Getting A Good Grade, Chapter 3


She came back in a couple of minutes with our teas and we sat on the sofa drinking them. She sat with her back to one of the big overstuffed arms of the sofa and her long luscious legs draped over my lap, an invitation to play with them if ever I had one! As I drank my tea I let my fingertips lazily trace a path over her soft baby-smooth skin. I could hear her purring her contentment and she closed her eyes, laying her head over onto the back of the sofa as she gave herself over to my touch.As I lightly grazed her leg with my fingers I couldn’t help but stare at her cute feet and cute little toes.“I’ll bet being a teacher, you are on your feet a lot. I notice that you hardly ever sit down during class except to grade papers,” I said.“Well yes, it is hard on my feet sometimes. I try to wear heels so I look attractive for you, but high heels all day make for tired feet later,” she said. “But I don’t mind, I know you like that way I dress.”“I do love the way you dress, Heather. You always make coming to class a sexy experience!”“Thank you, honey,” she said smiling.”What you need is a foot massage,“ I said.“Mmm, that sounds nice. You would give me a foot massage?” she asked, sitting up again.“Sure, why not,” I replied.I turned in my seat, moving into a better position to work on her feet and began to rub them. As I gently massaged her feet, she wiggled her toes in enjoyment. I put one foot on my thigh next to my crotch and one foot I held in both my hands and rubbed it some more.“I didn’t know you were a foot guy,” she said.“What do you mean, Heather?”“I mean I didn’t know you enjoyed women’s feet. You do enjoy women’s feet, don’t you? Do they turn you on?” she asked.“I-I guess so… maybe…” I said.“That’s interesting. Ohh, Jimmy, that feels wonderful honey,” she cooed.She closed her eyes again, her mind going back to her happy spot. I sat there rubbing her tired feet some more and thinking about what she said. I never really thought of myself as a “foot guy” either, but as I worked on her feet, I began to see how someone could be. She had very cute feet, smooth and soft. And her toes wriggled in the cutest way when I hit a sensitive spot.Without even really thinking about it, I brought one of her feet to my lips and kissed the ball of her foot. She whimpered almost imperceptibly, but I heard it. So I gave the foot a little lick, tentatively to see what that did. Her moan increased in volume a bit. So with her enjoyment of it obvious, I began to lick around her toes, bathing the “little piggies” with my tongue.“Ohhh Ankara bayan escort Jimmy…” she moaned. I licked her toes a bit longer before she suddenly sat up and moved her feet to the floor standing up. She removed her robe and let it fall to the floor next to the sofa. My English teacher was standing in front of me in just her pink lace thong panties.She stepped closer and looked at me. She wanted me to finish undressing her! I reached up and gently took the waistband of her delicate panties, pulling them down slowly as she wriggled her hips to ease them down. I pulled the down her legs until she was able to step out of them. I brought the damp garment to my nose, inhaling her scent and Heather moaned, watching me.She then motioned for me to stand up and she slid her hands under my t-shirt, helping me take it off and tossing it on top of her robe. She then undid my belt and shorts and slid them off me, adding them to the growing pile of clothes. With both of us naked now, Heather sat back down on the sofa and put her feet up in the air, signaling me to continue.I sat down on the sofa again and resumed my foot massage. I began to suck and lick her toes again, picking up where I left off. I caressed and licked and sucked her foot for a while, while Heather took her other leg and hooked it over the back of the sofa, giving me a wide-open view of her glistening pussy.As I licked her foot and sucked on her tiny toes, she began playing with her pussy. She started by pinching and tugging on her fat swollen lips, stretching them and then pulling them apart. She ran her middle finger of one hand around the inside of her pussy opening until she reached her clit.She moaned as her finger began rubbing her little bud and her hips automatically began to respond. She began grinding her hips humping up against her hand as it toyed with her wet pussy. I was getting quite a show as her fingers worked the outside of her pussy and over her clit!By now my cock was at full attention, hard as iron and throbbing with excitement. Heather opened her eyes for a moment and noticed my raging hard-on. She smiled and moved her foot off the back of the couch, bending her knee so that she could play with my cock with her foot while still maintaining her pussy play as well.The way she rubbed my cock with her foot felt so good. I moaned as I felt her massaging me.