Fun with Stephanie-Gurl at the Park!!!


Fun with Stephanie-Gurl at the Park!!!Fantasy Story: Fun with Stephanie-Gurl at the park.After weeks of chatting online I was able to convince Stephanie to meet me but she had one condition it has to be in public place. Now I am not one to hook up in public but I was dying to meet Stephanie and have a little fun. I knew of a park that was nearby that we could meet at late at night and she agreed to the location. That night I arrived at the parking lot of the park around 11 o’clock and waited in my car. Of course being the sexy gurl she is, she made me wait. We had agreed to meet around 11 but I was waiting for almost 45 minutes. I was pissed off and assumed she had flaked and right when I start my car to leave another car pulled in and park beside me. I looked over and saw that it was her looking very nervous and thought to myself “I’m going to make her pay for that wait”.I got out of my car and walked over to her car door and stood there waiting for her to hop out. She sat in her car looking around very nervously, almost as if she was considering leaving. She looked right at me and I saw her take a deep breath and open the door and got out. She looked amazing; she was wearing a thin, see-thru, short, black lace dress with a red bra and red thong panties, that just popped through her lacey dress. She also had on thigh high black stockings and red high heel shoe. I stood there with my mouth hanging open and looked her up and down.“Do you like?” Stephanie asked in a quiet and reserved voice. I just smiled at her and moved in towards her and turned her around and pushed her up against her car and grabbed her smooth legs just above the back of her knees and ran them up to her nice round butt and gave it a good squeeze and then spanked her right ass cheek.“Does that answer your question?” I leaned in and whispered into her ear. As I could hear her breathing quicken and become heavier.“Umm…do you…umm, want to get into the back of your car?” Stephanie asked timidly.“Naw” I replied, “Let’s find somewhere more exciting to have some fun.”Stephanie just nodded as I took her by the hand and led her off deeper into the dark park. We walked for a bit as I groped and fondle her butt and I would notice Stephanie staring at my crotch and biting her lip. I could tell that she was getting excited but had no idea what she was in for. After a bit, we came across a picnic table that was near some kind of shed that had a flood light that shined perfectly onto the picnic table. We both saw it and I looked Stephanie in the eyes and I could see that nervous look again.“There? Isn’t it a bit too exposed?” She said as she looked me in the eyes.“Don’t worry, have you seen anyone since we got here?” I said with confidence since we hadn’t seen a single soul since we had been there. “Besides you know it will be hot to fuck right there on a picnic table for anyone to see.” I added and offered up my hand. Stephanie smiled and grabbed my hand and nodded and we walked to the table and I could feel a sudden rush with each step we took towards it. I could feel Stephanie’s hand start to tremble and sweat a bit as we walked and I would just grasp firmly to reassure her and to make sure she didn’t take off on me.We reached the picnic and table and I placed my hands on Stephanie’s hips and spun her in front of me and then slowly slid my hands back and grabbed her butt firmly and listen to her moan and squirm in my hands. I slid my hands down her nice round butt and grabbed a hold just below her pretty ass cheeks and lifted her up and sat her down on the edge of the picnic table. I step back and just stared her up and down as she slowly spread her legs exposing her sexy red panties. I could see she was getting turned on as her bulge growing, stretching and straining in her tight little panties. I walked up to her forcing her legs open and stood there and placed my hands on each side of her face and leaned in and plunged my tongue into her mouth and she responded by sucking on it. I could feel her girly cock throb and twitch against me as I pressed into her and kissed her passionately.We continued to kiss for awhile till I felt her hands begin to rub and grab at my crotch through my jeans. I would kiss her deeply and feel her grab a hold of my growing cock and squeeze till I pulled my tongue out of her mouth. I leaned back to look at her but she had me firmly in her grasp and wouldn’t let me step away. “You find something you like?” I asked with both her hands grabbing and squeezing, my now rock hard cock, through my pants. Stephanie just smiled and nodded and hopped off the picnic table and squatted down lifting her little lacey dress up over her ass making sure it didn’t rip. Her hands moved up to my belt buckle and she unbuckled it and then gradually unbutton and unzipped my jeans, just savoring every moment and doing it ever so