Fraternization Is Frowned Upon


New faces applied for jobs at my work place daily. I never paid too much attention because as soon as they started they’d be going. Young people looking to make some quick, easy cash, party for a few months and then quickly move on to the next trend or fad. Latisha wasn’t one of those young people. Everyone else that started with her already left, but she’s stuck it out for the last six months and impressed the higher ups and fellow staff.Anyhow, who gives a shit about all of that?About 5’5”, slim build, thick bee-stung lips with a very slender neck. She had a penchant for putting her hair into a ponytail and wearing chokers which had fellow employees gulping and staring whenever the chance arose. Her breasts were about C-cup range, which was impressive for a woman who could be no more than 115 pounds. I could probably span her small waist-line with both hands and her legs were well-toned which indicated to me she was into sports or at least working out in a gym.For all of this observation, I never dared to step out of bounds. My work place had gotten anal about fraternization following a law-suit that took place between a former lower level employee and a Department Supervisor. Let’s just say the bad publicity hurt more than the payout we had to honour.Speak of the devil; here she is walking towards me in this tube of a hallway.“Hi Derrick,” she said whilst smiling at me upon passing.“Hey Latisha,” I said and followed up with a smile whilst looking back at her. She didn’t have the biggest ass, but I knew that little motherfucker must move like jello when she’s getting fu-“Derrick!”A quick look around and I made eye contact with my direct superior Wade. The tall, bald, pot bellied fuck was making a light jog towards me with his left hand outstretched and waving. He stopped in front of me and resumed speaking.“I have a huge favour to ask of you bud.”“Okay, shoot.”“I need you to stay on late tonight. The deadline for the project that was 2 days from now has been brought up to tomorrow morning.”“What? They can’t do that.”“They just did, Derrick.”Yeah, and I bet you didn’t even put up a fight; spineless coward.“Look, I know this is upsetting, but let’s not waste our time complaining. Let’s get onto resolving the issue and taking care of what needs to be taken care of.”“’Kay.”“Come on Derrick, I’m going to need more than that.”“Alright Wade, I’ll stay on.”“Thanks bud, I knew I could count on you.”“Right.”Wade turned beylikdüzü escort around and walked up the hallway and I slowly turned away to head where I was heading too. He quickly turned back around to face me before I could finish my slow turn and said this:“By the way, I asked Latisha to stay on and work with you on this. I figured she could use the experience.”“Oh… alright, that shouldn’t be a problem.”Of course it wasn’t a fucking problem. Well, it was and it wasn’t really. It was because I lusted after this woman and that was in heavy conflict of me staying employed if acted upon. It wasn’t because, well, I had the hots for her, so any alone time was cool, even if I had to control myself.*****A few hours passed and I was alone in the office, until I heard a knocking on the door.“Come in.”No response, no turning of the door knob.“I said co-”The door knob turned and through said door came Latisha. She was holding a large box of files that was broader than her and made her lean back with tensed muscles and strained tendons in the neck.“Latisha, why didn’t you say your hands were full? I would’ve opened the door for you.” I got up, grabbed the box from her and set it down on my work desk.“I had it handled. That box was nothing.”“Riiiiggght,” I said whilst walking back to my office chair to sit.“You don’t believe me do you? How could you have such little faith in me, Derrick?” she said playfully.“Dude, if you can’t even handle that light ass box, how are you going to handle the amount of work we have to do tonight?” I rocked back into my chair and smiled nonchalantly.“You’re such an asshole sometimes Derrrriiiiiccck.”She would say my name like that to annoy me; it never did, but I let her think otherwise so that she could feel a sense of achievement. And yes, I didn’t mention this before, but we do have somewhat of a rapport. We’re not best friends or anything like that nor do we spend time outside of work, but whilst at the office, we do have some back and forth.What? You thought I was just some creepy dude who had wild thoughts of my co-worker and never had actual conversations with the girl? Give me some credit; Jesus. *****Two hours passed since she entered the office and we were nodding off occasionally; our postures slackened in comparison to when we started. The battle was being lost against this nightmare that was thrust upon us.