheer blouse, and her nipples showing like pencil erasers through the fabric of her top.

He moaned: “I think you should stop …”

“No, you need some relief and I will help you. Just lean back,” she insisted.

Her hand increased the pace and tightened the grip on his penis. He closed his eyes.

“Now, come for me!” she ordered. And he did.

When she felt his cock swelling, she leaned forward and sucked his mushroom head into her mouth. It was just in time to receive spurts and spurts of his semen. She kept stroking him until he had completely emptied himself into her mouth.

“Well done,” she said. “You really needed that. Please remember that I am here to always support your needs, business and otherwise. And thank you so much for allowing me to share my problems with you. Just talking about them helps.”

He smiled and dozed off. A promotion was clearly in order when they got back.

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