slowly. tempobet yeni giriş Stephanie yanked my pants down forcefully, letting them rest just above my knees and then slid my boxers down inspecting every inch of my cock as she slowly exposed it. Once the waist band got down to the last bit of my hard cock she popped my boxers down and watched my cock fling out and bounce up and down in front of her face. I could see her eyes widen and she licked her lips as she inspected the pink head of my cock. She leaned in towards it and just barely pressed her tongue to the tip and gave it a soft lick as she looked up into my eyes. Stephanie then grabbed my hard rod firmly at the base and began to twirl her tongue all around the head and occasionally stopping to pay extra attention to the underside of the tip by kissing and flicking her tongue on it. Once the head of my cock was glistening with her saliva she leaned back and took a deep breath and placed the head of my cock on her tongue and then slid down swallowing my cock bit by bit. After a few good long and sloppy slurps of her swallowing my cock I had placed my hands on the back of her head and was helping her down on my cock. I began to build up a rhythm and was soon face fucking her pretty little mouth. I looked down to inspect and saw her girly cock hanging out of her panties and she was stroking herself furiously. I leaned back on the picnic table and stared up into the sky and just enjoyed the feel of her mouth and throat. I closed my eyes and listened to the sound of her slurps and gags and she just continued to let my cock roughly fuck her throat and she seemed determined to get me to blow in her mouth.I felt myself nearing an edge so I pulled her head back and watch my cock slip out of her throat and tried to pull it out of her mouth but her lips were locked around my shaft. I forcefully yank her head further back and my cock flopped out of her mouth flinging her spit onto her own face. I held her head a about an inch away from my cock and she just keep her mouth open and tried desperately to get it back in her mouth. When I wouldn’t let her get close enough to suck it she would just try to plunge forward and lick at it, only occasionally licking the tip and making “Ahhhh” sounds inviting me to fuck her mouth again. I enjoyed watching her struggle to get my cock back in between her sexy lips and down her throat. “PLEASE, give me that cock!” Stephanie begged and looked up at me after she had been struggling to get my cock back into her mouth for a few minutes. I just smiled down at her and shook my head and she looked up with a pouty look when I did. “What do you want then?” She asked with a pouty and nervous look on her face. I looked down at her pretty face with slobber running down her chin and grabbed her under her arms and stood her up. I bent her forward and she placed her hands on the picnic table and I grabbed her ass with my left hand and gave it a good spank before moving directly behind her. I bent her over further and she slid her hands down the table and really exposed her ass to me. I got down and just kissed her perfect ass cheeks and occasionally gave her a soft bite. I slid my finger into the back of her sexy red thong panties and moved it off to the side and exposed the prefect little pink hole she had. She was now back to stroking herself nice and slowly as I moved in and gave her tender hole a good lick. I felt Stephanie quiver as my moist tongue swirled around her sweet rim and felt her purr as my tongue entered her. “I think it’s ready.” I said after tonguing her pink little hole for a bit. Stephanie just looked back and nodded as she continued to stroke herself. As I positioned my cock up to her tender little hole I placed one hand on her back and pushed her flat onto the table. I took one last look at her sexy stocking legs that led up to that glorious ass and then pushed the tip in. Stephanie moaned loudly as the head of my cock forced open that tight little hole. I then slowly pushed my entire cock in, inch by inch, and felt Stephanie shake violently when I had reached the base. I then looked down and saw cum running down the side of the picnic table and down her black stockings as well.“Oh sexy, you came.” I said as Stephanie shook and squirmed as she squeezed the last few dribbles out of her cock. This only stopped me for a second and soon I had begun to work up a pace and had her bouncing on my dick. I would slam my cock into her and listen to the slap it would make as my lap smacked into her ass and watch that pretty thing jiggle with each thrust. I was giving her a good fuck for awhile and noticed that she was once again stroking herself but this was too much.“Damn, I’m gonna cum!” I said as Stephanie looked back with a giant grin on her face.