“Did Wade tell you why the deadline escort beylikdüzü got pushed up?” she asked me whilst still looking down and skimming through files laid out on the desk. She was twirling a pen in her mouth during this time and pushing out her right cheek with it. The pen then slowly eased out of her mouth and both jaws sunk in as said pen popped out both lips loudly.“Derrick.”“What?”“Dude, did you hear anything I just said? I asked if-”“Yeah, if Wade told me why the deadline got moved. No real reason; just that the clients wanted it sooner and that was it.”“Well that sucks.”“Yeah.”A brief period of silence followed before Latisha broke it with her speech.“Let’s take a break. Both of us are getting nowhere fast and we’re not going to meet this deadline working all the way through tired.” She clapped shut one of the folders and rested back into her chair whilst maintaining eye contact with me. “Good call kid.”“I’m not a kid, Derrick.”“Latisha, you’re what? Twenty-four?”“Yes.”“Right, you’re a kid.”“Just because you’re old doesn’t make me a kid, Derrriiicck.”“I’m thirty-two Latisha.”“Right, you’re old.”“Sooo original. You know, for someone so young, your comebacks are terribly lame.”“Actually, what’s lame is you calling me a kid whilst wanting to know what my insides feel like.”I sat up straight from my chair so quickly that I almost hit my sternum onto the damn desk.“What did you just say?”“Oh pleeeease, Derrick. You think I didn’t notice that your eyes are always undressing me whenever they have the chance?”My eyes widened and lips parted slightly as I placed my hands onto the desk with clasped fingers. I was about to open my mouth to speak but she continued:“Relax Derrick, I’m not going to report you to HR because there is nothing to report. It’s just a hunch that I had. You’ve never done anything to be disrespectful towards me or make me uncomfortable.”My body relaxed a bit from its stiffened state as I unclasped my fingers, closed my eyes and looked down into my lap.“I jumped at the opportunity to work late with you tonight.” She slowly got up from her chair and walked towards me before stopping inches away.  Her crotch was eye-level and I gulped before looking up and making eye contact.“I figured I could kill two birds with one stone. Gain some much needed work experience and get dick from the guy I’ve wanted to fuck from the time I started working here.”“Wait, what?”“Yes, beylikdüzü escort bayan I have the hots for you too Derrick. God, you’re so blind it’s actually a bit embarrassing.” She giggled and remained smiling after with the right side of her mouth.I got up from my chair and moved from being at her crotch level to her being at my chest-level. Her smile disappeared and was replaced with lip biting. She stood up on her toes to reach my lips as I bent my back slightly to reach hers. Our lips locked and I snatched her into me by that slender waist. Giggles followed and the kissing continued. Bottom lip, top lip; we alternated feverishly and our breathing simultaneously got heavier and heavier. Latisha pulled her lips away slowly and looked at me.“Derrick…” she whispered. “Get your sexy ass on that desk.”“Ooh damn, okay.”She cleared all of the files from the desk and sat down on it. Her short black skirt then made its way from around the hips to around the ankles and off. The panties she had on were pink, lace and see through. No matter, as I took those off right after the skirt went.“Sir, how is it you have all of my bottoms off and my tops are still on?”“You started it with the skirt coming off ma’am.”“So wha-”I interrupted her with a kiss. Too much talking and not enough action. Light kisses mixed with nibbles and sucking adorned her sleek neck.“Mmm, fuck.”She unbuttoned her white work blouse which had frills on the collar and cuffs. The shirt was off and her pink bra soon followed.  I was greeted by two upright, perky breasts staring straight at me. Good manners dictated I greet them with my lips and tongue. Nipples and areolas were sucked and licked simultaneously while softly enwrapped by my lips. She sat on my work desk with an arched back and pressed my head firmly into her bosom.“Derrick, I can’t take much more of this. Just fuck me. Fuck me right now!”I pulled away and locked eyes as her legs spread in anticipation of what was to come. I unbuckled and undid my belt and pants to expose her to the sight of me in gray boxer briefs. Her widened eyes were transfixed on my semi-hard print and she bit her bottom lip. When the boxers came down last, my dick sprang up and down like a trampoline as Latisha’s eyebrows raised and jaw dropped in a smile; kicking her legs and grinding the desk.“Fuck are you waiting for? Put that fat dick in me already.”I walked towards her and rubbed my dick against her clitoris; side to side, up and down, clockwise. I then placed my left hand to the back of her head and massaged her scalp; with my right hand I held my dick and penetrated her. Her eyes widened yet again and the colour in them disappeared. A soft gasp escaped as her head and neck craned back.

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