“If you think this feels good, you should feel it when I have stockings on!” she giggled.I licked her feet and sucked her toes for Escort bayan Ankara a bit longer, switching feet to give both of them a good massage and bathing with my tongue. I also watched as her pussy play intensified; Heather was now plunging two slender fingers into her steaming pussy hole. I could tell she was extremely turned on now and needed more than her fingers to finish her off.After thoroughly massaging and bathing her feet with my tongue, I began kissing my way up her legs to her pussy. I did this very slowly, lightly grazing her legs with my lips and the tip of my tongue and leaving a trail of hot tender kisses up the insides of her thighs.Heather began softly moaning as she felt me moving further north. The higher on her thighs I got the louder and more desperate her moans became. By the time I was halfway up her thighs, she was squirming and moaning loudly. Her head was thrashing back and forth and I saw her hands clenching the sides of the sofa cushions tightly. I knew when I did reach her core that it would be momentous.But I wanted to heat her up a bit more first. Heather Campbell wasn’t the only one who could tease! I licked all over her thighs and slowly worked my way toward her leaking, hungry pussy. I licked around the steaming slit and licked the crease of each thigh.“Jimmy please, honey! Please don’t tease me! Eat my pussy! Please… eat me!” she whined. She raised her hips up, showing me how much she needed my mouth on her sweet pussy.As much as I wanted to dive into the sweet shaved snatch, I resisted; instead, I stood up and took her hand, leading her into the bedroom. “We’ll have more room in here,” I said.“God, Jimmy!” she said, “Your cock is so hard! I think somebody needs to cum! Do you have a big load of cum for me in those balls baby?”“Yeah, a big load!” I said. “I’ve been thinking about coming back here since class yesterday!”“I’m glad to hear that, Jimmy because I happen to love the taste of your cock and cum!”She took a step closer, putting one hand around my neck and, with the other, she grabbed my cock. She began jacking my cock with her hand as she pulled my face to hers, kissing me. “I’ve got to have more of that delicious cock dessert!” she whispered lustily in my ear. I was already plenty hard, but her talk was making me… harder!I love a woman who is not afraid to talk dirty. Her lovely blue eyes were staring at my own and she had a look that told me she was intent on doing a lot more than just that to me.She began to use Bayan escort Ankara both hands to fondle me. She caressed my huge balls with one hand and jerked my cock with the other. Damn! Her hands felt soo good! As she jerked me, her tits bounced up and down, up and down!She got down on her knees in front of me, moving closer to me until I felt the bottom of my shaft rest against her belly and lower chest. She looked up at me smiling her beautiful smile, those big blue eyes sparkling. She started fondling my big, huge balls faster and faster.“Uh! Uh! Uh!” I groaned and she knew my balls were filling with fresh, hot, cum.“Are you ready for another tit-fuck, Jimmy?” she asked playfully.“Oh my God… Yesss!” I answered.Just like before, she put the flat of her hands on her breasts, spreading them wide apart and inviting me to start running my hard shaft up and down her soft welcoming valley! Slowly I did, and she looked down, watching my swollen purplish mushroom head as a pearl of precum formed at the tip.She began to bring her tits closer together and my eyes opened wide as very soon, the sides of my shaft began, lightly, to feel the insides of her breasts! It made me pump faster!Closer, closer, she brought them together! “Uunngghhh!” I groaned. Watching those big, full, hot tits move against my shaft! Then, with her fingers extended, she began to fold them around me, smiling sexily as she did! She got them around me, nipple-to-nipple! I was gritting my teeth, and, howling like an animal as my shaft was completely encircled!I watched Heather lick her lips as she watched that drop of precum get bigger and bigger until it threatened to spill over the head of my cock and run down the shaft!“Does Jimmy have lots and lots of sweet sperm for me?” she asked. She knew that kind of talk really turned me on. “Fuck them, Jimmy… Fuck them!” she urged. Faster and faster, I pumped. “Yesss! Yesss!” she cried, “Oh God, you’re going to give me a… a… titty-cum!”Using her hands, she squeezed her tits harder around me, creating even more friction and at the same time more sensation! It gave her a long, deep cleavage line, and it was mind-boggling to see and feel how they looked! With each thrust upward, her mouth was right there, her lips open, to take in the large tip and she was able to give it a quick lick before receding back down through her tits! I pumped harder and she urged me on.She spat down into her valley to help lubricate me–the sight of her spitting onto her tits and my cock sliding in it was so fucking hot and slutty! My balls were now chock-full, and she reached for the cum heavy globes, holding her tits around me with one hand.The next thing I felt was her soft gentle hand, cupping and fondling my big balls. Heather was always pleased to feel the weight of them as she knew its burden would be spurting down her throat!

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