“I want to taste it baby.” She said as she slid off tempobet giriş my dick and dropped to her knees in front of me. She opened her mouth and I just forced it in before she could do anything else. I felt five hard and long spurts shoot into her warm mouth and she just held my cock in her mouth and was still able to lick the underside of the head as I came. She gave it a good hard suck as I popped it out of her mouth and she looked up at me and smiled then opened to show me the huge wad of cum in her mouth. She then closed her lips and gave a good hard gulp and opened to show me she had swallowed every drop. “Good girl!” I said as she leaned in and placed the head of my cock back in her mouth to make sure she had gotten every last drop.“DAMN! She is a good girl.” A strange voice yelled from behind me. I turn my head and saw two guys hanging out by the shed just watching. I was shocked and had no idea how long they had been there. I looked down at Stephanie and she looked frighten and began to wipe her mouth on the sleeves of her dress and frantically tried to stand and yank her dress down. The men began to walk towards us as Stephanie hid behind me trying to hide her still erect cock as I pulled up and pants and prepared for anything. As the two men came closer I could being to see that they were younger and dressed kind of thuggish. One guy was white wearing a white baseball cap and a long white tee shirt with jeans hanging nearly around his knees. While the other male was black and dressed similar but wearing black pants which hung just as low as the others.“This your trick, homie?” The black guy asked as they got about five feet away and stopped dead in their track. I could see them both eyeing Stephanie and could tell they liked what they saw. Stephanie trembled as she stood behind me with her fingers latched into my shoulders, using me as a shield. I was at a loss as what to do or say as a million different scenarios raced through my head.“Yeah she is mine?” I said assertively and stood proudly claiming what’s mine.“Cool…cool, Well….how much?” The black guy asked as he rubbed his chin still trying to get a good look at Stephanie in her tight little lacey dress. When I realized that these two guys just want a piece of ass, I became much more relax and I could even feel Stephanie’s tension ease just a bit as she released her nails out of my skin but still held me firmly. I don’t know what came over me but I just fell into the part.“Well its 10 to use her mouth and 20 to use that ass.” I said as I looked back at Stephanie and saw an utterly shocked look in her face but I could see a little gleam of happiness in her eyes and knew she would do whatever I told her. I slowly moved off to the side and fully exposed her to the two guys and she stood there like a shy little girl with her still hard cock pitching a tent in her dress. I wanted to make sure these guys knew what they were getting into and made her spin around a couple times and even had her bend over the table to show off her great ass. I could tell the guys were interested as they both licked their lips and grabbed themselves as I showed her off.“Damn we had to buy that beer, didn’t we?” The white thug said to his friend in an upset tone.“Hold on let me see what I got.” The slim black male said as he reached into his pocket. He shuffled his hand around for a bit and pulled out a cell phone and some wadded up money. He straightened out some bills. “Here ya go, my man.” He said as he slapped two ten dollar bills in my hand. “Me and my homie want to test your girl’s oral skills.” following up his last response.“Alright, you two are in for a treat.” I said as I grabbed Stephanie by the hip and pulled her close. I looked her in the eyes and said “Treat out friends here nice.” Stephanie looked deep in my eyes and nodded and a smiled stretched across her face. Stephanie once again squatted down raising her dress and began to lick her lips enticing the two men to come closer to her. They both stepped right up and began to raise their long shirts as Stephanie grabbed both their crotches. I just sat back on the picnic table and watched my girl go to work. It was easy enough for both the guys to drop their pants since they were practically on the ground already and Stephanie yanked both of their boxer briefs down with authority. The guys were grinning like idiots in anticipation of their first lick or suck. Stephanie first grabbed a hold of the white guys already hard cock and looked up at him and began to stroke his average size cock in her left and then looked over at the black guy who was packing at least eight inches and grasp onto his meat as well. She stared at this growing piece of black meat in her hand and was biting her lower lip. After stroking the two men for awhile, they both seem to move closer toward her. They were tempobet güvenilirmi both rock hard now and Stephanie was dying to taste that black cock. She leaned in and gave the black cock a lick and then wrapped her lips around it and began to suck. The slim black male grabbed, with