fun at work with naughty work friend gets interest

fun at work with naughty work friend gets interestso this is about true evemts a good 10 years ago .i worked for a large company in uk.lots of people worked there .it had dress code etc. similar to police .so i was pretty close to a few women and a few of the guys .one women was so fine and very flirty ,she always had on heels and tights hold ups ,i hoped for suspenders..after a few works doos etc we had interesting chats .she mentioned she was after a fwb .which turned me on as she was engaged to an older guy who worked for our we started texting and it got naughty straight away..i asked if she found a fwb . she said no luck and was i offering . we were both on same shift so i took my chance and told her if she want a lift home as i too was in need , i told her the wife has been slacking, she replied maybe she could help me out. then i took a chance and text her i her ,do you like to gag then lol .. when she replied that she does like a man to take control and that i would have to big for her to gag as she has got a big mouth … my cock was hard and i told her that. she replie ,ill met you by your car when samsun escort clocking off time was 6am .i was in my car waiting . when i see her walking towards the car. dam she looked fine , she was jamaican but born in uk, very curvy ,not tall but thats why she wore the she jumped in the car she lent over and kissed me ,her lips soft and big …wow.. i said maybe not here as people are just leaving . so off i drove …there was a park with a large car park so i went there .so as we stopped she was taking her coat off and threw it in back seat.i unzipped and pull my track suit bottoms down. before any thing was said she kissed me and her hands were on my cock,, i was rock hard ,she kissed me with a slow naughtiness that had me twitching in her hand . as her mouth left mine and headed down to my cock .she licked it and said how nice the size was. i wanted her to suck it so i put both hands on the back or her head and pushed her down about half way , she was so good at it, so i started to push her more , she did not stop me as i started to fuck her mouth .her ass was sticking up so i slapped it gently , she came escort samsun up off my cock and said , thats it ,treat me like a slut .so i face fucked her and slapped her ass till i blow my load , she never once held back…she clean me up and then dropped her home.we sexted each other but also text as friends… are shift had changed . it was not so easy to met up although we both had been im out with the lads from work and we all got talking about the women at work in the offices etc… when we got to the subject of lets call her m ,yes the lady that swallowed my cum a week or so ago. so i said shes naughty that one im sure., then a few of them mentioned how they too had flirted and sent the odd flirty text… this got me thinking … id been sexting m alot and i mention her submissive side , she said she just loves being a slut and doing whatever the man liked , she said it makes her cum and she loves the thought of her being a slut behind her man back. she said and i quote…he just has no interest in fucking me like i need…. and i need to do it and feel was an eye opener for me ,id not met a samsun escort bayan women so open and honest , we were chatting like best friends ,no in the mean time i see one of the lads from the other night ,,he mentioned he offered m a lift home… i said ow yer … make sure you stop off on the way ..he said you think she would be up for it… i said just mention your not getting nothing at home and you never know , but one thing i do know ,she gives the best head and loves to gag and be face fucked, talk dirty to her . he was not sure and then i showed him a few text messages… i told him to update me if he got any where.meanwhile i had text m about how much i wanted to cum in her mouth again ,she said ill never say no to you.i said shame shes not on my shift as i could give her a lift. she said yes i know steve is dropping me home . she added a wink .. i said why dont you suck his cock on the way ,i know you would enjoy it.she replied , yes right he is married ,and i replied yes me too ,she replied lol maybe i will then…so next morning i get a text from steve… he took a pic of her sucking his cock… with the message fucking horny or what.i had messaged m.she sort of chit chatted as if nothing happened.i liked that …it was a turn on ,she was just having fun ,no ties ,no drama just dirty sex..but the story is just getting started………….

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