his free hand, onto the back of her head and began to fuck her mouth. He was in a state of bliss as he pumped her mouth and moaned all the while. After she gagged a few times he let her up and Stephanie switched over the other guy and could easily take his cock down her throat. Stephanie was really slurping him down her throat when suddenly he latched onto her head with both hands and grunted loudly. He release and Stephanie choked and coughed up some cum and it ran down her chin. The guy laughed and stepped back as the black male stepped back up and shoved his cock into her mouth. He fucked her mouth wildly as I could see more cum oozing out of her mouth with each thrust. Stephanie was making all kinds of gags and slurps till the guy pulled his cock out and spread her pretty face with two thick ropes of cum. “Suck it all out!” the slim black guy said as he forced his cock back in between her lips. Stephanie sucked on his cock till it went limp in her mouth and then let it fall out. “Damn, that was a good suck.” the black guy said to his friend who eagerly agreed. “Hey man you going to bring your trick here again next week? I’ll bring some more cash and I have some other friends that would love to have some fun with her.” He said as he yanked up his pants and eyed Stephanie straightening out her lacy dress. I looked at Stephanie and she looked right back at me and she seemed more anxious for a response then the two men.“Yeah, I’ll bring her back next week.” I responded as I stared at Stephanie watching her bite her lower lip and then smiling in satisfaction.“Cool, well we’ll see you two next week and I’ll bring my homie can-man.” The black guy said as they started to walk away.“Why do they call him can-man?” Stephanie blurted out.“You’ll find out next week, baby doll.” He responded as the two men walked away laughing. Stephanie and I hung out there for a little bit as she cleaned herself up a bit and got her composure.“Damn, you did so good baby. Come’on, let’s get out of here.” I said as I grabbed her by the hip and we began to walk back to our cars. As we walked back to the cars, I of course fondled her butt again and she was now comfortable enough to just grope my bulge. We finally reached our cars and Stephanie was giddy and I could tell she had enjoyed herself.“Well, I had fun tonight; next week should be even more fun.” Stephanie said as she turned to face me in front of her car.“Who said the night was over?” I responded and Stephanie looked at me with her beautiful eyes and I leaned in for a good long kiss. I then spun her around and pushed her against the hood of her car. I slowly lifted up her tight lacey dress up over her ass and yanked her panties down around her knees. I gave her warm little hole a good lick and pulled out my hard cock and forced it in all the way to the hilt. I forcefully pushed into her as she began to stroke herself just as hard. Soon I could her moaning loudly as I had her by her hips, grinding my hard cock into her.“I’m gonna cum baby.” I said as I relentlessly pounded her.“Mmmm, take it baby, that ass is yours…..make it yours.” Stephanie said as she continued to stroke herself even faster. I gave her a good deep thrust and unloaded deep into her ass and as I did Stephanie leaned up towards me and I heard a splattering sound. I looked over her shoulder to she had came hard all over the hood of her car. “Oh my god…oh my god!” she said as she squirmed and wiggled with my cock still inside her. I slowly slid out of her and watch a stream of my cum dribble out her tender hole and run down her leg. “That was amazing!” she said as she turned around and kissed me passionately. “So, same time next week?” I asked Stephanie once she released my lips from her kiss. Stephanie nodded excitedly and we got straightened up and then hopped into our cars and went our separate ways for the night. This was just a fantasy story not a real life experience like my others I have written. I wrote this after chatting with Stephanie_Gurl a bit through this site. She is an amazing person and a truly beautiful girl. I am sad that she is leaving xhamster but she’s got to do what’s best for her right now. Maybe if we are lucky she will return and grace us with her presents again someday in the future. However, I am happy I got to know her a bit before she left; I know I’m not the only one that will miss her. I would suggest trying to visit her page before it is gone; it helps to be able to put a face to the star of this story. I also feel I could write another story about this but I want to make sure people enjoy this first before I go on to another. I really love to write these stories but it only seems worth wild when I get responses and comments about them. I really want to hear your thoughts about my stories; it helps encourage me to write more. Hope you all enjoy this one.

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